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  1. Pet pods and pet pack farming

    If you have no interest in pvP you don't need to upgarde your pet Crystal anyway, it gives you mostly PvP relevant stats.
  2. How to Solo Samisa?

    Sometimes i manage to burst her down before she does the second tail attack and kill her, i just wanted to know if there is a way to avoid that because its super annoying.
  3. Starcaller RNG Box

    there are still trash pouches that offer you like 3 soulstone crystals or 3 sacret crystals. I think over all it is more value tough.
  4. How to Solo Samisa?

    Can someone give me a hint on how to safely solo Samisa? verytime i have him at about 10% he uses a stab attack with his tail and instantly kills me, i can not iframe it.
  5. Ethereal battlegrounds when?

    I thought like that a long time ago, i don't think so now.

    just keep spinning, spinning,spinning...
  7. Down to 1 server they need to change something

    And if you fail your upgrade in those games you lose your progress. Like AION, you are at stage 10 and want to go to 11, you fail, mats lost, you fall down back to 9. and thats motivating?
  8. TT Bosses are not Purely DPS based, you can kill them with muss less because they can take a lot of Mechanic damage, it is more skill based and not a simple gear check that locks you out.
  9. Ring of Reckoning Rant

    no one complains about the easy version.
  10. Ring of Reckoning Rant

    post your main please.
  11. Legends Reborn Event is Diabolical

    I can't do 1.3m DPS and i already don't need TT 1-3 bagua because i got them from MSP. If it would offer 6-8 it would be more reasonable. tried the Firelord again yesterday with a Pug, wipe with 120m life left wipe with 80m life left wipe with 40m life left used Chocolate, Soju and everything, couldn't make it. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ this event , seriously.
  12. Blade Master weapon choice

    Switch from Riftwalk To Dawnforge back and forth a few imes to open 8 Slots.
  13. How about you read one of the other threads about it instead of making another one?
  14. don't understand one

    What is it saying, someone understands?
  15. Why is the event weapon the same DPS as my A9?

    my DPS goes up by ~400k from Aransu 9 900k > 1.3m Not sure what you're doing. just saying, the weapon does buff you DPS, but if the rest of your gear is weak the weapon wont help much.