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  1. When do things get fun?

    I can only tell you hat fun in this game comes with challenge, leveling is really easy and takes longer every time hey add new content.
  2. Fabrics to open event boxes?!

    That you don't understand the issue was clear to begin with. Costumes bought from events never required fabric before, this is totally stupid, glad i am only missing a few of these, but if that is what they are going for in the future that's a really bad trend, most of these costumes were from older events too which didn't require fabric to get them back then.
  3. just go in alone when you're done with the dungeon, whats the big problem?
  4. you do 500k, you need 440k for stage 3 to get your daily 10 coins, stop whining and lying that you don't get event currency because you cant deal 1mill dps. Yes the Longui event was ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ because it locked out too many people from getting ANYTHING, but this time the only item are a pair a of wings, that's all you cry about really. Also the event goes on for 4 weeks, go farm basin and upgrade your ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ , maybe you can kill stage 4 in three weeks before the event ends, put some work nto it if you want those wings.
  5. well sorry for you that you play WL right now, worst class for solo dungeons, but believe me, shadow is not any better, i have a WL alt and deal a lot less damage with shadow, and also lose mobility and iframes, i don't know what WL is good for right now, they are hard to kill in 6vs6 though.. somehow.
  6. The finishing event was primarily targeted towards newer players and endgame players didn't get anything from the cheaper weapon upgrades. did you hear them complain that the fish-oils only worked till GC 3? The event before only worked for Raven and VT accessories, and again not for endgame players. there are so many events to help people catch up, stop complaining and stop spending event currency on costumes instead f upgrading your gear for cheap. Man you DONT EVEN NEED TO DO MUJIN 4 TO GET COINS HE DROPS NOTHING.
  7. The first time i beat her took me about 4-5 minutes, i had barely enough dps , and almost 3 hours of learning her rotation, i died over and over and over. Only farming the first two would have never crossed my mind, that would have been a waste of time.
  8. it was super easy with buff food that gave you +4500 health, but no one used beside me.
  9. GG Event

  10. Orb of Ascension in Cold Storage

    Wenn du massenweise zeug farmst was du garnicht verarbeiten kannst bist aber selber schuld. Ich hab noch gut 600-700 dämonsiche steine auf den chars verteilt rumliegen, aber den Kaari mach ich eigentlich nie mit außer jemand in der gurppe spendet ne kugel.
  11. Orb of Ascension in Cold Storage

    Meinst das im ernst? die dinger bekommst doch mehr als ausreichend, so viele Seelengebunde steine kannst du doch garnicht haben um die alle zu verbrauchen.
  12. what was your point? When i have to block i have to stop dps as well, you must learn to keep that time a short as possible, dont block for 3 seconds, try to only block for half a second.
  13. what? I don't get stunned or dazed by that bosses a single time unless i don't pay attention. If you keep getting cc'd maybe learn to play.
  14. Guys you don't even need to do stage 4, it gives you nothing. That is a huge improvement in comparison to the last Longui event, also that boss requires less dps than longui stage 4 last time. You only need ~460k for stage 3, which should be easy. even my 1400AP SF could do it. If you can't hold 1m dps right now that weapon box would not help you that much anyway.
  15. Does stage 4 even drop anything? It doesn't seem to give any extra tokens.