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  1. Done around 150 runs so far and seen a couple of weapons maybe 3-4 when doing stage 6 multi's, None of them for my class ofc. I personally don't expect my class specific weapon until maybe even after the 300 run achivement while doing 6 multi's It's really dumb that it's class blind drops now. and as i wrote in my own thread earlier. I do think this patch is overall pretty bad.
  2. Who cares about legendary tho? That's about the same as the raid SS. Only mythical matters.
  3. Not to mention all the write RnG decision around the new dungeon.. making it such a pain "Class blind" loot should've stayed gone
  4. Can we please revert or rework A LOT of this patch to somehow save the game? Lots of players are jumping ship and getting rid of their accounts.
  5. You have to run the dungeon several times before you reach stage 6. Plenty of time to see the rotations and learn the mechs. Took me like 2000 Chaos supply chain runs to get perfect soul shield there. Tho this new dungeon will probably require a lot more than 2000 runs to max out every thing, a lot more randomness and also have to grind the "True" version of every thing.
  6. The heart has always been P2W only in KR. It just took them a whole to bring that concept to our version. So, yes it is intentional for there not to be any ingame sources for sterling scales.
  7. You have plenty of time, The game has been down for maintenance for 9 hours now.
  8. Did you not read what this guy wrote on the reddit?
  9. It's probably just faster to join a full train than to try and join specific dungeons.
  10. Why would you ever need auto-party find? People do EM daily trains all the time, just look in the faction chat. Cerulean for NA and Crimson for EU
  11. Make sure you always keep yourself up-to-date with the BnS ops twitter
  12. Appreciate your response very much ❤️ Tho i think you should duck and cover from these forums because people are just toxic. I will never understand why they can't handle being 1 day a week away from the game, But it is what it is.
  13. Dono how you can say that when a lot of other companies are so much worse. Ever heard of Call of duty? Battlefield? Cyberpunk 2077? or the entirety of EA?
  14. With Credit card. They don't expect you to be F2P.
  15. This feels like something you should send ticket or mail to them about. Not really something the forums admins can do any thing about.
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