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  1. Blackram Merchant of Wonders Octa gems

    my best one so far:
  2. Virgin Killer outfit censored?

    I Yes, i photoshoped the bottom one, the issue is not that we got a different version but the path everything goes. "We cant make our costumes too revealing because thats seeeeexist against wamen." censorship already happened a few times in the game for example Zulia. Then: Now: I don't know how to mod costumes, maybe i should read into it, there are not many mods after all.
  3. So we finally got a "Virgin Killer" costume in the game, it's about time, since it has been a very popular "cosplay" outfit for a while now. But why did we get a censored version of it? I would have bought it but not in a censored state, i don't support censorship of any kind. what i am talking about is this: Google for "virgin killer" if you want to see what the real one looks like, maybe this is a the Lyn version and we got it for all races accidentally? Maybe you can tell the Art team that they are shooting them self in the foot by censoring their costumes,
  4. Wardens need to be reblanced in 6 vs 6 PVP

    Yep, warden is kinda broken, i can almost get to floor 85 with my 1,1k raven 3 Warden with no problem, just resist all CC and busrt down the bots, while my 1.4k BM struggels at floor 85, enemies dodge all my skills and CC me for a minute or i cant attack them because of counters, while my warden just hold RMB and kill anything lol, i even did one of the stage 10 Arena with 3 stars i could not do with my BM because they keep dodging all my skills. A side note, a warden is only CC immune while he stands inside his field, has Resistance(the yellow shield) AND is attacking, if the warden is not attacking you can still CC them in their field, but also all their iframes last a very long time, like one second or so every time they use SS or Q/E or renew their resistance. The only weak point of a warden is knockdown, they can only use a wake-up skill with 1, they can't block or counter while in knockdown.
  5. that all sounds pretty good, but KFM and Destroyer are far more over powered in battle grounds. While the warden has to stand inside his field AND attack at the same time to be immune to CC, a Destroyer and KFm are almost immune permanently, also they got a spammable counter that stuns you.

    Finishing the story line gives enough material to get stage 12 atm, There are certain things you should to before attempting higher dungeons, the required weapon and AP for random parties is fine and is a minimum requirement to be able to finish it get a 8 slot weapon asap and fill it up with hexagonal gems, get a pentagonal obsidian. get elemental Accesory from Crypt and Sanctuary, get both badges , farm peaches for them. there are a lot of things that are easy to get and make a big difference, don't expect others to drag you along, Usually people help with things if you ask something.
  7. Please fix Hive Queen Asap

    You can't deal proper DPS because you can't stand in the middle because of the bug bomb. Not everyone has TT gear and deals 1million DPS to just not use KD on the boss, the small spider keep running around to anyone who got aggro, even after they start to glow red, they stop channeling and run to someone. The more often you have t use Knockdown the worse it becomes, there is no way a group of intended geared people (raven 9) can beat this boss now.
  8. Treasuere tove a rip off or not?

    The only rip of are the "Bonus" items after opening a certain amount of troves, i honestly expected that you get all of them, but you have to pick one, which is kinda dumb, since there is an outfit + parts and you cant take all of them, and overall the bonuses are not that great.
  9. Please fix Hive Queen Asap

    fix the small spiders and the bug bomb, it was all fine before the patch, now it is just annoying.
  11. By the way it worked for my warlock who has riftwalk , switched a few times back and forth and got 8 sockets. too bad i can't to the same thing on my other two alts who have Raven 3.
  12. #1 your slow ass PC #2 forgetting to take quest.
  13. well, that sound like two problems on your side.
  14. Nebula stones and Evolving Weapons

    it only reduces the material cost by ~30-40%, it is not meant to be a freebie to the next stage.