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  1. I received all my items. I was just not happy with the way the vails//pet pack and the square diamond chest was distrubited. The 3 items where in 1 item in the received items list. As normally you can right click on one of the items and retrieve it to the characted desired. But this time is dropped all 3 different items to my character. As I wanted the square gem chest to be used on a different characted that was not possible anymore. 2nd I thought it was a gem chest where i could pick the desired gem by choice. But it randomly droped a character bound gem (on my main)
  2. Where can you buy the pvp amulet?
  3. Hello, There is one thing unclear to me. If you have raffle tickets in multiple characters. Wil you receive the reward (if you win) in received items, mail or direct on the character? In other words can you choose the character you want the items for? Or if the win is on an alt it will be that alt that gets the reward?
  4. +/- 350 keys..1 3 star with crappy weapon skins...what a big joke
  5. The items at counter 10 are realy stupidly put there....why pick 1 Elder Scale Fragment if you can pick the Mewtineers Coin that gives one full Elder Scale?
  6. I noticed the GM msg aswell, and wondered if they messed up again. @HimePlease enlighten us
  7. Gold is cheaper, more NC coin sales...that is an easy answer. All about income for NC
  8. Ty Grimoir If these changes are implemented. Would that mean the Bosses mentioned are failproof for an alliance with good geared ppl?
  9. @Hime Could you enlighten us on what is lowered/changed?
  10. thrust me, there is not going to be an update on this....this will die a slow death, like the game it self.
  11. dont react, its just someone trolling
  12. i could list 50 things that are outdated. The reason is that none of the defs/mods play the game themselfs to notice (and ignore us alot)
  13. Hello, When you are doing weeklies and dailies on mulitple characters it is inevitable that you stack up on Honing Oil/Refined Honing Oils. The current event is nice, but most of the players have no options of spending them. A fist step is removing them from the daily dash. A second suggestion is making it characted limited, not account.
  14. What are you running: Windows 7 or lower? Havent seen a BSOD with Win10 ever. Try a clean install of windows, updated drivers and download BNS again. Bet most problems are gone.
  15. Hello NC, Would it possible to buy the outfits from older dungeons at NPC's. This has been done for some dungeons, but i'm missing parts of atleast the following: Gloomdross incursion Naryu Labyrinth Sundered Nexus Ebondrake Citadel
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