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  1. Which didn't happen with UE3. I play since 2016, and the only changes to my gameplay are when NCSoft butchers skills or simple mode. In UE3, everything was mostly fine for me, but now it is barely responsive. You forgot to look at the graphs I sent. Here they are again, so you make sure you look at them properly and don't say "[...] bad connection routing." and "[...] since its between you and the game.". Same values as I had with UE3, but now it feels like I'm playing at 600-700ms, instead of feeling like I
  2. Here's another one, with 300 datapoints (300 x 5 seconds = 25 minutes) And this is what I consider somewhat bad ping, because it usually dips to 45ms.
  3. I've noticed this happening with server lag, but the FPS bounce back to 30-40.
  4. I strongly disagree with you... Sadly, it has some merit. It's sad but it is true. You're actually wrong. In terms of performance, there are improvements. Lower maximum FPS for me, higher minimum FPS, more stable FPS, same horrible number of pagefaults and same terrible hardware usage. In terms of latency, it's not true. It's actually much worse. All they did was to show the real ping and make the skill triggering a lot worse. The game is so incredibly unresponsive... It's on the verge of being unplayable.
  5. Try setting a custom GPU curve. You can play around with it, and see one that works for you, to get a balance of temps and noise that you are happy with. Something you can try is to downvolt the GPU just a tiny tiny bit, and see if it is stable, which should also lower the temperatures.
  6. In MSI Afterburner, put the slider at over 100% power. BAM! Instant easy safe overclock.
  7. It is quite a bit high, but most GPUs have a default curve that's very conservative in terms of noise. Maybe a bit of noise in exchange for lower temps is a good idea.
  8. It doesn't have any merit. The GCD editing was a lot more rampant in UE3 than UE4, and you wouldn't see this going on in UE3. The best theory is that the boss loses track of when it is alive and dead. And I think it is related to the removal of the 2 phases where you had to spam space. I've been with cheaters (using speedhacks) to get to Koldrak first, and there were no issues when they were in. If they speedhack, I'm 999999999% sure they are editing GCD. In short, this GCD theory has no merit. It's easy to blame everything
  9. The current font for EU/NA is Roboto Bold (https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Roboto). It is really easy to read black text on a light background. However ... it doesn't really work when the text is white... I fully agree with letting people pick the font they want. Even if it is wingdings!
  10. Have you tried to change the Windows' colorblind settings? Those may help. And yes, it's kinda hard to see it. I bet it will be nearly invisible at 1440p or 4k...
  11. This event is depressing and soul-sucking. It is incredibly boring, and made to make money. The cloths are being sold on the F10 store! It is extremely ridiculous.
  12. UE4 is a lot more stable. Time to do maintenance on your pc! Or limit the FPS.
  13. Bug Summary: Using an Hongmoon Instant Revival Charm while pressing 4 won't cancel 4 or the charm Reproduction steps: 1. Put Hongmoon Instant Revival Charm on 5 2. Die 3. Press 4 and 5 at the same time Attachment: Additional information: One action should cancel the other. Specifically, the charm should cancel the resurrection.
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