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  1. BnS Buddy after update

    The longer it takes, the better. Some people that can play now won't be able to play when Unreal Engine 4 is used. And i'm stretching the definition of "play"! Imagine those poor souls ... And yeah, "get a better pc" is an option, if you can afford it!
  2. BnS Buddy after update

    Forgot to say something about the ping. The "ping" is actually the round-trip time plus the processing and rendering time of the skill. This combined with autobias causes the first attacks to feel slugish and that your ping is 3-4x higher than it is. Your ping may still be 50ms, but everything else will accumulate. Obviously, it varies wildy and the server load influences everything.
  3. BnS Buddy after update

    That was where I was going to get. But for plenty, bad events are the straw that breaks the camels' back. They already have to deal with that pile (plus the ping) and now, they deal with events that aren't worth it at all! But well, the change has to start somewhere, and it won't be in any of the points we've said.
  4. BnS Buddy after update

    Well, the servers are overloaded, but it isn't the main problem. You have things like: Dual-core only support (really???) Low fps, even in decent machines Not to mention the MASSIGE ram hog that the game is, sometimes And don't forget the Nvidia bug! Badly optimized for areas with more than 6 players, like: Mushin's tower Zaiwei - House of pleasures Jadestone Village Any area with a raid entrance (except SK) A few more areas Any raid! Events that make you curl your hair: Fishing event from the summer - where you could lose your items, for bs reasons Re-use of old events with a small twist, but still the same event This current event - you have to spend important currency for some things to open a box that just gives meh stuff The devalorization of a F2P player to the point where paying is almost a requirement in some aspects Fresh content comes in the form of long, boring and repetitive quests with a story that doesn't captivate the interest of anyone Even people who love the story just wanted to get rid of it Tons and tons of old content that's left to rot Gold reductions on dungeons (that make it even harder to make a new character, despite almost everything being spoon-fed to you until you're tossed to the wolves) Those are FAR bigger issues than the increased ping due to overload on their RaspberryPies.
  5. BnS Buddy after update

    Not true. Just look at Lost Ark. It is made in Unreal Engine 3 and runs like a dream.
  6. BnS Buddy after update

    Ncsoft won't help you with this since it isn't anything to do with them. Despite being Ncsoft doing the changes in their servers... Anyway, there's an alternative (temporary) launcher. Just read this: It explains everything, step by step. Before you ask ANYTHING, read the whole thing.
  7. Fortune Falls Fishing Hook One-Time Compensation

    Support won't help you. They just say "We can't do anything about it". This game has the stability and ping dependency, like the one of a crack addict who hasn't has his blow for the day, coupled the performance of a dead tortoise. I actually almost lost my things AGAIN because pressing F on an item that requires pressing Y makes the dialog re-open and Y takes no effect what so ever. That is, if you press F F, you can't press Y. You MUST press F (wait) Y. This is extremely sensitive and assumes you have an high end system or a very stable connection. Also, quoting my ticket, "The five second timer is intended so that all players can use the objects in a timely manner.":
  8. Fortune Falls Fishing Hook One-Time Compensation

    Losing your stuff is actually an intended mechanic. This is so others dont hog the fishing spots. What transcends me is that they didn't do the same that was done for the Valentine's Event, that gave True Heart... (Making True Heart useless is another question for another time...) JUST TOSS OUR STUFF IN THE INVENTORY OR MAIL! Like all, any and every other event! Or, at least, give us some affordance! Since we have a stupidly short 5 second time to catch the stuff, why not REMOVE THE DEMAND TO PRESS Y TO ACCEPT AN ITEM? I'm sure this event was just rushed out. Everything is weird with it.