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  1. Happy Friday Crickets! Thank you all so much for joining our 2022 Loading Screen Art Contest! ❤️ We love seeing your digital and traditional artwork, screenshots and edits of your own characters and your favorite characters of the Blade & Soul universe! We wanted to give you a quick update and let you know that we contacted our potential winners after very careful consideration. Once we can confirm everyone is eligible, we'll prepare a blog and forum post to celebrate the winners, and send out the rewards. We hope to give you an additional update next week! H
  2. No worries at all! Just wanted to be sure if the hidden post was on purpose or not. 😃 A moderator updated your submission post.
  3. Thanks, we'll be sure to consider your new submission. Do you want me to update and replace your latest submission in your original post?
  4. Thank you for your submission! Do you want your artwork to be hidden or would you like for it to be normally displayed in your post?
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