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  1. Less grindy? Before mythic tier you could max stuff like soul on day 1, and any looted item from dung at the same moment. Now you have to grind endlessly to make ANYTHING +20 (except for badges and +10 amulets) and you still won't make it because there will be a new tier faster than you can ever make it happen, unless you grind like hell or spend $ lmao.
  2. Step 1. Finish story Step 2. Grind soul boost for FREE ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Step 3. Grind F8 dungeons Step 4. ??? Step 5. Bohoo game too hard!
  3. I've been waiting for an actual update to comment the change. 1. "Our goals are to shorten the maintenance time and be able to resolve post-maintenance issues more quickly." This update was event related. It was announced to be 5 hours long but was delayed to EIGHT hours. What "resolve post-maintenance issues more quickly" is supposed to mean? "Due to changes in the maintenance time, all systems, contents, quests, and shop reset periods are scheduled to change from Wednesday 6:00 AM to Tuesday 3:00 PM PDT." We were supposed to get "all things mentioned above" reset at the same time as maintenance time (midnight CEST), yet stuff like dash/login rewards reset at the same time as they used to at 8 AM CEST (meanwhile dash board wasn't changed, and login rewards lost "the key"), but that's not even the main issue - our daily/weekly challenge resets at 5 PM, which basically means one can't do daily stuff before 5 PM because it did not reset yet, or do it before 5 PM next day but only have time till 5 PM, AND deal with the fact that some people have it already finished so it becomes even more difficult to finish. 2. "We recognize that the regular maintenance time is an important aspect of your gaming experience, and we are committed to making this change as seamless as possible." & "we look forward to continuing to provide you with the best possible gaming experience." This is why you, after 7 years, literally STEAL our "extra week" on EU instead of adding one for NA? We had the ability to gain login rewards, use dash spins, open trove, and get event rewards from D.E. between 8 AM (reset time) and 1 PM (maintenance time) everytime a patch was about to be applied. And you "say" that you make it "as seamless as possible"? That's what you call providing best possible gaming experience? On top of that we still have broken soul boost (Altar removed from demonsbane and not replaced by anything nor anything else added, people are unable to reach max level... also it's worth mentioning that KR has/had a few stages of sb, next one being unlocked by getting level 42 and wearing the outfit... and we don't), we have NO notification(s) about Hamann and people have to keep asking others (meanwhile Hamann times are at 21:30, 00:30 and 3:30 which are terrible, literally FORCING to stay at night if someone missed the first one, and then only the first one is available on maintenance day while the other two are unavailable during maintenance time... literally the best possible gaming experience right here), also can't forget about patch notes that are ridiculous... half (if not more) of informations are missing, and the other half is poorly translated... There's probably more to be mentioned. Are you sabotaging your own game that you're publishing or what the hell is happening during this year? This is more than unacceptable. And You get paid for this.
  4. While Hunger is gone (for now), I fully agree to change Hamann times (and add an in-game notice).
  5. Agreed. Wouldn't complain if there were 5 channels.
  6. I'm pretty sure that this maintenance shift removes our (EU) "extra" week for events (and other stuff). Idk how it's fair for you.
  7. Yet they keep giving us trove and other bs that players keep abusing. Super smart from both sides /s
  8. I doubt that there will be any. Just some people that delete posts they don't like. The rest will be ignored. NOW GO GET MORE TROVE KEYS!!!
  9. Forget about it, that's never going to happen, unless NC sell BnS, but that's never going to happen.
  10. Walex

    No news

    Some troves were 2 weeks long.
  11. "Keep CCing and watch how your opponent cannot move while you burst from 100 to 0" - much "PvP" such wow. BnS NEVER had PvP and that's a fact.
  12. Game too hard Pepega We refuse to learn class and mechanics Pepega Let's make solo content NOT a solo content Pepega Plx more carry Pepega
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