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  1. A la date et heure suivante, nous effectuerons une maintenance de tous les serveurs. Blade & Soul sera indisponible pendant la durée de la maintenance. Nous vous invitons à consulter régulièrement ce fil de discussion pour en savoir plus sur l'évolution de la situation. [Date et heures] Le mercredi 25 novembre de 13 h à 17 h 15 m (heure de Paris) * La durée de la maintenance est sujette à changement. [Serveurs affectés] - Tous Veuillez nous excuser pour la gêne occasionnée. @BladeAndSoulOps
  2. Hallo, wir werden am 25.11.2020 ab 13 Uhr Wartungsarbeiten an den Blade & Soul Servern durchführen. Während dieser Zeit werden alle Server nicht erreichbar sein. Im Moment gehen wir davon aus, dass die Arbeiten 4 Stunden 15 Minuten in Anspruch nehmen werden. Um sicherzustellen, dass ihr keine Informationen zur Serverwartung verpasst, folgt bitte unseren Twitter-Accounts @BladeAndSoulOps und @bladeandsoul_DE. Tweets by @BladeAndSoulOps
  3. Holloween event currency now useless?

    Currently, yes, because it needs to be a game update and we're locked for deploying new updates for the time being.
  4. Starting on November 25, 4:00 a.m. PST / 13:00 CET, all servers will undergo maintenance for approximately 4 hours and 15 minutes. An in-game notice will be given 30 minutes prior to the maintenance starting. Changes Routine server maintenance and modifications. Other Notes Wishing you all a safe and warm Happy Thanksgiving! For server status updates please follow the @BladeAndSoulOps Twitter account. Tweets by @BladeAndSoulOps
  5. Holloween event currency now useless?

    Unfortunately, not being able to use Haunted Halloween Tokens is not a bug. As the event has ended that also included the transmute options. We do apologize that this was not very clear in game and in the event preview. :( We will also follow up regarding the current Golden Harvest Festival events to ensure there are no surprises there either.
  6. Crafting the 2 different Sojos

    We'll check in with the dev team to see what plans they have for the crafting system and if they can add more craftable items.
  7. More Channels

    Similar to previous auto-hunt zones, it sounds like more channels will open if the cap is reached. Now that this is a permanent feature, let's see if we can add permanent channels. Thanks!
  8. Season of Ascension

    There are no new Soul Badges with this season.
  9. @TrueHeartz, we recognize this is an issue for those with remaining keys so if you still have a key and cannot open the remaining Chest, our Customer Support team will assist you.
  10. Extended Maintenance "compensation"

    Hello, Thank you all for your feedback. Unfortunately, without the extended maintenance to apply the fixes, thousands of characters will not receive their ranking rewards or will receive the incorrect rewards in the next season end. This issue was experienced in October. It has to be repaired tomorrow or the issue will exacerbate. :/ For the bundle available after the maintenance tomorrow, we're adding the Box of Spells (as requested) and an additional Superior Reputation Charm.
  11. On the morning of November 18 all servers will undergo maintenance. An in-game notice will be given 30 minutes prior to the maintenance starting. Schedule: Jinsoyun (EU) unavailable from 6 a.m. CET to 7 p.m. CET Yura (NA) unavailable from 4 a.m. PST to 10 a.m. PST Changes Routine server maintenance and modifications. Address an issue EU Weekly Ranking (Jinsoyun Only) A 0 Hongmoon Coin bundle will be available for the Hongmoon Store for the inconvenience caused by the extended maintenance. For server status updates please follow the @BladeAndSoulOps Twitter account. Tweets by @BladeAndSoulOps
  12. Hello Cricket, Jinsoyun server will be unavailable starting at 6 a.m. CET on Wednesday, November 18 to resolve the issue with Weekly Ranking reward distribution. The server will be unavailable until the completion of the routine weekly maintenance which is scheduled to end around 7:00 p.m. CET. Due to the inconvenience caused for Jinsoyun players, a 0 Hongmoon Coin bundle will be available on the Hongmoon Store after the maintenance for one week. The bundle includes: x1 Orb of Ascension x10 Honing Oil x1 Superior Reputation Charm x1 Superior Daily Challenge Treasure Chest Thank you for your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience.
  13. Participez à ces événements et raflez des récompenses ! https://www.bladeandsoul.com/fr/news/golden-harvest-festival-events-preview/
  14. Erhaltet bei diesen Ereignissen Belohnungen: https://www.bladeandsoul.com/de/news/golden-harvest-festival-events-preview/
  15. The Golden Harvest Festival is back. Learn more about the events here: https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/golden-harvest-festival-events-preview/