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  1. Chat box bug

    If I click to create a custom chat box, and then right click on it to establish my desired settings, I can set it to ... for example... only display party, and whispers. The problem with this is that if I close down the game, and then come back in, the settings I established no longer apply. It doesn't accept whispers anymore even though I told it to, clicked apply and confirm. I can't actually get it to save and retain my custom chat window settings. Hasn't this bug been in the game for literally months at this point? Or am I doing something wrong?
  2. A Quick Update From Nico

    I think the low FPS in B&S is at least partially a processing issue. You can have the mightiest video card there is, but still have horrible FPS. Getting a better processor helps though. Of course that also then might require you to upgrade your motherboard to have the improved slot to accept the new processor... which might also force you to upgrade to DDR4 ram if you are still on DDR3... in other words, pretty much buy a large portion of a new computer. NOTE: even with a very powerful processor, and superior video card you are still likely to get sub 60 FPS. The reason I say it is probably partially a processor issue is because for one thing, NCsoft makes processor heavy dependent games. Aion for example, which I have also played. Furthermore, when I am standing at a highly populated area like the banker outside Temple of Eluvium / Zulia's dungeon by Dasari Palace near the Ebondrake Lair entrance... if I face all the people with characters turned on, the FPS is 20-28, but if I continue standing exactly where I am, and just turn around so that no characters are on my screen, the FPS jumps back up to 60 without changing any settings, which is max for me since I have a 4k monitor that can only go 60 hz, and I have vertical sync on to prevent screen tearing (because otherwise the screen tearing gets bad). The vertical sync (on) is going to limit my FPS to the max refresh rate of the monitor, which is going to be 60FPS. So therefore, what really drains the FPS? A bunch of characters on screen all at once, and it gets even worse if I am in a dungeon (MSP) where 12 people are also doing a bunch of stuff. I notice that it does get notably better if I turn character display off though by pressing CTRL + F. Furthermore, it seems like if you go to a lightly populated area, the FPS will still drop with other characters on screen, but not as much as when there are a LOT of characters on screen in a very highly populated area. It seems like our characters and the effects they generate are so detailed that having to display a lot of them really chews up system resources, which forces the FPS to drop. Whether that is a video card issue, engine UE3 software issue, or processor issue, something else, or some combination ... as well as what combination of remedies would be best to improve the situation... I don't know. I can't tell. That is above my paygrade.
  3. A Quick Update From Nico

    Since we were told we would be getting the graphics update 2019, and now it is pushed back to 2020, I would normally be a bit mad about that, but frankly I don't care. I'd rather have it done well than done fast, and I am not 100% sure why we even need this graphics update to begin with. Blade and Soul is already gorgeous. I suppose MORE gorgeous is always nice, but do we really need that, also, can we really even support it? What I mean by that is the game is already so pretty most people even with VERY powerful computers can't run it at high FPS, especially at 4k resolution. If we make it even more pretty won't that just make the FPS problem worse? Or is the FPS problem due to the current engine the game is built on being too old to work well with current graphics cards? If that is the case is it possible for the game to get prettier, AND for us to get better FPS? If that is the case, that would be super! Usually win-win isn't how this stuff works though. Prettier usually costs more system resources.
  4. Losing interest. Considerations about it

    Oh yeah. Those places. I see. Yeah those would be problematic these days if you can't solo them at the time you should be doing them, and no one will do them with you. A vanilla B&S server huh? Max level 45-50 or something? Hmm... that is an interesting idea. I probably wouldn't mind. You know the actual gameplay hasn't really changed much. I mean do you really care if you lost those hongmoon ultimate skills that require focus? I almost never use them. Do you really care about losing that talisman slot? Do you really need that temporary defense button? I don't. Do we need hongmoon levels? What is wrong with people being more equalized? It is easier to balance. The class still plays pretty much the same. I don't need the unity system. When I think about it, the game has gotten a lot more complex, but my character still plays pretty close to the same. The only result is that the numbers have gotten bigger.
  5. Losing interest. Considerations about it

    Did you even read what I said in detail? Probably not. TL;DR right? The point that he is "easy" isn't the point. The problem is that NCsoft thinks its ok to have red attacks that you can't I-Frame. Do you not see how that is a slippery slope? As soon as they accept that it is fine, then they start making more and more and more attacks like that, where even if you I-Frame, they punish you anyway. I don't think that would be good for the game because it invalidates counters they already built into the game, BUT if they choose to do it anyway, I would at least request that these "SUPER red attacks" be given a different color to indicate that neither blocking nor using an I-Frame dodge will be sufficient to avoid getting punished by it. Yeah I remember that. Good times. To this day I maintain that was a better system. I LIKED having to do all the quests, and go into all those little side holes and caves in all the zones to do a little mini-dungeon that was meant to be soloed. The exploration was good! The developers made the zone. B&S is pretty! "Look at our zone!" I have no problem with that. I want to look at their zone. I like it. I don't think that the fact that you wouldn't be able to get dungeons for them would be a problem because they were meant to be soloed to begin with. You COULD bring in more people with you, but you really shouldn't have to. Then you would get this item and sacrifice it to your main weapon, in order to make your main weapon stronger. Remember that? I thought that was great! Also it was manageable. It felt like you were constantly making progress, but the grind was paced with your advancement in such a way that it was fun. The only thing I didn't like about it was that while it guaranteed a drop from a box every dungeon run, it was for a random class. You needed the one for YOUR class to upgrade your weapon, so if you got unlucky, you could end up doing this one mini dungeon 23 times or something. I was ok with doing each dungeon 5 times or so, but after that it did become irritating. They probably should have just had the rewards from the box automatically be for your class, and don't say they couldn't do that. That is what those brilliant hongmoon keys were for, so yeah, they had the mechanics to do that if they wanted to. They just didn't want to, because they wanted you to have to grind the dungeon over and over. Also those wheels that you spin were pretty dumb too. I don't like RNG. I'd rather just have to kill this particular boss for essences over and over, and then pay a certain amount of essences per item to a vendor than to have to spin that wheel, which is more like how it is now, so that is an improvement I think... in that particular aspect. The essence cost at the vendor should be reasonable though. Not "Oh you need divine grace stones? Well you can just run Outlaw Island 300 times." No. I said it before, and I'll say it again. I am not going to run their dungeon 300 times. I could see... 30 times per dungeon. I'll give them 30. I will NOT give them 40. 40 is a deal breaker. 30 is my personal "grinding" limit.
  6. Losing interest. Considerations about it

    Right? You have these attacks where you I-Frame, and it damages you anyway! If I played a blade master I would be very frustrated that I have this block move... that doesn't work on a LOT of the attacks launched at me. The reaction time expected on some of this stuff is unreasonable too. Like just take F-roll for example. The time you have to press the button to F-roll out of something is like a quarter of a second to half a second? This is true. I took a look at BDO, and investigated it before trying it. BDO has more problems than B&S, and that is part of the reason why I made my post. I actually like Blade & Soul. At its core it is a very good game that is made somewhat frustrating in some aspects by the people running it. It is like a diamond with a rotting banana peel on top of it. All we need to do is take the banana peel off, and polish it up. The problem is that the rotting banana peel is how NCsoft makes their money, so we can't do that. Maybe we could make change the banana peel so that it isn't quite as offensive and smelly somehow though? I admit that the rotting banana peel isn't as bad as BDO's, but lets also not justify bad behavior by pointing to worse behavior. If something can be improved, let's improve it. Then it would be better right? Yes I am a squeaky wheel, but the squeaky wheel gets the oil. That is why I put effort into making my criticism very clear. It isn't just to yell about something. It is meant as a request while I try to be as coherent as possible about what I would very much appreciate be changed for the better. Right. Since 2 people said something similar, perhaps I wasn't super clear on this point. To clarify, I am not pointing at Hong saying, "He's unbeatable" and that is a problem. Him being difficult or not isn't what makes him a good example for the point I was trying to make - it is the mechanics behind the attacks he uses that I don't like. IF I was just saying "this boss is too hard" then ANY boss would be a bad example eventually because every boss will eventually get power-crept into oblivion just like all the others before it. That isn't what I am saying. I understand you can outgear him, and even without outgearing him, he is beatable solo. That isn't the point I am making. I use Hong as an example because I don't like the mechanics that come with his attacks: He has a red attack. You I-Frame it like any other red attack? It puts a DOT on you anyway! Then furthermore, the DOT doesn't tick for X amount of damage that you can overgear. It ticks for X% of your life no matter how powerful you are. Do you see the problem with that? The only answer to this is either have enough regeneration, or don't get hit by it that much. With his persistent death area on the ground, it just kills you. The only answer to this is, "Don't get hit by it." Oh... did you have a 5 second immunity? That's nice. Did you have a block button? Too bad. Did you I-Frame? Oh well! If they are going to have these "super red attacks" where you are get punished if you are in them no matter what you do, and the only answer is "get out of the way" then they should really have a new color because that is not the same thing as a normal red attack. Purple? Blue? Green? Maybe change it to where green attacks you can block, yellow attacks you can I-frame. Red attacks, you just have to get out of the way. Maybe they should have yet another color for attacks that have instant death attached to them. For the record, I don't think ANY attack should have that attached to them. They put all these abilities in the game where you are supposed to "push THIS button to respond to THAT," except then they put these attacks in the game where there is no answer to it other than "don't get hit." Dr. Grobak's instant death zones are another example. I don't feel like that is the right direction for boss battles to go for the future of Blade and Soul to be "fun," again, in my totally subjective opinion as a player, BUT... let me point out... also my opinion as a repeat paying customer for what that is worth. "Do this little dance exactly like this, or lose." I feel like these sorts of attacks are bad for the game. Raven King's "Punishment" attack where he puts the red circles on the ground is similar. The only answer is "eat the damage" or "don't get hit by it." I-framing and blocking are not options. I don't like attacks that are that heavy-handed. With Raven King it wasn't that bad though because it was only damage. Now it is getting to the point where it is just "you're dead." It's too forced. I feel like I should thank the boss for the dance after the battle.
  7. Losing interest. Considerations about it

    You realize all the guy characters would be shamelessly wearing the bra's too right? I NEED THE +1% CHANCE TO CRIT! Have to min-max! Trade the ability to blink for +1% attack power!
  8. Losing interest. Considerations about it

    So I don't like it, but I am slowly losing interest in B&S, and I want to say why just so that NCsoft has it on record... and probably promptly do nothing about it, but... for the record I am going to talk about it anyway. By the way, I know there are a lot of people who have the opinion: "Good! We don't want you! Get out then! QUIT! How dare you like the game, but not like every single thing about it, and point out problems hoping for correction!?" Except no. That is actually really ignorant because B&S used to have over a million players with lots of servers. Now we are down to 1 server, and depending on what time of day you queue up, it can be pretty hard to find a queue for a dungeon ok? So no, "Quit!" is not an intelligent response to tell people when their fervor for the game wavers since it hurts you too long term if everyone does it... which they are more and more. I don't want to quit, but the game... it has problems. More problems than I am listing here by the way! Why though? I mean honestly, the game has been out for years! Why is the game not EXACTLY what NCsoft wants it to be by now? What is the excuse? 1) The game just isn't enough fun, and it is way too grindy and complex. It isn't even clear what all you need to do to gain power, and frankly, I just don't even care anymore. It seems like NCsoft thinks, I am just screaming, "I NEED TO BE MORE OPTIONS TO GAIN POWER!" What I want is a fun game that has a lot of replay-ability. Also, while the exp / gear treadmill concept is ok, it has just become outright ridiculous at this point. They just keep introducing more and more and more stuff. At this point a new player wouldn't even know what to do. Heck, I am not a new player, and even I don't know all the options to gain power in this game because it isn't intuitive, and that is a problem. I don't want to go research it either. It's a game! It should just be fun. It shouldn't require an intelligence check just to know what to do correctly! Let's introduce a badge, and then lets introduce another badge, and then lets introduce hearts, and then talismans, and then... and then... that's not enough, so... so lets enchant the badges! Oh! And lets start putting gems in our pet auras, and and and... more gems for the weapons, and psyches, and stages of the gear, and new gear, and cruxes, and stat boosts for having lots of costumes, and hongmoon levels so you can have more levels than there are levels, and then Hongmoon mastery scrolls so you can have more hongmoon levels than those levels! We need to have these soul shields so that we can sacrifice more soul shield to those soul shields to upgrade your soul shields in an RNG fest to get the perfect stat arrangements because you can't pick because we don't want you to be able to, because we heard that you like RNG, so we put RNG in your RNG so that you can RNG while you RNG! Once you get the perfect stats, you have to max them out, and then you can sacrifice primers to your soul shield pieces to upgrade them even more, and THEN you can use soul warden crafting to use engravings to enchant them even further! Don't forget about achievement based stat bonuses either! Temporary bonuses too: Food. Then there are the stages for every piece of gear, and there aren't enough badges yet, so we need to be able to combine badges into new more powerful badges! Don't forget the talent build choices either. Oh, and then your class has multiple specializations. One of which is still coming because we are introducing so many different ways to upgrade your character we can't even keep up with it! Then there is the unity system. Ascension stones! Radiance Stones! You know what? I don't think this is enough. Stones! I need more types of stones! I think that we should be able to put gems in literally every single piece of gear. Then let's put gems in our radiance stones! I want to be able to put stones in my stones! We already have a heart and a soul. Let's add a new item and call it "mind!" Then we can add another one and call it "body!" This game already has charts and tables just to help you keep track of the upgrade paths, and the charts have been wrong in the past because it IS complicated, but I need MORE charts! That's clearly the answer! Let's psyche out every piece of gear, combine gear with other gear because I should be able to duct tape 3 boots together into 1 super boot like we do for badges! Let's fold ourselves into an origami paper crane to quad our power! I think we should be able to put gems into our enchantments, and then enchant the enchantments! Enchantments should have stages!!! RARGHGHGHAGH! NO! STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP IT! ENOUGH! I DON'T CARE ANYMORE! IT'S TOO MUCH! It's too complex. It is stupid! Simple! Simple, straightforward and intuitive is good! I can barely be bothered to keep up with what the options are anymore (I probably missed some) let alone care enough to actually try to do any of that ridiculous nonsense, but you are at a disadvantage if you don't you know. If you just take a step back and look at all this, you can see how absurd this all is. There is such a thing as burdening a customer with so many options that they don't pick any options, and simply leave. Most of these ways to upgrade don't even offer customization options. It's just another money pit you are expected to dump resources into, or you are at a disadvantage, and you wouldn't want that now would you. The game is full of them. You know what I could also do? Forget about B&S, and just go watch some TV. That is what I have been doing since... fishing came out pretty much... Fishing is also not fun by the way. The game's advancement needs to be overhauled and dramatically simplified. Instead, focus on adding replay-ability based on the game being consistently fun instead of rewarding in terms of gear. 2) The bosses are becoming absurd. I feel like it would be better if NCsoft stopped trying to 1 up themselves in terms of the difficulty of each successive dungeon. NCsoft having a boss fight be different is good! NCsoft having a boss require better gear is fine. Having bosses that can repeatedly hit massive swaths of areas of the battlefield over and over again is NOT good. It's not fun. Remember when there were yellow attacks that you could block, and red attacks that you couldn't? Remember when there were single target attacks, and the bosses were challenging, but reasonable and fun, and didn't just have a bunch of gimmicky moves and one shots? "Do this ballroom dance exactly like THIS, or you lose." That is what the game is turning into. Now we have these bosses like Amara for example that can hit everything around them multiple times every second or so. We have red attacks that are MORE than red attacks now. They are "SUPER" red attacks. You can't even I-frame them anymore. You just have to get out of the way. Forget about blocking them, even if you I-frame them, they still apply a debuff to you or just kill you or something. Think about Master Hong. The dude puts persistent auras on the ground that cover half the battle area, and he does it multiple times covering more than half the map. He does it 4 times with the 5th one at the end that hits the entire field if he gets if off. It is a damage over time effect, but it isn't even accurate to call it a DOT anymore because it doesn't even do damage. If you get hit for 1 tick, you just die. The amount of damage that it does is, "You're dead..." a DOT! It doesn't even matter what kind of gear you have or how many hongmoon levels. You might think you have a lot of health, but the bosses have these DOTs that just do a % of your health in damage every tick. The bosses require a skill level that is just so high... it's not that it is too much to accomplish. Yes it CAN be done, but it's asking so much that I don't feel like it is fun anymore. The game is failing to make be "want" to do it is the problem. It's just complicated, and tedious, and grindy. It's not "fun." The game needs to be more "fun." Blade and Soul at its core is a good game, but the one-upmanship is just so absurd at this point.
  9. Sword idea for Wardens

    Sword idea for Wardens: Sephiroth's Sword. Don't CALL it Sephiroth's sword though of course. It is just a Nodachi. That is a real sword that actually exists in real life. FF7 doesn't have a copyright over the concept of a Nodachi. They didn't invent it or the concept.
  10. A plea for assassins

    For this article I am writing, I am going to ask that you put yourself in the shoes of an assassin. Pretend you play an assassin, and ask yourself if you want to or should keep playing it considering what I am about to say. I understand that assassin is annoying to fight, so it is hard to be fair to them because of bias, but please try to be fair and see what I am about to say from the perspective of an assassin if you played one seriously. Also, please don't assume that the Tower of Infinity assassins are how the actual assassin class functions for a player. The Tower of Infinity assassin bots do things that a real assassin could NEVER do, so they are NOT the same thing. Yes, it is easy to say, "Git gud noob" or "It's fine" if you don't PLAY an assassin, but if you put yourself in these shoes and actually consider what you have to deal with, you will see the problem. I request that SOMETHING be done about assassins. Here are some ideas I had, but it doesn't necessarily need to be these. You know - whatever NCsoft thinks is best, but I do request that SOMETHING be done please. I understand these ideas have been thrown around before, but with archer, I am going to explain why "now" I think it might be time. I am not suggesting ALL of these be done. I am suggesting maybe 1 of these or something like them be done: Idea 1) Make it so that stealth makes you ACTUALLY invisible rather than just blurred, or maybe you can only see the blurred version of the assassin if the assassin is within 16m. If they are outside of that, they are totally invisible. Idea 2) Make it so that stealth doesn't break when you take damage. (Maybe just in pvp since NCsoft is altering how abilities work in pvp lately? Stealth isn't a damage ability, so clearly it would need a non-damage alteration in pvp.) Idea 3) Make it so that Wardens' 8m AOE swing and Archer's myriad of AOE attacks require a target. Idea 4) Make it so that assassins can dodge AOEs and actually have a reasonably high chance to do so. Maybe it is just a static percent chance (70%?) ONLY while in stealth that NCsoft sets so it can't be pumped to abusive levels? That way you can still be hit by AOEs and pulled out of stealth, but it isn't basically guaranteed. The assassin might have a couple seconds to get in there and do some damage. Idea 5) Make it so that shadow assassins' primary damage rotation works to an equal DPS measure output even if they aren't in stealth, so it doesn't matter if you are in stealth other than losing the speed, immunity to ranged attacks, +30% dodge chance (which is a joke because everything that matters hits you anyway), and the inability to be targeted (which is also not really true in most cases that actually matter). Idea 6) Make stealth stance a stance that you can stay in, and switch between with decoy stance at will even if you aren't under the "hard to see" effect of stealth so that you can still do the stealth rotation even if you are hit and knocked out of stealth. Idea 7) If you aren't in stealth when Heart Stab hits while in decoy stance as a Shadow Assassin, it puts you back in stealth with no limits to how many times you can do that as long as you have the focus to execute the Heart Stab of course. Idea 8) In pve, enemies that can see through stealth can only see and target the assassin if the assassin is within 16m. It seems ridiculous to be 20m away in stealth, and some enemy that has you on their aggro table walks straight over to you, and punches you in the face anyway, leaving you asking yourself, "Why do I even have this ability?" Why: The assassin class (specifically "stealth") has been power-crept into oblivion in this game by now. When I started playing at launch, stealth was actually good. Now it is a liability. It is supposed to be a buff. I call it a liability because a stealth based assassin (Shadow Assassin) HAS to be in stealth to have access to the class' better damage dealing abilities for that spec. Lightning rod, and Lightning Pierce both are critical parts of the Shadow assassin's core damage rotation. Without them the class doesn't function properly, and both abilities require you to be in stealth to use them. You are locked out of them if you can't stay in stealth. If you get hit for even 1 point of damage while in stealth, you get pulled out of stealth. Yes, if that happens, you can just use another ability to go right back into stealth, but there is a limit to how much you can do that. For that reason it is required that you not get hit repeatedly. That last point is the problem: Again, it requires that you not get hit repeatedly. The problem is that, due to power creep, at this point, it is VERY difficult to not get hit as an assassin, which is what stealth is SUPPOSED to help prevent from happening to you. What stealth used to do (I can't even confirm anymore because what stealth does as a buff by itself isn't actually listed in full in game anywhere anymore): Movement Speed +100% Critical Damage +30% Opponents, excluding certain Bosses, cannot see the assassin. Chance to dodge +30% Chance to dodge ranged targeted attacks +100% (This doesn't count for AOEs. AOEs have a 100% chance to hit you if you are in them when they land.) Cannot be targeted The problem with this is that if you get hit by an AOE, it pulls you out of stealth. That WAS fine... except that Wardens can swing their sword and hit everything within 8m, but all the other melee classes including the assassin can only swing 3m. Also now there are archers. Archer arrows count as AOE attacks, not single target abilities. A lot of them launched are going to be instant attacks, 2m x 16m long! If that isn't bad enough some of them are 4 x 16m or even 5 x 16m! Do you understand that a meter is about 3 feet? So they are firing arrows that are 6 feet wide? Even battleship rounds aren't that wide! (Only about 16 inches in many cases actually.) It seems ok for a horizontal sword slash to be that wide, but not an arrow! If THAT isn't bad enough, they have an ability that hits literally everything within 16m every second 3 times in case that pesky assassin goes back into stealth it will KEEP pulling them out of it. All of these are AOEs, so they completely ignore the whole assassin "immunity to ranged attacks" thing. "I'll just go back into stealth you say?" No you won't because they are going to whip around and shoot you in the head repeatedly with their AOE arrows during that 3 seconds, and that is never going to stop happening because they can fire those 2 x 16 m AOE arrows off about ever 0.25 seconds. How is an arrow an AOE?! The bullet hose that gunners bring isn't! Sure, other classes can do stuff like that too, but there are limits! For example, the Kung Fu Master can just punch the ground real hard, and do an AOE to pull assassin out of stealth, but that ability has a cooldown, and its not THAT wide. Sure a destroyer can spin to win, but they run out of that eventually. Sure, a blade master can swing their sword infinitely, but that is only a little 3m swath in front of them. They don't have 16m range! Sure, they can put an AOE on the ground and stand in it, but you don't have to walk into it! They can't just put it on you, and then if you move, put it on you again every third of a second like an archer can with their AOE arrow zones! Look at Summoner. Sure, summoner can fire their sunflower and pull an assassin out of stealth, but it costs focus, and when they run out with nothing left to hit, they can't refill their focus, so they can't do it anymore if they miss a couple times, so it is important that they hit. See? There is a limit! There is NOT a limit for archers, and it is rapid fire multiple times per second! Don't say that they can't see you as an assassin while you're in stealth. Yes they can. As an assassin, you are just blurry. They can't use attacks that require a target, but they can use attacks that don't and if those attacks hit, they will pull the assassin out of stealth. Consider the statement on the stealth buff: "Opponents, excluding certain Bosses, cannot see the assassin." That is what the stealth ability says verbatim. You can see the original intent here. At this point in the game, it is ALL recent bosses, AND even a lot of minions that can see the assassin. The only things that can't see the assassin these days are things that don't matter because they are so weak that even if they could see the assassin it wouldn't make a difference. Let me say that again. EVERYTHING that matters can see, and attack you through stealth. I've heard stuff like, "Well technically 90% of the NPC mob enemies can't see through stealth." Right... ok. Let me propose a thought experiment to you: What would happen if we changed it so that everything that can see through stealth currently were changed such that it cannot see through stealth, and everything that cannot see through stealth currently were changed such that it CAN see through stealth? So now 90% of the things can see through stealth, but the 10% that could before, now cannot see through stealth. I'd take that deal in a heartbeat. Just think about that for a minute. No, we can't have that can we? Why not? Because it would clearly be overpowered - you could solo every boss without them even realizing you are there. It wouldn't even take much skill. Assassin would be the most powerful class in the game. See what I mean now? Everything that matters can see and attack through stealth, and if you get hit, you can't even do your damage rotation. Stealth is a liability. It isn't a buff. It is a requirement - something you have to maintain or your class build doesn't work. People tell you, "Just play serpent build." Umm... no... why is it ok for entire class builds to not be competitive? It's not ok. We don't need a work-around. We need a fix. Stealth needs to work. I don't want to play a poison assassin. I just want stealth to work, and not be a liability. Some people might say, "It is ok for archer to be a hard counter to assassin." No it isn't. This isn't a paper-rock-scissors design game. Ranked pvp is 1v1. There is no one who is going to help you balance a paper-rock-scissors formula in the arena. The game needs to be balanced for 1v1 equalized pvp, OR IT ISN'T BALANCED! This isn't REALLY a complaint about Archers thread because Archer is only the most recent addition to top the problem off. This is an assassin problem. Stealth needs to be tweaked somehow to be a bit more viable. I am not saying, "WHY CAN'T I SOLO THIS BOSS WITHOUT HIM EVEN REALIZING I AM THERE?!1ONE[SHIFT]?!" No no, but just consider going into whirlwind valley or something, and there are a bunch of people having a war in the middle with a bunch of AOEs going off from random abilities in there. You'd like to go in and help, but you can't because you are a shadow assassin. Some random attack that wasn't even intended for you is going to hit you and lock you out of your damage rotation. Stealth needs to be worth more. It needs to be... better somehow. Not super better, just... some. Not in terms of damage! I am not asking for a damage buff! I am asking for the ability to maintain stealth or access to the stealth based attacks so the class works. I don't even care if people can see me. Just don't lock us out of our rotation!
  11. Where can I get designer thread these days?

    Where can I get designer thread these days?
  12. Yeah. It was, as I listed in the article I wrote, the Intel 4770k with the specs I listed. That is my current set up.
  13. I had a GTX 660. It ran around 15-20 FPS during boss fights. Now I have a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660, and the game still runs at 15-20ish FPS during boss fights. I don't think it really makes a difference unless the game is WAY heavier processor based than a lot of PC games out there, which I guess is possible, but I have no real way to confirm or not. Otherwise I have to conclude that the only other thing I can think of is that B&S simply doesn't run well on pretty much anything. Here is a link to that thread where I detail all of my testing:
  14. Why the low FPS in B&S?

    So, I have an honest question. This isn't trying to "gotcha" anybody. I am legitimately trying to understand precisely what is causing this. (I am an engineer, and not knowing is bothering the heck out of me.) Here is my scenario: My rig: Haswell intel 4770k processor, 16GB ram. SSD (SATA 3 cable connection type). WAS running a Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 video card. B&S was getting 58-60 in the world out by myself doing nothing, 48 frames per second in Mushin's tower with a bunch of people around me, and would dip to 19-28 during substantial stretches of boss fights where a significant amount of flashy particle effects, and ability skills are happening and such (That is with CTRL + F to turn off show players). I recently upgraded to a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 video card. Nothing else about my rig changed. Now, Blade and Soul gets 120 Frames per Second out in a field doing nothing by myself. It gets about 48 frames per second in Mushin's Tower with a bunch of people around, and it gets 19-28 frames per second during substantial stretches of boss fights where the particle effects are going (That is with CTRL + F to turn off show players). Here is a benchmark comparison: With that much power difference, I should be seeing more of an improvement, but I am not really seeing any improvement anywhere EXCEPT when I am off by myself in a field with a few NPCs around me. I tried running the game stock. I tried running the game with Blade and Soul Buddy with the improved Frames Per Second settings as Blade and Soul Buddy's creators recommended. Yeah Blade and Soul Buddy helps, but it can only do so much. The values I listed above were my optimum performance, which was obtained with B&S Buddy. Without it, the numbers were even worse. I have downloaded, and run benchmark tests on my video cards, and they do actually match the listed specifications, so I know I didn't just get a bad video card. Additionally, when I run other games that are graphically impressive and can hurt video cards at high settings such as Nier Automata, Nier runs at about 28-38 FPS on my old 660, and maintains a solid 60 FPS on my new 1660. (By the way, Nier automatically caps itself at 60, so it can't go higher than that even if the video card could push it faster.) So the improvement is solidly noticeable in other games I play (Tera as well), but not in B&S. Now, what is interesting about this is that I also bought a new monitor recently. It is a 4k monitor. 60hz. 2ms response time. 28" QLED. Fancy. *sips tea* Pinky out. (I literally completely disconnect one so as to not make the video card deal with both at the same time. Also, yes I am using a Display Port version 1.4 cable.) When I run B&S on my old 1080p monitor, I get the specs I listed above. When I run B&S on my new 4k monitor, yes, B&S runs in 4k, and, by the way, looks glorious in terms of image quality. The specs are surprisingly similar though. It gets about 48-58 FPS out in a field by myself. It gets about 35 in Mushin's tower. It gets about 19-28 FPS during graphically intense parts of boss fights. (Again with CTRL+F to turn off showing players and their skill effects) (This is with the 1660 graphics card). So B&S's performance doesn't really suffer that much when you increase the amount of pixels the video card has to push by a multiple of 4, but it also wasn't really that good to begin with. The old resolution was 1920x1080. The new resolution is 3840 x 2160 pixels. It seems like nothing you do is going to get B&S to actually run at 60 FPS solidly when you actually need the FPS to perform when it actually matters such as boss fights. Interestingly, when I run Nier at 4k, my video card screams, "ARGH! IT BURNS! WHY?! TURN IT OFF!" which is the predicable response. Nier Automata running at 4k with the 1660 runs at 12-18 FPS. When I tell Nier to run at 1920x1080, which is the same 16:9 aspect ratio as 3840 x 2160, it pops back up to a solid 60 again, though it obviously doesn't look as glorious. I can actually run Nier at 2560 x 1440, and still maintain a solid 60FPS with the 1660, but I can't run anti-aliasing. If I turn anti-aliasing to even x2, it does drop to 53-55 FPS. Another interesting quirk of Blade and Soul is that Blade and Soul runs at whatever resolution you set Windows to run at. So for example, if you set the resolution in Windows to 3840 x 2160, B&S runs at 3840 x 2160. If you set the resolution in windows to 1920x1080, B&S runs at 1920x1080. It doesn't matter what you do when you go into the settings, and change the resolution in the actual in-game Blade and Soul interface where you can adjust the resolution. If you want to run windows at 3840 x 2160, but Blade and Soul at 1920x1080... no. Sure B&S will show you in the in-game display that it is running at 1920x1080, but it isn't. If Windows is running at 3840 x 2160 B&S is running at 3840 x 2160 too. If you want to run windows at 1920x1080, but you want to run B&S at 3840 x 2160... no. Sure you can command B&S in-game to run at 3840 x 2160, and the little drop down box will even say that it is running at 3840 x 2160. The screen goes black, flashes, and reappears and everything, but I am telling you right now, the game is running at whatever resolution windows is running at, which raises a question... WHAT IS THE IN-GAME RESOLUTION DROP DOWN ADJUSTMENT BOX FOR THEN?! IT DOESN'T DO A DARN THING! THE STUPID THING DOESN'T WORK! This is a bug. Please look into it since they are working on their big graphics overhaul. I am kind of inclined to run B&S at 4k resolution just because the game runs at about the same FPS like garbage no matter what you do at 1080p, 1440p, and 4k, but at least at 4k, your 19-28 FPS slide show during boss fights looks pretty. Anyway... other games perform predictably, but NOT Blade and Soul. My question is: "Why?" Please no corporate smile and nod excuses. I need to know what I would actually need to change to make it run at a sustainable 60 FPS, during boss fights, which I can't hit no matter what I do. Hit me straight between the eyes with the honest to God truth, even if it is painful. I want the truth, not a pretty lie. It COULD be that B&S is just horribly optimized, and can't run decently on anything. On the other hand, for all I know, there COULD be a decent answer to this actually, such as... "Well, you only improved your graphics card. B&S (as well as most NCsoft games actually) is FAR more processor intensive than most games that companies make, so other games such as Nier responded to your specific upgrade more predictably, but if you want B&S to run at higher sustained FPS (60), you are actually going to need to get a better processor. The 4770k in terms of benchmarks isn't terrible, but it simply isn't the best either by any stretch. Your FPS didn't change much because your processor didn't change." Or... some reasonable explanation like that maybe?
  15. Producer’s Letter – Summer 2019 Update

    If it helps with the investigation, it has a similar effect for a LOT of the Gon female outfits if you make a character similar to that, create it, go into the actual game, and as soon as you can have access to the showroom, go there, and then cycle through a bunch of the outfits. A lot of them have that weird effect. As you mentioned some of them do it. Some of them don't.