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  1. Hi so I've decided the new dungeon no longer to run much too time consuming and the current equipment is thrown after you anyway again see sky robber.I finally have something else to do besides running the same dungeon over and over again for nothing.
  2. Thank you for this new dungeon (Hall of Trials), if you make just one mistake there you are insulted and insulted in the worst way, which I do not find in order. There are people who make level 6 maybe for the first time and you have to finally erstmal the Mech kapieren. Then the random drop nice, it droppt eh already little and then also random, how often should you run because there and if always new people come to the level 6 make the first time well then thank you.
  3. Hi when can you expect that it will be better with the performance of the keys? Because when I start a fight I have to press at least 5 keys in a row, if only one key does not work the burst is gone.Or even in between when I have to activate my shield eg is not nice.
  4. I have now described the problem to support,as we were advised in another thread now require the screenshots u.sw,why that I thought Greenstorm would report the problem to support.I have now sent support the requested documents,let's see what comes of it.(It concerns the wrong items High quality crystals of transformation and the missing snow spirit stones.Soulboost series 41)
  5. Hi I agree with the here also 100%zu.Bin also so one of the here only bad luck has where others I sehs yes simply on it los plussen and it works with those wonderfully, with me of course not.Had 54 attempts necessary for an item only from plus 7 to 8.
  6. Hello small update I have now decided to stop with the plussen because the ring has almost 30 attempts again and is still not +8.If with me each plus process can not take place under 30 attempts I see no point in it to continue to plussen.It costs besides also ne quantity of gold and in the store Fussionssteine buy comes with my enchantment rate also not into consideration.So then I can only wish you good luck that it works better with you, see you.
  7. Hello I would interresieren times as with you the enchantment rate with the new 3 items is.(ring, earring, necklace) So I need for each plus around the 30 attempts from +5 to +6 with each item, am grad to get the ring on +8 I think da wirds much more.I find that a little too much.
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