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  1. Just because it is "nothing new" doesn't mean NCSoft/NCWest should get away with this... I'm not even saying to give premium to everybody. I'm saying TO THOSE WHO HAD PREMIUM on that day, which I didn't. (for those on the back of the room that don't read what people say)
  2. Not just me, but everybody. According to this, we won't be compensated... NCSoft steals money from people and everybody is like "well, guess it is how it is"... Yes, I'm counting the day everybody with premium couldn't login as theft, as they got nothing to compensate for the PAID day they didn't get back.
  3. @Hime Will we be compensated this maintenance?
  4. @Hime Today (UTC timezone) will mark a week since you ditched this topic, without proper compensation. When can we expect to be compensated?
  5. @Hime So, when will we be properly compensated for the missed login day?
  6. When I see one, I will let you know...
  7. The stole money by not providing service for 1 day, and not compensating for it. Also, they know who had and who didn't had the moons, and how many, on which chars. They knew which outfits people had before, when they decided to just remove them from everybody. They know and they have the information. This is their own system, for ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤s sake. They can just get the developers to dig into the database.
  8. That doesn't mean you have to accept that NCWest steals your money and reams you hard...
  9. Are you implying you're worth way less than what you're paying?
  10. Why should I be happy for getting around half of what I missed? Why should OTHERS be happy for losing the bundle FOR ALL CHARACTERS AFFECTED, BESIDES THE FIRST ONE??? It makes absolutely no sense at all and should never ever ever be suggested every again. We're being reamed, premium users are being robbed! And you want me to be happy???
  11. I don't care. They know who was affected, because THEY REMOVED THE SOULS FROM THOSE PLAYERS. I demand proper compensation. Not for me, but the premium users. Those where the most reamed...
  12. No. What I'm saying is that the "compensation" was given to those affected by the login bug, and those that weren't affected. This changes the "compensation" to a simple player-wide bonus that has nothing to do with the login bug. You can call it whatever you want, but in the end, it isn't compensating those affected in the way they should be, and those that weren't affected are just receiving a bonus from the love and kindness of NCWest.
  13. To add insult to injury, ALL PLAYERS CAN GET THE BUNDLE, making it completely useless as a compensation package. It is more like a free gift because yes... To be a compensation, everything that's missing should be given TO ALL AFFECTED CHARACTERS. Excluding the account-based ones, like daily dash spins and premium days, which should be rewarded only once. And no, a box in f10 isn't a good solution. If someone can add back the lost outfits from the big NCWest outfit mistake, they also can add back a bundle with all the missed loot.
  14. I don't care. They couldn't login. Making custom bundles based on play style is dumb. This is wrong. There's many more mains that lost than alts. It doesn't matter. They should have gotten those items anyway. Don't put it in F10, like how they did with the outfits they took, when they changed the price of the outfit from 10 designer scrolls to 2. Someone/something sent out a message with the removed outfits. This is how it should be done for all players that were affected. I never said an
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