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  1. Localization & Translation Error List

    Prowess Soul Badge for the Kung Fu Master is wilding. Looks like the tooltip has some Korean skill names.
  2. Localization & Translation Error List

    True Wyvern Talisman has the incorrect name 'Awakened True Wyvern'
  3. Localization & Translation Error List

    Forgotten Grand Celestial Soul Shield has an incorrect tooltip by featuring 'Acquired from' names based on the KR localization
  4. Suggestions for Systems & Items changes

    Definitely. There's a fair amount of weird systems in place that just doesn't make sense, like how the Weekly Challenge rewards 1x Small Ancient Honing Oil Chests. I thought we were phasing those out. I'd actually prefer them doing what they did when retiring the Seraph/Baleful weapon paths for a while. Instead of removing the stages, just put an insignificant cost, like a few Naryu Tablets for each stage. I'm not a big fan of straight up removing some tiers. Just some free progress for players at the start without having to put in much or any work. YES. We definitely need a proper supply of Gem Powders. Can't believe I forgot to mention that one. I would also love having account-wide Achievements. I'm soon rerolling from a character with 5k+ Achievement Points and it's a bit sentimental to drop all that progress just because I want to play another class. Also, we need another adjustment to the Hongmoon Level Experience curve, like we had back in the Theater of Mystery update. Here's the line from the patch notes: It's frustrating barely making any progress when completing quests.
  5. I don't think I can recall any meaningful changes to systems and items for B&S since the original NCWEST team left this game. As a larger update is being prepared for June, I'd love to see more major changes in that department. Here are some of my personal suggestions: Unity is endlessly frustrating. Feedback has been nothing but negative on the Unity system. Adjusting the system to not have the RNG factor would be an amazing start. Drop ratio of Evolved Stones needs severe adjustment. It's not OK for them to be as expensive as they are on the Marketplace. Yes, I know this has been an issue forever. No, I won't stop complaining about it. We were already upset with the average cost being ~20g and I don't think I need to tell you what they're at right now. Adjustments to game economy to prevent the current gold inflation. Gold has zero value, which is mindblowing considering how much of a controlled game environment B&S has. It shouldn't be that hard to control the economy. I challenge the B&S team to put 1000g on the Currency Exchange to see if it sells. This goes hand in hand with the inflation issue. F9 is not acceptable as Hongmoon Coins can only be acquired from Seasonal Ranking rewards and, if you're very lucky, from Venture Tokens. Meaningful equipment cost reductions, not adjustments. With the tools available, NC can see where most players get stuck equipment-wise to make appropriate decisions for the cost reductions. This tool has either been forgotten or is being blatantly ignored. Also, bit of a personal request: decrease the Premium Transformation Stone cost for the Thornbreaker weapon for stages 3-9 please. I'm not in the mood to pay 30x PTS for the cost of around 20,000 gold. Elder Scales are a joke. The most viable option to obtain Elder Scales is completing Cathedra Cliffs solo to take the Elder Scale Fragments for yourself. This is then done hundreds of times for all the equipment upgrades that require this item. Make Hangar 0, Stonescale Passage, and most importantly the next Heroic Dungeon (Peach Garden, as the community named it) drop at least a full scale from the main boss in Easy Mode. Maybe increase the Elder Scales acquired from the Dynamic Quests too while you're at it. Feel free to add more suggestions or disagree with my personal 'requests'.
  6. Localization & Translation Error List

    I'm glad to hear that, thanks for the response. Stay safe!
  7. SP Male Boss Debuff

    It's hard to believe that considering cases of, for example, someone's character being stuck and a CM pointing them to Support rather than to use the ingame Escape feature.
  8. SP Male Boss Debuff

    I'm not active on the KR forums, and while the playerbase is aware of it, I'm guessing that our staff here in the west aren't. Figured it was good to let them know.
  9. SP Male Boss Debuff

    Now that the cat is out of the bag, yeah, the effect Necro-Barrier is bugged. I'm not sure about the specifics, but generally, any stack amount between 1-4 increases damage output from players more compared to removing all stacks. It's very strange.
  10. F9 Broken: remove floor or cut gold drop

    Yes yes yes. As it stands, apart from the incredibly rare Venture Token drop, the only way to acquire Hongmoon Store items are from the Ranking (F11) rewards. In other words, only those into the PvP scene or the whales with high gear for Den of the Ancients rankings can gain HMC consistently. It's very scummy.
  11. Localization & Translation Error List

    Dungeon In Progress has a completely wrong name for Stonescale Passage. This feature's dungeon and boss name being wrong been brought up by Viblo for many other dungeons, not sure how it's something that's not double-checked before patch release at this point. Amasa's Soul Link breakss and sends her into a Berserk Rage in Amasa/Amayun encounter Interactive Karmic Mirrors on the minimap are called Judgment Mirrors in Amasa/Amayun encounter Calls the mechanic Spatial Isolation in the party member list, while it's called Soul Separation in the debuff in Amasa/Amayun encounter. The Eidolon minibosses in Stonescale Passage has some really weird attack and mech names. Feels like it was a straight up Google Translate where you forgot to go back and fix it. Example in screenshot: Also, having gone through every single Soul Badge item and Soul Shield effect starting from Skybreak Spire and up, I'm amazed by the inconsistencies. It's such a shame considering how much I like the general naming schemes of item/dungeon/raid/system names. It seems like zero attention is paid to any of the nitty-gritty parts of the localization, even though that's probably what this playerbase cares most about. I'd love to point them all out but well, I'm not getting paid. Edit: one thing I will point out: you forgot to change Holy Fire Soul Badge descriptions from the Google Translate version. It's the Holy Fire effect, not Torch. Here's the Korean translation: I hope Google is being paid for the decent work they do for this game
  12. To go on a bit of a tangent: not just Transformation Stone Crystals should be account bound, but almost everything. Items like Resurgence Tokens, Lesser Demon Spirit Stones, and different Consumables should all be tradable between characters. I put in the effort on one character to obtain said items; if I now want to reroll, I'll have to reaquire them all? Seriously? My hundreds of "food buffs" that I acquired on my main will all go to waste for no reason, just because I can't send them over to my new character. Obviously I have understanding for such items like Blood Roses and Silversteel Ore to be locked to the character you obtained them with, but this game is generally way too restrictive when it comes to being able to play and switch to one's alternative characters.
  13. Thanks for the post Linda! I was wondering if you could confirm if we're getting any cost reductions for the Thornbreaker weapon in this patch.