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  2. By the way it worked for my warlock who has riftwalk , switched a few times back and forth and got 8 sockets. too bad i can't to the same thing on my other two alts who have Raven 3.
  3. #1 your slow ass PC #2 forgetting to take quest.
  4. well, that sound like two problems on your side.
  5. Nebula stones and Evolving Weapons

    it only reduces the material cost by ~30-40%, it is not meant to be a freebie to the next stage.
  6. hm yes there needs to be some kind of lock out for leavers, but the game jsut crashes a lot recently in battlegrounds , it happened to me in one of three games, mostly when it is almost over, there is not enough time to rejoin then and you get locked out, and no battlepoints ofc.
  7. Yep, i beat hong with a crappy WL recently, only by not using F roll or 2 a single time, evey time he would jump on me and causing my death.
  8. only 173 pet crystals to go, wow.
  9. i am talking about PvP. Kfm jumps on me, deals 280k dmg and im dead.
  10. Got 5 pieces of the PvP set, still die in two hits. what a waste of material.
  11. i got ring,belt,bracelet and gloves, also dragon-forge weapon(3), but i still can't act properly in most situations.
  12. Can someone please explain to me the logic on Focus damage in PvP? I as a blademaster can almost not do any attacks on enemies because with every hit i do all my focus gets drained, i fall out of my damage stance and can't use my CC's properly, as a blademaster i am required to do multiple smaller hits instead of one big burst attack like Fm or KFM who can kill others with a single hit. Which item actually causes this problem? the only item i can see focus damage on is the ring, but the tooltip doesn't match this mechanic. Chance on hit to deal 10(20)% focus damage. this should mean that MY attacks deal focus damage on ENEMIES, but how comes that i attack someone and my focus is empty, it is really annoying and makes no sense.
  13. the drops are rigged, we got basically the same loot in 8 VT ID's first boss 7x fire, 1x frost neck second boss 1x badge, 7x earth neck
  14. New classes ideas thread

    And make it Lyn Female only just like in tera.