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  1. Maintenance Compensation (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX32IT) Sep 22, 2030 ~ Dec 29, 2030 now they have to compensate the compensation
  2. Website says they have been distributed. Me and my brother did not receive anything
  3. Try disabling your add and pop-up blocker in your browser
  4. I am sure I am not the first that wants to know why there is a HUGE difference in compensation items between NA and the EU. A official statement would be appreciated.
  5. Hello everyone, Who can tell what the conditions are for a clan to receive the clanbattle bonus. Is 1 win enough or more if you havent competed in the current season?
  6. My character is hm40+ with allmost well over 5500ap and my best time is just around 5 minutes. That is just impossible to get any usefull rewards from it.
  7. Just want to tell you my frustration: This soul arena is complete unfair. We all know that there is a unballance between the classes. Only a few can kill it in a decent time to get a good achievement. Some classes (with identical gears) can do 2x more dmg. This should realy be addressed.
  8. Good one, And change the european spawn times...most spawns are in the middle of night (3 am)
  9. It must be bugged then. I have 5700+ unity set points, but my Swellstone is just at stage 1: 10 points.
  10. You sound allmost surprised. 3 out of 4 tickets get these kind of reactions. It is like they want us to leave this game.
  11. I guess they gave every premium user a key for the whole event period. Cant forget to buy the 0 hmc one eighter now :)
  12. WOW jus WOW...this is the answer from support after contacting them about the missing premium keys. Read, be confused and uninstall this game.
  13. Has been weeks since we have a new manager. He/She has not communicating at all. There are soo many issues with this game, and nothing is addressed. Support refers us to the (dead) forum for most issues. But the forum is just a dead piece of paper and over moderated. In the last 3 months 4 out of 5 players in my clan just stopped loggin in to play, they just see what is happening after a big update and then disapear again for a month. No communication = the end of this wonderfull game.
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