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  1. Make sure you finish all red, purple and yellow quests before you go any dungeons. Basiclly there are no dungeons available until end game. There are no "starter ones" any more
  2. First you said "this game is the worse MMO out at the moment." then i give you examples of worse than BnS.. then you say those are not relevant.. But they are still out atm.. So BnS is as relevant as the examples i gave. It's just weird to me that you say BnS is the worst, while you have not tried other MMO's that might have worse Monetization & performance.
  3. How does a game without text even look? do you mean as no tooltip on bracelet or weapon or any thing?
  4. BnS is not a "Relevant" MMO, so i have no idea why you would compare it to "relevant" MMO's.
  5. In most games you can't even reroll class, WoW as an example.. so just be happy that it's even an obvious.
  6. What part of "and ignore us alot" was unclear :D?
  7. All these complainers just makes me think of this video
  8. There was a poster on reddit by the name of "Mippithedork" that wrote this long text of speculation "Unpopular opinion incoming, however a realistic view on the issue from someone within the industry and plenty of professional experience with UDK, UE3 and UE4. Personally their biggest mistake was showing people anything about UE4 at such an early part in the development. Clearly the average player of BNS has no clue how long, or how much work it would take to rebuild all of the game in a completely different engine, while also changing the shader pipeline completely, th
  9. No. it's not out in KR yet.. Please don't believe people that lie to you. and no, there is no information available for when it will come to KR or NA. 2021 would be ideal, but i still think that's too early for this massive under taking, maby 22 or 23
  10. Oh yeah. The new rewards from these places are amazing. I mean you get a full elder scale per day just from doing Outlaw island daily.. and they can even drop tickets that give you elder scale acessories, saving you the time it takes to do 100 run achivements.
  11. First boss is the hardest "mech" wise for me, as you have to be quick on the move out of the way or at 3 stacks he kills you. I have gear enough to just take the M'ao dot to the face without any issues, and if it does kill me, you have the golden dragonblood there to save you. My class is very resistant to CC's through different abilties, so i don't have to dodge a lot on M'ao, and her CC bubble is easy to deal with, Currently have a 6 min kill time as my fastest on M'ao
  12. These roadblocks & Difficulty spikes are there to incetivise people to gear up their character (Preferbly through micro transactions). It's just how the game works. But the west seem very against this type of gameplay, even if that stuff works in KR.
  13. It's bots, So no legit auto-attacking, Just bots
  14. Plenty of other games that feature seasonal servers.. why not just play those if that's the game style you enjoy.
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