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  1. Hello @Green Storm Since last wednesday the centurion achievement is gone. I was a good way of completing this for a 50+ ap bonus. Does this mean I have spend hours and hours for nothing? Or is it relaced/fused for the current situation?
  2. @Green StormCould you reply to this serious problem? No way i can complete soulboost on the current character now. just add them back to the F8 list, and we are ok
  3. I dont need all daily dungeons, I am passing on some bc I have enough points to get max level.
  4. Hi, is it after todays patch still possible to do the dungeons that I need for the soulboost event? With that are they still available in the F8 lobby? Or has it even become harder to find parties for them? Auto party find outside of F8 is non existing.
  5. WOW just WOW. Even if the upgrade cost without the RNG it would be too costly. How on earth do you expect us to keep up with this insanity.
  6. I would like the option to use HMC to buy items and mke it possible to gift them
  7. So if I write to support they are going to fix this? I bought the battle en master pass assuming I get the rewards on all characters.
  8. I want to add this to the discussion: quote from the info page for battlepass: The Battle Pass and Master Pass missions are available for all characters, and the progress is tracked for the entire account. Where is the progress tracking for the entire account. All characters have to buy the passes individual, and have to do all quest. Explain that @Green Storm
  9. Hello @Green Storm I have asked about this before. But never seen an answer. In the maintenance announcements linked below there is the named bug of items not stacking to 29999. This was original in the patchnotes (but removed i guess). Not any item stacks above 9999 now. I have over 60k sacred crystals in my inventory. I would appreciate it that you look into this.
  10. @Green Storm Any news on previous bugs that have not yet been fixed (like stacking of items)
  11. Agree. This is a completely useless update. And a 2mil XP charm for 21.600 peaches...doing dailies gives way more. And how long is the grind going to be. I suspect the patchnotes are incomplete.
  12. Correction it should have been 13 CEST (Central European Summer Time)
  13. As in title; think you got it wrong. 12 cet was 1h 5 min ago.
  14. Dont have a problem with this at all. I realy loved the battlegrounds. But stopped 1.5 year ago, due to allmost everyone was speedhacking/gct editing and wintrading. I tried again a few months ago, but it had only gone worse. I saw Flying hacks and that did it for me to never wanting to enter a battleground again. I dont mind ppl inproving some QOL stuff with the game, but those twats dont belong in a battlefield. There talent and hard farming your equipment is the only way.
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