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  1. Wth...finally i can play today...cant login
  2. This hp nerv is a BIG joke....stop messing with us NC. I dont want to do any dungeon on my alts anymore. I was expecting at least 50% less HP
  3. Daily challenges in F8 do NOT match the daily challenged we realy need to do.
  4. DC when changing characters..DC at startup of the game. DC walking towards a dungeon.. fix this please, i am about to quit the game...again
  5. yep, had this for an hour this morning, re-installed the launcher. Game worked fine. I got DCd just now and cant enter anymore.
  6. Hello @Hime I bought the Apprentice pack just for the additional slot voucher. But it seems i have reached my max slots. You should have put that in the discription. How can I get my money back?
  7. @HimeNormally you put a excel sheet online for the cost reductions, do we have to guess whats reduced?
  8. @Hime The title comes from the Hongmoon resurgence notice on the site. I would love to have more inventory space. Any thing happening with that in the near future?
  9. That is not correct. My pref record (round 9) was up for 2 days before i reached round 10.
  10. Yesterday i managed to get a good minute into round 10 at Kaebi Village. But up to now my ranking has nog been updated (still at round9) Have any of you had the same bug experience? I did send a report to support, waiting on the reply.
  11. It has been allmost 2 months since the deletion of the daily dash. I want to know what the premium benefits are going to be before I decide to activate/continue my premium membership. At this point I realy dont have any benefit for this.
  12. Haha NC's only plan is to make money, not give stuff for free. Premium is useless, i've cancelled mine..and have had it since start of this game (over 5 years..enough is enough)
  13. No GPU or CPU can fix the current game....maybe UE4 wil fix things...lets wait and see....if it fails this game is doomed...wait it allready is :) I would not spend anything extra
  14. And now another cheat appeared...TC 1st boss skip thingy.
  15. I noticed the same, its not only the coins. But the gem chest drop has been reduced by roughly 75%. I used to get 4 to 6 per day...now its 1 or maybe 2.
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