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  1. Cathedra Cliffs Guide

    Thank you for the guide. After todays update can you as a party still wipe if you fail doing any mechs?
  2. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    I have cancelled my subscribtion. Had enough of these NC lies. The reasons why are obvious.
  3. Treasure Trove Guide

    You forgot to mention how ppl should use paypal or their Creditcard...Throve without these is useless
  4. Hello, The last whole week I played multiple battles at Shackled isles. But up to now I have not received any of the free rewards. When are these distrubuted?
  5. As in title. BG is allready unbalanced (Skill wise) Why add more points of discussion.
  6. pvp (BF) died with the HM balance patch. PVP gear that i worked months for to collect was instant free. That patch realy took away my pleasure in this game.
  7. if allready exchanged, is support gonna revert them?
  8. You banned Force Master from PVP

    Fire FM is completely useless in BG now. most important defensive skill is ice only. thx alot for this mess up... logges off and cancels subscribtion
  9. 1 free orb again are you kidding. I wanted to craft lots of it is impossible. Lost money on items that where salvaged. Giving a free orb is just a big insult.
  10. 2x launcher (matryoshka.exe)

    Thank you for your fast reply!
  11. Yesterday i installed the new launcher on my desktop and laptop. 2 different icons and shortcuts where created in the proces. NC Launcher 2 & BnS NC Launcher 2 has a path: "C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\NC Launcher 2\NCLauncher2.exe" But the BnS shortcut has: "C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\NC Launcher 2\Matryoshka.exe" /GameID:BnS What is this Matryoshka.exe file? Is this save and supposed to happen? Support please answer
  12. New launcher

    where is the 32 or 64bit option?
  13. New launcher

    on my laptop it completely uninstalled the game..gj NC. Does anyone know where the option for 32 or 64 bit is? Cant seem to find it
  14. This is just insanely sad to read. If you admit you made a mistake, you should fix it. How can we thrust NC in the future if you keep on messing things up.
  15. BG matchmaking balancing

    That you obviously rarely do any serious BG. All the HM points that can be used (pvp attack/defence etc) They do benefit alot. Hm30 killed by a afk one yes.