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  1. https://www.xivmodarchive.com/ is probably your best source.
  2. It'S too late, they screwed up, they tried to extinguish a fire on the stove by pouring water in it. Funny enough, the burning oil made the food taste a lot better, and now it's ruined.
  3. Still a stupid move to reduce the event currency you can get further, now you can not get event currency on more than one character with this system.
  4. Thats one thing you need to get used to, the combat is much slower and is more about pushing your abilities in the right rotation and having as much uptime as possible, character design can be helpet because it has a ton of mods that make the game look better.
  5. The pet pots on my summoner are still there, but on all other characters they got deleted because i bought the rose accessories. Why did you even bother when you do such a half assed job? You know what? i Already quit the game for two weeks and only looked back in when i read about the exploit, so i stacked up on pets as much as i could. I had all my characters full ~500 pets in total until i ran out of space, and another 9999 tiger costume boxes left over, i could not use them up because i ran out of soul stones. Also you didn't downgrade the pets and talisman, i ha
  6. Im on your side mate, i also asked to remove it since it is no longer available.
  7. Paying money to get an unfair advantage over others in a game is the ultimate cheat.
  8. i'm at 1000 stones now and only got two boxes so far, still missing a yellow stone, hope it drops from the next one so i don't have to do this crap anymore.
  9. i did that for a few hours, but when i came back my character stood outside of the dungeon and i dont know for how long or what happened.
  10. Players should be come visible when turning points, end of discussion.
  11. Today i entered Nyraka for the first time since it came out, i have heard about the bad FPS inside and lags, but i had no idea how horrible it actually was until now. i waited a while till the biggest storm has calmed down and fewer people would go inside, my character actually gets a good amount of kills right now. As you can see, with the lowest end setting is still have fps in one digit numbers sometimes it goes up to 15 but thats it. But lets not talk about that. The whole design philosophy for a zone like that is bad, what is the point of it even?
  12. Obviously. Why would you even consider buying them.
  13. in before some nerd writes "the gems have internal cd" and "you dont dodge that often in pvp"
  14. im trying the combo from the video right now, my problem is if i block too fast after pulling in the enemy, it switches into normal stance and back into battojutsu instantly and i cant use flock of blades, so it uses flash step instead screwing up the combo. Also it doesnt work with the knockback at all.
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