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  1. Where can I get designer thread these days?

    Where can I get designer thread these days?
  2. Yeah. It was, as I listed in the article I wrote, the Intel 4770k with the specs I listed. That is my current set up.
  3. I had a GTX 660. It ran around 15-20 FPS during boss fights. Now I have a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660, and the game still runs at 15-20ish FPS during boss fights. I don't think it really makes a difference unless the game is WAY heavier processor based than a lot of PC games out there, which I guess is possible, but I have no real way to confirm or not. Otherwise I have to conclude that the only other thing I can think of is that B&S simply doesn't run well on pretty much anything. Here is a link to that thread where I detail all of my testing:
  4. Why the low FPS in B&S?

    So, I have an honest question. This isn't trying to "gotcha" anybody. I am legitimately trying to understand precisely what is causing this. (I am an engineer, and not knowing is bothering the heck out of me.) Here is my scenario: My rig: Haswell intel 4770k processor, 16GB ram. SSD (SATA 3 cable connection type). WAS running a Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 video card. B&S was getting 58-60 in the world out by myself doing nothing, 48 frames per second in Mushin's tower with a bunch of people around me, and would dip to 19-28 during substantial stretches of boss fights where a significant amount of flashy particle effects, and ability skills are happening and such (That is with CTRL + F to turn off show players). I recently upgraded to a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 video card. Nothing else about my rig changed. Now, Blade and Soul gets 120 Frames per Second out in a field doing nothing by myself. It gets about 48 frames per second in Mushin's Tower with a bunch of people around, and it gets 19-28 frames per second during substantial stretches of boss fights where the particle effects are going (That is with CTRL + F to turn off show players). Here is a benchmark comparison: With that much power difference, I should be seeing more of an improvement, but I am not really seeing any improvement anywhere EXCEPT when I am off by myself in a field with a few NPCs around me. I tried running the game stock. I tried running the game with Blade and Soul Buddy with the improved Frames Per Second settings as Blade and Soul Buddy's creators recommended. Yeah Blade and Soul Buddy helps, but it can only do so much. The values I listed above were my optimum performance, which was obtained with B&S Buddy. Without it, the numbers were even worse. I have downloaded, and run benchmark tests on my video cards, and they do actually match the listed specifications, so I know I didn't just get a bad video card. Additionally, when I run other games that are graphically impressive and can hurt video cards at high settings such as Nier Automata, Nier runs at about 28-38 FPS on my old 660, and maintains a solid 60 FPS on my new 1660. (By the way, Nier automatically caps itself at 60, so it can't go higher than that even if the video card could push it faster.) So the improvement is solidly noticeable in other games I play (Tera as well), but not in B&S. Now, what is interesting about this is that I also bought a new monitor recently. It is a 4k monitor. 60hz. 2ms response time. 28" QLED. Fancy. *sips tea* Pinky out. (I literally completely disconnect one so as to not make the video card deal with both at the same time. Also, yes I am using a Display Port version 1.4 cable.) When I run B&S on my old 1080p monitor, I get the specs I listed above. When I run B&S on my new 4k monitor, yes, B&S runs in 4k, and, by the way, looks glorious in terms of image quality. The specs are surprisingly similar though. It gets about 48-58 FPS out in a field by myself. It gets about 35 in Mushin's tower. It gets about 19-28 FPS during graphically intense parts of boss fights. (Again with CTRL+F to turn off showing players and their skill effects) (This is with the 1660 graphics card). So B&S's performance doesn't really suffer that much when you increase the amount of pixels the video card has to push by a multiple of 4, but it also wasn't really that good to begin with. The old resolution was 1920x1080. The new resolution is 3840 x 2160 pixels. It seems like nothing you do is going to get B&S to actually run at 60 FPS solidly when you actually need the FPS to perform when it actually matters such as boss fights. Interestingly, when I run Nier at 4k, my video card screams, "ARGH! IT BURNS! WHY?! TURN IT OFF!" which is the predicable response. Nier Automata running at 4k with the 1660 runs at 12-18 FPS. When I tell Nier to run at 1920x1080, which is the same 16:9 aspect ratio as 3840 x 2160, it pops back up to a solid 60 again, though it obviously doesn't look as glorious. I can actually run Nier at 2560 x 1440, and still maintain a solid 60FPS with the 1660, but I can't run anti-aliasing. If I turn anti-aliasing to even x2, it does drop to 53-55 FPS. Another interesting quirk of Blade and Soul is that Blade and Soul runs at whatever resolution you set Windows to run at. So for example, if you set the resolution in Windows to 3840 x 2160, B&S runs at 3840 x 2160. If you set the resolution in windows to 1920x1080, B&S runs at 1920x1080. It doesn't matter what you do when you go into the settings, and change the resolution in the actual in-game Blade and Soul interface where you can adjust the resolution. If you want to run windows at 3840 x 2160, but Blade and Soul at 1920x1080... no. Sure B&S will show you in the in-game display that it is running at 1920x1080, but it isn't. If Windows is running at 3840 x 2160 B&S is running at 3840 x 2160 too. If you want to run windows at 1920x1080, but you want to run B&S at 3840 x 2160... no. Sure you can command B&S in-game to run at 3840 x 2160, and the little drop down box will even say that it is running at 3840 x 2160. The screen goes black, flashes, and reappears and everything, but I am telling you right now, the game is running at whatever resolution windows is running at, which raises a question... WHAT IS THE IN-GAME RESOLUTION DROP DOWN ADJUSTMENT BOX FOR THEN?! IT DOESN'T DO A DARN THING! THE STUPID THING DOESN'T WORK! This is a bug. Please look into it since they are working on their big graphics overhaul. I am kind of inclined to run B&S at 4k resolution just because the game runs at about the same FPS like garbage no matter what you do at 1080p, 1440p, and 4k, but at least at 4k, your 19-28 FPS slide show during boss fights looks pretty. Anyway... other games perform predictably, but NOT Blade and Soul. My question is: "Why?" Please no corporate smile and nod excuses. I need to know what I would actually need to change to make it run at a sustainable 60 FPS, during boss fights, which I can't hit no matter what I do. Hit me straight between the eyes with the honest to God truth, even if it is painful. I want the truth, not a pretty lie. It COULD be that B&S is just horribly optimized, and can't run decently on anything. On the other hand, for all I know, there COULD be a decent answer to this actually, such as... "Well, you only improved your graphics card. B&S (as well as most NCsoft games actually) is FAR more processor intensive than most games that companies make, so other games such as Nier responded to your specific upgrade more predictably, but if you want B&S to run at higher sustained FPS (60), you are actually going to need to get a better processor. The 4770k in terms of benchmarks isn't terrible, but it simply isn't the best either by any stretch. Your FPS didn't change much because your processor didn't change." Or... some reasonable explanation like that maybe?
  5. Producer’s Letter – Summer 2019 Update

    If it helps with the investigation, it has a similar effect for a LOT of the Gon female outfits if you make a character similar to that, create it, go into the actual game, and as soon as you can have access to the showroom, go there, and then cycle through a bunch of the outfits. A lot of them have that weird effect. As you mentioned some of them do it. Some of them don't.
  6. Producer’s Letter – Summer 2019 Update

    Just for the Gon picture you linked? Sure! And the rest of the body proportions. There you go. Since I didn't really display good pictures of the Yun hand problem before: Also, here is a Yun's hand. Her hand kind of looks like a dead spider. Hey honey. Want a hug? Blueghguleh! Also, consider the new idle animations of some of the classes. Mostly, you see them around the dragon trade union Marketplaces, but a lot of them don't really make sense in that they are loud, and disruptive actions that would normally get a person arrested. For example, can you imagine being in a crowded area like Mushin's Tower, and drawing a gun (gunners do this), waving it around, and then firing it in a random direction? You'd go to jail! A lyn blade dancer reaches down, throws up a bunch of leave that weren't even there a minute ago, and cuts them into a million pieces right next to someone else's arm? You know what I am saying? In context, the new animations seem loud, spastic, and out of control. The kung fu masters and destroyers are just provoking fights. What if the mental image of your character that you intended to create isn't an aggressive violent jerk that acts like that? Another graphical improvement option would be that since the game's FPS drops so low if you don't play with CTRL+F to have "show characters" off, and you can't turn off other character's skill animations while leaving your own on, you basically have to play with "show characters" off. This creates a problem if you aren't the tank because you can't see the tank other than their name, and you can't see their position other than to guess. You also can't tell who currently has threat/aggro unless you look at the boss and use the target of target reference, and then look for the name on the screen to see the position, AND you better keep checking about every 3 seconds or so in case the tank loses threat. It seems like it would be a major graphical improvement if we could just change it so that while playing with "show characters off," it would show who has threat and their position by showing not the character or their animations, but just the orange circle on the ground so you can estimate which direction the boss' next big attack is going to be pointed. I've had a lot of situations where the tank changes position, but I didn't notice because I can't really see because I am having to play with CTRL+F going to disable the character animations so my FPS stays above 19 even though I have a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660, but playing that way causes me to lose track of the tank's position and then the boss surprisingly whips around and clobbers me because I didn't realize that the tank flipped around positions and now I am out of position.
  7. Producer’s Letter – Summer 2019 Update

    Thank you for your hard work on the UE4 graphics update. I'd also like to stress for you to take your time. I can only speak for myself as a player, but I'd rather have it done well than done fast. About the graphics improvement, I have a few things to highlight I'd like to request be fixed: 1) Jin thighs - you can see the polygon angles. I try to ignore it, but it has always bothered me a bit. 2) The outfits echomancer and technomancer have this weird crease in the chest area. 3) Yun fingers have always been horrible super long tentacles even when you make them as short as you can in the character creator. This picture is literally the best I could do to mitigate the horrible thin monster squid finger problem, and it is still a bit noticeable. If you look at a non-minimized finger model, it is WAY worse. 4) If you make Gon chests larger than a certain size, it looks like a graphical glitch occurs because the game doesn't know how to handle it, so they just turn into these weird triangular torpedoes. This is just my opinion of course, but there are 3 surefire ways to improve a game's graphical appearance that I would point to if you want people to immediately notice. You know, not the little stuff, but the stuff that goes BANG! Then people immediately say, "Wow. That looks notably better." A) Increase polygon count of curved surfaces ESPECIALLY on character models. A lot of stuff in the 3d game is actually a wire-frame model with a texture wrapped around it. If you see something that is supposed to be round, it isn't round. It has polygons put together to make it look round. Yes yes, more polygons for a video card to draw lowers FPS, which is why I am not necessarily advocating a huge increase in polygons, though I won't turn it down if you want to! Just a few more polygons in the right places goes a LONG way though. That is what I am requesting. B) Increase texture resolution. Here is a picture of me scrolling my camera all the way into my character's head, so I am looking out of my character's eyes and then looking at the ground. The second one is of a wall. Eww. Gross. Look at how blurry and pixelated it looks. That could stand to be better. Yes I know you would have to increase the texture resolution of a lot of things in the game, which would take up a lot more hard drive space. Personally, I don't care if the game is 200GB in size. Top: ground Bottom: Wall You know, a game called Nier Automata has some pretty low texture resolutions on certain things, and as much as I don't like to admit it, it hurts the game's presentation of an otherwise visually stunning game. A very excellent modder made a HD Texture pack. Sure the mod increases the size of the game from about 50GB to another 1.6GB more, but look at the box this picture. It gets undeniable results. The game simply looks better. It just does. C) Lighting effects. Seeing the rays of sun shining through a cloud from behind it and stuff helps. There are other things that can be done that help too, but those 3 (especially the A and B) are immediately noticeable.
  8. Empyrean Shadows: Item and Systems Preview

    That. I want to talk about that. I think it is a bad idea, and I am going to explain why I think that: I understand that NCsoft's reason, and concept for how this is SUPPOSED to work is for this change to be an attempt at a solution to queue time problems. Basically the pvp population is so low that if you sign up for pvp at certain times of the day, you don't get in, or you end up fighting the same person over and over. Stuff like that. This solution is designed to clump up everyone who would participate in pvp through the course of the week into a more narrow time frame, thus increasing the variety of opponents you will see as well as making the queue times more reasonable. Well it isn't going to work. This is going to kill pvp even faster. Here is why: We don't want to play NCsoft's game on NCsoft's schedule. We have jobs. We have lives. We have other stuff to do. What does NCsoft think we are? Whoever came up with this must think we are mind numbed robots who just obey orders from NCsoft. NCsoft must think that if they do this, we will all just say, "Oh! I understand. Yes master! I will now schedule my life around Blade and Soul." Blade and Soul is a form of entertainment. It is NOT priority one in life, and NO it isn't going to become priority one in life either just because NCsoft wants it to be. This is what is ACTUALLY going to happen: Sure some people will do what NCsoft wants, but other people, will log on, and say, "Hmm. I'd like to do some pvp. Oh! It isn't available right now. Darn that makes me mad. When is it available? Let me look at the schedule. Hmm. Yeah that schedule doesn't work for me. Should I cancel that thing I was going to do so I can play Blade and Soul when NCsoft thinks I should? Nah. Not going to do that. This is a game. Hmm... but being a creature of habit, this time is not going to work for me very often. Guess pvp isn't an option for me anymore. Darn." And then if pvp was their favorite thing to do, they might just end up quitting a 1-3 months later if the other styles of combat don't appeal to them. Additionally, it doesn't matter what times you pick. We have a 24 hour economy. If you gate an event behind certain times, SOMEONE is going to be inconvenienced by the schedule. For this reason, since B&S is a form of entertainment, it is important that it be available on demand when the player is ready for it, not when NCsoft THINKS the player should schedule their life for it. Video games are what you do when you don't have anything more important to do. That said, I do end up playing games a lot, but gating things behind times requires B&S to be put higher up on life's priorities list because it requires you to pencil in "B&S" on your calendar instead of other things. Now I understand that there is some big wig at NCsoft wringing their hand saying "Yeah yeah yeah! Pencil in B&S every day on your calendar! In fact, use pen!" NO! It simply isn't going to happen! Not for me anyway. They need to accept that, know their place, and build a business model around that instead of trying to twist your arm into setting B&S higher on the priorities list in your life. NCsoft might think they are in charge, but they aren't. Ultimately, the customers are. If they want the your money, they will do what you want. If we stop paying, they stop eating. That makes you the boss, not them. Sure they can ban people if they want, but that is just biting the hand that feeds them. Is that smart? They are already down to 1 server. I remind you of Linxy and Babletron. Maybe they should consider getting their head out of their rear end. This time gating suggests a level of entitlement on NCsoft's part and that we will just play the game however they think we should that suggests that whoever thought of this is really out of touch. SO THAT IS WHY THIS IS A BAD IDEA. NOW, HERE IS HOW TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM IN A DIFFERENT WAY: The first step in solving a problem is to recognize why it is happening. So why is it happening? Well in any MMO, the pvp community is always smaller than the pve community because pvp is inherently competitive, and people shy away from that, especially if it is non-equalized because no one wants to sign up for something where they have to pay money or smash their face against a brick wall repeatedly where they have almost not chance for literally the next year straight before they even have a competitive CHANCE. Not to win... to have a CHANCE. Secondly, people don't do stuff in MMO's unless it is either 1) Fun, or 2) Rewarding. In terms of a very strict effort to reward ratio. 1v1 equalized pvp IS fun in my opinion, but that isn't enough for a lot of people. It also needs to have a sufficient effort to reward ratio. That means the reason why people don't pvp is because, for a lot of people, it isn't worth doing. What does that mean? Well, it means that if NCsoft wants more people to sign up for pvp, they need to make it worth our time. DON'T GATE PVP BEHIND A TIME WALL. THAT MAKES IT EVEN MORE RESTRICTIVE! Instead, use a carrot on a stick approach. Make it so that signing up for pvp is actually worth your time to do over and over all day long. Make it something that is worth grinding. In order to do that, the reward to effort ratio basically needs to translate into a sufficient amount of gold per hour for doing pvp that is at least equal to if not better than doing whatever else is the most efficient activity in the game. THAT IS HOW YOU GET PEOPLE TO DO PVP. HOWEVER... the problem here is that if you make pvp one of the best things to do to advance your character, you will have tons more bots signing up for pvp again. NCsoft needs to get REAL strict about that. Even if you design it in such a way that the rewards can't be sold, the bot makers will just grind up a character to max through the pvp system, and then sell the account. So yes, if you want to save pvp, it does need to be rewarding in terms of character advancement, but it also needs to be equalized 1v1 and without bots. Also, the game needs to be balanced for 1v1 combat. Don't hide behind a paper-rock-scissors argument. That is just an excuse. If the game isn't balanced for equalized 1v1 combat, it isn't balanced PERIOD. Also, stop with this ridiculous concept of "Frenzy." If there are times when the rewards are amplified, people will ONLY sign up during those times. That is bad. The rewards need to be equal all the time, AND they need to be good ALL THE TIME. 6v6 is absurd and NCsoft knows it. I mean, people... beluga lagoon is literally whale themed. When NCsoft does the World Martial Arts Tournament on Twitch, is it like the olympics where they have multiple different types of events, and 6v6 is one of them? No. Is open world soul stone planes combat one of the events? No. Why not? It's because NCsoft is ashamed of it. When they hold up B&S pvp on a pedestal for the world to watch, they don't want to show off 6v6 and open world combat. What do they show? 1v1 equalized and 3v3 equalized pvp because they know that is real, actual pvp. 6v6 and open world nonsense isn't fair or what people want to watch. Consider the PVE dungeon finder. You can sign up for any dungeon you want any time you want, and usually get in within a reasonable amount of time. This suggests that there ARE enough people. They don't need to be time-gated. What people need is to see a reason to sign up for pvp in the first place. If pvp were to be rewarded to a sufficient degree to make it worth grinding, then people would do it. 3v3 is annoying to me because if you lose, it can often times be your team's fault. 6v6 is annoying because you are constantly getting steam rolled by people who paid to have a competitive advantage over you, which NCsoft said they wouldn't allow, but you know... they outright lied. Note that I don't have a problem with people having a competitive advantage over others. I have a problem with people with Incinerator 9 and a full set of pvp gear steam rolling you who PAID to have that. If they earned it, fine, but you CAN pay for it, and NCsoft said that they wouldn't sell power, and they absolutely are. Therefore, what I recommend is that NCsoft re-balance the rewards for 1v1 equalized pvp. Make it worth grinding. Again the way you do this is to consider what the most efficient thing to do to grind in the game is. Figure out how much gold per hour grinding that is worth. Then make sure 1v1 equalized pvp is worth at least about that much +/-5%. Make pvp an actual way to advance your character solo at an effort to reward ratio that is competitive compared to pve, or better. Maybe reward pve gear for pvp? Maybe that is a bad idea though. Maybe reward pvp gear for 1v1 pvp, and then when people have max pvp gear from doing equalized pvp, THEN they can step into Beluga Lagoon, and actually be competitive because they earned the gear in 1v1 equalized? Maybe award the moonstone boxes that they can sell for money in 1v1 or more non-bound soulstones they can sell for gold? Maybe pvp just awards gold or your choice of a legendary element, or jewel that you can use for pve OR pvp gear? I am sure NCsoft is going to say, "Well you know. We need to just try this pvp time-gating thing and see how it goes." No you don't! You've already tried it. Just consider that data. You know how Koldrak is time gated? I WOULD run Koldrack every day, but I don't because I don't wait for it or schedule for it, and I refuse to. If it is available, I do it, but if I am not on, or in a raid or dungeon or something... oh well. I am not going to put one iota of thought into trying to make NCsoft's schedule for Koldrack. As a result I end up doing it maybe once a week instead of every day like I would it it were available on my time. That's what's going to happen for pvp if they time-gate pvp too. NCsoft doesn't necessarily need to do exactly what I am suggesting, but if they did something LIKE what I am suggesting, then they wouldn't have to time-gate pvp, which will only kill it even faster by making it even more restrictive. Instead, they wouldn't need to time-gate it because people would actually sign up for it again because it is worth their while and not frustrating due to the ability to buy power like in 6v6. Again, careful for bots. They WILL try. Trust me. They WILL try. You need to have some system in place to prevent bots before it even launches, and it needs to be almost foolproof. Be ready for that. Maybe a CAPTCHA style gate to get into every match to prove a human is actually playing or something? You would need to prove your are a human somehow OFTEN. Not just once a day, or people would sign up and then activate the bot for the whole day. If there was a pattern, the botters WILL find it. Trust me.
  9. Money making suggestion

    Cosmetic Money Making Suggestion: STEP 1) B&S has a lot of outfits. They look real good too! If you count outfits, adornments, head adornments, face adornments, weapons and pets, B&S has literally thousands of cosmetics, but if you look at the Hongmoon Store, they are selling the same set of cosmetics they have been selling since launch day. Only about 3-4 of those cosmetics actually cycle out. It is pathetic. If you consider the amount of cosmetics B&S has to offer compared to the amount they are offering at any one time, it is less than 5%, AND 90% of that 5% doesn't cycle in terms of what is being offered. They are just sitting on 95% of their cosmetics that they could be selling. I suggest dividing all of the cosmetics up into 4 equal quarters and offering 25% of B&S's stash for 3 months at a time for each business quarter. If you play B&S for a year, you will have an opportunity to buy any outfit in the game minus a few outfits here and there in case they want to make them quest reward only or some such exclusivity type of restriction. If the offering period is 3 months long, there is almost no excuse for missing the opportunity to buy unless you just quit the game for a while. Right now, if something goes on sale for 1 day you might miss it. Sure you could say, "We offer stuff for 1 day flash sales because we want people to log in every day to check." Well that is great, but if the person missed the sale, NCsoft lost the sale. That is less money for NCsoft. It is worth more money to you to offer the sale for longer. Sell everything one piece at a time instead of in packages. Outfit = 800 NCoin / Hongmoon Coin = $10. Adornment, Head Adornment, Face Adornment = 400 NCoin/Hongmoon Coin = $5. Weapon = 640 NCoin / Hongmoon Coin = $8 Pet = 560 NCoin / Hongmoon Coin = $7 SELL THEM! Get rich boy! STEP 2) The tailor shop is real neat. Go back and put developmental time and effort into making all the Outfits, Adornments, Head Adornments. Face adornments, Weapons, and Pets alterable via the tailor shop (DO A GOOD JOB!) and then sell the stuff needed to do it for NCoin / Hongmoon Coin. More money. You can call it "fabric" or "tailoring thread" or whatever you want. No one really cares. Let's say the cost of the materials to alter something works something like this: 400 NCoin / Hongmoon Coin = $5 to alter an outfit. 240 NCoin / Hongmoon Coin = $3 to alter an Adornment, Head Adornment, Face adornment 320 NCoin / Hongmoon Coin = $4 to alter a Weapon 320 NCoin / Hongmoon Coin = $4 to alter a Pet STEP 3) What if you have an outfit that you see a LOT of possibility for? You would like to pay $5 to alter its look, but you want it to be able to look 4 different ways. Clearly you aren't going to pay $5 to alter it back and forth every single time! Since the Showroom only houses 1 copy of each outfit, add an additional functionality to the Tailor Shop that lets people switch between any color / look / outfit combination they have previously bought for an outfit including the original / default look as often as they want freely. This will encourage people to pay to alter each outfit multiple times to look like multiple different outfits! Maybe you pay some minimal amount of money every time you want to add another tab / look to an outfit so you can switch back and forth as much as you want like $1-2. How many tabs do you want for this outfit? 4? No problem! More money. STEP 4) Make the Showroom account wide so that any character on your account can wear any outfit you have. This will encourage people to buy more outfits because any character they have can wear the outfit without having to pay to swap it back and forth. People like the concept of, "I buy it one time, and I have it. I don't have to buy it again or pay to transfer every time. Convenience!" It is ok to nickle and dime people, but be careful so that it doesn't FEEL like they are being nickle and dimed. For people who bought the same outfit multiple times, let them salvage the extra outfits for the equal Hongmoon Coin value in materials to alter other outfits' colors / looks. That last part is important, otherwise they would feel cheated. That loses customers. STEP 5) Make more outfits. Only good ideas though. Don't force an outfit out just because the schedule says it is time to release another outfit. Just look at anime and video games, and whatever else is popular for inspiration though. Remember the 2B outfit NCsoft put into B&S (Urband Legend)? Copy the outfits and put them in. People like familiarity. Let us dress like our favorite characters. Change a few details or colors that no one cares about if you have to for copyright purposes. Then we can change the colors back when we alter the outfits. More money. Don't tell me you've run out of ideas. Just for one quick example, the color and bat pattern for an outfit like this is already in the Tailor Shop. Eh? Eh? STEP 6) Sell all the hair styles as head adornments. The default color is whatever your character's hair color is. Now that the hair is a head adornment you can alter it. That means you can buy multiple tabs for that same hair style piece as described in STEP 3), and change your hair color back and forth as much as you want without having to pay for a character alteration voucher every single time you just want to do something as simple as comb your hair differently or dye it. More money. STEP 7) Offer more customization in the tailor shop. We need to be able to put patterns on everything. If you have to, chop the outfit up into more than just the 4 categories - Main, Secondary, Detail, and Accessory. Some outfits might not have all the sections. So what? Some outfits are more complex than others. It is ok. More options means more people will be able to do what they want with the outfit, and therefore, be willing to spend the money to alter it. If they can't alter it the way they were hoping, they won't spend the money. More money! STEP 8) If you do all this, B&S itself will look better by comparison because people will be walking around in fantastic looking finery. Let's be honest, the prettier a game looks, the better it sells. That clearly isn't the only thing that matters, but it certainly helps! New players will look at B&S and say, "Wow! Look at all those great looking outfits! Everyone looks amazing ... except for that one guy who made himself look like Porky Pig in a mascot costume... I want an outfit like that other person over there though!" Then they will come play. The game will also retain players longer if the players like how their character looks. More player retention and more new players who will then buy more outfits means even more money! The best part is that it is all cosmetic, not power, so it is fine to charge for it, and people won't complain... as much. Hehe!
  10. We are down to 1 server as of April 24th folks. That's bad. That means we are continuing to lose players. It has already gotten to the point where it can be hard to find enough people to do a dungeon at certain times of the day. If we continue to lose players, it will only get worse. Wildstar was an NCsoft game too, and it isn't dying. It is dead. Completely dead. Servers are down. You can't download the game. You can't make a character. You can't log in. You can't play. The game is gone. It could happen to B&S too. I don't know about you, but I like B&S. I have put a lot of time into B&S, and I like my character. I also feel like it is still the best MMO out there, and I like MMOs. I don't want to lose B&S. However, if you like the results you are getting in life, keep doing what you are doing. If you don't, then you are going to need to change something, because continuing to do what you have always done is going to continue to get you the results you are getting now. Therefore, if NCsoft doesn't change something about its business model for Blade and Soul, it is only logical that B&S will continue to bleed players. I am worried it could go the way of Wildstar. Yes yes, the graphics increase is coming. Archer is coming. Awakening. Blah blah. Those things are temporary boosts. Do you really believe that the addition of those things will be what the game needs to quit bleeding players long term, and bring in new players, making the population increase steadily long term? Those things are going to make the difference? Nah. What needs to happen, is the game needs to be made more fun or entertaining. Make us want to pour hours into the game because we want to, not because we feel an obligation too. Obligation is a negative feeling on your chest like a weight regarding something you have to do, not something you want to do. We should feel a light happy positive feeling of anticipation about being able to play Blade and Soul because we want to. More replay-abity, not more grind. Yes, that is a tall order. It requires good design. It is on NCsoft to make people want to play their game. How are they going to do that? What is driving people away? Why do they leave? You need to identify that and fix it. My suggestion would be that there is a point where the game yields insufficient reward-to-effort ratio. It is WAY too much reward at first, and then it gets WAY too slow. The curve should be more linear, not so exponential. Maybe consider changing the way the game is monetized? People seem to complain a lot about that too. Don't know if that is the ACTUAL reason they leave though. I know Jonathan and Bethany are gone. Don't know how many other people are gone too. I know we have new management. Hope you guys have a plan. So NCsoft, what are you going to change? What are you going to do differently, or are you just going to continue doing what you have been doing?
  11. Legends Reborn Event is Diabolical

    I am not going to disagree with you on that. I am just going to talk about it because you bring up some interesting points I would like to touch on. I would agree with the first part. You can get to a certain power level without too much trouble before the difficulty curve becomes ... grinding 8-14 hours a day multiple days a week for 1 item upgraded 1 click per week. Why complain though? Well because NCsoft gave us their word in writing that it wouldn't do all these things as has been shown in this thread, and broke their word... repeatedly. If someone makes you a promise and then repeatedly breaks it despite it being repeatedly pointed out to them, and they keep doing it anyway, it is reasonable to be frustrated about that. I don't like being lied to, and then having my face spit in by NCsoft when I point it out while they continue to break their word over and over anyway. I do have fun playing. B&S, at its core, if they would just go back to their philosophy, is a great game. The gameplay itself is great. It's not that I want to quit. It is that I DON'T want to quit, but we are down to 1 server as of the 24th of this month. If they close it, we will be forced to quit despite whatever investment you have made. Don't say it can't happen. Wild Star was NCsoft's too and it is gone gone gone. Servers are down. You can't log in. You can't download it. You can't play it. The game isn't "dying." It is dead. Actually dead. I don't want that to happen to Blade and Soul, but unless NCsoft changes their ways, they will keep driving people away until that day does come. That is why I am calling for change. "No idea why we complain?" I have said it multiple times now. Why is it hard to understand? I like the game. I have put a bunch of time into it. I am not done with it. I want it to keep going. I don't want to lose it. If you are on the Titanic, and you see the ship moving for the ice berg, you might want to tell the captain to change course since you have a vested interest in the ship staying afloat right? If the ship goes down, we lose our characters and go down with it. Hehe! WoW is still afloat too of course. Ask yourself this, "Is B&S better than WoW?" My answer is yes, significantly. Why is B&S down to 1 server? Is it because it is an old game? No. WoW is WAY older. What is B&S's excuse? Is it because B&S doesn't look good enough? No. B&S looks better than WoW. Is it because the gameplay is no good? No. Is it because of the way it is monetized? Yes. So what needs to change to stop driving players away, and reverse the process? The way it is monetized. In addition to that, I would also suggest that psychologically there needs to be a certain amount of reward to effort invested ratio that needs to be maintained in order to keep people's interest. They need to feel like their characters are steadily progressing. B&S flubs this pretty badly. The reward rate should be more linear, and steady from 1-60 and then through the gear path and HM levels. Instead the progression rate is super fast from 1-60, starts to slow down, and then pretty quickly turns into a vertical brick wall you have to climb with your bare hands. At that point the effort to reward ratio is no longer sufficient, and people give up and quit. The former parts should be made harder and slower so people don't burn through it. If you were around in the early days, they made you go into each of those little cave 1-person mini dungeons multiple times each, which is fine. It would be far better for sustaining re-playability to have a ton of dungeons that you have to do 10 times each rather than a few end game dungeons you have to do 250 times each, which is what they had... and then they got rid of it because they are dumb. It would be far better to have the gear progression system be slower, but steady on the way while leveling rather than having everything handed to you and then get exponentially more difficult once you hit max level, which is what they used to have when the game first launched, but then they got rid of it... because they are dumb. I thought that it was really neat to sacrifice the weapons of your fallen enemies to your own ancestral weapon to power it up! That was a really nice touch! You do the dungeon to get the level breaker item. You move onto the next stage, more quests, and a new dungeon. You didn't have to spend horribly long on any one thing (unless you got really unlucky and ended up grinding that one dungeon for the level breaker item 23 times, which was statistically unlikely, but that part did need to be improved. Oh and the inventory space tax was a problem. Stuff needed to stack more efficiently or something.) Other than that it was great! That was back when they had well over a million players. Admittedly the population count back then was largely due to the fact that the game was new, and casuals think that new = good. 6 months old = not good anymore even though the new game that is now only 1 month old is actually not as good as B&S. Foolish. When I backed off and stopped playing as much was when I hit that brick wall, and the effort to reward or effort to progress ratio became unfavorable.
  12. Legends Reborn Event is Diabolical

    Yeah. You know, just today, I was running Cold Storage, and the party leader booted this one guy for being HM 13, and having "only" 1200 attack power. (I looked up his profile.) I looked up the recommended attack power requirement for Cold Storage and it was between 950 - 1000 Attack power. The guy that was booted was well more than what was needed to beat Cold Storage. He booted him... for Cold Storage for goodness sake! I was thinking, "WOW this party leader is offensively elitist," but you know, I have been seeing it happen a lot lately. Very sad people are like that.
  13. Legends Reborn Event is Diabolical

    My analogy makes perfect sense. I explained it in detail. If you don't get it you are either on a totally different wave length, playing devil's advocate because you want me to say this stuff, or are trolling. I am not sure which. You can't say that players who can't do it are behind or expect a free carry. It also doesn't mean they can't learn mechanics. This event has nothing to do with learning mechanics. You could do the mechanics perfectly, but if you can't hit the DPS requirement, you can't beat the enemies. NCsoft uses Koldrak to do regular DPS tests on the population. They know exactly what the average player can do. Designing an event that less than half the population can do doesn't make the majority "behind" as you put it. It means the event was designed such that they couldn't do it ON PURPOSE. You want proof of that? Look at stage 1-3. Average players can do that reasonably. NCsoft knows that. It doesn't reward Resurgence Emblems. Then look at stage 4. The average player can't do that. NCsoft knows that too. You think they picked those numbers randomly? No no no. Furthermore, I challenge the concept that players who can't do it are "behind" as you suggested. Consider how you define "behind." "Behind" or "ahead" is determined by looking at the average active player and then considering whether you are ahead of or behind that. That is whether you are ahead or behind. What this event is designed to do is to set an artificial bar that is FAR ahead of the average to create the illusion that you are behind, when, in fact, you are not. It is designed to illicit that negative feeling in you that you get when you get the feeling you are being left behind in order to encourage you to "catch up" and to set an time table on the end of the event so that maybe you will pay NCsoft some money. It is a psychological trick. That is why I congratulated NCsoft on a rather clever diabolical design in my original post. The average players don't want the high end gear with minimal to no effort. They want fun, or entertainment. They want NCsoft to not design events that can't be done by the majority of the population. They also would prefer that other's can't come in and "get high end gear with minimal to no effort" as you put it by swiping their credit card. "... because they are feeling "entitled" according to you? No no. Consider this statement: "I came in here, and I think that I should be able to be WAY more powerful than you even though I am less skilled, and have put way less time into the game because I paid more money than you!" THAT is entitlement, which is quite the opposite of what you are saying. To answer your next question, geared players don't want a challenge. That is why they paid for that gear. That is also why they paid to not have to go through the challenge of earning it. That is why they complain about events like Realmrift Supply Chain, which effectively strips you of your OP pay to win gear, and equalizes you with the rest of the population. The whales complain quite a bit about that event BECAUSE it offers them a challenge. They don't want a challenge contrary to what you said. The geared players don't complain that much about low/mid geared events as long as those low/mid gear events offer decent rewards such as ped packs, and sacred vials. You know better than to try hand us that. On your next example. Yes, as you say, gems are a 1 time investment because they are permanent. Once you have the gem you have it. That is why selling them is NOT a good thing. That is a bad thing. NCsoft's philosophy states that NCsoft won't sell power, gear or permanent stat increases. Do they sell gems? Yes. Do gems increase your power? Yes. Are they gear? Yes. Do they give you permanent stat increases? As you stated, you only need to invest in them once because yes, yes they do. The fact that they are permanent isn't the bad part. The fact that they are being sold, which is against the philosophy that NCsoft advertised to us when marketing the game is why SELLING them is bad. Good grief man, I hope you are just playing devil's advocate, and you want me to make these points for the sake of getting the points out there, not because you actually believe that stuff. If you actually believe that stuff you said I worry about you. As a fellow human being, I hope you're going to be alright.
  14. Legends Reborn Event is Diabolical

    Who is fixated on p2w? I took their philosophy and analyzed it line by line. You are the one who is only focusing on the p2w portion of that philosophy statement of theirs. Also, it seems that you think that it isn't p2w if you can get it in the game in other ways even if those ways have taken over 3 years that the game has been out, and you still don't have 1.3 million DPS, which is what NCsoft is demanding for this event. You could have over 1.3 million DPS in under a month if you paid enough money. That's not pay to win though. Here is my rebuttal to that: If we are playing chess, and I pay $5 per pawn to promote the pawns to queens without putting in the work to earn it by getting the pawn across the field, and then hammer my opponent or out-perform them with those queens, that is not paying to win because I could have gotten it by just playing the game too? I just paid to get it sooner, which is ok right? Doing that would be totally fair and not paying to win? Why do you suppose they don't allow that in Chess? Probably because it IS paying to win. You might say, "That is not the same thing! You might not have actually got that pawn across the field to be able to promote it before the end of the match unless you paid money. That actually takes effort." Yeah... and getting 1.3 million DPS to beat Sacred Longui Stage 4 before this event runs out is actually hard and you probably won't get that unless you paid either, and yes, it is the same thing. It is taking a pawn, a weak character, and paying money to skip gameplay and prerequisites to power it up to a more powerful unit so that you can achieve a goal. In Blade and Soul, it is taking a weaker character, and paying money to skip gameplay and prerequisites to power it up to a more powerful unit so that you can achieve the goal of beating the event bosses before the event is over, or outperforming your fellow players. Paying to be able to beat a boss (the Sacred Longui Stage 4) is winning. Therefore, it is "paying" to "win." NCsoft has created a victory condition, which they intentionally know, by design, that most players, on average would need to pay money to achieve before the time limit of the event being over or you lose out. I will also point out that once again, we see people ignoring the rest of NCsoft's philosophy statement and just trying to say, "But it isn't pay to win because it doesn't meet my definition, and that is the only point that matters! The rest of NCsoft's philosophy gets conveniently ignored." We are down to one server folks! Drop the "it isn't pay to win" argument. It is losing. People are voting with their feet by leaving, but it doesn't have to be that way. Even if you "win" the discussion, it isn't going to bring the players back who have already left in the past for this and similar reasons. Make the changes before we have to shut down the game because it is going out of business. That is what I care about.
  15. Legends Reborn Event is Diabolical

    So if we are playing chess, and I pay $5 per pawn to promote the pawns to queens without putting in the work to earn it by getting the pawn across the field, and then hammer my opponent or out-perform them with those queens, that is not paying to win because I could have gotten it by just playing the game too? Why that isn't allowed in Grandmaster play. Would it not be unfair and paying to win?