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  1. We are down to 1 server as of April 24th folks. That's bad. That means we are continuing to lose players. It has already gotten to the point where it can be hard to find enough people to do a dungeon at certain times of the day. If we continue to lose players, it will only get worse. Wildstar was an NCsoft game too, and it isn't dying. It is dead. Completely dead. Servers are down. You can't download the game. You can't make a character. You can't log in. You can't play. The game is gone. It could happen to B&S too. I don't know about you, but I like B&S. I have put a lot of time into B&S, and I like my character. I also feel like it is still the best MMO out there, and I like MMOs. I don't want to lose B&S. However, if you like the results you are getting in life, keep doing what you are doing. If you don't, then you are going to need to change something, because continuing to do what you have always done is going to continue to get you the results you are getting now. Therefore, if NCsoft doesn't change something about its business model for Blade and Soul, it is only logical that B&S will continue to bleed players. I am worried it could go the way of Wildstar. Yes yes, the graphics increase is coming. Archer is coming. Awakening. Blah blah. Those things are temporary boosts. Do you really believe that the addition of those things will be what the game needs to quit bleeding players long term, and bring in new players, making the population increase steadily long term? Those things are going to make the difference? Nah. What needs to happen, is the game needs to be made more fun or entertaining. Make us want to pour hours into the game because we want to, not because we feel an obligation too. Obligation is a negative feeling on your chest like a weight regarding something you have to do, not something you want to do. We should feel a light happy positive feeling of anticipation about being able to play Blade and Soul because we want to. More replay-abity, not more grind. Yes, that is a tall order. It requires good design. It is on NCsoft to make people want to play their game. How are they going to do that? What is driving people away? Why do they leave? You need to identify that and fix it. My suggestion would be that there is a point where the game yields insufficient reward-to-effort ratio. It is WAY too much reward at first, and then it gets WAY too slow. The curve should be more linear, not so exponential. Maybe consider changing the way the game is monetized? People seem to complain a lot about that too. Don't know if that is the ACTUAL reason they leave though. I know Jonathan and Bethany are gone. Don't know how many other people are gone too. I know we have new management. Hope you guys have a plan. So NCsoft, what are you going to change? What are you going to do differently, or are you just going to continue doing what you have been doing?
  2. Legends Reborn Event is Diabolical

    I am not going to disagree with you on that. I am just going to talk about it because you bring up some interesting points I would like to touch on. I would agree with the first part. You can get to a certain power level without too much trouble before the difficulty curve becomes ... grinding 8-14 hours a day multiple days a week for 1 item upgraded 1 click per week. Why complain though? Well because NCsoft gave us their word in writing that it wouldn't do all these things as has been shown in this thread, and broke their word... repeatedly. If someone makes you a promise and then repeatedly breaks it despite it being repeatedly pointed out to them, and they keep doing it anyway, it is reasonable to be frustrated about that. I don't like being lied to, and then having my face spit in by NCsoft when I point it out while they continue to break their word over and over anyway. I do have fun playing. B&S, at its core, if they would just go back to their philosophy, is a great game. The gameplay itself is great. It's not that I want to quit. It is that I DON'T want to quit, but we are down to 1 server as of the 24th of this month. If they close it, we will be forced to quit despite whatever investment you have made. Don't say it can't happen. Wild Star was NCsoft's too and it is gone gone gone. Servers are down. You can't log in. You can't download it. You can't play it. The game isn't "dying." It is dead. Actually dead. I don't want that to happen to Blade and Soul, but unless NCsoft changes their ways, they will keep driving people away until that day does come. That is why I am calling for change. "No idea why we complain?" I have said it multiple times now. Why is it hard to understand? I like the game. I have put a bunch of time into it. I am not done with it. I want it to keep going. I don't want to lose it. If you are on the Titanic, and you see the ship moving for the ice berg, you might want to tell the captain to change course since you have a vested interest in the ship staying afloat right? If the ship goes down, we lose our characters and go down with it. Hehe! WoW is still afloat too of course. Ask yourself this, "Is B&S better than WoW?" My answer is yes, significantly. Why is B&S down to 1 server? Is it because it is an old game? No. WoW is WAY older. What is B&S's excuse? Is it because B&S doesn't look good enough? No. B&S looks better than WoW. Is it because the gameplay is no good? No. Is it because of the way it is monetized? Yes. So what needs to change to stop driving players away, and reverse the process? The way it is monetized. In addition to that, I would also suggest that psychologically there needs to be a certain amount of reward to effort invested ratio that needs to be maintained in order to keep people's interest. They need to feel like their characters are steadily progressing. B&S flubs this pretty badly. The reward rate should be more linear, and steady from 1-60 and then through the gear path and HM levels. Instead the progression rate is super fast from 1-60, starts to slow down, and then pretty quickly turns into a vertical brick wall you have to climb with your bare hands. At that point the effort to reward ratio is no longer sufficient, and people give up and quit. The former parts should be made harder and slower so people don't burn through it. If you were around in the early days, they made you go into each of those little cave 1-person mini dungeons multiple times each, which is fine. It would be far better for sustaining re-playability to have a ton of dungeons that you have to do 10 times each rather than a few end game dungeons you have to do 250 times each, which is what they had... and then they got rid of it because they are dumb. It would be far better to have the gear progression system be slower, but steady on the way while leveling rather than having everything handed to you and then get exponentially more difficult once you hit max level, which is what they used to have when the game first launched, but then they got rid of it... because they are dumb. I thought that it was really neat to sacrifice the weapons of your fallen enemies to your own ancestral weapon to power it up! That was a really nice touch! You do the dungeon to get the level breaker item. You move onto the next stage, more quests, and a new dungeon. You didn't have to spend horribly long on any one thing (unless you got really unlucky and ended up grinding that one dungeon for the level breaker item 23 times, which was statistically unlikely, but that part did need to be improved. Oh and the inventory space tax was a problem. Stuff needed to stack more efficiently or something.) Other than that it was great! That was back when they had well over a million players. Admittedly the population count back then was largely due to the fact that the game was new, and casuals think that new = good. 6 months old = not good anymore even though the new game that is now only 1 month old is actually not as good as B&S. Foolish. When I backed off and stopped playing as much was when I hit that brick wall, and the effort to reward or effort to progress ratio became unfavorable.
  3. Legends Reborn Event is Diabolical

    Yeah. You know, just today, I was running Cold Storage, and the party leader booted this one guy for being HM 13, and having "only" 1200 attack power. (I looked up his profile.) I looked up the recommended attack power requirement for Cold Storage and it was between 950 - 1000 Attack power. The guy that was booted was well more than what was needed to beat Cold Storage. He booted him... for Cold Storage for goodness sake! I was thinking, "WOW this party leader is offensively elitist," but you know, I have been seeing it happen a lot lately. Very sad people are like that.
  4. Legends Reborn Event is Diabolical

    My analogy makes perfect sense. I explained it in detail. If you don't get it you are either on a totally different wave length, playing devil's advocate because you want me to say this stuff, or are trolling. I am not sure which. You can't say that players who can't do it are behind or expect a free carry. It also doesn't mean they can't learn mechanics. This event has nothing to do with learning mechanics. You could do the mechanics perfectly, but if you can't hit the DPS requirement, you can't beat the enemies. NCsoft uses Koldrak to do regular DPS tests on the population. They know exactly what the average player can do. Designing an event that less than half the population can do doesn't make the majority "behind" as you put it. It means the event was designed such that they couldn't do it ON PURPOSE. You want proof of that? Look at stage 1-3. Average players can do that reasonably. NCsoft knows that. It doesn't reward Resurgence Emblems. Then look at stage 4. The average player can't do that. NCsoft knows that too. You think they picked those numbers randomly? No no no. Furthermore, I challenge the concept that players who can't do it are "behind" as you suggested. Consider how you define "behind." "Behind" or "ahead" is determined by looking at the average active player and then considering whether you are ahead of or behind that. That is whether you are ahead or behind. What this event is designed to do is to set an artificial bar that is FAR ahead of the average to create the illusion that you are behind, when, in fact, you are not. It is designed to illicit that negative feeling in you that you get when you get the feeling you are being left behind in order to encourage you to "catch up" and to set an time table on the end of the event so that maybe you will pay NCsoft some money. It is a psychological trick. That is why I congratulated NCsoft on a rather clever diabolical design in my original post. The average players don't want the high end gear with minimal to no effort. They want fun, or entertainment. They want NCsoft to not design events that can't be done by the majority of the population. They also would prefer that other's can't come in and "get high end gear with minimal to no effort" as you put it by swiping their credit card. "... because they are feeling "entitled" according to you? No no. Consider this statement: "I came in here, and I think that I should be able to be WAY more powerful than you even though I am less skilled, and have put way less time into the game because I paid more money than you!" THAT is entitlement, which is quite the opposite of what you are saying. To answer your next question, geared players don't want a challenge. That is why they paid for that gear. That is also why they paid to not have to go through the challenge of earning it. That is why they complain about events like Realmrift Supply Chain, which effectively strips you of your OP pay to win gear, and equalizes you with the rest of the population. The whales complain quite a bit about that event BECAUSE it offers them a challenge. They don't want a challenge contrary to what you said. The geared players don't complain that much about low/mid geared events as long as those low/mid gear events offer decent rewards such as ped packs, and sacred vials. You know better than to try hand us that. On your next example. Yes, as you say, gems are a 1 time investment because they are permanent. Once you have the gem you have it. That is why selling them is NOT a good thing. That is a bad thing. NCsoft's philosophy states that NCsoft won't sell power, gear or permanent stat increases. Do they sell gems? Yes. Do gems increase your power? Yes. Are they gear? Yes. Do they give you permanent stat increases? As you stated, you only need to invest in them once because yes, yes they do. The fact that they are permanent isn't the bad part. The fact that they are being sold, which is against the philosophy that NCsoft advertised to us when marketing the game is why SELLING them is bad. Good grief man, I hope you are just playing devil's advocate, and you want me to make these points for the sake of getting the points out there, not because you actually believe that stuff. If you actually believe that stuff you said I worry about you. As a fellow human being, I hope you're going to be alright.
  5. Legends Reborn Event is Diabolical

    Who is fixated on p2w? I took their philosophy and analyzed it line by line. You are the one who is only focusing on the p2w portion of that philosophy statement of theirs. Also, it seems that you think that it isn't p2w if you can get it in the game in other ways even if those ways have taken over 3 years that the game has been out, and you still don't have 1.3 million DPS, which is what NCsoft is demanding for this event. You could have over 1.3 million DPS in under a month if you paid enough money. That's not pay to win though. Here is my rebuttal to that: If we are playing chess, and I pay $5 per pawn to promote the pawns to queens without putting in the work to earn it by getting the pawn across the field, and then hammer my opponent or out-perform them with those queens, that is not paying to win because I could have gotten it by just playing the game too? I just paid to get it sooner, which is ok right? Doing that would be totally fair and not paying to win? Why do you suppose they don't allow that in Chess? Probably because it IS paying to win. You might say, "That is not the same thing! You might not have actually got that pawn across the field to be able to promote it before the end of the match unless you paid money. That actually takes effort." Yeah... and getting 1.3 million DPS to beat Sacred Longui Stage 4 before this event runs out is actually hard and you probably won't get that unless you paid either, and yes, it is the same thing. It is taking a pawn, a weak character, and paying money to skip gameplay and prerequisites to power it up to a more powerful unit so that you can achieve a goal. In Blade and Soul, it is taking a weaker character, and paying money to skip gameplay and prerequisites to power it up to a more powerful unit so that you can achieve the goal of beating the event bosses before the event is over, or outperforming your fellow players. Paying to be able to beat a boss (the Sacred Longui Stage 4) is winning. Therefore, it is "paying" to "win." NCsoft has created a victory condition, which they intentionally know, by design, that most players, on average would need to pay money to achieve before the time limit of the event being over or you lose out. I will also point out that once again, we see people ignoring the rest of NCsoft's philosophy statement and just trying to say, "But it isn't pay to win because it doesn't meet my definition, and that is the only point that matters! The rest of NCsoft's philosophy gets conveniently ignored." We are down to one server folks! Drop the "it isn't pay to win" argument. It is losing. People are voting with their feet by leaving, but it doesn't have to be that way. Even if you "win" the discussion, it isn't going to bring the players back who have already left in the past for this and similar reasons. Make the changes before we have to shut down the game because it is going out of business. That is what I care about.
  6. Legends Reborn Event is Diabolical

    So if we are playing chess, and I pay $5 per pawn to promote the pawns to queens without putting in the work to earn it by getting the pawn across the field, and then hammer my opponent or out-perform them with those queens, that is not paying to win because I could have gotten it by just playing the game too? Why that isn't allowed in Grandmaster play. Would it not be unfair and paying to win?
  7. Legends Reborn Event is Diabolical

    There. This. Right here. I didn't say it. You see this? Then we have plenty of apologists like this: This next part is meant to be read in the voice of Francis. Here is an example before you read it. Hehe. Here we go: "The game is fine! It is totally fine! It's not pay to win because... of some... technical definition... ahh... that I have... that "pay to win" doesn't meet... and I conveniently ignore everything else in that philosophy NCsoft gave us IN WRITING. Let's see here. We're not going to sell power, gear, or permanent stat increases, so ... so we're not actually selling gems or anything in the Hongmoon store. Definitely not the materials you need to upgrade your gear. That's not selling power... umm... somehow. It's not selling gear... uhh... because... it is the items you need to turn in to get the gear, not the gear itself, so... so that doesn't count! Umm. Gems go in your gear so they don't count as gear... I think, and ahh... permanent stat increases come from the gear, but we aren't selling gear so yeah! That doesn't count either. Also, level 55 character vouchers aren't permanent stat increases because... umm... you can get there on your own, so that invalidates the definition... somehow... I'm I'm pretty sure. Yeah. You can swipe your credit card to hard cap gear, which would make you more powerful than someone who didn't, but that isn't giving them an unfair competitive advantage over other players because... reasons. You know, if we were playing chess, and you wanted to pay money to upgrade some of your pawns to queens without you having to actually get the pawns to the other side of the map first (cause you know... that... that actually takes effort), that wouldn't be paying to win. (The chess rule is called "promotion.") Promotion by paying instead of earning it by the game rules is fine! You understand right? No pay walls to hold you back is true because it is really more of a pay-slope that gets exponentially steeper until you can't climb it anymore, get frustrated and pay NCsoft money. It's not a pay-wall. It's a pay-curved-slope that goes to almost straight up, but it never reaches straight up, so it isn't a wall! There we go! There aren't any pay walls! It doesn't count technically! The 7,100,000 HP Stage 3 Sacred Longui to 236,000,000 HP Stage 4 Sacred Longui to be able to do 1.3 million DPS to get Resurgence Emblems isn't a pay wall. It's not. IT'S NOT! Customers on this forum in the past have repeatedly been leaving specifically for this stated reason, and we are down to 1 server, but... but you know... everything is perfectly fine! It's fine! No problems here. We might not have a game to play within another year or 2 because they might shut down the servers which would make you sad, and you might lose your characters, or not be able to get a queue for a dungeon if this keeps up, but NCsoft doesn't need to change a thing! It's all good! Being mad about a marketing campaign that lied to you IN WRITING isn't a legitimate thing to be mad about. It just whining! Yer just a whiner. I don't see your point." <END FRANCIS> Thank you Francis. Let me take their philosophy line by line. Remember that this is very significant because this is how they originally marketed the game to get people to start playing: This is not skill based progression. It is time or money based progression. There ARE pay walls. Sacred Longui 3 to 4 is one. Making a wall a slope doesn't mean it can't perform the same function slightly differently. Gating content and power behind a grinding requirement that requires more hours and effort than graduating college unless you pay is a pay wall! Just because it can technically be overcome doesn't mean it isn't a wall. Walls have tops. They aren't infinitely high. They are still "walls" though. Money WILL buy you an unfair competitive advantage over other players. Go into 6v6 unequalized battlegrounds if you don't believe me. They LOVE pay to win. The game is pay to win. Here are today's specials in the cash shop: 7 out of 8 of them are pay-for-power items. There are cosmetics in the Hongmoon store, but if you look at the Showroom in game, they aren't selling even 10% of what they have to offer in that regard. For what reason? I have no idea, so they are going to sell cosmetics? Yeah technically, but... not really. Selling convenience? I guess power without having to earn it by playing is convenient? Consumables? Yeah. Ok. I guess that part is true. Not selling power... no that is a lie. Not selling gear ... no that is a lie. The master bundle is selling a soul in it. Selling gems is selling gear. Selling items that let you get the next stage of gear up is selling gear. Not permanent stat increases... no that is a lie. Selling a level 60 character boost voucher is selling permanent stat increases. Just because you can get it by playing the game doesn't mean that it isn't still selling permanent stat increases. Does it increase your stats? Is it permanent? Is it for sale? Yes! Well then, it is selling permanent stat increases isn't it? At this point, even if NCsoft dropped B&S like a bad habit, released a new game, and made more grand promises, I would immediately label them as lies, go on that forum, show them the B&S philosophy they marketed to us when they were trying to get us to play B&S and point out how that was full of lies, so their new game's claims are also probably lies too, and you shouldn't play the new game. They need to clean up B&S, not drop it and move on! Being offended by a marketing campaign that lied to you IN WRITING and broke their word... IS a legitimate thing to be mad about. What is the point? NCsoft needs to change their business model so the game can be more fun, more entertaining, and start growing its player base again, sell cosmetics. Be transparent. Drop the corporate hyper greed. Drop the trickery and the arm twisting. Profit is good! Some money is good. You don't need "all the money." Corporate executives act like decent profit isn't good enough. Anything short of "all the money" isn't good enough. Worry about making a good game first, and prioritize money second. If you do that, the money will follow. (Yes, you need to monetize the game somehow.) We've been playing B&S for years now. We have a new class coming up, as well as a graphics increase. At its core B&S is GREAT game that has a lot of trash piled on top of it by now. Let's scrape the trash off and polish the game. Let's not have the game "poof" on us a year after our new class, graphics increase and awakening. I like B&S. I don't want to see it go away. I want to see it get better, not worse. That's the point.
  8. Legends Reborn Event is Diabolical

    Wow. Honestly, I have been angry about NCsoft's deceitfulness in the past, but at this point it is downright impressive. My hat is off to NCsoft for the Legends Reborn event in terms of how clever the design of it is. Please don't misunderstand. That doesn't mean I approve of it. I disapprove of it, but I am impressed how they tried to mask a pay to win event as a free to play event. You want these "Resurgence Emblems" for rewards. In order to get Resurgence Emblems, you need to grind either the Unleashed Lord of Inferno boss, which is basically hard mode Lord of Inferno, or you can do Sacred Longui stage 4 and higher. You do get rewards for levels 1-3 Sacred Longui and the regular Lord of Inferno, but you only get rewarded for those as daily quests once per day, AND you don't get Resurgence Emblems. You get a different currency called Legendary Orbs that you can't spend to get the same rewards as the Resurgence Emblems. Basically if you can't do the hard mode Unleashed Lord of Inferno or stage 4 sacred Longui, you can go pound sand. The problem with that is that there is a huge power gap between stage 3 and stage 4 and a huge power gap between Lord of Inferno and Unleashed Lord of Inferno. For example: Stage 3 Sacred Longui: 7,100,000 HP. 1 min Enrage timer. 1 min=60 seconds 7,100,000 damage require to kill/60 seconds = 118,334 DPS requirement to beat stage 3 Sacred Longui. Stage 4 Sacred Longui: 236,000,000 HP. 3 min enrage timer. 3 min = 180 seconds. 236,000,000 damage required to kill/180 seconds = 1,311,112 DPS required to beat Stage 4 Sacred Longui. For comparison sake, that is a difference of expecting you suddenly be 11 times more powerful to do 1 stage higher. (1,311,112/118,334 = 11.079) As a side note, it also shows that NCsoft is willing to make another player insurmountably more powerful than you if the other player is willing to pay more money than you despite them saying that "no amount of money will give you an unfair competitive advantage over other players." That was an outright lie. (Shown below) What percentage of the player base does 1.3 million DPS? Yes certainly SOME people do, but what %? Think about doing weeklies and F8 pugs and such on average. Most people don't do that much. The top 1 person might... maybe, maybe not, but the rest of them don't. What a joke. Give me a break. Think about how absurd that is though. Look at the rewards. You need to be able to do 1.3 million DPS so that you can get Resurgence Emblems so that you can buy... Grand Celestial Soul shields 1-3? If you do 1.3 million DPS, you don't need them, so whales don't need it, and everyone else, can't do it. *Facepalm* Who is your target audience for this event? Make no mistake. It isn't about, "How good are you in terms of skill?" The rewards from this event don't flow based on that. It is a gear check. "How good is your gear?" In this game that translates to "How many hours are you willing to grind" or "How much money are you willing to pay to NCsoft?" You CAN do the dungeon as many times per day as you want, but after the 1 time daily rewards, which only reward Legendary orbs, not Resurgence Emblems you only get rewarded for Unleashed Lord and Sacred Longui if you beat stage 4 though. Therefore, the only way to get Resurgence emblems it to basically be able to beat that enrage timer, which means you MUST be able to pull a certain amount of DPS, or you can't have the Resurgence Emblems. Therefore, all the Resurgence Emblem rewards are basically for people of a certain gear level or higher (which is WELL above average). It is a DPS check event where you only get rewarded for your effort if you've got good gear. This is NCsoft trying to trick us again. It is creating a carrot on a stick by making an event with rewards gated behind a gear check, which encourages us to gear up to pass the gear check so we qualify for the rewards, but NCsoft has been using Koldrak to do DPS checks to get a pulse on how powerful the average player is. Then they crafted this event to try to twist our arms into grinding harder, or ideally pay money to meet the gear check. I can almost guarantee you they set the HP and enrage timer DPS requirement such that most people can't make it. So basically "This event is for paying customers," (or players who no-life it) except they don't want to say that. They want to get you to become a paying customer despite their "Truly free" business model claims (They trademarked it!) without realizing their underhandedness. They KNEW most people wouldn't be able to get resurgence coins and they designed it that way on purpose! Joke is on them though. They think this is going to get me to pay them money or grind hard enough to gear up to meet this standard that they know is way above average based on their tests, but in reality, all it is going to get me to do is ignore this event. Rather than playing more, I will be playing less because of this... Haha. I am going to go watch anime, read manga, play other video games, play magic the gathering, go to church, go to movies, go to conventions, roleplay with friends, hang out with my girlfriend, go on dates, and go to work. There are plenty of other things to do. Make it fun and rewarding, or I'm not doing it. It back-fired on NCsoft. Think otherwise NCsoft? Why are we having to merge those servers? Hmm? Not the company line... the REAL answer - cause people are continuing to leave. Mmm hmm. We are down to 1 server (NA) folks. Honestly it is sad how NCsoft has ruined such a good game with broken promises regarding their business model and offensive monetization that you can see right there. Don't hide behind the developers and say, "It is Korea! We don't have the power." NO! The publisher has the power of monetization, and the monetization is largely why the game is falling apart. That lies squarely on NA. For example, B&S is monetized differently in Asia than in NA. The game itself, at its core, is a wonderful game. Try being more generous (not in terms of money). Try making the game more fun or entertaining instead of trying to squeeze blood from a stone. You DO know what a supply and demand curve is right? The way a supply and demand curve is often depicted as a chart is often wrong I find. In my personal business experience I have found it to be exceedingly exponential. $1 difference in price can make a BIG difference in terms of how many sales you get. You have to lower the requirements/prices or people walk saying, "No sale." Honestly, I bet NCsoft will let B&S go out of business before they try going with their original business model stated above in the screen shot given to us IN WRITING as the initial sales pitch that convinced us to start playing in the first place when the game first came out. Think that was a long time ago? The game is only 3 years old. They have NEVER just opened up their wardrobe and sold whatever outfit you want for say... $10 per outfit. They have NEVER tried that. Ever; in the history of the entire game. They have never actually tried their original business model they told us. It was a lie. WHY?! The outfits don't affect anything, and they are nearly infinitely reproducible! They make the game look better, which encourages other people to play it because they see outfits they like. They cost NCsoft next to nothing to sell them! Why are they so exclusive? You have literally hundreds of outfits. Thousands if you count accessories. They look good too! Make some money! Just sell them! I'd like to say that people don't like "pay to win," but frankly, they do. That is why we have so much of it in all the games (not just NCsoft games). If people stopped paying to win then, they would come up with a different business model. The fact that the game is so pay to win is because YOU PEOPLE (the player base) keep paying for power / to advance. We like to blame NCsoft, but it is largely YOUR fault IF you pay NCsoft money for character advancement, and it will continue until you stop. Businesses sell what you are willing to pay for. I don't pay NCsoft for power. I have paid WELL over double the price of a standard new premium Triple A non-discounted ($59.99) game to Blade and Soul for outfits though. There are plenty of others I would pay NCsoft for right now too, but they won't sell them. Beach Day, Fated Bond, Pure White Seductress, Wildfire, Red Rider, Corporate Climber, Tempting Fate to name a few. A whale event disguised as a free to play event. I will give them credit for their creativeness though. Their trickery is almost impressive. Credit where credit is due. The craftsmanship of it is rather clever. How about this for an idea? Drop the trickery. Customers don't like it. Stop trying to be clever. Just keep the game fun so that we WANT to pour hours and hours into it because it is fun, not because we feel obligated to (that is a negative emotional feel), and offer good products for a good prices. Do you know how to make a game fun? If not, go hire someone who does. Maybe go hire some people from Nintendo or something.
  9. Freezes/Lock ups/Crashes in MSP

    So we ALSO need to uncheck Settings > Game > Camera > Mouseover Options > Use Reflex Context Guide? And it needs to be unchecked as well? Ok. Will try. Thanks for the suggestion.
  10. As I recall, there was a way to go to the vendors in Midnight Skypetal Plains and if you had a lot of the green stones, you could trade them in to upgrade them to the yellow stones (Tawny Nightstone) then you could upgrade the yellow stones to the purple stones in order to buy the better stuff from the MSP vendors. Those conversion options seem to have been removed, but I don't recall seeing that mentioned in the patch notes. Am I missing something, or forget how to do it or something?
  11. Freezes/Lock ups/Crashes in MSP

    Iiiiiinteresting. Is that Settings > Game > Camera > Mouseover Options > Display Contextual Action Prompts? And it needs to be unchecked? EDIT: Ok so I did that, and tried it again, and it crashed on me right while fighting the sacred Longui AGAIN. That is 3 times in a row now. I even had the DPS meter off, party 2 minimized, and display characters and pets off with Ctrl+F and Ctrl+G.
  12. Freezes/Lock ups/Crashes in MSP

    1) I have noticed that while fighting the Sacred Longui in Midnight Skypetal Plains has a chance to crash your game. It isn't the same as a disconnect. Something causes the game to lock up. 2) Also, the game tends to lag really hard right when the Sacred Longui is charging his big unblockable red attack that you need to I frame that hits a huge area or you take a lot of damage. The lag is actually so bad that it can cause you to get hit by the attack even if your timing is good because the lag causes you to get hit by it anyway. (These are 2 separate issues.) This happened to me today when I was trying to do the daily quest. I did stage 1, and it was fine. Then I froze during the fight against stage 2. Of course by the time you get back into the game, it is dead, and they are on stage 3, but even if you kill stage 3, you can't get credit for the quest, so screw me. Then I did the quest again. I started at stage 1. It was fine. I did stage 2. It was fine. I did stage 3, and the game locked up AGAIN on stage 3. Once again I am denied quest completion. Screw me AGAIN! This is unacceptable. This needs to be fixed. I'm not going to do it again with an RNG chance to screw me out of the quest completion if the game decides to lock up exactly when it would screw me over. I abandoned the quest, left, and didn't try it again. Screw that.
  13. The game is too complicated these days

    I find that the game is too complex to be fun these days. It is too hard to know what you are supposed to do, and what you might be forgetting. Let me illustrate how many different things you need to remember. 1) Level up to 60. 2) There are hongmoon levels on top of that. I don't even know how many anymore, and frankly it doesn't matter because you will never hit the cap unless you pay a ridiculous amount of money. 3) Go do tons of dungeons to earn the following items: Weapon, Ring, Earring, Necklace, Bracelet, Belt, Gloves, Mystic Badge, Soul Badge, Soul, Heart, Pet Aura, Talisman. (Not mind, body, or pants. Certainly not pants. I guess we don't wear pants in blade and soul.) Which ones should you get? Which ones are best? I don't even know for sure. One of the ones highest on the list probably. 4) Now you have to upgrade each of these items. Just having the item isn't good enough. You need to go collect this ridiculous grocery list of items to sacrifice to the item you are upgrading to upgrade it to stage 2, then 3, then 4, and so on up to 10, and then maybe awaken it, which is basically just a stage 11 that is even more expensive. Each stage has a grocery list that is more ridiculous than the last. You have to do this for every item. 5) Also go get another soul badge and then slam the two you have together really hard plus another grocery list to combine them. 6) That's not good enough. Now level the badges up like you level up the other items. You have to do this for both the Mystic Badge and the combined double Soul badge that you made by slamming 2 soul badges together. 7) That't not good enough. Go do hard mode and get psyche drops, and sacrifice them to your items to further enhance the stats on your items. 8) Now your items are maxed, but there is more to do. 9) Go get enough legendary gem hammers, and open all the slots on your weapons. Fill it up with gems. Get more gems. More gems. No... more gems. I said MORE. MOAR! Sacrifice the gems to each other and combine them into more and more and more powerful gems. Upgrad all your gems to the max. Make sure you get the Obsidian gems and Garnet gem types because those are quite good. You get garnets by making sure you play this VIDEO GAME every day on NCsoft's schedule instead of your own, and Koldrak, which is a buggy, irritating quick time event filled boss that serves as a way for NCsoft to keep tabs on DPS checks for the average community. How do you get Obsidian gems? You run dungeons forever until your eyes bleed, and get really lucky to get drops that you then, turn in for Obsidian Gems. 10) Now you need 8 pieces of a soul shield. Go get them by running tons of dungeons. 11) Now get more of the same types of soul shield. Get the perfect stat arrangement. What stats appear on each soul shield is RNG. Just keep running dungeons forever until you get the perfect stat arrangement for all 8 soul shield pieces. 12) Now get more of the same type of soul shield pieces and sacrifice them to your perfect ones to increase the stats on the soul shields until they are maxed out. 13) Now go buy Masterwork Shield Bases. Use those to buy the Critical Soul Shield Primers that correspond to the soul shield 8 piece set you have. Sacrifice the Soul Shield Primers to your soul shield to increase its stats. 14) Now level up your crafting in the Soul Wardens and craft engravings, and sacrifice those to your soul shield too in order to power it up even more. 15) Be sure to distribute all your hongmoon points. You get more as you level up your hongmoon level. You can get 10 more by using clan crafting. 16) Choose your path for your character. 17) Choose your talents. 18) Alot your Skill Enhancement points. You can get a total of 15. How? I don't know. By doing things. 19) Get all the costumes. That gives you more power. 20) Go do a bunch of the dungeons 300 times each. I am not exaggerating. You get stats from earning achievements from doing this. Do this on every character. No achievements aren't account wide. 21) Don't forget to press your Hongmoon talisman button ever minute in combat. It can't be automatically built into the Simplified combat controls macro and activate automatically like the soul or based on some kind of trigger like the belt. No no. Absolutely not. 22) Eat food. 23) Drink a buff potion. (Probably Soju of some kind) 24) Use a charm. 25) Use Elixirs. 23-26 are consumables. You'll need to keep getting more of them. 26) Don't forget about your regular healing potions either. Keep those stocked. 27) Keep 500 different kinds of tokens and currencies that combine to turn into other currencies, half of which, you don't even know where to spend, but don't throw them away, or you might regret it one day when you need them. It is an inventory tax. Pay real dollars in a game that is advertised as being "Truly Free" for more inventory so you can function reasonably. 28) Go do pvp and get pvp currency to unlock all your Secret Hongmoon Techniques to improve your skills. 29) Do it all again for PVP gear. Am I missing anything? Probably. CONCLUSION: Do you see how absurd this is to have to remember all this? The game should really be more straightforward and intuitive. At this point, there are way too many separate systems all jumbled in random places implemented and applied differently. Imagine a new person or returning player coming into this game. Unless you have actually been with the game reading all the patch notes and are up to date, how would you know about something like... psyches for example? They just keep stacking more systems on to of other systems. There needs to be some sort of tutorial that explains all the stuff you need to do so your character isn't simply behind by effectively not having item slots filled without you even knowing. Ideally, the game should be simplified. This is ridiculous. Whether or not it should be made easier is a totally separate issue that I am not even talking about today. I am only talking about at least having the knowledge of what to do to advance be clear what you should even be doing, and having the process of advancement be enjoyable, and not complicated in and of itself.
  14. Hongsil's Workshop Wrong Voice Lines

    But don't you understand how imperative it is to protect the royal quarters and our dear prince Subin? Protect the audio glitch! *Dakka! dakka! dakka!* This is about as complex, fun and engaging as playing a gunner! *Ratta tatta tatta!* Heheh!
  15. Disconnects

    Was in midnight skypetal plains, doing Sacred Longui stage 5. Died. Tried to res, but the poison auto kills you. Pressed 4 to release. Game disconnected. Tried to log back in. Game client is already running! Had to wait to log back in a second time. Blade and Soul takes a long time to load especially twice. Get back into the game. Game auto booted me from the raid/alliance. It did not offer to put me back in the instance I was in with my raid. I was just out of luck. Very irritating. A tip I can give you for isolating the cause of this is that it seems like almost all of my disconnects happen when a loading screen is triggered. It is a low % chance of happening, but once in a while triggering a loading screen to happen = disconnect. I don't know why. I have noticed that the game somehow knows when it would be the extra inconvenient for you to disconnect and likes to usually disconnect you at times like that. For example, when you are pvping, and a disconnect would cost you all your prestige or some rating. Another one is after a dungeon, and you are talking to the merchant of wonders, but before you make a purchase it might disconnect you. You try to get back in, but by the time you log back in, everyone else already left the dungeon, and the instance is gone, so you can't get back in to make your purchase from the merchant of wonders. Sucks to be you. Another one is when you are trying to do your weekly challenge. You get a disconnect. The party kills the boss. You don't get credit, but you can't do the dungeon again for the week because it gave you credit for completing the dungeon without giving you credit for completing the quest. Now you can't complete weekly for that week. (That was back when there were only 3 weekly pve missions.) Stuff like that. ALL of those things have happened to me. THAT is when it disconnects you. I don't know why, but honestly, I am telling you right now, it has happened that way enough to me that seems like it has something to do with it, though it would clearly be some sort of series of programmatic things causing the disconnect.