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  1. You require 90 naryu coins to craft a 10 bundle of transformation stone crystals, but getting that amount of coins is tedious and anoying, naryu silver shows a 1=20 value for it, your able to turn 20 naryu coins in to naryu silver but no way to do it vice versa and do it 1 silver to 20 reguler naryu coins, theres alsobthe thing with tablets being currently useslss as far as i know of
  2. Cause gon is supposed to be this big and great type of char since of their lore, but their pose needs to be reworked and other things cause this is just plain annoying when your playing sometimes i had to completely rework my char one time cause of this and decided to re do her to taller this time as well, imo their is many other poses or things they can do to make gon better looking a lot of people would love this
  3. Diffrent poses wont matter, sure help creating char bit thats not the issue, the issue is in game, u cant select what basic pose u want in game, so when ure actully playing ure charecter will always go on this pose not the others but this one
  4. So i like many people have made a female gon and a lot of people like to make their gon build builder (thick) the problem is with the character creation, when you try do this their is a problem with how the female gon poses making female gon creating a huge pain, the problem is the the hip and arm position, it is wanted to have a more relaxed version or this problem fixed by each gon hand position changing or such to prevent this, cause as you can see by the image below, when i move the arm Length to max you can see it fits well but if you see from the back or the side you can see the hand goe
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