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  1. Download speeds for BnS

    I think their servers technically have the capacity to support higher download speeds. For some reason, the servers seem to cap your download, essentially pausing the download every once in a while.
  2. Stealth Stance does not function properly after the legs of TPK 5000 in the Steelbreaker has broken down and you're standing by the boss's eye to DPS. It continuously puts you out of Stealth when you're meant to deal damage, meaning that you're left to only deal minimum amount of damage through Decoy Stance which is far from optimal. Here's a link with timestamp of what mechanic I'm referring to:
  3. What would you say to NCSoft West?

    Despite roadmaps and the like having to get approval from developers before being released, each publisher seems to get very different info on release dates. NCWEST got the info on "some time" 2020 (which is obviously not the plan anymore seeing as it's currently November), RU got Spring 2020, and KR themselves said "shortly" after the release of Frontier World in a now-deleted dev letter from February. We've had plenty of reason to at least expect it this year but as usual, info is neither accurate nor is it consistent with each other.
  4. Localization & Translation Error List

    Acquired from tooltip of Forgotten Grand Celestial Soul Shield says 'Dreamsong Dreamsong Theater'
  5. Localization & Translation Error List

    The Steelbreaker, REV-A DEV-A Attack after Flying Slam in phase start is missing an attack name. Pop-up message An Anodic Piece creates a Magnetic Storm is missing a blank between "a" and "Magnetic Storm". This also applies to the message A Cathodic Piece creates a Magnetic Storm.
  6. Localization & Translation Error List

    The Steelbreaker, REV-A DEV-A The status effect offering resistance when fusing Blue Polarity/Red Polarity does not have any name.
  7. Localization & Translation Error List

    Quick reminder for this one.
  8. Dynamic Kick to another keybind

    What's likely my biggest pet peeve when using the Shadow (a.k.a Lightning) specialization is that Dynamic Kick is on the RMB key, the same key as Heart Stab. I often find myself accidentally flying past the boss with Dyanmic Kick after e.g a backstep when I'm actually trying to use Heart Stab, since Dynamic Kick is prioritized. It would make a lot more sense to move it to the [F] key to replace Lightning Pierce, seeing as that skill is a lot less valuable than Heart Stab.
  9. On the current 7.1 Midnight Reborn game build, the max number of stacked Lunar Twilight Plants in your Inventory/Vault can be x100. This is different from other items, seeing as most other items can be stacked up to 10,000 times. Would it be possible to adjust the max number of stacked Lunar Twilight Plants?
  10. server disconnection

    Hello @PhoenixMitra, The issue has been ongoing for several hours and a member of the Support Team confirmed as such in a ticket three hours ago. Going forward, it would be nice with any form of public confirmation from your end about such issues. You have several communication options available -- please use them!
  11. Heya, did you check if you had any items in your Overflow inventory? If you do, an icon will pop up in the UI to the bottom-right.
  12. Localization & Translation Error List

    Force Master, Way of the Lightning Talent descriptions for Power Play and Staying Power have text errors

    Hi Hyunkel! Thanks for pitching in. In light of the frustration in this thread, it would be good to receive word on how the issue is being discussed by your team. Has the issue been brought up internally? What has been said? What steps could be taken to deal with the issue? Do you have longterm plans to minimize similar issues in the future? Of course, we should aim specific player reports to the Support Team, but it's equally important you fulfill your job as publishers to keep us informed on your internal discussions. This is not an issue caused by one player, it's a whole game issue. Regardless of if feedback and thoughts are being taken into account, the forum is where communication for this sort of thing should be discussed and responded to. As it stands, all the effort that the community puts in feels as if it falls on deaf ears. The game as a whole feels uncared for with the current lack of engagement from your side.

    To be honest, this isn't too big of a deal considering all the exploits being used already. I agree with the majority though: please make sure there are consequences.
  15. Localization & Translation Error List

    Elite Sovereign Core Chest needs some adjusting for the Acquired from part of the tooltip.