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  1. mechinizer weapon

    Did you check celestial basin or moon refuge vendor?
  2. Your loss. More boxes for me :D
  3. Mushin Tower floor 1/5-8 So Annoying

    Mushin's tower is like 3 and a half year old content.. If they ever thought it needed a change, then they would have done a change.
  4. Aboslutely unacceptable

    Any thing is possible if you played for a long time, But the people who complain usally want full gear within 1-2 month of them starting the game, and if they can't do that then it's time for some complaining how "It's not fair" that the people who have played longer has better gear than them.
  5. Aboslutely unacceptable

    That will never happen tho. They make it like that so you feel "Forced" to pay to "Skip the grind" or just wait the 600 days, That is their entire business model. Pay to do things faster and to Stay up-to-date.
  6. How long does it take to reach this....

    You woulden't be F2P if you wanted things within a "acceptable timeframe". Just think of it like this, F2P is the Demo, P2W is the full product.
  7. NCsoft is not here. Only NCwest is here and they have no power to change the game. NCWEST ARE NOT DEVS. They are just Publishers. The only thing that NCwest can actully do is "We have forwarded your feedback to the devs" But that response usally mkaes people angry.. So they can't really say much. NCwest knows barely any thing, all they know is what KR tells them, Which isen't much considering all the miscummunication that keeps going on. But please understand this.. The Developers of the game do not read the west forums and will never see your post.
  8. anyone know when they gonna nerf bms ?

    You really shoulden't :D I haven't done BG or arena since 2017. BG just isen't fun unless you have high gear and i just don't have the mats to spare to upgrade them. and arena just have too long que to be enjoyable. Don't get me wrong, I did A lot of arena and BG's in the early stages of the game, But when so many left to make the ques 5-10 min for a match and ofc the PvP gear went out of hand, It just stopped being fun, and i really don't get why people still care about arena or BG's.. There are better ways to spend your time in this game.
  9. anyone know when they gonna nerf bms ?

    I'm against all forms of nerfs to classes tbh. Just buff the other classes so they can do the same dmg as BM can. also.. Who gives a sheet about PvP?
  10. any rng boxes this time around.....

    Please no, My bank account can't take any more spending. Give me a rest.
  11. Treasure Trove

    Mate.. i used at least 1000 keys on 4 different trove events.. and i have not seen those wings ever. I doubt your 1500 is gonna matter.
  12. pve dps difference

    At my current gear i do around 3.4M parse on training dummy, with the same gear an archer would do at least 7 million. There is no balance in this game.
  13. F9 is the place where you buy and sell gold.. so yeah. Obviously gold sellers.
  14. Different people like different things. But if you play only to reach end game, then that's a bad way to play any game. Just enjoy the story while you are lvling.
  15. Prevention is better than cure

    Btw, they did that change so that the mode would not be dead, Basiclly having all the people who care about 3v3 que for it in a specific time frame. They probably thought that would make the ques shorter since more people would que at the same time.