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  1. Hongmoon Homecoming?

    I also got a code aplied to my account with the same name "homecoming", i could redeem some stuff that they give to returning players. The code was aplied a couple hours after the email.
  2. Memory Leak

    Found a solution for my problem. Disable Nvidia low latency mode. Still using alot memory, but its far better now. Update: today the leak is back -_-
  3. Memory Leak

    Anyone having memory leak problems this patch? This started after update. I cant stay in any place with high population of players. (like the new event map)
  4. New Blade & Soulmate event site "Bug"

    In the information site should be writen Candy bowl not Dark Hearts in here. I hope its just a typo otherwise event will be uterly garbage even for the low standards we are facing these dark days.
  5. Daily Dash- item not received

    I tried to relog and change character, still not received.
  6. Please, can we have this small wings in character model too?
  7. New Daily Dash

    What is the best way to lose playerbase? Cut things out without notice, and give back half as excuse.
  8. Nothing good last long here (Sacred Longgui key)

    I don't complain about green shards since we can farm it during the week to spent it over the weekend, but I see your point. About keys, they cut by half the daily msp 1-3 that gives 4keys before patch. ¬¬ Last weekend i got 0 ZERO evolveds stone from chest 4 and 5, probly bad realy bad rng. Usualy i get from 100 chest 4-5-6 (300 in total) at least 100 evolved, last weeend was like 80, same rate for my friend who got stones from every chest. I see a ninja nerf in there but can be paranoia because ncsoft done this things in the past in several occasions.
  9. Blackram Supply Chain missing pad's

    Disable Optimized mode if you are using it. This solved the problem for me.
  10. Nothing good last long here (Sacred Longgui key)

    No, dont come even close to 130 crystal, for this im sure, but i have not lost any in the end. Lets say i got 10ms crystal in the end of an entire week. I dont do pvp and dont farm anyware this material. But now with orbs, soon or later we will need to buy orbs as you was buying sealed moonstones. The best way to farm sacred orbs is msp and this will not be enoght to suply the demand for keys. I just hope the price dont raise more then the 2g as you say. Trade volume in market is already like 30k orbs per day and will rise alot in the weekends with people buying keys. Lets see what happens, a good side of this is the price of moonstone will drop. Lets hope in the end oils prices drops too, i think in two weeks we can have a preview of what is coming about this adjustment. I think oils prices will be more messed up and msp farm will die. Just my tought, future will tell im no specialist. Would be so easy if they just add as an option but we know ncsoft, maybe after 2-3 updates they change it again.
  11. Nothing good last long here (Sacred Longgui key)

    You missed the parte i say, "entire week". Considering only weekend of farm, you lose alot crystal. Considering an entire week doing purple train and doing mult msp in the weeend, you receive a tiny amount of crystal. This not doing pvp at all. I have not lost moon stones crystal since the revamp of msp even while i spent more then 300 keys per weekend. Now with sacred orbs, if they stop at 2g good, but even with this "low price" will kill the msp farm. Chest 4 - 3 orbs = 6g to open chest 5 - 3 orbs = 6g to open chest 6 - 6 orbs = 12g to open This will raise prices for oils too... 350g looks not high enoght. But yeah we have trove and rng box to fill the gap. Someone said 1 moonstone crystal the key is free... but consider the time you spent farming, with a diminished reward you will end up wasting your time doing mult.
  12. 07/24/2019 [Bugged] No credit for weekly rewards

    No event currency for daily challenge too.
  13. Nothing good last long here (Sacred Longgui key)

    i agree, the same happens with moonstone crystal and any sealed material. Yeterday i spent all my crystal just to avoid buying keys with orb for some time.
  14. Nothing good last long here (Sacred Longgui key)

    I believe i dont need to worry about sacred crystals, at least for now. There is only 2 new pve acessories in korean server. with weapon, soul, heart, pet and talisman too i dont believe that they together will consume my stock. Since i need to farm sacred oils/petpods, and this farm alone will give alot more crystals then i can use. I dont do any farm other then msp in the weekend and purple train in a daily base, only in my main character. Devs could lower the sacred crystal drop and rise a little monstone crystal drop in msp. A good part of the player base is farming msp now, for mats and sealed things to earn some gold. Keys with orbs will hit way harder on those people. Ncsoft devs strugle to much to balance materials drops, places to farm and ways to earn $. This is happening since they introduced those sealed/unsealed thing. This actual oil problem and lack of places to farm moonstone crystals, looks like the game is still in beta and they are trying to figure out what to do. 3 years of NA and 6 korean i think... I love to play this game but to be honesty, we dont even have a good friend/block list, F8 is a nightmare for people who need it, there is no new content without alot of bugs, the list keep growing.