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  1. playing a warden, i hit mobs i seem to lose HP

    Maybe read what your skills do in the future.
  2. Auto farming is cancer, go play an idle game on your phone if you dont want to play your game.
  3. You can solo most of the dungeons already, depends on your gear.
  4. Is it true that you must pay a good fortune to NC Korea to be allowed to sell the good costumes because of licence rights, and thats why we never get the good ones but those barely anyone wants?
  5. 100 hours for WIngs

    I don't know what you mean, this event should be really good, for you especially, i use it to upgrade my alt characters. The event is good that regard. Saying you don't need anything and you have story line gear is just plain wrong, you get awakened raven accessory, Myorang Neck, grand celestial weapon etc. for basically doing daily challenge. The only Thing bad is the PvP/Afk farm zone. I wanted to give my thoughts about it, maybe i talk about it later. I hate all the AFk content so much, fishing, and now auto combat. please stop...
  6. 100 hours for WIngs

    Let this melt on your tongue, farming 10.000 darkrites will take you ~100 hours, and it is a PvP zone so auto combat is pretty much useless. i estimated it because i needed ~30 minutes to get 50 today, the drop rate is ery low (~20-25%) per mob. i had 45 pices after finishing the 200 kill quest (which surprisingly doesnt give any extra???) Please dont waste your time in there farming anything beside the 5 orbs for the event box.
  7. dont know where i get them, just from running dungeons i assume My other characters also got a few thousand of them. A lot of them are left overs from the craftng boxes you got, i don't know if that changed the amount you get, you just dont need to open the boxes anymore i guess.
  8. Sins

    Enjoy... or not. reddit link, maybe someone translates this to korean and mails it to the responsible person. [removed link due to language violation]
  9. Please remove the requirement of fishing from events, it is so stupid.
  10. you can already max out all your character on pearls, because all future events will now require you to fish 7 hours per day.
  11. New Event - You just don't care enough

    You're not the target audience, they build the game for people like this:
  12. Outfits in f10

    You could transform the Azure Scales from the Azure Dragon Costumes into designer threads. So, wait for next time i guess.
  13. Disable aircombos in pve

    Naryu Foundry, you had to air the first boss over the flame wall or he would get a buff from it. BT, you had to air the third bosses over the lasers or they would get a buff, and 3 stacks were instant wipe. i cant think of anything else right now.
  14. A real Drawn out game

    No, they are not, they are challenging, but most players are too bad at the game or too lazy to learn mechanics. But once you outgear them they become faceroll easy.