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  1. I never viewed the streams as something to use to "Stock up" or "Prepare" materials or to try to scout marketplace changes or to get a head of the curve.. I really dono why any one ever used it for that. I just enjoy seeing them preview things like new dungeon, New events, New Outfit, New areas and more, Or just Talk about the game in general.
  2. Question about AFK

    I have afk fishing on for hrs while i'm at work, Usally don't DC during that, It's mostly when i have the game in the backround and watching youtube or straining the computers resources in some other way
  3. Question about AFK

    They removed the anti-afk when they introduced Afk fishing. But the game sometimes just randomly crashes just for the hell of it.
  4. can we have unity bonus disabled on non 60s?

    Never understood people who want to De-power themselves.. I always want to be as powerful as possible.
  5. Increase rewards for elder scales?

    You aren't meant to farm these things tho. They want your money, not your time or effort.
  6. Increase rewards for elder scales?

    The low rewards of easy mode is there to make hard mode seems more incentive. Do Hard mode for more rewards.
  7. Undelete character

    Or just don't delete your characters.
  8. You get them as attendence reward at the 1hr 30 min mark
  9. At some point you all gotta realise that NCsoft does not care about Non-Paying people.
  10. Keep the gempowder boxes

    100+ gem powders for 800 Ncoin is very nice. I wish we'd have those Pouches forever.
  11. I just hope they will drop the frontier test server idea completly and just go asap into UE4 for the West.
  12. Frontier Server on EU! WE WANT IT!

    I want it. But it has been confirmed that we in the EU are not getting it, We are just telling you all who seemed to have missed the news/information that it's not coming, So you don't start getting hopes of something that will never happen.
  13. Please buff all bosses in the game

    You get kicked because the said "Elitist" people are actully sheet geared people with low dps that want to get carried. There are only a few actually good geared players in the game, I can pretty much solo the first guy in dreamsong before mechanics nowdays, so i woulden't need to kick any one.
  14. Please buff all bosses in the game

    People want to kill things fast to complete the daily and dungeon.. why would you want to make the time dailies take longer than it has to be?
  15. NCS Support??

    Ticket time is days not hours.