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  1. Someone reported on discord that page 3 doesn't work. I don't think any pages work atm
  2. Hate to ping you but please make this a priority for KR devs to fix. This is basically the only content for players that aren't all in end game. Edit: Ok guess to CS team then
  3. Thanks Storm. It's more read then most think. I'm a big theory crafter and to a lesser extent, a lab monster but I know there's more that like it more then me and it's discussed in the discord channels for fun too.
  4. They did fix tab 2 with needing CSC5 (hopefully more then just a text update). Now they need to fix the dungeons. It's pretty silly they didn't update the dungeons yet
  5. I agree, SB should be the top priorities. It such a good system and now it’s broken.
  6. I agree, either increase the daily option or reduce the SB requirements from 7 to 6.
  7. Gameplay is great, dungeons are good. Raids are some of the best but that's kinda dying out because of no new announced raids. There are of course issues with this game but I'm sure you'll see some of those posts around here. I played Tera for about 6 years, GW2 up until level 80 and WoW. If I have to choose between those 3, tbh I'll pick BnS. Tera's story and characters weren't that interesting and the game is shutting down unfortunately. GW2, I'm not saying it's not good, it's good but I wasn't a fan of events and the horizontal progression. WoW is just.... wow. The questing whil
  8. Well that's a little different from retention. That's variety which I agree is what we need. Demonsbane is ok but yea they need to be open world and more raids again, not just dungeons as the main mode.
  9. I mean... he's talking to a company that killed New world within a few months lol. Don't think they'll listen to him for LA either
  10. I mean, it's nice not to force to do dailies for an event. Time to help catchup on alts for soul boost, 3rd spec gunner, etc.
  11. Hey that's all it matters if you can acknowledge mistakes and get it fixed in the end. Thanks
  12. Thanks Green, Also one of the players got a response from support only from contacting support from using another email address that wasn't linked to the banned account. Luckily the player was able to get unbanned but it requires reaching out on another email account. Both are gmail accounts so looks like something on NCsoft end that prevents even support from sending email to the banned account
  13. They can't access the forums to bring up this subject so I'm writing on behalf of EU players complaining on bns discord servers that a bunch got banned . It seems like this only happened on the EU servers since no NA players on the BNS discord servers are trying to get more visibility on this situation. It seems like this ban wave caught a bunch of players and they submitted tickets on it but it's been 2 days and heard no responses.
  14. I posted screenshots of what is missing and a topic in the bugs part of the forums. I got no reply on it yet but maybe comment in there too to get visibility.
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