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  1. 3rd Spec Tree

    It is not only that the old talents are weaker (in PvE, in PvP they are still strongersometimes) but changing talents is needlessly expensive.While it is easy to change your ring, earring and necklace, bracelet and badges are way too expensive or impossible to switch. Change bracelet? > farm master hong for 4 hours to get 5 tokens.
  2. Why Join a Dungeon Group ?

    What you describe happens very rarely to me, but mostly because people just dont pay attention. Also you dont need a 6000$ PC to run this game, i have a 1300€ gaming PC and i am almost always the first inside the dungeon.
  3. Why Join a Dungeon Group ?

    Well, here is another perspective: You join a dungeon group and everyone has to wait because you are so slow, do you know how much time is wasted because people take 10 minutes to get into the dungeon? I already solo all the dungeons i can solo up to TSM, because it is faster than waiting for people all the time. Worst is Cold Storage, the boss takes like 20 seconds to kill and i dont want to wait 5 minutes for someone to get his butt in every time. many people do this with multiple characters each day and it is very very time consuming and annoying to wait every time.
  4. WL shield

    What did they change? I dont pay much attention to my warlock, just noticed i can use my V in simple mode now.
  5. The grand opening of...

    and yet, people still manage to die.
  6. Episode one, 1000 Treasure pouches. Don't ask me how long it took to collect them, its basically what i piled up from daily rewards and daily dash, and a few from peaches. I am collecting something else right now, but it will take a little longer till i got my goal together.
  7. Hope he doesn't mind, but well, he's right.
  8. Please make daily challenge work in normal AND hardmode at the same time. Thank you.
  9. You can buy those for Naryu Silver from the achievement vendor (requires 1250 points i think)
  10. Wipeout and other Bikini/Swimsuit outfits are available during summer events.
  11. According to the game developers this is worth ~1000 Gold (the loot of 16 RNG boxes)
  12. there is a fine line between "obtainable" and "obtainable in a reasonable time" Our super whales with their weapon full of fused harmony jewels that would otherwise take years of farming to acquire. Or people with already full triangular pet jewels because they paid money to send them from an alt to main, just to give an example.
  13. You know its true.
  14. Treasure keys and 108 boxes

    If the blue boxes were at least worth the 60 Gold you waste for not selling them, like getting 10 moonstones or 10 Sacred Orbs. for example. Dont forget that you also have to spend additional gold to open the trash boxes.