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  1. Haha NC's only plan is to make money, not give stuff for free. Premium is useless, i've cancelled mine..and have had it since start of this game (over 5 years..enough is enough)
  2. No GPU or CPU can fix the current game....maybe UE4 wil fix things...lets wait and see....if it fails this game is doomed...wait it allready is :) I would not spend anything extra
  3. And now another cheat appeared...TC 1st boss skip thingy.
  4. I noticed the same, its not only the coins. But the gem chest drop has been reduced by roughly 75%. I used to get 4 to 6 per day...now its 1 or maybe 2.
  5. This time I 100% agree with you. People do complaint that i have less dmg then i should be in raids/dungeons, but I dont use any cheats (except removing skill/charcter visuals). And I completely stopped pvp due to the mass amount of cheaters in there..and pvp was the most fun part of this game for me.
  6. I have cancelled my premium subcription due to this.
  7. I did the spinning start event daily on 5 characters. Where are the tickets? How to redeem them, not received any yet.
  8. https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/shop/premium/# additional Daily Dash is still mentioned here...now come quick with some REAL premium benefits..this is just another stab in my back.
  9. Yep! Premium members are not taken serious anymore by NC. I have cancelled my subscription allready
  10. You cant spin the wheel anymore after tomorrow. I have 10k elysian's/moonstone crystals stacked. No use of them
  11. So, that means i wasted my time for the last 2 weeks doing the even dungeon on multiple characters (non summoner) Ty NC for messing with us again.
  12. Any confirmation that the 5 keys can still be used after the 12th? @Hime
  13. ...so the paying customer is going to benefit even less from this "upgrade"..wow amazing. Premium is getting even more useless.
  14. What are the premium membership benefits for the new daily perks? What I could see is that you can claim 1 item per day. @Hime
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