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  1. they probly gonna do nothing, the bug is not giving "free" stuff to players. Think about the pet gem fiasco, new players left the game because of it. They simple dont care unless its hurting somehow the milking schema.
  2. Also in this new system we only get 1 core per run, no more chest that can drop 1-15 cores. So much for the we are making the game less grind...
  3. this guarantee Burning Devotion Chest is only for this patch " Winds of Rage"? Is it one per month? With Daily Dash we have a change to get more then one chest per day.
  4. @Hime what about the hoongmoon coin tokens from daily dash? This is the only reason to have premium membership for me. This will be "compensated" somehow in the new daily dash? I remember when you guys tryed to remove these tokens in exchange of some sacred vials.
  5. There is no outfit box to buy now... i hope customer service can revert some of my outfits to dawning emblem so i can buy the wings. Will be possible to do it? Hyunkei
  6. Since the post here was overlooked... There is the update.
  7. Congratulations ncsoft, you killed another part of your game. Big one. no material in the boxes. no doble drop in the weekend. Alot more time to clear boss 1 to 6. crap evolved drop ratio What is the point doing that? Rising difficulty and lower the loot.
  8. Where am i supossed to get this wings for my cat? Looks like its missing from the shop, and it dont comes from the box neither.
  9. I also got a code aplied to my account with the same name "homecoming", i could redeem some stuff that they give to returning players. The code was aplied a couple hours after the email.
  10. Found a solution for my problem. Disable Nvidia low latency mode. Still using alot memory, but its far better now. Update: today the leak is back -_-
  11. Anyone having memory leak problems this patch? This started after update. I cant stay in any place with high population of players. (like the new event map)
  12. In the information site should be writen Candy bowl not Dark Hearts in here. I hope its just a typo otherwise event will be uterly garbage even for the low standards we are facing these dark days.
  13. I tried to relog and change character, still not received.
  14. Please, can we have this small wings in character model too?
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