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  1. If I had to be cynical, I would say that we will get this version. Only the top 20 get gold, and they get 500 gold. The ones that need the most just get absolutely nothing at all. Just 3 transformation stones, which is about 30 gold, when sold in F5 (excluding fees). GreenStorm did say he heard about our feedback regarding the horrible amounts of gold that we get, and how gold starved we are compared to the cost of everything. But the thing is: did this feedback leave this forum? Did anyone heard this at NCSoft? We will see when Kaebi Village r
  2. For those that didn't read it: https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en-us/news/article/8014/new-empires-launch-on-may-11 Act 12 Interlude What can we expect from it? Is there going to be a stream about it? Hall of Trials What kind of dungeon is this? How will it work? How can we obtain this weapon? Horde & Gourd Event Supposedly, the Korean version had gold in it. Are we going to get gold too? How will this work? Will this reward whales only, like this event? Items and Systems update How about bugfixes? How abou
  3. I was too lazy to repeat this. I couldn't have said it better myself. The fusion stones are pure robbery and only serve to make people dump gold. You basically pay for a gold sink, to keep gold a scarce resource. Agreed. Maybe 100 ncoins would be a better price. Yes, we get bucket loads of these for free, and we get tons and tons of them from everything. However, we don't spend them because it takes so much gold to use these... It makes no sense to use these (unless you get new gear), so, we just acc
  4. You can use hmcoins to buy most items. You only can't buy the ones that are of higher interest to players. This would be cool, but I doubt it will be implemented.
  5. Today's specials - 2022-05-03: Lazy AF "specials", so, here's a lazy opinions: check yesterday's post. Also, now gold is being sold at 50 gold for 150 ncoins - 100 gold for 300 ncoins or 5€. Or just 20x150 ncoins = 3000 ncoins - you need to buy 8x 400 ncoins = 3200 ncoins = 40€. This makes it 10€ cheaper to buy 1000 gold!
  6. If I had to guess, controller support has never been a priority. Personally, I hate playing with controllers. But, I know that there's people with disabilities that prefer/must play with controller. For something that is an integral part of Unreal Engine 4, I would assume it would be one of the first things to be implemented. There's 15-20 minute videos on how to implement it basic support for it. Here's a nearly 3 minute video showing it: THIS IS JUST FOR BASIC SUPPORT! It's not as complex as BnS needs it to be, but,
  7. Today's specials - 2022-05-02 Basically, 100 gold for 400 ncoins - 5€ The Sparkling Unity Pearl and the Radiant Hongmoon Quick XP Charm are nice, but they aren't worth 5€ each. The 50 Elysian Orbs can be bought for 105 gold or for free from Soul Boost. The 100 Sacred Orbs can be bought for about 89 gold: Everything else, we get bucket loads for free, from dungeons. All that's kinda-ish worth-ish are the Sparkling Unity Pearl and the Radiant Hongmoon Quick XP Charm. But they are pricey for wha
  8. Known issue: VR headsets cause the game to run at 0 or 1 FPS until you unplug it.
  9. You can thank all, any and every single person that asked for an anti-cheat for this one. As part of the anti-cheat, the game process is hidden. Which storage device do you have? Have you tried unplugging your vr headset?
  10. There are today's specials - 2022-04-30: Sacred Vial x3 - 10€ - Overpriced - this item, that's usually given for free on events, but was removed from current event out of greed Pristine Oil - 10€ - Useless Honing Oils - 5€ - We get these for free Pet Packs - 5€ - Overpriced - Check the Sacred Vials for reason why Overstuffed ... Pouch - 10€ - The amount in this bag won't help to improve on what we get from Soul Boost Hongmoon Gem Powder - 5€ - Pretty useless... Elite Hongmoon ... voucher - 20€ - This is an absolute robbery! We get the non-upgradable on
  11. Moonwater Plains - The Highland Necropolis - Orchard of Souls This spot here forces you to spin and stand in the air:
  12. Really. Why are they always so incomplete? Lets take this week's maintenance post: All it says is: Level requirements from some Soul Boost rewards have been adjusted. This is absolutely incomplete. You know what else was fixed? The NPC was fixed! This week! The table still looks absolutely horrible with the low quality textures, but the seizure-inducing bounding t-pose has been fixed. However, there's not even a single mention of it anywhere. You (NCWest) asked us to report the bugs we
  13. Still no mention of this... Would be nice to see this implemented.
  14. I don't know what that is. I heard about those issues on raids, but it was mostly network lag and fps. You could help by removing skill illusion books and some outfits with effects. Apparently, having some people in the party would cause issues to everybody. That's all I know about that. I only started doing TT raids after Call to Arms 2.
  15. I didn't feel it at all in UE3, but is a constant in UE4.
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