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  1. Just a confirmation post that this is not me.
  2. There are tons of gold sellers on Soulstone Plains for months/years and they don't give a crap about it...
  3. @HateMe another forum white knight that has completely no idea what he's talking about... Your post LITERALLY makes ZERO sense. I guess you're from NA so let me EXPLAIN it for you. And I'll even edit it to explain it further. We are from EU, we have a daily/weekly time reset at 7 AM CET, and we have time between 7 AM and 1 PM to do things again, before the maintenance actually starts, and it was always this way for almost 5 years. They shifted the maintenance to 6 AM to PREVENT us from getting stuff from the event before the maintenance. We worked for 2 weeks, collecting event toke
  4. So over a week has already passed and we didn't get ANY compensation... What have we lost (on multiple characters)? - the ability to use reputation charm on specific time - the ability to use daily dash 2-3 times - the ability to get boosted login rewards - the ability to clear boosted ET/IA - the ability to clear boosted throne of oblivion - the ability to run the event dungeon for box of spells - the ability to run daily challenge for 15x pumpkin taffy - and the most important... the ability to run weekly challenge for 5x halloween haul, transmute it, open,
  5. "Thousands of characters" can wait a bit longer. Stop giving us useless excuses for your actions. You know exactly that you gave us extra hauls for logging in, and it made us able to get 2nd H letter which you won't allow, confirmed by the shifted maintenance that began at 6 AM. THOUSANDS of characters won't get 2nd awakened stone, but additionally they won't get weekly vial, pet packs, and 7 purple unity chests. ADDITIONALLY we won't be able to: get hauls from weekly challenge, tuffy from daily challenge, box of spells from event dungeon... use daily dash 2-3 times, get
  6. You guys wouldn't have any haul left if you simply logged in 3 times per day for 2.5 week. THIS is not the case, THIS is not the real issue. What is then? First they BAITED us by giving us extra hauls for logging in, making us find out that we can get enough tokens for the 2nd H letter, and then they SHIFTED the maintenance to 6 AM for the first time ever since 5 years to screw us WAY FURTHER! We won't get "week limited" items (vial, pet packs, 7 purple unity chests) AS WELL! But wait, there's more! We won't get hauls from weekly, tuffy from daily, bag of spells from event
  7. So they've only posted the regular maintenance post 3 hours BEFORE the actual SHIFTED to 6 AM maintenance. Good job as always, NC! /s
  8. OR extend the current event and daily dash by 1 day and change NOTHING until that day ends.
  9. Idk @Kovalis if you're aware but there's at least one more thing that we're gonna lose. The problem is that THEY KNOW that we are gonna lose these things and THEY DO it on purpose... ffs I'll repeat it here as well... @Hime don't you dare doing that 6 AM maintenance to EU players!
  10. @Hime Are you freaking kidding me? Don't you dare doing that to us, EU players! Do it on another day, not Wednesday! The "issue with Weekly Ranking reward distribution" can wait. "Due to the inconvenience caused for Jinsoyun players, a 0 Hongmoon Coin bundle will be available on the Hongmoon Store after the maintenance for one week. The bundle includes: x1 Orb of Ascension x10 Honing Oil x1 Superior Reputation Charm x1 Superior Daily Challenge Treasure Chest" This is your "compensation" for all that we're going to lose? Don't be funny. You
  11. When they really don't want to remove HM from DT/BC/WC so they put psyches in solo content instead, lol.
  12. Ignored as expected, well I wonder if support will react before reset.
  13. I didn't crash on 32 until the update with the weekly thingy, and now I also crash in MSP. I can't use 64 bit because it has a high chance of crash when I go back to the game's window after I make any action of going out of it (alt tab for example) - I've got this before hangar update, and afaik there were more people with this issue. Or... I can use 64 bit and be forever stuck in the game's window... and have much worse FPS etc.
  14. You guys have problems with reading or something? I literally wrote that THREE people crashed at the same time during the very first week, what does it have to do with my end? Also not to mention that I've bought my PC for 5K just to run this * (and another one) game better, didn't I? And yes, I'm using 32 bit. Whatever, I don't care if I crash, but today I couldn't log in back for 20 minutes, got an info that servers weren't available while other games worked fine, and now I'm not able to fight boss 2 for this week.
  15. So the new weekly is out for 5th week. Guess what, NC? I've crashed 3 out of 5 runs there, everytime the boss 1 is down and the group moves to boss 2, there's a 50% that the game freezes then crashes (3 people crashed at the same time on week 1 and so on). But that's not the worst part of the issue... I could NOT log in for the next 20 minutes (servers not available) since crash, and the group beat boss 2. Guess what does it mean? Yep, I can't fight boss 2 anymore = I will not get boss 2 rewards AND won't complete 7 weekly challenges (I'm not touching "PvP"). Why are two weekly bos
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