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  1. The new Call to Arms is a bit...

    I can remember last C2A event, getting into parties to do dailies for CC was nearly impossible. Immagine having to do top 2 dungeons with higher lvl req then possible with a new character. But last: fishing. Going afk for days and letting the computer run is not green at all. Every company in the world is trying to do something about the environment but you do just the opposite....good job guys :/
  2. This is a Korean grinding game (and PTW) Nothing is instantly with this game. Patience is needed.
  3. Major patches

    There is not going to be a UE4 update for this game. Maybe a new bns related game, but not the one we currently are playing. It will cost them a million man hours reprogramming and testing if they ever do. Not even all the whales in the wordt can help them. They are milking the current game until they close it down or sell it
  4. SO fm killing bg like gunner did.

    Why do some people automatically say that people that mention cheaters are getting defeated?
  5. SO fm killing bg like gunner did.

    Those 1 shot FM's have xml edits and macro's running...dont forget that
  6. Midnight Skypetal Plains- Big nerf

    rarely any materials, correct I lags in general, correct But the drop of the extra spawns (ss) are out of date as well...who need raven ss from a hm 24 dungeon???
  7. You have 60 lamps in your inventory..that means you havent opened 1. With a 5 hour cooldown period you should have started at the beginning of the event. I used the last one 2 days before end of event period...why would you wanna wait untill event is over???
  8. Hello all, If I enchant my TB weapon and I later upgrade it to Silversteel what will happen to the enchantment?
  9. New Pet Gem

    I have been searching ingame, and on the www. But no info found how to optain a Heptagonal Calcite Pet Gem (or other new gem) NC?
  10. Again only 1 channel in Nyraka

    Yeah put back atleast channel 2. This is just madness
  11. Back in the game since end of maint. Event zone has more lags then before and back to one channel. patches are ment to make things better, not the opposite.
  12. Nyraka Hunting Zone Channels

    We need more channels thats a fact. Dont know if the lag is caused by too many ppl inside the zone or the mobs. But if we dont get more channels or a good explanation by NC why not this is another doomed mistake by NC.
  13. 50 weekly challenge box Opening

    Sooo that was the most useless post on this forum up to now (according to me)