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  1. New gems, ouch!?

    180 gem powder, lmao
  2. New gems, ouch!?

    what do we need new gems for? i still run around with gilded triangular.
  3. Another whale exclusive event only

    The Problem is not the event itself but these factors: -entry fee -limited amount of players -rewards will only go to high geared players
  4. Hunter’s Refuge Event Zone Preview

    I already know how this will go for me, i enter , i get oneshot by some assassin with a 1million dmg mine, i leave and never enter again.
  5. Revival Charm CD Time & Reset

    The solution to your problem is to die less.
  6. Kann man das starter pack nur 1x kaufen?

    Was ist denn in diesen Grünen kisten drin?
  7. To quote the famous MauLer "That's just silly"
  8. Ascension Stone

    i always combine two blue stones, gives me one back to try again more often. There is no way to tell the %-chance so i just go for more tries.
  9. Ascension Stone

    i don't remember it was ever possible to get Ascension Stone from transforming them.
  10. Be careful with ncs support team.

    The two or three times i contacted them about restoring some lost items i got them back, but i don't contact support for every little thing that was my fault.
  11. Jo, let's talk a bit whats up with this fake promotion on FFBF, I checked their store and they have some really cool merchandise, but why try to sell the customers for stupid? Here is the incident i am a little sour about, I found a Hoodie i wanted to buy but the high shipping cost made me reconsider it (shipping to europe is expensive and then you also have import fees) But they added a "Dark Emissary Set Promotion" to my shopping cart (Jinsoyun's Costume) There is no description about it so i assumed i get this nice outfit in the game on top, that makes up for the 35$ shipping costs right? First i thought i get the code after the purchase but no code, so i thought maybe the code is included in the package when delivered, but no code. so i asked their support whats up with it. So, as you can see, it is a gamble if you get the Costume or not. Do you think this is a good move on your customers and fans who buy your merchandise? Why not give the costume for free on a certain amount like 100$ of items, to motivate people spending more in your shop? Really i found some nice items i considered buying in the future but now i changed my mind with practices like that, because it is already expensive enough to get them here.
  12. In that regard, FF14 is pretty genius , when ever you do lower dungeons your character gets scaled down to keep the experience fresh, better gear does make some difference but only to a certain point, so you can run a lvl 20 dungeon on max lvl and have the same experience as a new player when it comes to enemy strength, ofc you have more experience and therefore its easier because you know the mechanics. It took me a little bit to get warm with that system but it has more upsides than downsides, you also have to do all the dungeons at least once to progress with the story, this can cause some waiting times(depending on what class you play) but higher players will always be available for daily quests. My only beef with FF14 is how slow it feels in combat compared to BnS.
  13. 4th anniversary pack

    It says triangular-gem not triangular-Hongmoon-Gem. pretty clear.
  14. You can be assured they will extend the system by another 50 or 100 levels and more stone slots, and another tier of stones to keep them paying..., sorry i mean farming.