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  1. Chat box bug

    UPDATE! NCsoft has fixed this bug. My UI can save, change and update properly again. Happy day! Thank you NCsoft! I know I have been quite critical for the past few months because it feels like nothing has been getting done, and because of that, I don't want to ONLY be critical. When something gets done about the complaints, I want to give recognition and credit where credit is due! With the Cosmic Horizon update, this bug, that I reported has been fixed. I am not at all being sarcastic, or speaking in satire or anything. I actually mean it. Thank you for fixing this bug. My UI works again. Let it be known... I am shouting it now to anyone on this forum to see this: NCSOFT FIXED A BUG THAT WAS REPORTED TO THEM, WHICH PROVES THAT EFFORT IS STILL BEING MADE. IT TOOK 6-7 MONTHS, BUT IT HAPPENED! THAT GIVES ME HOPE FOR THIS GAME, AND THAT IS WORTH A LOT. THAT IS IMPORTANT! THIS WILL KEEP ME PLAYING LONGER, AND WILL MAKE ME MORE LIKELY TO PAY INTO THE GAME BECAUSE NCSOFT SHOWED THEY ARE ACTUALLY PUTTING EFFORT INTO FIXING PROBLEMS. THEY ARE WILLING TO LOOK BACK AND NOT JUST FORWARD AT NEW CONTENT! Yes, caps, but you know what? I AM shouting. That deserves to be shouted. It should be. THANK YOU! In case NCsoft wants to see what gets a positive response from their players, here it is. Fixing performance and bug issues. PLEASE, let's see more of this.
  2. Assassin skill Shadow Drain not working

    UPDATE! This bug has been fixed! See my other post. I wanted to give credit to NCsoft for fixing it!
  3. Assassin skill shadow drain not working please fix

    UPDATE! NCsoft has fixed this bug. Shadow drain works for the shadow spec assassins again! Happy day! Thank you NCsoft! I know I have been quite critical for the past few months because it feels like nothing has been getting done, and because of that, I don't want to ONLY be critical. When something gets done about the complaints, I want to give recognition and credit where credit is due! With the Cosmic Horizon update, this bug, that I reported, has been fixed. I am not at all being sarcastic, or speaking in satire or anything. I actually mean it. Thank you for fixing this bug. My class works again. Let it be known... I am shouting it now to anyone on this forum to see this: NCSOFT FIXED A BUG THAT WAS REPORTED TO THEM, WHICH PROVES THAT EFFORT IS STILL BEING MADE. THAT GIVES ME HOPE FOR THIS GAME, AND THAT IS WORTH A LOT. THAT IS IMPORTANT! THIS WILL KEEP ME PLAYING LONGER, AND WILL MAKE ME MORE LIKELY TO PAY INTO THE GAME BECAUSE NCSOFT SHOWED THEY ARE ACTUALLY PUTTING EFFORT INTO FIXING PROBLEMS. THEY ARE WILLING TO LOOK BACK AND NOT JUST FORWARD AT NEW CONTENT! Yes, caps, but you know what? I AM shouting. That deserves to be shouted. It should be. THANK YOU! In case NCsoft wants to see what gets a positive response from their players, here it is. Fixing performance and bug issues. PLEASE, let's see more of this.
  4. Game is in an unplayable state

    NCsoft has confirmed that they have cancelled UE4? There will be no Unreal Engine 4 upgrade for B&S PC? Is that what you are saying? If so, I am going to need a link to an official source for that please. I would be very interested to see proof of that.
  5. About B&S's pacing

    I have to say the pacing of progression for this game is pretty bad. I want to offer some alternative ideas. Here is what I mean: When I say progression I mean the rate of advancement of a character for a player who wants to play B&S. Consider the previous call to arms event. Let's consider several scenarios: 1) You want to make a new character, and apply the Call to Arms items to that character. Well the call to arms 18 hour cooldown box was once per account, so you would have to claim it on the new character, but then that also meant you had to accomplish all of the requirements to open the box each day on the new character. You could not do the tasks on a high level character, and then hand the rewards needed to open the boxes to the new character. Nope! You would have to level up that new character super quick, and then somehow manage to do all those tasks to gain the rewards to open the boxes stage 1-12. The problem with this is that you probably aren't powerful enough to accomplish the tasks to get the rewards to open the boxes unless your gear is already at least pretty close to what you are going to get out of the box anyway, which means you probably won't be able to do it with a freshly level 60 character, which means it isn't really good for new characters like NCsoft seems to want to advertise. 2) You want to claim the box on a character that has better gear than you will get out of the box: What would be the point of doing the event then? Most of the stuff is not able to be given to your weaker characters. It isn't tradable or account bound except a few things. This means that the event is not for high end players AND it is not for new characters. Then... who is it for? Realistically, it is only for band of players who are not super high gear, and aren't new either. Wouldn't it be wise to design the event in such a way that is good for new players and high geared players too? 3) You have a character that is already max level, so you don't have to level it up, and it has "OK" gear but really not that good: Ok, yes. This event will be ok for you, but NOW, I want to talk about the game's pacing. I participated in the last Call to Arms event. I had a character that fell into the appropriate place on the "bell curve" to get a minor upgrade from the event, but not crazy. Thus I was able to barely do the event, and ended up tossing most of the gear, which made me cry because I couldn't transfer that to even lower geared alts that could have used it. If I had claimed the box on a lower gear alt, even in hindsight, I can say with confidence that those characters of mine would not have been able to do the event. They simply didn't have the power, but they COULD have actually used all the gear that came out of the box, which puts you in this weird situation where the only characters that can barely scrape through the event still won't need probably half of the stuff you get from the 12 box stages. My character was able to use a few items as a moderate upgrade here and there. After that, I continued playing Blade and Soul semi regularly until now. Now we have another Call to Arms Event. I looked at what it hands out. Now I only just now earned my Awakened Stage 3 Ring, Earring, Necklace, Bracelet, Belt and I WAS working on the gloves, which are stage 7 presently when I find out that this Call to Arms Event will be handing out Awakened Stage 1 versions of all the stuff I have spent the last 6 months earning, and am only now just getting there. I feel like I just ran up a mountain from the previous Call to Arms Event, only to have a bunch of people landing on the top 3 days later that took a helicopter. Why did I play NCsoft's game for the past 6 months? I could have just waited... and then had everything handed to me for minimal effort by participating in this event, and saved all that effort an 5400 gold, and a ton of resources. (Moonstone crystals, sacred crystals, Elysian crystals, etc.) I could have taken the Helicopter too, but no no! I played the game! Why did I do that? I was stupid! Now ... think about what this teaches players. This teaches me... DON'T play B&S. Don't do it! Instead, just wait. Don't upgrade. Don't pay money. Don't try hard. Even if you do, NCsoft will spit in your eye, laugh at you, and hand out out a set of gear almost just as good as what you spent the last 6 months earning, and they will do this every 6 months, so there is no reason to actually play, or try, or earn. Instead... just wait, but you have to pay really close attention and make sure that you DO play B&S a ton during the upgrade events. If you miss them then... you miss them. Therefore, don't play the game... until NCsoft encourages it. THEN play the game a lot for a little while... then stop playing again. Just make sure you are here to play B&S a whole bunch around March-April, and Sept-Oct every year. Now think about whether this is a good way to manage the game's advancement / pacing. Is it? It discourages alts. It discourages new players because if they see the opportunity and THEN make a character, it is already too late. They will miss it. It discourages old players because it shows that all their effort and gold and money to upgrade their characters is for nothing. They were fools! They should have just waited, and gotten the hand out welfare items! It also encourages people to NOT play the game except when events like these are running because it is a waste of effort compared to playing during the events where you can get 6 months worth of effort done in 1 month. Why play any other time? But then, realistically, if you don't play B&S except 2 months a year, it will be very easy to miss one or 2 events, and fall too far behind to be able to accomplish the next event when it comes up, so you can never catch up? Therefore, even for the players that take the elevator at the right time... make sure you NEVER miss that elevator. You better be there for it. "You better play our VIDEO GAME when we tell you to instead of when you want to." Do you see a problem with this? Is this the way NCsoft thinks players want to play? Keep up to date with the news and only play when NCsoft says it is time to? How is that what gamers want? I don't think it is for most of us! Therefore, I said I wanted to offer some constructive criticism after explaining the problem: I think it would be better if a player could create a new character, level it up, get to max level, get on the dungeon treadmill, maybe all the way at the bottom... then do each dungeon maybe 10 times... get all the gear they need out of it, move on to the next dungeon. If each dungeon run takes 10 minutes on averages, 10 runs per dungeon is asking that they spend a little over an hour and a half in each dungeon. This keeps old content from being obsolete. Maybe make old dungeons solo-able. Work their way up the dungeon ladder. Get to the top. You COULD have the top become exponentially more difficult like it is now, or... just let people hit the cap, and then make a new character. I think it is important that rather than having these events that people can miss where it is feast or famine in terms of character advancement, it would be far better to have a smooth, steady, enjoyable climb that rewards effort consistently with a satisfying effort to reward ratio rather than effectively punishing consistent effort like the game does presently. And NCsoft wonders, "Why doesn't anyone keep playing?" WHY DO YOU THINK!? You get a bunch of people to pay you money to upgrade or really try-hard and earn the gear. Then NCsoft laughs at them, spits in their face, and hands out comparable gear to people who have barely played for the last 6 months for comparably minimal effort just because they were in the right place at the right time. Now... I am not suggesting that being able to catch up is bad. No no! It isn't bad. It is good, but the "WAY" NCsoft is going about it is bad. I am ok with stuff getting cheaper, as the new "cap" keeps getting raised. That part is ok, but the upgrade times shouldn't be done in limited-time bursts during events. It should be something you can do consistently, any time you want, rather than something you just have to keep your eye out for like a hawk, reading the B&S news for events like these so you don't miss it. The current way isn't that good. Just make it so that anyone who wants to come back can always come back and upgrade whenever they want, getting up to speed with the current players easily, quickly and cheaply because it is a linear or consistent difficulty curve rather than exponential. If you REALLY want it to be exponential, at the very end (last top 2-6 dungeons) just so that people can't reasonably hit "hard cap" without paying a ton of money, then fine. Just understand that effectively means, "Current content is for paying customers only" though. That is the way the game is right now. That wouldn't be "terrible." The reason I say this is because, realistically, most players cannot reasonably grind hard enough to do current end game content without paying money to be powerful enough to do the top stuff. Thus, "current content is for paying customers only." To me, that particular aspect is not unacceptable. I understand that I can just wait, and those dungeons will be made easier, when new dungeons are stacked on top of them, and THEN I will be able to do those dungeons. I can wait. Again, what you have right now, due to these call to arms events is basically teaching us, "Only play B&S during a call to arms event. Only have 1 character. Only play March-April, and September-October. Then quit again." Is that what you want to be teaching us? Understand that the behavior you encourage is the behavior you will get. Do you think I am going to keep playing after this next Call to Arms event after what NCsoft did to me after the previous one like I said in my story? Probably not! Why grind my way up? It is enormously inefficient in terms of gold, and time. Why not just quit for 6 months, come back in March-April, keep my eye on the news, and take the elevator when it is time? That is what I am going to do. NCsoft is encouraging me to stop playing their game except during certain times, which is exactly what I am going to do.
  6. In-game broadcast doesn't work

    They tried to do a broadcast from in-game for the Astromancer patch. Here is what happened: You click on the little TV Icon. It gives you a little message that says it want to launch it in your browser. You click confirm. Then you go look at your browser. Then you click on the little documentation button, and it gives you this: And I am not dealing with that because I don't care enough. It doesn't work, so... oh well. I guess your in game broad castsystem just doesn't work, and won't reach me, and ... who knows how many other people. Do I care that much? No. Should NCsoft care? Well, since they are the ones putting forth the effort to make the broadcast, they should probably care that who-knows-how-many people aren't able to hear what they wanted to say to us even if we were willing to listen because it kinda defeats the purpose of having that in-game broadcast function if it isn't going to work. I don't know if it is a browser compatibility issue or what, but, you know, frankly I don't even care much anymore at this point. It isn't my problem. It is NCsoft's. They are lucky I was willing to even write this to notify them that YET ANOTHER aspect of their game is ALSO bugged. ... but... What else is new? Will they fix it? Probably not. I mean, they don't fix most of their other bugs, so the percent likelihood this one will get fixed is statistically probably pretty low. So... Continue wasting your effort NCsoft? You're pretty good at that. Note: Yes I could just go to twitch and watch the broadcast there, but shouldn't the in-game broadcast actually work instead of just being so dysfunctional that it ammounts to little more than a notification that a broadcast is happening? Am I a little jaded and cynical by this point? Heh.
  7. Assassin skill Shadow Drain not working

    I posted this in the general section, but felt it would make sense to point to it here as well. It is legitimately a bug after all. Please fix it NCsoft.
  8. Assassin skill shadow drain not working please fix

    Well here we are on September 12, 2020, and it is still broken. If it was fixed, we didn't get the fix. My class doesn't work. At this point NCsoft has literally base class abilities that don't work, and they aren't even fixing those bugs?
  9. 2 Questions: NCsoft recently introduced the concept of Premium Transformation Stone Crystals. 1) Similar to how: Sacred Orbs turn into Sacred Crystals. Soulstones turn into Soulstone Crystals. Moonstones turn into Moonstone Crystals. Elysian Orbs turn into Elysian Crystals. You see the pattern I am sure. The crystal is the non-tradeable version of the item, but they are used for upgrading items. You can turn Premium Transformation Stones into Premium Transformation Stone Crystals. you can get a hold of Premium Transformation Stone Crystals a lot easier and cheaper than getting a hold of Premium Transformation Stones though, so you should rather use the Premium Transformation Stone Crystals. Theoretically, since the upgrade system uses Crystals and not the trade-able version for upgrades, you should be able to use the Premium Transformation Stone Cyrstals too right? Is this the case, or do upgrades that say they require Premium Transformation Stones require specifically ONLY Premium Transformation Stones, and it will not accept the crystal version? 2) I see that Premium Transformation Stone Crystals are used to upgrade the Raid Weapon side of the Equipment Upgrade Paths, but not for the PVE or PVP paths. My second question is about the "intent" of this. Why do that for one path, but not the others? If it was intentional to bring down the cost of the Raid Weapon path by comparison to the cost of the other 2 paths then is it reasonable to presume that they will not be switching to using Premium Transformation Stone Crystals in the PVE or PVP paths? Alternatively, if they are planning on switching to using Premium Transformation Stone Crystals for the PVE and PVP paths, then it makes sense for us to sit and wait to upgrade until they do that because you can save a lot of gold if you wait. You see what I mean? Therefore, are they going to switch to using Premium Transformation Stone Crystals on the PVE and PVP path soon if we wait, or is that only for the Raid path?
  10. Chat box bug Heya. @PhoenixMitra I did what you said, and gave the info in a ticket to NCsoft support. If you can check it, the support ticket is: #23606098 as well as #23479876 It has been 6 months. They haven't fixed it, and they haven't followed up with me. 6 months is ample time, so now I am forced to come back here to you. What do I do now? Here is the evidence of the bug. I can post it at least. It is a legit bug. I asked some people in-game. They say that, "yes," they have this problem as well.
  11. [Update] Item Removal from Moontide Outfit Exploit This? This is your 0 Hongmoon Coin Compensation bundle for the mess NCsoft caused in the negligent, incompetent handling of this issue? This is it? This is actually more insulting than if you slapped us in the face and told us to go pound sand because we aren't getting anything at all. Doing that would have actually been preferable to this corporate mealy-mouthed linguini-spined half hearted insult/apology.
  12. (This is me paraphrasing, talking ABOUT my experience not copy, and pasting, and not direct quoting. I HAVE to come here to talk about it because support has proven they are utterly incompetent.) Right now NCsoft is selling the Avenging Warrior Soul shields for their current event: "Midnight Reborn." I opened a support ticket to ask if there is a way to see what the potential stats on this soul shied are before I buy it. I asked that if they are going to tell me to check a 3rd party source, please provide one after they confirm whether it has information this up-to-date. Unless I am mistaken, NCsoft is offering a product that is in a box and we literally can't see the stats on it in any way until after we buy it, which is pathetic, and shows no thought in the design. So the GM posts all the stats of each soul shield to me without the set bonuses. I ask if the GM can include the set bonuses for the Assassin class since it would obviously boost different skill abilities in different ways and different amounts from class to class since different classes have different abilities. The GM tells me it provides the same set bonuses. NO IT DOESN'T! I guarantee it. Now... let's think about this answer. What this means is that NCsoft has people who are being paid to provide support for B&S who know less about the game than the players. For this GM to give this answer, it requires that this person doesn't even play the game. This is outright offensive. No wonder support is useless! They don't even know what anything is! Of course they are going to be useless for whatever YOU need when YOU need them. I bet they are the cheapest support service NCsoft can find too, probably not even based in North America, despite the server being an NA server right? So, at this point, Blade and Soul as a game is basically a big empty box. Who is even running the show? I don't think anyone is even here. Hime, and Sunshine I guess. Is that it? What is NCsoft doing? There is no support! It is a lie. It is a joke. It is there to make you FEEL like there is competent support, but it is some guy they found in another country who would answer tickets for $4 an hour, who doesn't even play, and doesn't know anything or something. I mean this is proof!
  13. So NCsoft recently removed the Favorite Fantasy chest from the clothing merchants. I opened a ticket asking if the contents would be coming back. They said that if I want that I should come suggest it here. There were outfits in that I would have liked. I would like to request the return of the contents of that chest. Here is the thing though... the return of the chest would be nice, but I would prever the return of the contents of the chest ina different way. The reason I didn't have the things I wanted already is because: 1) Those boxes cost Designer Thread, and NCsoft doesn't make those particularly available very often, and usually not without purchase. (I mean "legitimately available" HAHAHAHA! Anyway...) It doesn't make much sense to gate so much sell-able content behind a currency that is very rare to get even if you are willing to pay money for the outfits. That doesn't get us outfits reliably, and doesn't get NCsoft money reliably. 2) I really don't like the RNG nature of those outfit chests. Those outfit chests from the clothing merchants would have FAR more value if they allowed selection of the outfit you want like the "Admiral's New Clothes Selection Chest." COULD just sell the outfits one at a time similar to how it is done in the Hongmoon store, BUT... It seems to be a good idea to convert all the outfit chests to allow you to select the outfit you want and then hand them out for various reasons: Seasonal events, sell them via the Hongmoon Store, etc. This way you could make a massive amount of outfits available by just offering 5-10 outfit selection boxes like the "Admiral's New Clothes Selection Chest," and "Admiral's New Clothes Adornment Selection Chest." There are a bunch of old outfits I want, so I'd probably end up buying/earning the same chest multiple times to get multiple outfits out of it. NCsoft could sell the outfit chests for the price of 1 outfit in the Hongmoon Store. This is assuming you get to select the outfit of course; not an RNG system.
  14. Let's talk about: psyches

    <Commence satire> Because NCsoft put developmental time and effort into it. They aren't going to take it out now even if it costs more players, and thus more money over time than it cost to implement it. Yes, but companies say they learn things, but then forget again a year or 2 later because the employees who learned things have moved on to other jobs, or got transferred to new projects within the company... or the company thinks they can get away with it THIS time... or just doesn't care and is going to ram it down your throat whether you like it or not, and is counting on the sunk cost fallacy to keep you a customer. Also, frankly, it doesn't matter what the players want. What matters is how to get the most money out of them, specifically in the short term even if that damages the long term viability of the product. Also, if you look at Junsorei, the vendor NPC that sells the items for cores right now, 1 item is 250 sovereign cores. There are 6 of these items. Going at 1 core per dungeon... go ahead and run this dungeon 1250 times. Buying progression doesn't count as pay to win you know because... you CAN earn it on your own... technically. Hue hue hue! The fact that it requires more effort to max yourself out in this game than to get a college degree is irrelevant! NCsoft loves the apologists on the forums! HAHA! Pay more money while NCsoft puts your money towards other projects instead of B&S! The NCsoft execs need another drink with an umbrella in it on the beach! If you are driven enough to reach for every last little 1% power, then NCsoft is going to absolutely kick your teeth in. You need to accept less than the top, and be happy with that. This game punishes you for being driven to achieve more than a certain amount. NO! Get back on the gear treadmill slave! *cracks whip* <End satire>
  15. [Update] Item Removal from Moontide Outfit Exploit

    That does make sense actually IF UE4 is actually coming. Is it though? I really really hope it is, but... I dunno. I mean when we got a preview of UE4 with the frontier server, it wasn't even for the PC version of Blade and Soul. It was for a mobile version of B&S, so is UE4 even for our PC version, or do we not get it at all? Personally, since it has been 6 months, I would like at least a confirmation statement from NCsoft saying, "Yes, the Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) upgrade is being worked on with the intent of bringing it to the PC version of Blade and Soul. Unfortunately, since it is taking so much longer than we wanted, it would be irresponsible to give you a projected date for when it will be done because if we gave you a date it might not be very accurate. Sorry about that! We are working on it though! Yes, the intent is to upgrade the graphics, AND the game performance too." Just that. That statement from NCsoft would be enough for me. Here watch this: I think Jarke is the last B&S streamer / you tuber. Eckogen quit. Keroppi quit. EvilDoUsHarm quit. NeroKoso said that he has a bit more of backed up content to finish pushing out, but then he is going to quit. They all quit relatively recently in the last 6 months or so. I'd say that NCsoft needs to hurry up, which is true, but at the same time if they rush UE4, and it doesn't at least fix performance (letting us get at least 60fps SMOOTHLY with characters and effects turned on while in a 12 person raid)... and people see that it isn't fixed... there probably won't be any second chances for them. That will be it for this game, so it is more important that they get it right immediately when UE4 comes out... IF it comes out at all... IF NCsoft is intending to bring it out for B&S PC, which is in question at this point. Make sure UE4 is right the first time NCsoft! DON'T mess up. I would also be MUCH more accepting, tolerant, and patient if NCsoft announced, "Yes we realize a ton of stuff is broken, buggy, only partially functional, messed up and such. We have limited resources, time, and employees, and there IS such a thing as having too many cooks in the kitchen at once when it comes to development. You run the risk of having a bureaucratic system so bloated that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing, which leads to other problems where things that are being released conflict with each other. Therefore, we want to release UE4 first, which will help a lot, and THEN mop up all the bugs that remain after that. That's the plan. Please be patient. This will take time, and won't all happen at once." I haven't seen any statements like those though. That is IF that is the plan.