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  1. @Hime Thank you for completely ignoring my question. It is just sad how you do that. It is like having a first date but the other person is just staring at his/her phone... pittyfull
  2. As in title: I am opening the Jubilant Jackpot on my main character (for the pet) But the crystals are realy completely useless on my main character. Please make them account bound.
  3. Hello, I dont know if this is a bug on my side. But after yesterday the option to buy vails and pet packs from dragon express did not reset. What can be done about this?
  4. Warrior Token after todays patch

    "safe to assume" and NC just dont match up Grimoir!
  5. Warrior Token after todays patch

    It is not mentioned that you can still use them after the patch.
  6. Hello. since I have a good sum of warrior tokens left on my characters I have to ask this. The patchnotes mention that Warrior Token are going to be replaced by martial tokens. But what does that mean, they are exchanged 1 to 1 or is the MISTAKE made again to just as with the introduction of lesser demon spirit stones that they just disappear
  7. Premium Transformation Stone... Crystal?

    the PTS crystals are going to be for TT and lower item upgrades.
  8. Top Tier Belt Necklace

    is the SP neck for any class the best option at the moment?
  9. Ping Problem of those connected from Turkey

    Move to Germany? but serious: 1 server location for a game played from all over Europe is a big joke ofc
  10. only fails with these trying to transmute a pet pack. 8 in a row on one character. Anyone else noticed this. Before patch is was around 50/50 fail/success.
  11. Patchnotes

    Is it me or is the main site bugged, cant see any announcements exept for patchnotes (and that one is leading to an empty page)
  12. Leave it like it is. I just would like to see these additions/improvements: - portals so that you dont have to walk 2 or 3 minutes to a grind spot - 100+ hours to get wings, that is not eco-friendly at all. Think green so we dont have to keep the computer on for days - more mobs all over the map - bann thirt party program users (whales in full pvp with constant ctrl+t enabled) - more exp per mob, current exp is a joke
  13. Remove Unity daily cap!!

    Or dont play 6+ hours per day and do something more real life social ;)
  14. Com'on why is expired stuff in daily dash. Just one more confirmation that nc west staff dont play their own game. Fix this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤, and make it the one with blood rose in it.