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  1. Since there are are a lot of stages available to play through in the Aerodrome, I'd appreciate getting to know if there's a difference in drop rates between the different floors' rewards. As an example, I'd like to know if Stage 1 drops the Skystealer accessories as often as Stage 41 does.
  2. Blade Dancer's introduction in the Race/Class Selection refers to Flock of Blades, a Blade Master skill. Way of the Singing Blade/Grim Blade/Undertaker/Eternal Soul headers in the Race/Class Selection contain unintended line breaks. Brilliant Ascension/Radiance Stone Chest refers to containing a Rare stone, instead of Superior.
  3. When opening chests/boxes/containers, the client will stutter quite a lot. This is one of the things UE4 should have fixed. See attached GIF where my framerate is shown at the top of the clip: https://i.imgur.com/wvBMCWY.mp4
  4. For the most part, I've found that the new client runs way better compared to the UE3 one. A ton of stutters have been removed and only a few persist, mostly from UI interactions. I also found to like the new visuals a lot. Some places, like the Cathedra Cliffs, looks tons better and feels a lot more lively with the new textures, lights and particle effects. In other words, thanks for the update. Been waiting some time for this one but happy it's here!
  5. Bug Summary: New textures and shading can cause certain tailored outfits to display an incorrect color. Reproduction steps: To use my case as an example, applying the Berry colour as secondary and accessory on the Confessor outfit, will make the outfit look black rather than dark red. Attachment: see below comparison, with the left image taken in the UE4 client and the right taken in the UE3 client. Additional information: Location seem to not have an impact, however, I don't know if this is exclusive to my character being a Jin Assassin.
  6. Will the engine transition bring along improved netcode to minimize the latency between our client and the server?
  7. My issue isn't only the chat tabs unfortunately, it's across the entire user interface. Since most people (including I) prefer a smaller UI, I'd rather see the current font being replaced or that we're given the option to freely switch the font without the use of third-party modifications.
  8. Old thread, but I agree. The current font is quite hard to read. Either an update to the default font or the option to freely switch between different fonts would be appreciated.
  9. Crash is inevitable if you run on 32-bit because of memory leak. As soon as you're in a densely populated area or in a raid scenario, you're bound to crash. Use 64-bit to avoid it.
  10. Wanna throw out that the skill descriptions that are present on the Character Info viewer seems to have its words jumbled around? It ends up having strange sentences, and most descriptions differ from what's actually written in the game. Some examples to show what I mean: Ingame, it's written with the same words, but with proper structure to the sentence. For example, ingame, Shadow Dash actually says "Triggers Stealth for 6 sec. when hitting an opponent from behind". Thankful if someone could look into this.
  11. Yes. I went back to the original footage to double check and the main boss (as in not the Legs) was indeed affected by Poison. It's slightly hard to tell because of my UI, but it's there: https://i.vgy.me/T1AIip.png
  12. Feel free to move this into Bug Reports instead if it fits the category better. Updating thread with a clip of the raid boss half a year later with the same issue persisting. https://i.imgur.com/1ILDF2Z.mp4 At 0:03 you can see me using Choke Bomb followed by Shadow Slash At 0:05 you can see me using Shadow Dash At 0:07 you can see using Hook Kick that puts you in Stealth Stance if the opponent is afflicted by Poison, which TPK 5000 is because of Choke Bomb At 0:13 you can see me using another Shadow Slash. And still no Stealth Stance.
  13. When connecting your default audio device to your PC when the game client is already running, it tends to automatically switch to the device (as it should), however, you won't hear any audio from the game until you either restart the client or until you deselect your device and then select it again through the ingame Sound settings. I've attached a GIF as an example of what needs to be done to hear any audio from the game. This isn't a very important issue but has bugged me for as long as I can remember, hah.
  14. It was brought up in 2019, unfortunately not much has happened since. It's still frustrating so it would definitely be good if the devs could take a look at it.
  15. I'd like to suggest some improved rewards to the new Unity Store. Mainly, the Psyche items range from ones available between Irontech Forge to Drowning Deeps. These are very old Dungeons. The bare minimum Psyches we should expect would go all the way up to Dreamsong Theater's Mazuko Psyche. Perhaps not further since the Mazuko Psyche requires Hard Mode completion. I'd also like to see changes for the Brilliant Ascension/Radiance Stone Chests. The current rewards are of the Superior tier which barely help whatsoever. I'd much prefer see the Sparkling Ascension/Radiance S
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