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  1. SystemErr - (1001 : Unable to load character)

    Yes, of course. B&S disconnects me probably an average of once every other day I would say. Don't know whether it is just my internet or on NCsoft's side. My theory is that if your internet has a hiccup, and quits on you for about 5-30 seconds, B&S loses the connection to you, and disconnects you. Really, a TON of people have internet hiccups now and then, so this seems to happen a lot, and is a common problem. Is it something NCsoft even CAN fix? Depends on whether it is on NCsoft's side or not. If it is on NCsoft's side will it get fixed? Probably not. I mean consider that it HAS been a problem for a long time. Does NCsoft know about it? Yes. Has NCsoft fixed it? No. How long has it been? Years. Therefore, how likely is it to get fixed any time soon? Very low unless the Unreal 4 update addresses disconnects, which... I hate to be pessimistic, but I wouldn't be surprised if that is literally just a graphics update, and doesn't fix anything else at all. The best thing I can recommend to you is to keep a close eye on your internet connection. If you get disconnected from B&S, immediately check to see if you can load a some random web page. If you can, that shows your internet connection is probably ok and the problem is likely on NCsoft. If you can't load the web page or stream a YouTube video or whatever, then it is probably on your end, and you need to contact your Internet Service Provider to see what they can do to get you more reliable internet. When it comes to mmo's, they don't actually use NEARLY the bandwidth a lot of people think they do. Having a download speed of 200 Megabits per second will NOT help you play B&S any better (once you are actually playing in-game) than having 5 Megabits per second. It isn't about that. It is more about smoothness of the connection, reducing your percentage of packet loss, and what your ping / latency is.
  2. What everyone's thinking?

    I agree. The thing that is frustrating to me is that while it is true that you have to worry about today or there won't be a tomorrow, that mentality is what NCsoft has been operating on for years now, and the result is that they had over 10 servers, and are now down to 1. That is around a 90% decrease! They don't seem to make the connection that they have been putting off fixing the game for so long that everyone has already quit. They always focus on today while today is still today, and they never get to what needs to be done tomorrow. This prevents sustaining long term player retention. As a result they produce for today, but they can never hold onto those gains for very long because what needed to happen tomorrow never gets done. It is like scooping up sand into a sieve or a pot where the bottom has rusted out to the point there are holes in it. You can do it, and it will fill up for a little while if you dump enough sand in all at once, but what is the point if you can't keep the sand from spilling out? The fact that they refuse to address the holes in the pot is what is killing them, and they refuse to fix it! As you said they insist on focusing on what makes them money in the short term, but then that income isn't as sustainable as it could be because the players that paid that money leave because of problems NCsoft chooses not to fix. Building more and more house on a broken, poor foundation is foolish! Why can't they see this, and fix the foundation first?! I am sure the NA team has told Korea, but Korea needs to fix it and they just aren't because... why? I would like to know the answer to this question. Is it because they simply don't care about the PC gaming market anymore? Capcom made that mistake too. Sure, it made money in the short term, but in the long term it nearly destroyed them. Now that Capcom went back to console and PC titles, they are back on the horse, but they were hurting pretty badly for a while there. Failure to learn from the mistakes of others. I mean what needs to happen for NCsoft to learn? Maybe they need to get the short term boost like Capcom got from the mobile market, then nearly go out of business and have more than half of their IP titles collapse on them despite having multiple great titles? Then wallow in their failure for a few years, and THEN MAYBE grow a brain, and if they are lucky enough to have enough money left, maybe fix a few things then? I mean really, what needs to happen? Does the fecal matter need to impact the overhead oscillating unit until the sparks are flying out of the engine, and lights the house on fire? If so, can we accelerate this so it happens sooner so they fix it? They could just avoid all this happening if they would just be smart and do the dirty, thankless work that needs to be done to ensure long term sustainability. (Not totally thankless. I will thank them. Keroppi probably will on his you tube channel. I don't know about EvilDoUsHarm though. He is pretty disgusted, and mostly out the door at this point. Jarke will thank them on his you tube most likely. I am sure most of the community would be thankful, not that most of them would say so, but they would show it by not bleeding players as fast.) As far as regaining players who left? I hate to say this, but it might be too late for that. NCsoft might have messed up too hard for too many years now. Those players might never come back because they might never look back to check to see if NCsoft fixed anything, and honestly, why should they be obligated to? NCsoft has taken FAR too long. I guess new players... would start over, and NCsoft has already squandered their, "Hey we are a new game honeymoon period," so to a certain degree, they will have to start over building a new player base without it. I can see that they want to get that initial burst back with their remakes of B&S, and... I am NOT going to play those if the game is dumbed-down due to being mobile version and if I can't keep my progress in both games. Does NCsoft think we are going to put years of effort into B&S, and then decide, "Hey look! B&S 2! Start over just because NCsoft wants that "our-game-is-new period" again? Sure!" NO! Not going to happen. Make due without it NCsoft. Why would I trust NCsoft to treat the new game right when they refuse to fix this one? If they want me to consider a new game they make after telling us they will take care of that one, they need to show us that they are serious about that by fixing their existing games first! Another thing that is so frustrating to me about this is that B&S wasn't always like this. NCsoft actually broke it! It was fine, and then the people running it actually came in and made it worse little bit by bit with various changes over the years. STOP SELLING POWER! Fix the lag, and FPS issues, disconnects, bugs, sync issues, glitches, and stuff! The way I perceive NCsoft Korea's response: "Nah. Go pound sand" *Turns to look at some data about their game* "I just can't understand why we are down to 1 server. Hmm. Maybe if I wasn't so dumb. I should ask for a raise. Maybe we should have an NA representative who can actually speak English so he can read what his own players say on the forums... Nah. We should ask the players for more money than they are already paying." And I will tell the company about that graphics update... if it doesn't address FPS lower than 30 in dungeons AT THE VERY LEAST... it will also be a short term boost. Graphics alone are NOT going to save this game. We need performance.
  3. The PVP vendor in Mushin's Tower sells Hongmoon Secret Techniques that enhance your skills. How do I tell what these do? I hovered my mouse over the secret technique and read the tool tip, but it doesn't actually tell me what it does. I hovered my cursor over the skill themselves, and they don't say. I went to the achievement menu, and found the achievements associated and read them. They don't tell you what the skill improvements are either. Am I missing something here, or has B&S accidentally patched out any way to tell what the enhanced skills do differently?
  4. What everyone's thinking?

    I think it helps to understand NCsoft's business model and set up. By the way, to be clear I am NOT ragging too hard on B&S west, the NA publisher group because, they don't have that much power when everything they want to do has to get approved by Korea first. First of all consider this: Now, also consider that if you go into a department store and look at a box on a shelf with an item in it, the box is going to have advertising on it right? It is going to tell you features and dimensions and functions of the product inside. Now understand that advertising on the box is legally binding. If they lie about it on the box, it is false advertising. Now consider how NCsoft advertised this game to us originally before it was "out of the box:" This is very significant because this isn't just some random thing that NCsoft said at some point. This is how they originally advertised this game to get it popular and to get people playing it "hooked" in the first place. Now consider where we are. Next, let's look at how NCsoft's business model works if we are "painting with a wide brush" so to say. This is my interpretation of course, and I am going to use a comparison too. You know how, in the united states the top 20% pay most of the taxes and the bottom 50% pay very little in taxes by comparison to the top 20% right? NCsoft's business model is very similar. Most of B&S's funding comes from the top 20% of players. "Whales" if you like. This creates a certain sentiment though: the company cares WAY more about what the top 20% thinks since, if those people leave, the game loses most of its funding. Look at how NCsoft brings out new content, and only the most geared people can partake in it. Who are the most geared people? The whales right? Why are they the most geared? It is because NCsoft's difficulty curve is intentionally designed such that grinding to keep up with the whales is darn near impossible. There aren't enough hours in the day. Therefore, it could be said that when NCsoft releases new content, "Current content is for paying customers only." If you don't pay to be powerful enough to partake, you will have to wait until NCsoft "Adjusts" the costs of upgrading until you can partake in that content, but by that time there will be newer content, and probably even newer content on top of that, and maybe even one more layer of newer content on top of that. If you don't pay, you have to operate several waves of content behind because you probably can't keep up with people who are paying. It is a dangerous business model because it puts a lot of faith in a relatively few number of major eggs. If a few of those people leave... it is kind of a big deal. It is also dangerous for another reason though: The 80% aren't happy. NCsoft knows it. They aren't giving the 80% what they want fast enough though. Now, one might ask, "Why would it matter what the 80% want though if they contribute so little funding?" Well it does matter what they think because if all the little fish leave, then the game feels empty. There are no players. People can't get through dungeon queue times fast enough especially at late hours of the night. PVP slows to a crawl, and maybe you can't even get it at certain times. The only people left are the whales. That is ok though right? NCsoft could fund the game just on those people right? Well, yes, probably, but once all that happens, those people aren't going to stay either. There is no one left to show off to. Would you pour $4000 into a single player game? Probably not right? Why not? Because no one can see how great you are. You see, B&S works on a bizarre system of what is basically "reverse-envy." "Look at my character! Marvel and despair!" What if there are no little fish to see what your $4000 bought you though? Would you feel good about your $4000 investment? Why would you keep putting more money in? You probably wouldn't right? Therefore, without the little fish, minnows, dolphins (whatever you want to call them), the whales leave too. It DOES matter what the 80% thinks. If they leave, that is the first step to the game losing a lot of funding. Next, let's remember that B&S had over 10 NA severs at one point. Now we are down to 1. Why? Because NCsoft didn't think that losing the 80% mattered that much. Oops. They lost a ton of funding. Then they got even MORE disgustingly greedy to try to boost funding back up, which only drove people away further. It is a downward spiral. They don't seem to understand that the way to get out of it is to appeal to the 80%. They need a bunch of new players, and a bunch of players to return. How to do this? Give the players what they want. What do they want? If NCsoft wants to know this, they have no further to look than their own forums. GIVE THE CUSTOMERS WHAT THEY WANT?! What a novel concept. I can tell you that my #1 concern right now is the FPS issue. I need my Frames Per Second to stop dropping to 18 while in a dungeon boss fight! Sure I care about the graphic update and stuff, but I need the game to be playable. My #2 concern is the lag issues. B&S is a heavily ping / latency dependent game. People trying to play B&S with 300+ ping isn't really going to be ok. For this game, it should be less than 150ms. Preferably less than 70ms. If they could just fix those 2 things, that would go a LONG way. Please don't think I am saying those are the only 2 problems. No no. There are plenty of others, but if I could set the priorities at NCsoft, I would say fix those 2 things first. People say that NCsoft doesn't listen. Well... let me be very exact about this. Yes they do. They do listen. I promise you they do. Not once, not twice, but multiple times, I have asked for something, and got a GM to respond. Sometimes the game is even altered if enough people feel a certain way. It might take a few months, but sometimes it happens. I have seen it multiple times. (I've been here since launch day.) Therefore, it isn't that NCsoft doesn't listen. It is also not that they don't do what the players want. It is that they don't do what the players want often enough, or fast enough, and their priorities are too based on the short term revenue gains rather than long term sustainability. So they are listening, but it is actually even worse if you ask me because, since they are listening, they can't claim ignorance. Rather it is, "Yes, we are listening. We hear you. We know what you want... AND we deny you. Go pound sand peasant." Now to be fair, NCsoft does actually give us some of what we ask for. Credit where credit is due right? Many times in the past, we have wanted something, and got it. I have said, "Thank you!" Multiple times in the past for these things, and will say so again right now: "Thank you!" Also, to be fair, a lot of people on the forums ask for a lot of really dumb stuff that, either wouldn't add much to the game, but would take a lot of effort, OR if implemented, would have unintended consequences, which would make the game worse, and, therefore, should not be implemented. That means a lot of what we, as the community, ask for SHOULDN'T be implemented in the game. It is important to be smart about this. However, at the same time, there are a good number of things that should be done, and they either aren't being worked on, or aren't being worked on fast enough. On top of that, when it comes to game development, you can't always just hire more developers. There is such a thing as "having too many cooks in the kitchen." If that happens, coordination falls apart. The left hand doesn't know what the right is doing, and well-meaning efforts end up stepping on each other's toes. There is kind of a limit to how fast stuff can happen, which is why prioritizing is important. I don't feel like we need another dungeon for a while, or a new system to enhance our gear more. In fact, they could take some of those out. We have too many. We don't need a new piece of gear. We don't need a level cap increase. We don't need another new class right now. Blah blah blah. That stuff can go on the back burner for a while. We can do it later. We need the game to run smoothly and reliably at 56 FPS or higher. The existing stuff needs polish. For example, fixing the FPS issue doesn't get you an immediate burst of revenue like releasing a new continental area does. In the long term, fixing the FPS issue slows the bleed of players, which is worth more though, but only in the long term. There are a lot of little things that need to be fixed and polished. NCsoft should take a cycle, and just focus on fixing things. Just have the producer write a letter that says, "No new content for a while. Instead, we are going to focus on going back and fixing everything. THEN... we will release new content, but not before the game is solid, smooth, and firing on all 12 cylinders like a well oiled machine. It is time for a long overdue spring cleaning." So when people say, "NCsoft doesn't listen," that isn't really accurate. A more accurate way to say it is, "NCsoft doesn't obey what we want fast enough or a high enough percent of the time." Now, it is NCsoft's game of course. They don't HAVE to obey, but consider what happens if you have a job. Do you HAVE to do what anyone says? No. If you own a business, do you HAVE to do what the customers or anyone else says? No. What happens if you don't though? You either get fired, or go out of business right? Again, I point to NCsoft having more than 10 servers, and now having 1. Get the picture? Fixing the game so that it runs smoothly, is also beneficial to the whales because right now I don't know anyone who can run B&S efficiently. Even if you have the top of the line processor, 32GB of ram, and a GeForce 2080 Ti, you are probably still dropping to less than 30 FPS in a raid boss fight with characters and effects turned on. That is unacceptable. You can't just leave performance that bad, and expect customers to keep paying. This game is 8 years old, and there are better looking games that run smoother (Resident Evil 2 remake. Resident Evil 3 remake.) I used to say that B&S didn't need a graphics upgrade, but when I look at those games and the FF7 remake... yeah. Ok at this point, to keep up B&S actually does kinda need a graphics update. I've been here since launch day. When I first started, B&S ran at nearly 60 FPS for me fairly steady and SOMETIMES dropped to 50 FPS. My hardware was far worse at that time. Now, my computer is far better... same game, but I go as low as 12-14 FPS sometimes. What is the excuse for this? I mean let's be honest. I can tell the difference between 24 fps - 30 fps, and 60 fps, and so can you. It is a matter of smoothness. We should be able to play B&S at 60FPS. I get it if it drops to 59, and then pops up to 61, back and forth. That is fine, but if it so much as touches 55 fps, that is bad, and for me, it drops to less than 24 frequently. There are some people who will definitely want to see 120-144 fps, but darn it! At LEAST 60 sustainable please! And you know, when you turn down all the settings, it doesn't get better. What does make it better is pressing CTRL + F, but... now it isn't an MMO anymore. Hah! Anyway, NCsoft got into this downward spiral, and now they need to get out. It isn't going to happen by selling more high end power items on the HM store like Hongmoon Master Scrolls and stuff, which is literally directly selling power - just... there it is. (No! It isn't ok to indirectly sell power either darn it! Philosophy!) NCsoft's behavior is what has gotten them into this downward spiral, and now they will have to fight hard to get out. It is a slippery slope, and they went down it. They thought, "Yeah it might be a problem later, but that is Future-Me's problem." Well... now they are Future-Me though. What now? They could give up on B&S, but I for one will never buy another NCsoft game regardless of what they promise even if it is in writing because it WAS given to us in writing in their business model revealed and philosophy! NCsoft's word isn't worth anything. Why should I trust them with any new products until they fix this one? B&S S? B&S 2? I won't even consider them, or anything else NCsoft makes. We have substantial time and money invested here. Fix B&S first! Only then will I consider new stuff NCsoft makes. They don't want to fix it? It is a lot of work without a lot of immediate reward? Hmm. Maybe they shouldn't have made such a mess of it to begin with eh? Now they have a lot to clean. I don't really know who to blame exactly because NCsoft doesn't like to name names, but it doesn't really matter because NCsoft is the developer AND the publisher AND is responsible for the way their Support is set up, so it is all on NCsoft ultimately. To be clear, I do not hate B&S. No no! I love B&S! I could be all salty, and want them to go out of business because it would serve them right, but then I would lose my money and time investment, and not have a fun game to play, so I don't want that, nor do I want players leaving. If I didn't care about B&S, would I be writing this? No. I am writing this because I DO want to see B&S do well! B&S, at its core is a good game with tons of potential, but it is like a glimmering diamond in a pile of chunks of coal compared to other games. The problem is that the diamond has a filthy, rotting, smelly, maggot ridden banana peel with flies around it sitting on top of it. The banana peel was put there by the people running the game. All you have to do, is take the banana peel off, and polish the diamond. I would do it for them if I was allowed! I am sure most players AND employees of NCsoft are the same, so what is the hold up? Where is the bottle neck? Who is preventing this from happening? It must be certain people at NCsoft with a good amount of authority right? Remove these people! Unlock the team and the game's potential! We all want this game to be good right? We have to get these hurdles out of the way. More money isn't the answer. Certain people getting fired, and replaced is the answer. See a lot of people think that this isn't constructive feed back. No no! I like 95% of Blade and Soul. I am criticizing 5% or so of the game not because I don't like the game, but because I DO like the game, and want to see it at full potential! I am pretty sure all of you feel the same way, and I think even NCsoft feels that way, but the players can't fix this for NCsoft. NCsoft has to change a bunch of stuff. It is their game. We don't have the power. They do. So why aren't they doing it? Lazy? Greedy? Too short sighted? Don't care, and choose to throw their loyal customers (and if you are on the last 1 server... you ARE a loyal customer. That isn't an exaggeration.) away because the mobile market makes more? Who cares about those PC gamers who funded our company for so long? Is that a good way to treat people? B&S doesn't have a low amount of players because it never had them. It isn't low compared to the mobile market because the mobile titles are so much better. B&S isn't doing well because 90% of the player base left (more than 10 servers down to 1 is somewhere around 90% of regular players), which happened because of NCsoft's management of the game. The answer isn't, "NCsoft needs to make a new game" because the same thing will happen again. The answer is, "Change NCsoft's behavior so that this stops happening, and we start moving in the right direction." Here is the deal. Corporations are run by a CEO, Chief Executive Officer. A CEO is, by contract, what is called a "Fiduciary." A Fiduciary is a legal entity that, by contract, MUST do what is in the best interests of another entity, or group of entities to the maximum extent of the law. A Fiduciary cannot break the law, but they MUST do the best the can for the entity they represent. The CEO, is a fiduciary for the shareholders, NOT the customers. That means the guy at the top is interested in doing the best he can for the share holders, not the customers. He is actually required by contract to only care about the customers so far as it gets more money out of their pockets into the shareholder's. If he violates this contract based on what he thinks is right or wrong, it is a contract violation, and he can lose his job, and, in some cases, even go to jail. It doesn't matter what he thinks is right and wrong. He has to do what is best for the shareholders as long as it is legal. Often times what is legal is not necessarily the same thing as what is "right." What is "wrong" is not always illegal either. The CEO sets the tone. The tone filters down the chain of authority within the company. Anyone who acts against the tone gets fired. This is why Corporations CAN'T give you a straight, honest, blunt answer. It would be a contract violation. An employee is an agent of the Fiduciary of the shareholders. If they are totally honest with their customers, it tends to lose customers. That isn't in the best interests of the shareholders. You know the corporate, wink, smile, and nod with the thumbs up? You know how support apologizes profusely for everything without actually admitting fault or committing to DO anything? The corporate mealy mouthed answer? That is why that is a thing. How to remedy this? My suggestion on how to get out of this problem would be to realize that what is best for the shareholders in the short term is actually bad for them in the long term. Ultimately, their investment would be better (long term) by not sacrificing NCsoft's game's player bases for the short term boosts obtained from cash grabs, sell outs, cutting corners, the company going back on its word, neglecting to go back and fix things, etc. Taking action based on THAT... is not a contract violation because, ultimately, it IS doing the best for the shareholders too because it is actually more money, but... over time in the long run. The whole corporation, overall would make more. Patience. I am not going to detail out every nitty gritty little detail of everything that needs to be done because the list is long, and this post would be WAY longer than it already is, and NCsoft already knows what the players want anyway because they do read the forums. They know. They've been told. Now Korea needs to make it happen. Is there anything we can do to get the bottlenecks out of the way? Don't say more money. That hasn't worked in the past for this game, so I see no reason why it would work in the future.
  5. When are you guys going to nerf gunner 2.0 bow class?

    They will nerf archer when the next class comes out. NCsoft's new classes are always overpowered when they come out, and remain that way until the next thing comes out. They do that on purpose. Do you think NCsoft really takes that long too figure out that whatever the flavor of the year is does too much DPS? "Oh you know... you just don't understand how complicated these things are. It is very complex. It takes us that long to figure out whether it is OP, and what to do about it... WHAT? THE CASH SHOP IS DOWN?! BRING THE SERVERS DOWN NAO! HOT FIX OR YER FIRED! WE ARE LOSING MONEY!" (Fixed in less than a week). No no. They know all about archer. It is intentional. This is by design. Furthermore, when the next class comes out, you will be punished for staying with archer because they will nerf it. That is correct. They will punish you for doing the thing that they are encouraged you to do by nerfing archer later... when they want you to play the next class. Then they will reward you for playing that class ... until the next one comes out, where you will be punished with a nerf unless you switch to whatever the new, new flavor of the year is. For this reason... just... play whatever you like thematically, and accept you aren't the most powerful. When warlock came out, it was OP. When Soulfighter came out, it was OP. When gunner came out, it was OP. When Warden came out, it was OP. When archer came out, it was OP. Why does NCsoft do this? Because they want to entice you to play their new class BECAUSE it is more powerful than whatever class you are playing right now. Why do they care? Because if you have to gear up a new character, a bunch of people will pay them a bunch of money to get that done faster. Dollars. It is about dollars... just like everything else is.
  6. Steel Uprising? LOL

    This is an unproductive opinion that I see a lot on video game forums. It is not ok for this game to be bleeding MORE players. We had over 10 servers at one point on NA. Now we are down to 1. If too many people leave, you won't have a fun game to play either. If they shut down the servers, all your work is gone. Less players = less money. Less money = less funding from NCsoft to further develop and improve this game. Driving players away shoots yourself in the foot too.
  7. I can't remember all dungeon mechanics

    I have to disagree with this. If the raid is required to get your weekly quests done such as Hall of the Templar, it should be considered an easy mode thing. Almost. To be specific. I'm saying people shouldn't need to get good for "easy mode" end game content. Normal and hard mode requiring some skill and then lots of skill is fine. Well it is alright if that is how you feel, but I simply have to disagree. Also, yes you did have to do Mao if you wanted that necklace. (Thought that has recently been handed out in this event, but a month ago, it wasn't like that for a long time.) The reason I feel there should be an easy mode for Mao is BECAUSE gear progression was gated behind it. You had to earn Den of the Ancients tokens to get gear piece to enhance and start the next line. If they took the gear gating aspect out of it, I would be ok with not having an easy mode for it. As it stood, if you were a player not good enough to beat Mao... I guess that is the end of the line for that particular gear slot, which is not good. I am going to have to strongly disagree completely even though I didn't need it. I request that NCsoft release stats on what % of max level characters have the "Fighting the Moonlight" achievement. In other words what is the % of level 60 characters that have beaten M'ao. If it is less than 50%, I say you are wrong. I bet it is less than 50%. That is simply not true in many cases. Most are ok with hard mech? Most of whoever is left right now maybe, but that is a small percentage compared to everyone who left already. We used to have over 10 servers. We are now down to less than 1/10 of what we used to have. Apparently, the game is NOT ok the way it is right now. The game is not super healthy right now. Also, the game functions psychologically, largely on what is the equivalent of reverse-envy. "Look at me! I am proud of my character!" If all the little fish quit, the whales will quit too because the game will feel empty. They won't be able to get queue times reasonably, and they won't have anyone to show off to, or lord their achievements over. Consider this: Ok, so a person beats a single player game, and "saved the world." They have the save files to prove it. Maybe it was pretty hard. Does anyone care? Not really. They beat a video game that they played by themself in a lonely room, interacting with an electronic device. That is what happened in real life. That is what a game like B&S devolves into without a sufficiently large community that cares about it. It really isn't ok to lose everyone but the hardcore. Right now we are too close to the borderline of when the game becomes dysfunctional due to an insufficient player-base for my liking, and we need to be doing everything we can to get people back, instead of crossing our arms and saying, "Get hardcore or get out." Side note: People keep mentioning Dark Souls. This isn't Dark Souls! Stick to their vision... like this? I would agree with sticking to their vision. You have a point there. The casuals are pretty flaky: "Newer is better because it is newer and that means more advanced! Hehe! *snort*" They'll come in a wave just because the game is newly launched, play it for 3-6 months and then leave because it is 6 months old, as little sense as that makes. SWTOR didn't have to be in the miserable condition it is in now. That is squarely on the hands of the company running it. It is their fault for mismanaging that game. That game had a lot of potential. Very sad. WoW classic wasn't popular for that reason. It was popular because it was actually good compared to all the other MMO's out at the time, and revolutionized the MMORPG market, showing a bunch of companies how to make a proper game - how it should be; not because it was hardcore. Yes it had some hardcore content (Ragnaros, C'Thun), but that wasn't why it did well. I noticed you took the easy pickings, and neglected to mention Hangar 0. Language please. Language. No it doesn't. Psyches. Realistically, if you want these, you need to do hard mode. If you want Scarlet Conservatory gear, you need to do Scarlet Conservatory, and that is definitely not easy mode. Post the video, or it didn't happen. Also, how long did it take? Are you willing to do that every single time you want to run DST for your daily quests? I am sure you understand that you would have to teach people every single time if you want to try to run DST this way because there would never be a point where you have taught everyone, and they simply know it. If you are not willing to teach it every time because it would be a horrible chore, then that proves my point: It is not reasonable to do mech every time you want to do the dungeon. I actually do really appreciate you taking the time to make point by point commentary, but to be fair, have you proof-read your own post? Do you understand how horrendously hypocritical it is to criticize my wording? Otherwise, I can see we are coming from very different places, and I find it unlikely we will find very much common ground, but that is ok. I still acknowledge your opinion as a vote as a player of this game that we both like.
  8. Ebon Realm + PVP alternative ideas

    Shackled Isles, Moon Refuge: Racoon area, Hunter's Refuge, Ebon Realm... it is obvious NCsoft wants to add some kind of new pvp function to try to revive it. I have ideas for this, but first: My review of the ebon realm: It's bad. I hope it gets removed or changed at the end of this event period April 22, 2020. 1) B&S's system of open world pvp is that you cannot be forced into open world pvp unless you put on the appropriate uniform. That was a good system. That is the way it should stay. This is a bad experiment. Don't blame it on the Ebondrake. It's not the Ebondrake's fault. It is NCsoft's fault. They designed this. Open world pvp is involuntary? That is an absolutely terrible idea. Involuntary pvp is one of the main reasons I don't play black desert. NCsoft starts implementing stuff like this repeatedly and gates progression of ANY kind behind it? I'll just quit. Game won't be any good anymore. What is the point of having pvp in the ebon realm anyway? There is no reward for it. "Killing your afk character makes me feel like a big man. That is why I do it. I should probably be in a mental institution." At least with the prestige system there was a reason to pvp (not that it was good). 2) Auto farming? Why not just mail us the resources in weekly installments? A game that play's itself for you defeats the purpose of a game - to be fun; something that you WANT to play for yourself. Autofarming is basically a recognition by the company that we don't even care enough anymore to muster the force of will to progress because it is that boring. If you are making a system where the game play's itself for us, you have a serious problem, and auto farming is a bandaid, not the correct solution. The correct solution: Make the game fun. Make us WANT to play the game. If NCsoft doesn't have any ideas on how to do that, then NCsoft needs to get some new people. Fresh blood. New perspective. Those are the two main aspects of the ebon realm - auto farming, and involuntary nonequalized pvp. Both are bad ideas. PVE and PVP grinding should be separate. If NCsoft wants to revive pvp or add a new pvp system so that people are actually interested in pvp: Equalized 6v6 battlegrounds MIGHT be a good idea... maaaaybe, but only if it does not reward progress faster or slower than anything else in the game. If you put 4 hours into it, it should reward in-game resources to progress your character at the same rate as doing dungeons for 4 hours. If it rewards better than everything else, people will get mad because NCsoft will be perceived as twisting their arms to do it. If other stuff rewards better per hour, people won't do it because it is inefficient. It has to be equal in terms of character progression per hour invested! 1) It would be isolated from the rest of the game similar to 6v6 now. 2) It would be voluntary. You don't HAVE to go in there for any specific form of character progression. ALL the resources you can get by doing it can be obtained in other ways too. It is purely another gameplay option if you WANT to - not any more or less efficient than other options. 3) Since it would be equalized, it would be skill based. 4) People who pay more wouldn't be at an inherent advantage. In other words, it would actually fit in with NCsoft's "philosophy" that they totally lied about when advertising the game originally at launch to get us to play, but then changed the game later on. 5) This PVP mode should allow you to choose to advance PVE or PVP gear in terms of paying the reward points for PVE or PVP currencies from a merchant. 6) NCsoft should let us buy PVE progression resources for doing 1v1, and 3v3 equalized PVP too. There are multiple reasons pvp isn't popular. One reason is because if you look at ANY MMORPG, the PVP community is almost always tiny compared to the PVE community. However, in B&S's case there is another barrier that makes pvp less popular: People don't want to split their focus between PVE and PVP lest they fall even further behind in PVE than they already are. B&S's design is to let you get sort of close to the end, but then ramp up the difficulty exponentially to where you CANNOT hit hard cap for PVE progression without paying literally thousands of dollars to max out just 1 character... for a few months until they add an even better tier of items that you will also need to pay for or lose hard cap status because you can't grind hard enough to maintain hard cap. Ok... now... consider that system is designed to make you feel like you are always behind the curve. It is designed to make you constantly feel like you are never good enough, and reinforces it by showing you people who are always notably more powerful than you. What sort of psychological effect do you suppose that would have? It makes people want to continue to focus on getting better at the pve path right? "I don't have time for pvp! I have to focus harder at pve! THEN after I max out PVE gear I will consider doing PVP" except... they never actually reach that point because the game is designed that way and as a result, they never get around to pvp even if they otherwise would. B&S wants you to pvp too, but the design of B&S sets up a psychological barrier that artificially makes PVP less popular than it otherwise would be. This is why equalized PVP that lets you progress PVE gear at the same rate as doing PVE in terms of hours invested is a good idea. You see, it doesn't conflict with the current pve system since, due to it being "revenue neutral," it won't allow people to max out their PVE gear any faster than they already can by simply running dungeons all day, so it makes no difference whether they want to grind PVP or PVE all day, but they ARE getting character progression either way at the same rate. 1) It IS pvp, but it is equalized, so people aren't just smashing their face against an opponent that feels practically indestructible like in present unequalized 6v6 PVP, which is extremely discouraging, and drains the fun right out of it. Equalized means even a fresh max level character can jump right in without being at a disadvantage other than them needing to learn how to fight the other classes, making it a viable option to anyone. 2) A player could use this mode as a stepping stone to get good PVP gear THEN go into the unequalized PVP battlegrounds to soften the curve. 3) You can also use it as a new game mode for something else to do instead of grinding that same old dungeon for the 200th time. 4) Since it is pvp, and you are against real people who will play differently than someone else of the same class, it adds replay-ability to B&S. How is this any different than 1v1 equalized right now, and why would it be any more popular? 1) The 1v1 and 3v3 equalized pvp modes lost popularity because they aren't efficient ways to advance your character. Indeed, you need to pay people for it, or they won't do it very much, instead opting for the most efficient progression method. This is why equalizing progression rates is important. Add something like the "angler's upgrade pouch" to the PVP merchants in exchange for zen beans that let people upgrade their gear at the same rate they can by running dungeons and 1v1 and 3v3 will regain some popularity. Maybe you can buy hongmoon gem powders too? Maybe evolved stones? Legendary Elements, Legendary Jewels, or a trade in that lets you buy them from the dragon express? Maybe just normal jewels/elements? Various Scales? Base gear pieces like Junsori sells, except it is for a pvp currency instead? Perhaps NCsoft introduces a PVP "core" similar to Drakon cores, Hellion cores, Imperial cores, Sovereign cores, etc, except it is a PVP core that lets you buy base PVE items? It probably shouldn't make gold though or... bots will happen. Maybe the PVP daily quests hand out a heavy gold amount like the better PVE dailies, but you can't grind them because they are dailies so there is a limit to how much gold you can make from PVP per day? Maybe you can buy stacks of 100 gold from the PVP merchant in exchange for zen beans or whatever, but you can only buy a stack 10 times per week or whatever is appropriate. Here is the design that needs to happen: Look at the grocery list of stuff that people need to upgrade their gear. Let people buy that stuff from the arena merchants in exchange for zen beans, or a new currency. 2) The 6v6 battleground just needs an equalized version. It isn't popular because it is too exclusive due to people that dominate it due to having better gear. If it is equalized, then having good pvp gear doesn't matter though, so how would you entice people to go in there? Again, let them progress PVE or PVP gear by making purchases from the merchant. Just make sure it isn't any more or less efficient than grinding anything else. 3) Look at the current rewards for pvp. Now look at the pvp gear upgrade paths. If all you do is PVP, where are you planning on getting the Elysian crystals, or sacred crystals to upgrade? You still have to pve to get what you need to upgrade your pvp gear even if that is all you care about. Even more reason to update what the pvp vendors hand out. IN SUMMARY: Equalized 1v1 and 3v3 can be revitalized by adding decent rewards. (I love how you can trade zen beans for bloodstone fragments. This is good.) Add a 6v6 equalized battleground mode. Use the existing 6v6 maps. Use the 1v1 equalized stats the game uses right now. This stuff can be done pretty easily without inventing new zones or costing a bunch of developmental effort. All that needs to be done is change the reward structure to allow players to advance PVP OR PVE gear at the player's choice at a rate equal to running dungeons by using PVP merchants. Angler's upgrade pouch maybe? You do not need to re-invent the wheel here. Would it actually be a problem to let people PVE for PVP gear or PVP for PVE gear as long as the rate of collection of resources is the same both ways? PVP gear should probably remain cheaper than PVE gear because it is less relevant though. I would probably run equalized BGs, and 1v1 if I could get PVE advancement resources handed to me as fast as grinding MSP or running the daily purple dungeon train. Is this needed? Not really, but it seems like NCsoft wants to add some kind of new pvp, or to renew interest in the existing ones, but has failed repeatedly so there you go.
  9. Hongmoon Gem Powder

    So... the only sources of Hongmoon Gem Powder in the game are: 1) Salvage a gem that required more powders to make than it gives, which results in an unsustainable system. 2) Pay NCsoft for Gem Powders in the cash shop. 3) Pay 25 solar energy for 1 Gem Powder. 4) Buy the from the marketplace. First of all, am I missing a method? Second, let's consider method 3 that I listed. I need to upgrade my octagonal gems to Gilded Triangular. That requires 32 gem powders for 1 gilded triangular gem to be made via transmutation. I have 8 gem slots in my weapon. 8 gems x 32 gem powders = 800 gem powders needed. You get 5 solar energy per day of running dailies. 800/5 = 160 days of running dailies every single day to get enough gem powders to upgrade from octa to gilded tri. There are 365 days in a year. That is almost half a year just to upgrade some gems by 1 step, and that isn't even the final step! That is absurd. Third, let's consider method 4. If the gem powders are on the Auction House, and we have already discussed how ridiculous it is to get them by solar energy, then where did the ones on the market come from? In all likelihood, they come from method 2), so method 4) is effectively the same thing as method 2) except in a more round-about way because someone is buying stuff on the cash shop and then selling it because they feel it will be more efficient to do it that way, at that particular moment than to buy/sell gold on the exchange. Therefore, method 4 isn't really what I would call reliably sustainable either since it requires other players to keep buying gem powders for us from NCsoft for money. If that stops, then... no more gem powders on the market place. So NCsoft... something needs to be done here. 1) Make Hongmoon Gem Powder more accessible? 2) Do you want to stop with the gem upgrade system, and just have Octa or gilded triangular be the top, and that's it? 3) Redesign the gem system? 4) Something else? You know gilded triangular are being handed out in moon refuge right now right? They aren't upgradable, but ... when you look at what it takes to get them compared to upgrading the hongmoon versions of the gems, maybe we should just rely on moon refuge grinding for gems? I don't see a lot of justification for going with the upgradable versions, which is, you know, the actual original, "intended" path.
  10. I can't remember all dungeon mechanics

    Cathedra Cliffs: 1st boss. Block the lines or wipe the whole party... on easy mode. Warped Citadel: Stay out of the instant death zone or you die on easy mode. (That won't wipe the whole party, but YOU will die if you don't do it.) Hangar 0 - 1st boss: Do tic tac toe with him, or wipe the whole party again... on easy mode. DST boss 1 is probably the only place you have to pay attention to mechanics huh? Why are people saying there aren't instant death moves on easy mode? Then when I point out Dream Song Theater, they say, "Oh... well... ok so 1, but... excuses." No! More than 1. Also, pointing out that VT, BT, Botany, Hong, Mao, etc aren't easy mode dungeons doesn't invalidate my point either just because they aren't easy mode because it counts as a raid. By the way, also, let's not forget throne of oblivion. That has an instant wipe if you don't balance the light-dark gauge. I don't approve of instant death mechanics unless it is part of something that is supposed to be real hard. I don't care if it is easy to avoid them. "It is easy to avoid them" isn't justification for them. You know what also isn't justification for them? "Just burst the boss down, so you don't have to deal with the mechanics." What if you are someone who is in the dungeon who actually SHOULD be in the dungeon? Do all of you people understand how hard these bosses are if you are a person who is the appropriate gear level to actually be fighting them? That is to say - you are in the dungeon, and you actually need the drops in the dungeon. For example: The soul shield pieces drop, and you actually put them on because it is an upgrade for you. You know - the people who the dungeon was actually meant for rather than the people who are just there to steam roll it in less than 10 minutes because it is part of a daily or something. This "get good" mentality I see on this forum a lot is absurd. "Just burst it!" Bursting the boss down isn't "getting good." That doesn't have anything to do with skill. It is just getting geared enough that you don't have to "get good." "Just burst it" isn't a good answer. It is a functional answer, but not a "good" answer. The design of the game should be better such that you don't have to burst it. Now onto my own post: See this title? Den Master I am good enough to beat Mao, and I did it without TT gear. I am here advocating on behalf of the majority of people who either aren't good enough, don't have the time, or don't want to, and frankly... shouldn't have to. I have beat Mao, and even though I can do it, I am saying that boss is bad for the game. It is too hard. People shouldn't have to deal with nonsense like that. It is a game. It is supposed to be fun. Smashing my head against a wall for 4 days to learn to beat Mao isn't "fun." (Some classes have a harder time of it than others too by the way.) "Just pay NCsoft a bunch of money, and kill her in 30 sec! That will make it easier." No! That isn't the correct answer. "Just grind for a year and then overpower her in 30 seconds." NO! That isn't the correct answer either. "NCsoft offers an easy mode, hard mode, and maaaaaybe a normal mode for dungeons like this, but still lets you earn your tokens so progression isn't gated behind something more than 50% of people aren't going to do. However, they don't give you the title/achievement unless you do it on hard, which is actually hard." THERE is the correct answer. The dog and the deer bosses before Mao are about as hard as easy mode bosses should ever get. I want to give NCsoft credit in this most recent event for allowing people to buy the Den of the Ancient's orbs even though I didn't need it because I am certain a lot of people did. That was a good move on NCsoft's part. Furthermore, I'll say it again. No one shot mechanics on easy mode stuff please! I don't care if it is easy to avoid it. That isn't justification for it. No one-shots. I have already suggested alternatives in my previous posts. You want hard mode? I agree! I think hard mode should be a thing! I am not against that, but no one shots in easy mode, and everything should have an easy mode. Here is another problem. If I point out that I have beaten Mao even with weak gear, then people will say, "See!? You can beat Mao, so it isn't too difficult! Therefore there are no problems!" At the same time, if I can't beat Mao, people say, "You're just a scrub, you need to git gud!" According to this, if you can beat her, it's fine, and if you can't beat her it is still fine. The problem with this is that, using this logic, under no circumstances is anything ever a problem based on its difficulty no matter how easy or hard it is. That is ridiculous. You know what the real thing going on here is though? Selfishness. It is only too hard if YOU (whoever, anyone that is reading this) can't beat her. If YOU can beat her, but someone else can't, they just need to get good, but if YOU can't beat her, then she is too hard. Right? That is how most people's brains actually work. That is bad logic. "If 90% of people can't beat her without way over-gearing it, then she is too hard for easy mode. There should be an easy mode, and more than 50% of people should be able to beat her within 1 evening of repeatedly trying on easy mode with appropriate level gear." That is good logic. Remember the realm-rift supply chain event, where people were gear-equalized, and were complaining about how they can't even beat Poharan because their whale gear isn't helping them? You know what that means? It means a lot of these geared people aren't actually half as good as they thought they were in terms of skill. Yeaaaaaah. You see we have WAY too many people who want to climb a ladder, and get help on the way up, but then when they get to the next level, they want to kick the ladder down so others can't climb it rather than help others up. Instead the person at the top wants to lord some kind of status over the lower ones even though they received help getting to the top. It is hypocritical. This is bad. There are also people who object to things getting easier. "I had to do this back when it was hard, so therefore you should too!" "I had to walk to school in the snow, uphill... both ways, so you should too even though we have buses now." No! Even though I had to do something the hard way, improvements happen. Advances happen. That is how the world works. Making something better is usually good, and it is not right for me to want someone new to have to suffer through something annoying just because I did. Therefore, it is not right for you to want that either. Let me tell you a story about something that happened in another MMO: Game company releases new dungeon. Dungeon requires a certain mechanic to be completed or the whole party fails (Dungeon wipe.) The mechanic: There are 3 nodes arrayed around a circular room in a triangle pattern at 6 o clock, 10 o clock, and 2 o clock. The nodes are these pillars that stick out of the ground. Someone needs to go to a pillar and interact with it (press F and just channel it) repeatedly for the first half of the dungeon. This needs to be done for 2 out of the 3 nodes. If you fail to interact with the node when you are supposed to... party wipe. The problem is that interacting with it takes about 30 seconds each time, and interacting with it causes monsters to appear, which will attack you. Therefore, you need someone to defend the people interacting with the nodes. The other 3 people need to defend the 2 people interacting with the nodes. As soon as 1 point of damage is dealt to an incoming enemy, which approaches slow like a zombie, it will totally ignore the person interacting with the node pillar, and the enemies are easy to kill. Therefore, realistically, you only need 2 people to understand what to do in this dungeon (those people interact with the nodes). The other 3 can just brain dead DPS to defend the 2 channeling the pillars. So even though you only need 2 people to know what to do to accomplish this dungeon... you know what the failure rate on this dungeon was? 85%. Why? Because you couldn't even find 2 people per party who were willing to not pew pew. Everyone always wanted to brain dead DPS, and not interact with the node, but doing DPS attracts the attention of the zombies to you while you are channeling. All you have to do is channel the node, and let the other person defend you! 2 people need to do this. That's all you have to do! And yet... 85% failure rate. My point? "It's easy" doesn't mean the majority of people can do it. The game company stuck to their guns. They didn't think it was that hard, and it wasn't. They said, "Well you people are going to have to learn." 9 months later, they released a "happy birthday to our game" statistic report on various things. You know what the failure rate on that same dungeon was? 85%. 9 months. The community didn't learn. I personally tried to explain it many times. Nope. All it would have taken was watching a 15 minute video on how to do the dungeon. Did people do that? No. Instead, people got frustrated and quit until the company finally buckled after having lost enough money from losing players, and made the dungeon simpler - start at point A. Proceed to point B. Kill boss. Collect treasure. The community never learned. They aren't going to. As a game developer, you need to accept this, and design around it - or lose players. We don't need to be losing players in a game that is down to 1 server. You don't want to see NCsoft shut down Blade and Soul in the NA region, and lose your character, or have to play on a server with 250+ms latency do you? No? Then we need to appeal to a larger player base. You want me to say it bluntly? That means we need easy mode to be easier to appeal to brain dead american potatoes who this game is too hard for because we need their money to keep it running! They can play easy mode while we play normal or hard mode. The game doesn't appeal to a wide enough player demographic if it requires skill. I don't think a lot of people understand how truly bad the vast majority of gamers are at video games. There are reasons why simplistic, brain dead mobile games are popular - most gamers aren't very skilled. I am NOT suggesting there not be a hard mode, or that hard mode shouldn't actually be hard. I am suggesting that easy mode should actually be easy, not have instant death mechanics and if you think that easy mode already is easy, then you need to realize how many people can't do it without being carried. How much sense does it make for a game company to spend tons of time and money and developmental effort making content that most of the player base won't complete, and in some cases, wont even see? Take for example that NCsoft has to invest time, money effort to make a hard mode of a dungeon. What percentage of the player base does hard mode dungeons? Go to F8 and look for how many posts there are for Hard Mode this-or-that dungeon. You DO need hard mode though because if you don't have it, then when people do want that challenge, if it isn't available, they will quit because the game is too easy. It IS necessary to have versions of stuff that is actually hard, but that stuff shouldn't gate progression. It should just give those that accomplish it some fancy shiny thing, or title, or flag or whatever to wave around that everyone can see that means, "I am awesome," not actual power. The best players in the game don't need MORE power to widen the gap even more between them and normal players. The fact that they were able to do the hard thing is already proof they are the best. Recognition of that is enough. Yes, I understand that even more power than other people can get is what they want, but they shouldn't have it. They will disagree, but they know it is true too, not that they will admit it. They don't just want a title or outfit or sparkly thing that shows how good they are. They want more power, and to easily kill people who aren't on their level even easier than they already can, and that is not ok. If they are so good, then why do they need even MORE power to make it even easier for them? People are saying, "But XYZ is just so easy, so it's fine!" Really? Here is an experiment for you if you are a person who believes that: Use some low-gear power alt character of yours. Don't use your clan. Go to the dungeon lobby, and start advertising for Dream Song Theater, but say, "No burst. Actually do mech." Go ahead and see how that goes for you. What? Oh... you couldn't get anyone to do it with you, or it took over an hour, or ... maybe you wiped multiple times, and people kept quitting, and you had to get more, and go back to the lobby over and over, and keep remaking the dungeon? I was told that doing mech was just so easy according to this forum thread. It's not? Hmm, but it is easy mode, and I was told that you don't have to worry about mech on easy mode! Wait... that is only true when people completely over-gear the dungeon? Oh well. I guess I was right after all. Now probably watch people disagreeing with me as if I didn't address their counter-point in this post already because they can't even be bothered to read the whole thing.
  11. I can't remember all dungeon mechanics

    I am not going to disagree with the core concept that if you can't fail, then it wouldn't be fun. However I will disagree that we need instant death mechanics to accomplish this. You don't need instant death mechanics in order for there to be a skill requirement which must be met otherwise failure. Instant death mechanics are not the only thing that can kill people. As I said before, NCsoft could have the boss just hit for a certain amount of damage. It won't one shot you, but if you get hit, say... 5 times, then if the hit causes about 20% of your life in damage per hit (depending on your gear), if you mess up too much, THEN, yes, a person can die, and thus fail, but it is at least more forgiving. Another way to do it is to have the attack do X% of your life in damage per hit instead of 100%. Another way is to have the the poison or insta death zones do X% of your life in damage per second that you stand in them. You have to move fast, but it is, at least somewhat forgiving. I wouldn't actually recommend bosses attacks hitting for X% damage though because if the boss hits for 15% of your life in damage no matter how powerful you are, then... why have levels? Why have gear? It wouldn't matter how good your gear is. 15% is 15% no matter who you are. You can only take 15% six times. The seventh hit will kill you (unless there is recovery in there somewhere of course). For this same reason, instant death is bad because if you think X% life damage attacks are heavy handed, instant death is even MORE heavy handed. Not that I am a whale, but if a person is a whale, then they paid for all this power, and the boss says, "That's nice that you have all that defense, and boss defense, and HP and evasion, and parry, and block and stuff, but NONE of that stuff actually matters at all because INSTANT DEATH!!! YER GONE! NCsoft put all these mechanics in the game... and then bypassed all of them. BAD! Bad game design! No biscuit! Now... instant death despite all that power is not what the whale paid for. Part of me says, "Serves them right! Feel my pain!" But no... that's not right. The fact that NCsoft is having to resort to instant death mechanics as their go-to way to force compliance to mech, and even then it doesn't work a lot of the times just goes to show how completely out of control the difference between a powerful player and a weaker player in B&S actually is. Now consider that the powerful player, and the weaker player are both in the same dungeon together. If the dungeon is powerful enough to challenge the more powerful player, then the weaker player has no chance unless they are just going to get carried. If the weaker player is challenged, but can accomplish it, the more powerful player will trivialize it. This disparity in power is a balance problem that is NCsoft's making. Who's game is it? Who's design is it? I'm looking at you NCsoft. Again the way to solve this would be to have your attacks do X% damage to the boss, and or the boss to do X% damage to you per hit, and you heal for X% life when you do your life-leach attacks and such, but then why have gear? You see the problem? Then NCsoft resorting to, "Well... do X or you're dead" is a VERY crude, inelegant, heavy handed, blunt, draconian instrument to deal with it. I am also not suggesting that there never be any insta death mechanics at all. That is probably how I would prefer it in most cases, but I feel that it would be better to isolate the insta-death stuff to hard mode. Here is why: consider that we are down to 1 server here in NA. Now think about this: How good are most people at video games? Most people are really pretty bad at games right? Ok. Now consider the level of skill B&S requires towards the end. Compare the average skill level of most gamers to what B&S demands... or you die instantly. Do you see how most people aren't good enough to play Blade and Soul? Now you might say, "Well they need to get good." Well see here is the problem with that. They aren't going to. They are just going to quit. Some people might say, "Good! Get out! QUIT! Uninstall Noob!" No... that is what has already happened, and now we are down to 1 server, and NCsoft could pull the plug on B&S in NA because we only have several thousand concurrent players anymore, and if that happens, you don't have a fun game to play anymore, and all that time and effort invested... gone. Therefore, we don't need to be thinking that way. You might think, "Well they just need to slam their head into the wall enough times, and they will eventually learn." Sure, some of them do, but most of them don't. I have seen this repeatedly in other games: Dungeon comes out. Requires a mechanic the player base isn't good at. Do the mechanic or you can't complete the dungeon and continue to progress. A large portion of the player base can't handle it. Company sticks to its guns. A year later, the dungeon still has a 85% failure rate every time it is tried. Players are mad. Company loses players, and thus money as well as the capacity to perpetuate the game. This is not good for the skilled players, the unskilled players, or the company. This is what multiple difficulty modes are for, but it is important to understand just how truly bad a huge portion of gamers are. I would recommend at least 3 difficulties. Easy (you probably can't fail) mode. Normal (We are going to hit you hard, and you might die, but no one shots). Hard mode (where the 1 shot stuff is). This would increase player retention, which would be good for the company, allowing them to pour more money into B&S, and perpetuate it better. I am not saying YOU have to play it on easy mode. I am saying the game would be able to keep more players, which keeps the game healthy if easy mode was actually easy. Also, you have to consider why people are playing the game. Sure some people play it for the challenge. They like Dark Souls. Ok fine. To each, his own. Here is your hard mode, but please don't think it is right to force that on people who are here for roleplay, or fun, or to see the story or whatever. Some people like to play games for fun. Some people like to play games to get mad. It is a form of entertainment or "engagement" if you prefer. Some people like it - the people who climb a mountain because it is there, and if they see a mountain range they intentionally climb the higher mountain "because it is harder." That is fine, but if that is the ONLY thing a game offers, don't wonder why the population is so low, or why the company is having a hard time keeping the lights on. Consider how the game is now. Think about what happens when you have a bunch of people who aren't good enough playing a game, and they hit that wall, and aren't good enough to progress, and it only gets harder from there? They aren't having fun anymore right? Why do a lot of people play games? To have fun right? Since they aren't getting what they want, sure some people "git gud," or pay, or just grind harder to trivialize the challenge, but a lot of people quit. Then NCsoft wonders, "Gee, why are we don't to only 1 server?" It's because the game is too hard for most people! (By the way, there are a LOT of other reasons that B&S doesn't have a higher population too. I know. I know. What is being discussed in this thread is only 1 of MANY problems.) The only people left at this point are the people who can do it, and NCsoft keeps making it harder! Stop making the dungeons harder, or at least isolate the real difficulty to hard mode! That is why there are different difficulty modes! Easy mode, as it is presently, is still WELL above the challenge level your average gamer can produce. Do you realize that getting to hard cap in this game requires more dedication than getting a college degree? Or maybe about the same amount of money if you want to go that route. (That is an exaggeration... probably?)
  12. I can't remember all dungeon mechanics

    It is harder than that. It requires pretty good timing, and if someone doesn't know it to tab escape at the right time, it wipes you even if you knew what to do. Also, that's not the point. The point made was that there aren't any mech in easy mode that you have to pay attention to, which is simply incorrect, especially depending on gear level. I gave a big list of examples. There are more of them than I even gave.
  13. I can't remember all dungeon mechanics

    You don't have to do any mechs in easy mode? Of course you do. I have to disagree. In easy mode, in Dreamsong Theater, if you can't burst the first boss down - you have to do mech. He will wipe the party. How about the next boss? Same. How about Master Hong? Can a person just stand in the persistent death zones and they don't affect them? How about den of the ancients if a person doesn't have the gear to cheese it, they have to do mech. Warped Citadel has insta-death zones too. Hall of the Templar has an insta death mechanic too. So does Throne of Oblivion. The light/shadow gauge can't just be ignored. Botany Center has instant death mechanics too. In Temple of Eluvium, if you get too many hits from the stone guys, you die instantly. If you get too many stacks from the Acrimores... dead. If you don't CC Zulia together she wipes the party. I think the Raven King, and the 2 generals can 1 shot you if you get accidentally knocked into the wrong area too. I am sure there are more, not that I do Scarlet Conservatory or anything. Outlaw island - look away from the flares, or instant death. Brood Chamber has one too. Sure it is easy to just jump to avoid it, but, there are LOTS of instant death mechanics in B&S, and if you forget one... you're dead. There are so many, it is easy to forget one. Not that anyone has suggested it, but if anyone thinks, "Well you just need enough DPS to burst through the enemy so fast that they don't even get to do anything so that you don't have to do mech," then that isn't actually suggesting anyone "get better." That is suggesting that everyone either grind harder to the point where they overlevel the challenge to the point that the challenge is trivial, or pay NCsoft more money. That's not the same thing as "getting good" at all. My complaint is not that there ARE mechanics. My complaint is that instant death mechanics are too heavy handed, and NCsoft should stop using them. Instant death mechanics are not fun design in my opinion. I would prefer if these attacks just did X amount of damage. Maybe that would kill most people, but if you are powerful enough, you can just take it. Another good alternative would be to replace the instant death mechanics with a having the attack do X% of your life in damage, which would guarantee it to always be punishing, no matter how powerful you are, but is more forgiving in easy mode because it doesn't just kill you. As for the persistent death zones, maybe they just tick for 10-15% of your life in damage per second. Get out quick or you will die, but at least you have a chance. I feel like that would be more fun. I don't care if an instant death move is easy to avoid in one person's opinion. NCsoft shouldn't be using them at all, at least not in easy mode dungeons. That's just my vote.
  14. I can't remember all dungeon mechanics A typical B&S boss fight depicted above. 1 player's feedback for NCsoft: Honestly, this game is too complicated. (I am specifically talking about PVE dungeons and raids) I can't remember all the dungeon mechanics anymore, nor do I even want to. Memorizing a ton of stupid boss dances isn't "fun." Also, the bosses are getting worse and worse. There are more and more bosses that have attacks that are just, "You die." No, you can't block it. No, you can't I-frame to resist it. It doesn't matter if you are HM 35 or HM 12. It doesn't matter if you are at gear cap, or just got to end game. It doesn't matter if you stacked for defense. You got touched by this? You're dead. Doesn't matter what you've got. Do this little dance and do it right, or you're dead... period. I don't like this design. Avoiding a bunch of 1 shot mechanics, dancing around while playing Simon-says isn't fun. ESPECIALLY when it requires multiple people in the party to do it right, or you wipe because SOMEONE is going to mess up, and then you lose because someone else doesn't know what they are doing. Also, it always works differently: Dungeon: Stand here, or die. Next dungeon: Don't stand here, or die. Next dungeon: Jump, or die. Next dungeon: Don't jump, or die. Next dungeon: Tab escape, or die. Next dungeon: Don't tab escape till later, or die. Etc. : Learn our mechanics. Always do them right. Don't forget, or you lose instantly. Doesn't matter how geared you are. It is not forgiving at all. Easy mode isn't easy. All we have is "hard," and "ultra hard" where there are even MORE 1 shot mechanics. Personally, I don't like this design at all. Please make it less complicated, and more forgiving of mistakes! Maybe a slowed down tutorial mode in the HM training room, that lets you do mech from various roles? That is my feedback for whatever it is worth, which I would hope would be at least a bit more these days since we only have... what? 4000 players left?
  15. How to see stats on soul shields?

    Is there a way to see stats on soul shields before you buy/earn one? For example, the PVP battleground trader in Mushin's Tower sells various soul shields. I can't see the stats on them though. Also, for PVE as well, I'd like to compare soul shield stats. is down, and has been for a long time now. It was said they were just working on a new version of it... Well that was a year ago, and it still isn't up so... what do we do now? Any ideas anyone?