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  1. no case they never respond
  2. this is how the community and the staff of this game think =====> (eu Only)
  3. here is my list of the most important bugs: 1.- warlock TD there are times that the rest of td does not work this is already a problem from the ue4 2.- Ctrl + i still does not work this option is very important and it still does not work 3.- when one changes character sometimes an error appears that disconnects when changing to another character 4.- This is new the marketplace since September 8 began to give problems now it does not work at all. 5.- This is another bug that started on September 8, now when you disconnect from the game
  4. As always a game with a lot of potential, but each time they ruin it more and more they add items of little value to remove other things of better value such as gems and they only do it so that the game is more pay to win, perhaps they do not realize that This way they only encourage more and more people to get bored of playing bns, if they follow if only the pay to win will remain or perhaps they want to and sooner or later everyone will end up getting bored.
  5. I am free to play and I only stay as premium, please reduce the difficulty of the only dungeons and all the dungeons even the hard mode since not all of us are pay to win and it costs us more to those who play the free to play mode Take that into consideration, I've been playing for years and it really costs a lot if you're not a whale.
  6. when changing the character it is disconnected and then it cannot be re-entered after a while
  7. Also lower the difficulty to the only dungeons because also doing them daily is very complicated more when the skills still do not work properly they take a long time to launch a skill and that costs to do the mechanics. in the end they just complicated everyone instead of improving
  8. more mistakes really! The warlock just came out and they have already begun to modify his skill and not for the better, he wants the same thing to happen as with the other warlock that after so many modifications was no longer useful at all. They doubled the cooldown of abilities is too much. the other now the game is disconnected and after years playing with ue3 it never happened to me, please check that. the other the pj takes a long time to throw the skills is as slowed down
  9. Before we had problems to launch an ability we had to press the letter on the keyboard several times now we have even problems only that the ability is slow now the keyboard works but now it takes time to launch the ability, please fix this problem because it counts a lot do only dungeon or do mechanics in general
  10. problem to login I get an error that cannot connect to the server Text Error: failed to connect to server. SystemErr - (100 : Web Authentucatuin Failure)
  11. I find that bns is a very good game leaving aside the lag and little optimization but if they follow if they will destroy a very good game just by being careless, careless with customer service and how abandoned they have it, not to mention that they only focus on the p2w.
  12. you're right this is the second time he's late and they don't even say why he's late. web: Update Preview Livestream Brett and Linda will be back on the Twitch screen to give a hands-on preview of our Unreal Engine 4 Update on Thursday, August 26 at 11 a.m. PDT (8 p.m. CEST) on Twitch.com/bladeandsoul. They’ll show off the latest graphics and game content, including the upcoming playable class, Dual Blade! Pds: this was questions and answers but we are still waiting for the answers.
  13. After ue4 they will stop being so pay to win because cheats really among whales and playing being free to play is a lot of disadvantage I hope they consider balancing the game a bit even though I always buy the premium pass and I connect everyone the days at least 3 hours a day the same is impossible even if equipping itself in a decent way, I would like that at least the premium ones did not give more advantage than only the trunk and a few other materials at least we should be able to have some area where we can farm Some decent things or a better alternative, I hope everything turns out wit
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