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  1. Disconnects

    Was in midnight skypetal plains, doing Sacred Longui stage 5. Died. Tried to res, but the poison auto kills you. Pressed 4 to release. Game disconnected. Tried to log back in. Game client is already running! Had to wait to log back in a second time. Blade and Soul takes a long time to load especially twice. Get back into the game. Game auto booted me from the raid/alliance. It did not offer to put me back in the instance I was in with my raid. I was just out of luck. Very irritating. A tip I can give you for isolating the cause of this is that it seems like almost all of my disconnects happen when a loading screen is triggered. It is a low % chance of happening, but once in a while triggering a loading screen to happen = disconnect. I don't know why. I have noticed that the game somehow knows when it would be the extra inconvenient for you to disconnect and likes to usually disconnect you at times like that. For example, when you are pvping, and a disconnect would cost you all your prestige or some rating. Another one is after a dungeon, and you are talking to the merchant of wonders, but before you make a purchase it might disconnect you. You try to get back in, but by the time you log back in, everyone else already left the dungeon, and the instance is gone, so you can't get back in to make your purchase from the merchant of wonders. Sucks to be you. Another one is when you are trying to do your weekly challenge. You get a disconnect. The party kills the boss. You don't get credit, but you can't do the dungeon again for the week because it gave you credit for completing the dungeon without giving you credit for completing the quest. Now you can't complete weekly for that week. (That was back when there were only 3 weekly pve missions.) Stuff like that. ALL of those things have happened to me. THAT is when it disconnects you. I don't know why, but honestly, I am telling you right now, it has happened that way enough to me that seems like it has something to do with it, though it would clearly be some sort of series of programmatic things causing the disconnect.
  2. An Archer visual theme suggestion

    Please make sure that one of the archer bow models available is the Japanese Yumi. Other good bow model ideas are the English long bow. Understand that being able to look something like this is absolutely imperative. That outfit is a good idea too.
  3. So are you just ignoring this?

    In answer to original question, unfortunately, yes, they are just ignoring it. It has been this way for many moons now. It seems that the lag in 1v1 arena is extra bad actually compared to other areas. That is not to say that it isn't a problem sometimes elsewhere too, but especially in 1v1 for example. It is possible that NCsoft's servers prioritize responses to certain areas over others. Either that or you just notice delays more in pvp because each tenth of a second matters so much more there. You know, these things have repercussions for NCsoft now though. People quit. I have been trying to sign up for dungeons lately, and sometimes I am literally the only person posting to go to dungeons for 3-4 auto posts in a row, and I can't get a full party for a while. You know what that means. Means I am the ONLY person hosting a party at all on the whole server right now, and I can't even scrape 6 people together until the autopost matchmaker posts 3-4 times in a row from the whole server even when my show is the only show in town. That is not a good sign for NCsoft. This has been happening to me multiple times in the past couple weeks more and more. This is the stuff NCsoft is spending your money and developmental time on: That stupid valentines pvp event. Koldrak and his irritating quick time events, and camera angle altering attacks that break your combos, lowering your DPS. That stupid soul upgrade event with that garbage "event mileage" mechanic they tested to see if we would stand for it. The humble brag / boast mechanism as if ANYONE cares about that. Pay to win all over the place after they said it wouldn't be like this when they were launching the game. (Don't say that is an old promise. The game's not even 3 years old yet in NA since they said it. Look at the Hongmoon store and tell me they aren't selling power. I saw a Warden that outgeared my main on day 1 after Warden launched. "We won't sell stuff that gives a player a competitive advantage." Yeah... uh huh. Sure you won't NCsoft.) Tons of great looking cosmetics they could sell instead, but are only selling 3% or something stupidly low of their total amount of cosmetics at any one time. Release a new brain dead OP class that they know is OP on purpose to get people to play it, then nerf it later, pretending like they just didn't realize it was OP, and it took them that long to figure out how to fix it, screwing those people who maxed it out in the mean time over as they introduce another OP class to replace the previous one, repeating the cycle on purpose AGAIN endlessly. Let you pay to win to gear out a class for literally multiple thousands of dollars; then hand those gear items out on a silver platter to everyone a year later discouraging people from paying to gear out their characters while simultaneously encouraging it or you can't win. It isn't just pay once to win. It is KEEP paying to win, or you won't keep up with the new gear, which is even worse. The grind keeps getting more and more exponentially difficult until you throw your hands up in frustration, burn out and quit. To make the criticism constructive, what they need to do, which will also be good for their own company and sustainability of the game in the long run: Focus on the stuff that actually matters that makes a game good, and people will come. The only reason the MMO market is dwindling is because the companies make it too grindy and get too greedy. I am not going to run your stupid dungeon 200 times for 1 item that I THEN have to upgrade as well. I am just not going to do it. No. Make the ping/latency good. Sell ALL of your cosmetics all the time or 25% at a time per business quarter in a rotating schedule so that over the course of a year, it will all be available. Focus on making sure the classes are balanced. Get rid of the pay to win. Make the grind feel more rewarding more often, more consistently. (Notice, I did not say let us hit the hard cap and sit there. If they did that, people would be complaining about how there isn't anything to do within 1 month of hitting hard cap. Trust me. They THINK they want to hit hard cap, but no they don't. They need a goal at all times, and if they ever hit hard cap, they will take off the crown they worked for years to earn, throw it on the ground and quit, which is really interesting behavior psychologically if you think about it. Wouldn't you think you would want to sit on the throne for longer if it took you that long to earn?) Keep releasing new dungeons that raise the hard cap every so often. They actually are good about that part. Understand basic game philosophy: the function of a game is entertainment. Focus on making the game consistently entertaining. Stop with the deceptive and unethical business practices. Stop trying to trick people out of their money. Stop abusing your paying customers because you think they are stupid enough to fall for something and pay you for it once. That is how you lose people in the long run. Just make a good product with good content that is actually worth the money you charge for it, and focus on making it better and adding to it. Stop worrying about making ALL the money - just be ok with making a good amount of money. Priority 1 should be making a good game. Money should be priority 2, not 1. Make a good game, and the money and players will come and stay because your product will be consistently better long term over the other MMOs. THAT is how you win.
  4. Can you equip 1 of each type of garnet?

    There is a pve garnet, and a pvp garnet. The pve garnet is just referred to as "garnet." The pvp one is referred to as a "dueler's garnet." You can only equip one of each type of gem. Can you equip both types of garnets at the same time, or do you have to choose one or the other? I don't know whether they count as the same type of item or not since they do, in fact, have different effects, and different names.
  5. Forging orbs

    4.9 Patch notes indicate the reimbursement for forging orbs is 2 Sacred Orbs per 1 Forging orb: However, it seems it is only rewarding copper instead:
  6. Hoizon belt is listed as pvp, but isn't pvp

    Didn't say to change the Hellion belt as being listed as PVP. The PVE item needs to be in the pve list though, not the pvp list. They can still swap back and forth between one another. It should just be placed on the chart appropriately is all I am suggesting. They can still be kept together, but it is inaccurate to refer to the Horizon Belt as a PVP item. It just needs to be placed on the other side as far as where it is displayed on the chart.
  7. Hoizon belt is listed as pvp, but isn't pvp

    Just sort of a bug here: In the equipment upgrade paths, the Horizon Belt is listed as being a pvp item, but it is clearly pve. It has boss defense in 2 separate locations. That's not a pvp stat. The belt should be listed as a pve path item appropriately.
  8. Little girl in the rain

    WARNING: SPOILERS if you haven't already finished the story to current. (It has already been said, but I am saying it again for good measure.) So I think the story is actually really good. That does NOT mean I am happy about what happened. See, the fact that we are on the forums right now crying about it means that it actually pulled some emotion out of us. That is good writing! We don't like the emotion it pulled out of us, but it made us feel bad. Tragedy is a whole genre of writing. If a writer can make you smile, and make you feel that warm fuzzy, happy feeling inside, that is good writing. It is also important to recognize that when a writer makes you sad, or makes a villain that you HATE, that is good writing too. If a writer can do both, making your flip flop emotions back and forth or command even more emotions than that from you, that is VERY good writing. Yonkai was good writing. I wanted to grind him into paste, but I couldn't because the Dowager was in command of the Stratus Empire, and if I killed Yonkai, he was a Colonel. That is one click down from General ranks. He was high up. The entire Stratus army would come down on the Cinderlands and kill everyone looking for me. Yonkai was a bully, but not stupid. You can assume he had standing orders if something happened to him. Also, think to how powerful you are at that time, especially with the mark of the black rose. Yonkai had a lot of guards. You can kill 5? Can you kill 20? How about 50 at once? He had that many. For the story recently, I was sort of caught by surprise. First of all, I probably wouldn't have taken on Jinsoyun as a student, and I would have let the 8 masters have her when they asked even though it turned out that probably would have been a bad idea. Course they (And Zulia) got her anyway, so what difference does that make? Then when you restart the hongmoon school, I looked at Bunyang, and said, "This one will betray me." (Ha!) I saw too much Lusung in him. I was wrong though. He didn't betray the school, but I am still pretty sure it was only a matter of time. I thought they were going to kill Bunyang just because he was annoying, but then they killed off Bunnah and Jinbin. How could you kill Jinbin!? He was the good one! He was the good try-hard student! I liked him. Bunnah was ok too. She was pretty adorable. Jinsoyun lives of course because she has a severe case of DM's (Dungeon Master's) personal and favorite character syndrome. Jinsoyun's never gonna die. I didn't really expect Ryu to betray us, but... he also just sort of showed up out of no-where. Why did we take him on? Jinbin? Sure! They foreshadowed that back before you ever even met Colonel Yonkai. Bunnah and Bunyang? Sure! That makes perfect sense. Who is Ryu? Where did he come from? I am sort of worried that the cycle is going to come full circle, and you are going to sacrifice yourself... for Jinsoyun like Master Hong sacrificed himself for you. Ugh. That would suck. I feel like Hong made a mistake there. He should have just let us die, and kill Jinsoyun. Don't give her the sword. Then all that stuff wouldn't have happened, and he could have gotten new students. Of course then we would be dead, but... meh. How could Jinbin die? I taught him better than that! He should have pressed 'SS!' Why didn't you I-frame it Jinbin!? (Sigh) Maybe you can't I-frame Mushin's attacks. Mushin is kind of a big deal. Your character is saying that you could have done something... not really. Mushin beat us up when we fought him directly when he was trying to kill the fancy tree lady. Also, the general saying that Namsoyoo is the rightful heir and we need to give the throne to her: I was thinking, "Well... ok technically that is true, but Namsoyoo? She is a spoiled brat. She doesn't even know what is important in life. She just wants more material wealth, which doesn't even make her happy. She double crossed bamboo village, and Dochun, who is pretty much a super good, super nice guy. Do we really want NAMSOYOO running a country, having power over many, many people's lives? Not really." As for new students, how about Poharan? I see light in her eyes. She is just Tsundre is all. She needs to be shown the Hongmoon way, and then she, as the next admiral would be good! Also, having a navy would be pretty neat! Yeoharan? We need an excuse to know more about her. They introduced her, and then immediately forgot about her. Chungsil, and his sister Hongsil - the machine maker from Mushin's tower? She is a cute little bunny girl. Her machines could be fun. Maybe we learn more about the Naryu through her? How about that merchant's daughter who likes Soha - Opal is her name? The one you met in the desert? Maybe she would rather join Ironsights Academy? Maybe that one you help get a job in the Dasari Palace area? Maybe that one who's dad you help save when you are trying to go "dark-side" in Harvest Square? How about Yunwa? We could steal the "top rookie from Soha." NOT Gacha. That lazy guy who wears the gold vest and black pants outfit working for everyone as you quest who ended up being the son who ran away from the Hogshead Pastures Farm - Orpun? That could be interesting, though I can't see him being a good student. Bomani? Nah. Soha? Mmmm she has her own school. The Lycandi girl? Lycan the Mighty was a friend of Hong after all. Bodul? She found her brother Kosan, and you helped reunite them. Now she is his guard and assistant as he is some kind of head researcher for the Talus now? I am pretty sure those two are incestuous. Bodul probably got Kosan to hire her as a prostitute at the blind eye bazaar when she was a gutter-rat, and he fell in love with her. Then, later on, they found out that they were long lost brother and sister, and just sort of went with it. Now they have this weird dual relationship. Definitely an adult concept, but hey... game and website rated M for mature. Makes you sign your age every time you log in. You realize they DID just murder a bunch of children in the story right? Speaking of which, maybe we don't want to make that mistake again and only start training bad-asses so they don't die such as Junghado, Yu Chun, Soha, Juwol, Yunma-Fei, Maksun, that ninja girl from the Stratus empire? She might be looking for a new job since she betrayed the Dowager to help you right? Cobalt and Scarlet widow? Nah, probably not. How about that Yun that loves the New Tree Lady in Valindria? Mmm probably not. She probably wants to stay with the new Tree Lady too much. Yeah I have to say that Mushin has a decent idea of marching on the dark realm, killing the dark lord, and being done with it rather than putting out all these little fires like Cricket is, but he is also almost a demon himself by this point because he was asking you, "How many more innocents have to die?" I was thinking, "Depends on how many more people you murder Mushin! Don't you dare try to put that on me! You are the one who is killing people here, not me!" Also, he just performed the divine mandate ceremony. It requires certain blood, and they used his, but that SHOULD work because he IS Mushin after all and he has already performed the Divine Mandate once before, and it worked for him before. At this point, I can't see the divine realm granting him anything though. The ceremony should just fail, or strip him of his rank as guardian... unless the divine realm is just stupid and blind beyond all reason.
  9. You know how the game denotes who has threat/aggro by putting an orange circle on the ground under the feet of the person who has threat/aggro? That circle disappears along with the character when you press CTRL + F to hide characters. We need that information though. In order to fix this problem, I suggest that when you press CTRL + F, it be made to still show the circle on the ground where the person who has threat/aggro is even though it isn't showing the person just so you know their position. I know the boss still shows who has threat at any given moment by showing target of target by name, but that doesn't tell you WHERE the person "tanking" is at this moment. Knowing the position of that person is very important so that you can position yourself accordingly. For example, if you are an assassin, you need to stay behind the boss. You don't know which direction the boss is going to attack next if you can't see where the person with threat is. When you are in a dungeon, and you are lagging, or you have a warlock or shadow gunner, or force master or something throwing so many fancy particle effects that you can't see... and you have to turn off characters by pressing, CTRL + F so that you can actually see the boss, especially on hard mode where it doesn't project the shape of the attacks anymore... you have to read the boss' moves right? In order to do that you have to be able to clearly see the boss. It's not that I don't like the fancy particle effects. I do! I think they look really neat. I like them, but sometimes it is more important to be able to see and lag less to be able to do your job better.
  10. ok so what exactly is the fail rate on premium trans stones...

    For whatever it is worth to you, says that it is a 50% chance to succeed at the premium transformation stone transmutation.
  11. New outfit event: Favorite Fantasy Outfit Chest and Urband Legend outfit chances

    Alright. Let me go buy a few boxes. I am willing to put my money where my mouth is. Ok! The tooltip in the showroom is not accurate. To confirm what Cesura was saying, You can actually salvage the older outfits for Fantasy Emblems even though the tooltip in the showroom does not say you can. The tooltip on the items you get from the box is different than the tooltip in the showroom, and also different from the tooltip if you have any of these old outfits. I got Entertainer's Will, and was able to salvage it for 1, but it specified that it was only worth 1; not 1-3, so that is good to know! That changes the formula dramatically. It is much more reasonable now. Allow me to redo the math: Once again, lacking more accurate data, I will presume that all the older outfits are worth 1 Fantasy Emblem each. Still going on the presumption of 1 outfit each box. 15 potential options. 50 boxes will get you approximately 93 Fantasy Emblems if the rest of my numbers are accurate, which I admitted that they might not be in my original post saying it was guess work, loose math, previous experience, and working on what the tooltips in game said. Using this new formula, it looks like you get around 1.86 Emblems per box. 80/1.86 means you would need to buy around 43 boxes, which would be 4644 Ncoin, which is $58.05. That is still unreasonable in my opinion, but not nearly as bad as $85-87.
  12. New outfit event: Favorite Fantasy Outfit Chest and Urband Legend outfit chances

    Really? Well this is good information! You know, I was highly considering doing exactly that. Watching anime is a good option instead of playing games. Could also buy the actual Nier Automata game, and play that too since it is singleplayer, and if my computer can run B&S it can probably run Nier reasonably well too.
  13. New outfit event: Favorite Fantasy Outfit Chest and Urband Legend outfit chances

    Beat Cop is worth 10 Fantasy Emblems. Urban Legend is worth 10 Fantasy Emblems. Birthright is worth 1-3 Fantasy Emblems. Demoniac is worth 1-3 Summer School is worth 1-3 Viceroy is worth 1-3 The others are cannot be Salvaged for Fantasy Emblems at all. For the record, Overtime MIGHT be able to be salvaged for Fantasy Emblems, but we cannot assume that because if you look Overtime up in the showroom, it doesn't show up, and it also isn't listed in the Dragon Express in the event tab. Therefore I assumed that it cannot be traded in for Fantasy Emblems. It might not even be in the box for all we know. After all, how is NCsoft going to give you an outfit that the game seemingly does not know how to display? Seems like a bug to me. I am glad to see someone got some use out of this thread by having enough information to think twice before dumping over 50 bucks into NCsoft's coffers, and then getting screwed by some technicalities / easily overlooked details.
  14. New outfit event: Favorite Fantasy Outfit Chest and Urband Legend outfit chances

    Well, that doesn't give us any indication of, on average, even a ballpark idea of how much the outfit would cost you to get if you wanted it based on previous data though. What other people do with their money doesn't really concern me, but I thought it might be something of a public service to offer an idea of how much this could cost you before you start spending all kinds of money if you are thinking about going for it. I wanted an approximate number based on as much of an educated guess as I could get BEFORE spending any money on it. I figured it out as close as I could figure using some rough math and precious experience, and then posted it for anyone else to see since I think other people might like to have an idea of what it might be like.
  15. EDIT: Below was my initial working presumption that I clearly stated was rough unconfirmed guesswork, which has proven to be wrong, so let it not be said that no one on the internet can admit they were wrong. I am pleased to be proven wrong since things are not as bad as it seemed that the tool-tips suggested. An updated price estimate is in a post I made further down, which is also based on guesswork, but is more updated, ever so slightly less rough guesswork now that we have more information. Quick note at the beginning: "Overtime" is an outfit that is supposedly in these Favorite Fantasy Outfit Chests, but it isn't an item you can look up in the showroom. That is probably a bug. WHAT ARE YOUR CHANCES OF GETTING THE URBAN LEGEND OUTFIT? LETS TAKE OUR BEST GUESS BEFORE BUYING ANYTHING. THAT IS WHAT THIS POST IS ABOUT. Alright so NCsoft has a new 2B outfit from Nier Automata called Urban Legend. It is obvious they know that is the one that is going to be the most desired because that is the one that is by far the most expensive in the dragon express for 80 Fantasy Emblems. The problem with this is that I would prefer to just be able to buy it outright for money or earn it. I really don't want to do this RNG box. You have to buy these Favorite Fantasy Outfit Chests, and open them. The patch notes state: "Opening these chests will yield a costume at random, but if you don’t want what you receive, you can salvage it for Fantasy Emblems—a currency you can spend in the Dragon Express for other costumes from the Favorite Fantasy Outfit Chest, as well as a few unique extras." Well we know that NCsoft weights your chances to get things out of boxes differently. For example, you might have a 10% chance to get this one outfit while you might have a 2% chance to get this other item, so we have no clue what our chances are to get what outfit. Furthermore, there are 15 different outfits you can get from that chest, but only 6 of them can be traded in for Fantasy Emblems. If it operates as stated giving you 1 outfit per time you open a Favorite Fantasy Outfit chest, and all chances are equal (this is a dangerous assumption), then you only have a 6/15 = 40% chance of getting an outfit that will even yield you any Fantasy Emblems. Then when you trade the outfit out for Fantasy Emblems, you get 10 or 1-3 Fantasy Emblems depending on what outfit you are trading in. Now we have seen how NCsoft operates in the past. When they say 1-3. Often times you don't have an equal chance to get 1, 2, or 3. Often times you have a 70% chance to get 1, a 20% chance to get 2, and a 10% chance to get 3. SO... Let's do the math. Let's just operate on the admittedly unconfirmed guess work that I have put forth for now because NCsoft refuses to tell us what the chances of getting anything out of a box actually is so therefore... I am going to go by my experience with NCsoft and how they do things like this in the past. So you want the Urban Legend outfit, and you are terrible at RNG, so you are going to have to buy enough of these lootboxes. You buy the boxes 10 at a time so they are 108 Ncoin each for the 10% reduction in price. You need 80 Fantasy Emblems to get the Urban Legend Outfit. You have a 40% chance each time you open a box to get an item that can turn into Fantasy Emblems for you. Only 1 in 5 of those gets you 10 Fantasy Emblems. The others get you 1-3, and it is weighted, like I said, to favor giving you a lower amount. Let's say you buy 50 loot boxes. (Yes I am going to call them lootboxes because that is what they are. Everyone hates lootboxes, but NCsoft hasn't learned from what happened to EA with Star Wars Battlefront 2 because NCsoft hasn't personally been slapped hard enough for it, so they have loot boxes in the game anyway because we as players let them get away with it instead of screaming loudly enough to get them to quit, which is what we SHOULD do, but I digress.) 30 of those loot boxes were wasted money. 20 of those lootboxes will have something you can trade in for Fantasy Emblems. Of those 20 loot boxes (because you are terrible at RNG like me) will not have the outfit you want in them. Assuming each of the other outfits is equally likely to be in there (a wild assumption on my part), then 16 of those 20 will be worth 1-3 Fantasy Emblems and 4 will be worth the 10 Fantasy Emblems. 4x10 = 40 Fantasy emblems. The layout of the 1-3 per outfit is going to end up something approximately like 11 of the 16 were worth 1 each. 3 were worth 2 each, and 2 were worth 3 each, so that is 23 more Fantasy Emblems. So far we have 63 Fantasy Emblems. We need 80, so we need another 17 50 boxes got us 63 Fantasy Emblems so on average we might get about 1.26 Fantasy Emblems per box we open. 17/1.26 = 13.49 and rounding doesn't work because you either have the emblems or you don't. Therefore, we will need to open about another 14 lootboxes. So just based on previous experience with opening NCsoft items, and some loose math, I am totally GUESSING that we need about 64 lootboxes. They are 108 Ncoin each. 1 Ncoin = $0.0125 each. 64 boxes x 108 Ncoin = 6912 Ncoin = $86.40 for the Urban Legend Outfit. You want it? I am guessing it is about $85-87 on average. Break open your wallet Piggy Bank. Also remember... that is the average, which means half of the people are going to have to buy more boxes than that. Hey NCsoft, why not just sell it for 6999 Ncoin and call it a day? Oh that's right... because people would freak out that you want such an absurd about of money for a digital outfit that you can replicate an infinite number of times. Then you would have to lower the price or not sell very many, but you don't want to do that because the bottom line is that there are a lot of people who ARE stupid enough to spend tons of money without knowing the chances of getting what they want, and NCsoft wants to take advantage of them, some of them being children who are going to get mommy and daddy to buy some boxes for them for what is basically gambling, but doesn't technically meet the legal definition of it... yet. This makes me sad that the human race isn't smarter because they fall prey to stuff like this. $85 is more money than it would cost to go buy Nier Automata: the entire game and then ACTUALLY play as 2B! NCsoft wants to trick people into spending tons of money because those people wouldn't be willing to spend that much money for the outfit if NCsoft was clear about how much it costs. Doesn't that seem... hmm... dishonest, and slum lordish? I mean... I would welcome accurate numbers though if NCsoft wants to produce them like they should have on all their open-able loot in the past. *looks at NCsoft*