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  1. Broken Trove Logic

    Got the same crap on my last 5 keys i used, saw 3 star, and almost cheered, just to have my jaw dropping, it is worth a two star crit but not 3. And this time i can't even sell the stupid weapon skin for 1000+ gold on the marked, i don't use it because it covers my character and makes my FPS go down. This was the last time i bought keys, do you ever think i get a harmony gems or what was it with the 60 sacret oil crits back then? nope.
  2. 3rd Spec BM FPS killer

    Yes the new specc is really intense, also all the effects makes it very difficult to see what the boss is doing.
  3. Please go and farm 5 emblems withouth daily quest, and tell us how long you take.
  4. Sorry but this is really bad, you should change it like the other accessories to require the oken from dragon express that is usded for Ring and Earring. (don't know what they are called in english) It is okay if you switch from PvP to PvE to cost something.
  5. hello, i just want to mention a small design flaw here, While we can switch our ring, earring and Neck for basically free with a token from the dragon express, the bracelet requires another bracelet every time which costs 5 Tokes from Master Hong, which is kinda a lot to be honest. Could you not change it so the bracelet can be switched to another element by using the same tokens from the dragon express? After all every other accessory , and badge can be switched so easily now.
  6. Well, newly created Alts definitely don't need them, you can just buy weapon boxes until you get one with 8 slots and then upgrade. But i don't think they are redundant already.
  7. And you never learn from it ;>
  8. Summoners and SF?

    Soul Fighter is definitely one of the fewer played classes, the game-play feels a bit clunky at times and a kfm is probably just the better choice. My problem with Soul Figher, Some attacks make you stand still for a moment while attacking and you can't move. The Main Attacks always require a target infront of you and you often just cant attack because the enemy move to the side. If you get cc's or the enemy walks away while you use your burst all your dps is down the toilet.
  9. And Class President can be bought ingame from a vendor as well.
  10. spreading out the Seasonal rewards would make people play more once they hit gold, I reached 1700 rating in Beluga in the first week of this season and am i am still ranked top 15 right now. I am really afraid to play a game and lose 70+ rating, would lose all the HM coins when the season ends, if the HM coins were balanced around a weekly reward instead of seasonal , people world join more often. The PvP Soulshield are way too expensive to get, add a random Soulshield box to the weekly reward of the current soulshield that contains a random 1-8 piece. It wills till take a very long time to get the right value on it even with a free one each week. PvP acc locked behind 100 dungeon runs is pretty bad too.
  11. Great move

    alright , thanks i will do that.
  12. Great move

    wtf, i just got my Soul to Awakened Cosmic a few days ago, this is bullshit.