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  1. I've spent about 20k gold just on the glove to raise it to +11 and I'm still not even close, I've just worn it at +9 since this jewelry can be improved if the Skystealer is not +11, I consider spending too much on gold alone To be able to upload a single jewel, the RNG is very unbalanced, I hope they can do something to fix this. spd: in short, the income from gold is very low for everything that is spent, it is just as the other colleagues say. psd2: I only uploaded 2 levels and spent 20k
  2. If I realized those points that they gave even though I don't think it compensates with all the time we had behind, but something is something, now I'm going to be only those that I can and those of Poharan.
  3. I can't do solo dungeons with my alts so I can never do the 7 daily dungeons.
  4. Many of us lost several levels of the soul boost, I hope that the gentlemen of ncsoft do something to compensate, at least give away some levels to compensate for that month of loss.
  5. Thank you for showing interest in the community, I hope you continue to help improve the game and get the full potential of bns.
  6. I always say this and a colleague just said it in this same post this game is one of the best with great potential but because it has so many flaws and they are not all related to performance since I gave up on that at least I improve a lot as it was, but this game is the only one that extracts content and where there is no possibility of reaching that content, it is increasingly difficult for someone who is only premium and who spends money on exitlag for being Latino but cannot reach the final content Of this game, even if you play every day for 8 hours, 365 days a year, it is impossible to
  7. I was just seeing this in the game and I was wondering how I could farm this material and the only way I see is spending real money, in this game it's the last straw as they force you to spend real money and the worst thing is that it's not some dollars if not it's hundreds of dollars what you spend to make it profitable.
  8. According to all of you, instead of simplifying things, they only complicate them more, this does not help new players at all.
  9. It doesn't make any sense to play every day, do daily, weekly, pay premium and exit lag so that you can't progress in the end, it's wasting time without getting anywhere (everything is being limited in the game) I pay 17 dollars a month for nothing
  10. every time they restrict they destroy more the system is like the hm lvl, they raise the level but the experience counts more and more to get it now they lowered the experience in the connection before they gave 1 million and now only 100 thousand also the system gets more content but you can't make that content in the game and the only way is to pay to speed up the process and that results in a very big imbalance in the game since only some can make this content and restricting content for everyone, even for those who pay or For the whales it is almost impossible, it is becoming more expensiv
  11. I agree with you the expense is too much the level of progress in the game is too exaggerated I was even calculating only the time it takes to get the Shadow Fury weapon item and it only takes 6 months of farming and if you don't have to pay everything it's too expensive I would say outrageously expensive.
  12. An apology from the staff for the delay is enough, but that is what bothers the most is the lack of understanding on their part, but it is understandable why so much delay, but a simple apology on their part helps a lot.
  13. then you should put an hour that is more like reality and not 5 hours instead of the 10 hours that this update really takes, we are talking to professional people in their work and they should take the duration of server maintenance more seriously that's also out of respect for all of us who play this game.
  14. The same thing always happens, but now it's the last straw as the delay can be from 1 hour to 4 hours, I can't believe how they can be so irresponsible with the players and the worst thing is that they don't give a "decent" answer or reward "Not everyone has time to play 7 days a week. psd: You are the first game I know that is so irresponsible and disrespectful to its players. psd 2: If it wasn't for the fact that I like the game so much, I would have left it years ago.
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