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  1. Helps* 40g each is way too expensive. It's better overall for everyone with more evo stones and more oils
  2. This game has had a desperate need of an Evolved stone source for many many years. Don't complain when we are finally getting one.
  3. Jikes, This was indeed my biggest fear going into this kind of system.. But i was very lucky i guess and got them all in a row, no duplicates. Don't think i've even done 500 runs total yet.. You have a lot of dedication As far as i'm aware that was always a NA/EU thing only, KR has never had the kill achive + core system and always was "Run it until it drops and you win the bid" Which is probably why they did not bother with such a thing for FoE or going forward with this Aerodrome thing.
  4. I just did a multi for like 15 runs, in those runs i got both ear and neck. (Now i salvaged both of those since it's like the 3rd duplicate of each i've gotten) RnG is RnG The first ring took me at least 120 runs (it was my last piece) first earring took 30 runs and first necklace was around the 70th run. You guys have to stop thinking and looking too deeply into all of this. The dungeon is just grinding, keep doing your runs, they will drop eventually.
  5. The last post for the class forums was over two weeks ago That forum section is not needed, all we need is the general discussions, the others, just are not used
  6. Hey. In the simple mode menu for destroyer iron will (3rd spec) it says this at the bottom Spectral sword is not something a destroyer has and it's been so many patches and maintenances and for years it has been like that.
  7. OmG Jikes. and here i got all acessories in a row no duplicates.. I'm so sorry you had to go through all that
  8. Damn. why are you guys so paranoid? Just play the game and you will get the stuff, No need to be so hard core efficiant.
  9. Plenty of people doing both NM train and EM train every day.
  10. They announced that they were working on UE4 in a letter saying "Beyond 2018 we will start the process to move the game into UE4" and UE4 got released in 2021. Now i know Covid stuff happent and that might have delayed UE4 quite a bit. But that can at least give you a rough estimate of how long it is between Announcement and implementation into the game
  11. That's just the assumption i get from what you are writing. Just some entitled nobody who wants to clear all content day 1 even without having any gear.
  12. You don't have to be P2W to clear floor 51. You just won't get there within a month of playing.
  13. Plenty of people have cleared up to even floor 55 atm. So this sounds more like a you problem.
  14. I think shifting blade has enough damage as it is without adding more to it. You guys do 100M burst in ET gear. I think you'll be fine with 1 bad gear piece.
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