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  1. NC does not know there are 2 diffent legions. Only the real players know 95% of the actual players are Crimson
  2. No please dont raise the cap. Only social distant people with no social lives are max unity
  3. No i have full control over what i do and buy. I am just extremely pissed off and disapointed at the results...
  4. Realy NC? Is this how you treat your paying customers? Again i am not surprized that you ripp me off 😞
  5. @Hime You stated that today is a routine server maintenance...but why is there a substantial patch that we have to download? Bug fixes? Every game that I ever played has a list of changes published with every update/patch, why cant you provide one?
  6. @Hime Why was the 2nd channel for Primeweald removed? Please put it back. Currently its too crowded and laggy again.
  7. Buddy, I am playing this game since beta. I have evey slot unlocked for years now. As an horder I want to keep my stuff that i might need again. I even have a mule character that is storing stuff. Still i'm struggeling on where to put the stuff.
  8. I dont even know how many new items appear from tomorrow..But 20 to 30 new items is a good estimate. Where should I put them, my inventory/fault is allready completely full. Isnt it time for some expanding options?
  9. You could have done the math before you spend that money..and chose not to support NC
  10. Good post Santa. People want to finish a 4 week lasting event with the first week, patience..it's a Korean MMO afterall.
  11. Dungeon nerfs lol....lots and lots of free stuf, and you want to get it even easier....fight for what you want
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