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  1. Yes. I went back to the original footage to double check and the main boss (as in not the Legs) was indeed affected by Poison. It's slightly hard to tell because of my UI, but it's there: https://i.vgy.me/T1AIip.png
  2. Feel free to move this into Bug Reports instead if it fits the category better. Updating thread with a clip of the raid boss half a year later with the same issue persisting. https://i.imgur.com/1ILDF2Z.mp4 At 0:03 you can see me using Choke Bomb followed by Shadow Slash At 0:05 you can see me using Shadow Dash At 0:07 you can see using Hook Kick that puts you in Stealth Stance if the opponent is afflicted by Poison, which TPK 5000 is because of Choke Bomb At 0:13 you can see me using another Shadow Slash. And still no Stealth Stance.
  3. When connecting your default audio device to your PC when the game client is already running, it tends to automatically switch to the device (as it should), however, you won't hear any audio from the game until you either restart the client or until you deselect your device and then select it again through the ingame Sound settings. I've attached a GIF as an example of what needs to be done to hear any audio from the game. This isn't a very important issue but has bugged me for as long as I can remember, hah.
  4. It was brought up in 2019, unfortunately not much has happened since. It's still frustrating so it would definitely be good if the devs could take a look at it.
  5. I'd like to suggest some improved rewards to the new Unity Store. Mainly, the Psyche items range from ones available between Irontech Forge to Drowning Deeps. These are very old Dungeons. The bare minimum Psyches we should expect would go all the way up to Dreamsong Theater's Mazuko Psyche. Perhaps not further since the Mazuko Psyche requires Hard Mode completion. I'd also like to see changes for the Brilliant Ascension/Radiance Stone Chests. The current rewards are of the Superior tier which barely help whatsoever. I'd much prefer see the Sparkling Ascension/Radiance S
  6. I'm fairly sure the main reason for them cutting down on live streams comes from them working from home. I imagine there's a lot more technical complications compared to being in the usual studio.
  7. Over 20 minutes isn't right though, even with a less than optimal rig. I'd say sending a ticket to Support would be your best shot.
  8. Aye, it's been insanely good for improving framerates. Without going into specifics, there are ways to keep the most essential of text while removing the rest. I'm really hoping this can get looked into, it's not quite reasonable to have players strip the client down to the point of it barely being playable for the sake of decent framerates.
  9. Dragon Pulse by the entrance of House of Idols apparently leads to Ship Deck rather than the Needler boss.
  10. Way of the Grim Blade Skill description for Grimreaver (Z) skill refers to the 'Grimreaver' as 'Thrall'. Specialization description in the Martial Tome (K) has an unintended linebreak in the middle of a sentence. Enforcer Soul Badge's third line is incorrectly written. Character Info (F2), as usual, has a ??? for a spec name and a lock for the spec icon. Party Finder (F7) House of Idols lacks a name in the Party Finder.
  11. Hello, Code of Conduct prohibits us from sharing links for cheats and targeting specific players that may or may not be breaking the game rules by using various exploits. Specific player reports should be handled by the Support team for investigation and secrecy purposes just as mentioned by you and the CoC, but we should still be free to discuss the overarching issue involving cheats without threats of account suspensions as long as said rules are followed, which they seem to be here. As far as I understand, since the Support team seem unable to forward suggestions for
  12. It seems like the DevTracker on the official bladeandsoul.com site isn't refreshing posts made by any of the NC staff since the forum migration. It would be great if it could be fixed, it's a really handy feature.
  13. The Primeweald is meant to stay as a permanent zone, I'm pretty sure.
  14. I think their servers technically have the capacity to support higher download speeds. For some reason, the servers seem to cap your download, essentially pausing the download every once in a while.
  15. Stealth Stance does not function properly after the legs of TPK 5000 in the Steelbreaker has broken down and you're standing by the boss's eye to DPS. It continuously puts you out of Stealth when you're meant to deal damage, meaning that you're left to only deal minimum amount of damage through Decoy Stance which is far from optimal. Here's a link with timestamp of what mechanic I'm referring to: https://youtu.be/dh7JDeVC9z4?t=283.
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