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  1. PoH soul shield and starcross icon don't show in character profile for some reason https://media.discordapp.net/ attachments/724304335894216785/1002401965210341386/unknown.png Combine the link since it doesn't allow it for some rason
  2. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/ 528375507398688799/999230312716451851/unknown.png If you want to see the pic, put the 2 urls together since for some reason this site doesn't like links from discord
  3. I believe in one of the latest patches KR got they got an updated version of ctrl +i but I could be wrong
  4. With all due respect and no hate towards you or anything. Here are screenshots of what is missing. Premium Transformation Stone Crystals (basically bound PTS) which are useless because the upgrade from TB9 to SS3 is useless because that upgrade needs 3 PTS = Premium Transformation Stone as shown in the screenshot. It also needs 5 Empyrean Spirit Stones but SB only gives 1. Same for Elder Scale which only gives 4 but the upgrade needs 14. If you're really trying to help new players, this isn't it because to create those mats is a big hurdle for new players.
  5. That's silly, it should be in the SB awards. The fishing is a separate event and not everyone does fishing
  6. It is an issue especially waiting for 6 days (can still do the other locked objectives and it should add up like in season 1) but as long as the other objectives gives enough to complete SB that's all it matters in the end. The objectives are a lot easier compare to season 1
  7. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. The gunner 3rd spec release is a HUGE mess. Even now it's missing animation. .....
  8. Tbh I think Yun's would be great sins because sins do have delicate skills especially compare to other classes.
  9. I put this in feedback early on the changes: It was TWELVE different daily options and reduced to NINE. They need to either increase it back to 12 or reduce from 7/7 to like 5/5
  10. It's frustrating but we always appreciate the communication!
  11. Someone reported on discord that page 3 doesn't work. I don't think any pages work atm
  12. Hate to ping you but please make this a priority for KR devs to fix. This is basically the only content for players that aren't all in end game. Edit: Ok guess to CS team then
  13. Thanks Storm. It's more read then most think. I'm a big theory crafter and to a lesser extent, a lab monster but I know there's more that like it more then me and it's discussed in the discord channels for fun too.
  14. They did fix tab 2 with needing CSC5 (hopefully more then just a text update). Now they need to fix the dungeons. It's pretty silly they didn't update the dungeons yet
  15. I agree, SB should be the top priorities. It such a good system and now it’s broken.
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