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  1. Daheck are you talking about? I legit can not think of anything that would make sense here... VR? Vive? Camera? Keyboard? But umm okay... It should work on it if you install Windows, but since this is not a Steam game... I would say 99% it won't work on Steam OS.
  2. Heartbeat would eat up a few FPS on our side + it would make the server really laggy... Koldrak with hb on? Yeah, no chance. Hb requires frequent handshakes with every client. They prob won't enable it cuz the servers are already unstable from time to time 🤡
  3. It's a Windows thing. If your game crashes there's a chance that Windows will flag it. 'If Windows decides that your application is crashing too often, it will automatically start using the FTH for your application. The FTH is much slower than the normal heap and your application performance will take a big hit.' You can fix it easily with a 3rd party launcher / following the guide from BnS Academy 😄
  4. If you know how to use google, you will be able to find some info about the infamous 4046. 4046 is the error code for detecting modified/added files to the game's folder. There's a solution for it *khhm, pls dun ban me ty*, but the easier one is to delete every modified / added file uwu Killing proccesses (aka closing other software etc) won't help, because 4049 is the error code for illegal program usage. I found these 2 codes with 2 minutes of googling, so if I am wrong sowwy 🙂 But you should be contacting support anyway, or at least write in the correct forum section
  5. I came back to BnS from SW (won't say the full name, cuz we are on the official forum), and let me tell you that this game has a hundred times better end-game than SW. In SW you have ONE, let me repeat myself, ONE end-game dungeon and that's it. We have SEVEN dungeons that we can farm here. Not counting solo dungeons and raids. In SW we had an RNG system for everything. Random stats (like with Soulshields, but we had 12 options and only 3 were good), random chance to upgrade your gear (like the Stage 1-10 system here that we have a GUARANTEED chance to upgrade *yes, I know that we
  6. You get 3 full scales a day from Mushin (2 from daily and 1 from Floor 20 chest) + you can craft them. They are pricey, but still cheaper than Golden / Orange / Pink scales. The Floor 20 chest is farmeable if you need to get them asap. Just read these if you need help: *Edit: New story gear is coming soon. Just get the EM suff with that. Hopefully we will get TB1, so you can upgrade your weapon from doing challanges + solo duns alone, so you don't need to buy a scarlet weapon mat / roses. You will have to upgrade a lot if you miss C2A, so the rose shouldn't be a problem i
  7. Story gear will be adjusted (hopefuly) next maintenance (would make sense to adjust it right after C2A ends). Hime said that it is planned to change the story gear, but might not be in the next main.
  8. It would be pretty bad for the economy to let people mail over things for free. It needs a gold sink, and mailing is one of them. Without mailing fees and market taxes, etc we would have too much gold and everything would start to become more and more expensive.
  9. You have enough time to get enough remnants for 2 keys 😄 You can still do dailies tomorrow. That's 600 remnants (without Spectral Shrine Master Class: Extra Credit, Soulstone Plains, Primeweald) + you will get 100 remnants in your mail soon. That's 100 remnants short from 2 keys, but if you have 100 remnants it should be allright / maybe you can do some more today (or try to do those 3 mentioned).
  10. Yes, I know that alt chars are dead atm. I don't think that it's even worth creating 1, maybe only for Mushin farming. Hime said that story gear will be updated soon, so let's hope they will give us at least TB1 and decent-ish (meaning at least white scale) gear. 😄 With that we could do Mushin for scales + for blue scale accessories. With those EM should be possible. It will still take months (maybe less if you play that alt like it was your main) to get to C2A gear level, but at least would be possible with a bit of patience. I said 'and you are not talking about an alt character.', because w
  11. As I said in the beginning, 'You deal 5+ million DPS sustained.'. Then as I continued, 'In EM I can guarantee that even if you only have really low AP players with you, you can carry them. It will take a while, but you can do it.' ; 'I am not 100% sure that you can solo it straight out of C2A, but after the next event you can solo EM easily for sure.'. With 5 other pary members, be it all story geared players or not, they will contribute to the DPS and will give you buffs, so you can carry them. Also, after this new event everyone should have Silversteel Stage 6, or better. That's why I
  12. As I said, 'It is most likely a software issue, because I know people who have 60+ FPS everywhere with 5th gen Ryzen CPUs'. But it is true, almost all of the players who have FPS issues use AMD CPUs. If you have FPS issues with an Intel CPU it gets fixed almost every time with Buddy (or manually disabling FTH), but it rarely helps with players using AMD CPUs.
  13. I mean the main raids. If you have completed C2A and you have everything from it: Watch a guide on every boss. You should join a clan. The clan you chose might not to ET, but it's always fun to play with others in a clan. 😄 If your clan does ET, you can join them. The loot is usually decided by /roll 1-100. If your clan does not do ET, you can either join the Raid Discord server (dunno whether I can post it here ot not, but if you ask around in game you should get an invite link pretty easily) and do an LFP/LFR or you can try to organize it in faction chat. I wo
  14. In the C2A chest 1 they get a TB1 (or TB2, can't remember). With that they can do F8 LFP (for alts or for people who completely missed C2A, new story gear is coming, Hime already said that the story gear will be adjusted really soon). After that they can do 2 things: Buy the keys (they are overpriced and should be ignored) Do the upcoming event, as you can get enough materials to upgrade the weapon a few times (+get the IA ores and IA weap mat as well, so after a bit of extra rose 'grinding' from challanges and solo duns you can do Silversteel Stage 9 as well) 'Struggle' w
  15. I am 90% sure that it has to do with the fact that you use an AMD CPU. I am not saying that Ryzen CPUs are bad, all I am saying is that 99% of the players having FPS issues use AMD CPUs. I have only seen 1 Intel CPU user saying anything about low FPS in Academy Discord chat and if I remember correctly Buddy fixed it for him/her. It is most likely a software issue, because I know people who have 60+ FPS everywhere with 5th gen Ryzen CPUs (ofc not in Mushin or in known low FPS places). I have an i3-9100 + GTX 1660 + 8gb ram and I have stable 30+ FPS with everything on max even during bossfigh
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