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  1. Blade and Soul Pug Community

    The problem is how the game evolved over the years, the time it takes to kill bosses is in no relation to how long you have to wait for people, this makes the players very impatient. If the bosses were harder, took longer and required everyone to do their job instead of just bursting them down in a few seconds you had a more helpful and friendly community, because you depend on others, rather than having them as a Millstone around the neck
  2. Hongmoon Focus and Ultimate skill

    Skill 25 in Hongmoon CHi
  3. 1000 RNG box and not weapon Skin!!!

    in case you wonder, that's ~1250€
  4. but that would reduce the pay2win factor of the game.
  5. Guys, this event sux, they know it, but Korea think it's fine, just don't bother and play something else until it's over. I usually run my dailies with multiple characters but atm it's not worth the time, the last one was really motivation to play every day but not for now. At least we still have the daily dash, which is better than this stupid event.
  6. Ancient honing oil fails

    it was always ~33% Stop wasting your material on honing oils, the new one is also just bad. Just throw the old ones away and forget about them. Now you have to use a lot of solar energy, which you need to buy obsidian, and some classes need them to buy weapon box keys. I don't think the new honing oil is worth using.
  7. Anyone know where can get Spectrum Stone?

    Try reading the tooltip.
  8. Are RNG box souls upgradeable?

    You can't upgrade them, don't bother with buying them, waste of money.
  9. looks okay on first glance, but its just as bad.
  10. After 22/4 update

    you mean like the first time they had these "Storm" souls in the shop that still can't be upgraded to these days, my warden still has it, i can only salvage t for 3 sacred vials.
  11. To be honest, If you have a group that can't just burst her from phase to phase and actually have to do mechanic, most people can't do it anymore, only those who have done it 2 years ago know the mechs, today people even fail at stunning her and let the tank die. It is the last boss of a raid after all, so it is complicated.
  12. After 22/4 update

    They are a big scam, if you buy the souls with the token you can't even upgrade them lul.
  13. maybe he joined the wrong faction and that's why the chat is empty xD
  14. from my experience, people with low HM levels and bad gear are also EXTREMLY SLOW and take ages to get inside the dungeons, i personaly don't care about what gear people have for weeklies because they are really easy. But ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ those slow as snails people drive me mad.
  15. Yes, Fire BM always had crap dps, but i like to play Fire in 6vs6, because you cana ctually kill people quickly with it, 3rd specc requires a long air combo that gets interrupted easily.