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  1. I hate 'easy' dungeon

    i also dislike easy dungeon, no one plays the mechanics anymore and everything feels so bland now, just dps the boss and ignore everything... and then people still die, so pathetic. I liked how BnS plays, quick and challenging at times, now everything is just boring like every other dull MMO where you just tank and spank the boss.
  2. Wonderful Patch

    You can craft Transformation stones on mass without the fear of losing progress, PTS can cost you weeks of collecting materials for nothing, it is the worst thing possible. i did not transmute any PTS in a long long time after i got 11 failures in a row, ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ that ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤, anything is better than that garbage, and having to spend Ncoin or HM coin in the store every 3 weeks to get 3 stones is also dumb just to progress your weapon a bit, a new player or free to play player wont have any HM coins to buy them. I remember when i needed PTS still for my raven weapon and it failed and failed and failed and i lost everything i collected and a lot of gold. You guys just dont understand how much better it is to not need them anymore on lower tiers. YOu only go for market value but ignore the fact that you can SAVELY upgrade your weapon by just farming without RNG.
  3. Wonderful Patch

    Aransu does no longer require PTS, so thats a good thing. Nothing stops your progress more than requiring Premium Stones.
  4. Wonderful Patch

    So far i only see improvements, maybe i didn't look deep enough yet.
  5. New Daily Dash

  6. Different stages of ToO boxes

    dont buy them, waste of tokens.
  7. Cost Reduction Sheet

    Anything is better than PTS
  8. Do the M'ao gloves even exist any more?

    good question, since they removed the solo dungeons from DC i have no reason to do them anymore. And yes the gloves are extremely rare, i would say ~0.5% chance on each boss, maybe Myorang has a higher drop chance? Who knows.
  9. Venture Token Myth or Real?

    I think the new Daily quest boxes (..of Jiansey) have a much lower chance to grant them than the old ones that were labled (...of Seolak, ...of Gunwon)
  10. 1 want my 1440 HM coins.

    In case you think i am lying
  11. I already hit the surprise field twice in the daily dash and got two sacred vials, i want my HM coins back instead , i could buy 5 sacred vials for that in the store. why you do this?
  12. Just let the guy who spends his orb let have the loot, whats the big deal? Be happy you get the quest for free.
  13. New Daily Dash

    Thank you, finally someone who gets it, there is only a handful of people dominating the leaderboard with multiple characters and get everything.
  14. Oblivion Fragments

    You don't pay to get something others wont get, you pay for getting it earlier, so feel privileged that you already have it and others don't, for now...
  15. Momentanes Trove_Event

    ) Makellose Elemente und Edelsteine sollten nicht mehr 5 Gold sondern nurnoch 1 Gold kosten, dies sind veraltete Preise als diese Noch viel teuer im Drachenexpress waren. ) 1-Stern troves generell verbessern, ein Schlüssel kostet ~44-49 Coins, im täglichen angebot kann man oft für 40 coins 10 stk Mondsteinkristalle oder 10 stk Geweihte kristalle Kaufen, in der trove hat man meistens oft nur EINEN und muss auch noch gold dafür bezahlen, 1-sterne Kisten sollten einfach viel besser sein im Durchschnitt, statt einem Kristall mindestens 5. ) Nutzlose 3-Sterne Crits handelbar machen, Waffenkisten , Kostüme ect... Komischer weise sind die oft aus den "random boxen" handelbar aber aus der Trove nicht. )Premium User sollten automatisch alle slots freigeschaltet haben, dafür noch extra zu zahlen ist die reinste abzocke.