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  1. So what's in it. I have enough fragments on 2 characters to get the chest. I need to make a discission. Do I have to buy the chest before tomorrowsn maintanance? Or can i wait until after it?
  2. Anyone experienced problems with Win11 and BNS?
  3. @Himei am still waiting for your reply. Support directed me to you.
  4. @Himewhere is your official statement about this? In what way am i going to be compensated?
  5. So support told me to complaint here...so i do again. NC antiqued the stage 7 pot (one sided). I have bought a couple during the dungeon run and now i just want my gold back that i paid. How simple can my request be? At this time NC is just a thief of my time and gold. @Himewat are you going to do about this?
  6. Again 18 hours wasted. I just opened stage 7 of my armory chest. I have all keys (12) I cannot participate in the lamps event at all due to the shared cooldown. FIX THIS
  7. It shared cd with call to arms box...now i doubt i can open it to stage 12 in time and open lamps PLEASE FIX
  8. There is realy something wrong in the event dungeon. I (3rd spec FM) do 1/3 of the dmg then most other party members (most 1st or 2nd spec) Like if the old dungeon is ignoring lightning dmg.
  9. Wth...finally i can play today...cant login
  10. This hp nerv is a BIG joke....stop messing with us NC. I dont want to do any dungeon on my alts anymore. I was expecting at least 50% less HP
  11. Daily challenges in F8 do NOT match the daily challenged we realy need to do.
  12. DC when changing characters..DC at startup of the game. DC walking towards a dungeon.. fix this please, i am about to quit the game...again
  13. yep, had this for an hour this morning, re-installed the launcher. Game worked fine. I got DCd just now and cant enter anymore.
  14. Hello @Hime I bought the Apprentice pack just for the additional slot voucher. But it seems i have reached my max slots. You should have put that in the discription. How can I get my money back?
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