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  1. Nice (not) meme

    MSP HAHAHAHA :JOY: NOT RELY ON EVENTS HAHAHAHA :JOY: Yea it's better to grind an old (3 years by now?) constantly reworked content (/s) that's literally the worst part of the game INSTEAD OF doing something else every month. Imagine being a BT/VT slave xD No thanks. I don't even bother to clear them on my main. >Majority of those -2.6k+ AP players spent 4 years of playing "Playing" LUL I call it addicted grinding, not playing. I'm also "playing" for over 4 years and I'm at 2.2k now. But that's not the point? It's about trash "event" which reduces vial/pack income, basically wasting players' time. Wake up.
  2. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    Wait, what? Aren't these 3 losing hard mode? Amazing...
  3. Nice (not) meme

    Imagine that people are actually happy (@Sayha) that they are UNABLE TO gather vials/packs... This "event" is 5 weeks long, and all we're getting is... 1 vial and 1 pack from a jackpot? What a joke. >Well great, we can finally take a break from endless event grinding and focus on something else You can take a break at any point, who's forcing you? Nobody, so why are you against letting others do events? :facepalm: Idk, the game's getting butchered to the point that we, F2P community, will have nothing left to do in the game in order to improve our character(s) soon, but people can't see it... and they keep supporting...
  4. Nice (not) meme

    Blade & Soul 6.8 Patch Notes Contents & Events - A new event is now available. Excuse me but what new event is available? Where? There is NO event, not a single one. You get it guys? There is NO event in the game for the first time ever, do they really want people to NOT log in to the game or what? Jackpot is NOT an event, seriously. You just press RMB once per day to "open" it, that's not something you can call an event, what the heck? This game is seriously going to be butchered to the ground... mark my words, we will get RNG chance to get ANY crystal soon. You cleared 10 dungeons today? Nice, take your 1 sacred crystal.
  5. 130 jewels SUMMARY

    I'm not angry but if they say we'll get something then players are supposed to get it.
  6. 130 jewels SUMMARY

    Where do you see any crying? I think I'm blind. Mind sharing your main character's name? I'd like to block.
  7. 130 jewels SUMMARY

    So they've announced that we'll get 130 jewels from our armory chest. We didn't. Two weeks later Cyan said that the thing was inaccurate [link below]. It was also mentioned that we were supposed to get them through login rewards. Now let me do the math for you: 1. We have got 2 weeks of premium (one for free, one for 1 NCoin). If someone didn't have premium then it would be 16 days, if someone is smart enough. Login rewards provide 1 jewel for F2P, and another 3 for premium (4 total per day). This event is 28 days long for NA, and 29 for EU. It means that NA players could get 77 jewels from the login rewards (29 x 1 + 16 x 3), while EU players could get 78. 2. We have got that "Armory Selection Box" that we can get by completing 5 daily and 2 weekly challenges. So again, NA players could get 28 + 4 jewels, while EU players could get 29 + 5 jewels. 3. We have got these "juicy" 10 jewels from F10. Now for the final numbers: NA players could get 77 from dash, 32 from challenges, and 10 from cash shop, and that's 119. EU players could get 78 from dash, 34 from challenges, and 10 from cash shop, and that's 122 (a whole 3 more than NA). Guess what, that's still not 130. @Cyan my suggestion is to add an additional 10 jewels to F10. This way it WILL be 130 (NA can be fine with 1 less than what was announced I suppose).
  8. Remove Unity daily cap!!

    Easy fix: make all unity points (reputation) accumulate so there will be no waste when receiveing them. You will still get 500k/day as a limit, but any excess of points will be accumulated and ready to be used at any day later.
  9. Armory Chest Legendary Jewels

    That was my first thought... but then I realized that people who opened less than 12 stages would be a victim/sufferer (?). So let's say 130 for people that opened stage 12 / 70 for stage 8 / 30 for stage 4 or something like that.
  10. Armory Chest Legendary Jewels

    Hire this person!
  11. Armory Chest Legendary Jewels

    @Cyan so either 130 jewels in the table was a lie (which is disgusting), or it was your mistake NC (which is acceptable, but then you should agree that you made a mistake AND give players 130 jewels, not 10. Be serious for once ). RU streamed the patch and the guy did show all stages of the box one by one, and there were no jewels as well. I made a clip of that. It was so simple to just check all stages with your mouse while recording it & sharing the video in patch preview/notes, instead of making a stupid item table that is terrible to read with the way they're making it all of the time. Multi accounts abusing? Sad but true...
  12. The amount isn't increasing boys! I'm done and I'm out.
  13. You're "funny" so I'll stop arguing with you... after this last comment. But it still IS important. Yeah, I am the person to blame that 12 people failed to beat a boss for 7 weeks, you are damn right! /s Also I am the person to blame that this server is over 4 years long, and after 4 years you STILL NEED SAME MATERIALS that you needed 4 years ago! It's my fault that the game is unrewarding and if you want to get something you have to REPEAT SAME STUFF FOR DAYS FOR HUNDRED HOURS (like CB) OR HUNDRED TIMES (like dungeons)! /s This is not about time, I have a lot of time, and if the game is good then I can forget about the world and play as an addicted man, but it's impossible in this game. You've got will strong enough to farm CB everyday? Cool for you! Me (and many others) don't. It's an old content that I've played months if not years ago. Why would we be forced to literally GRIND OLD CONTENT to get OLD MATERIALS? Why this game can't offer progress in everything? New materials to farm (except for these "so original" scales with an increasing amount needed for each tier), and new ways/places to farm them? Do I also need to remind you about evolved stones or gem powders (and radiant energy)? It's totally my issue that the game is forcing players to constantly do same stuff again and again... and an OLD stuff in addition. As for the weapon, nobody will take me to new raid with stage 8 weapon, stage 9 is a must... unless I won't care when "we" clear each boss of course. Good for you BUT not everyone is you. I just had to buy over 200 jewels from dragon express (rip 200 elysian) to upgrade necklace and belt because of how bad the amount of jewels is available for F2P people.
  14. Not keys, free daily open. Back then I was always able to get a bunch of jewels and elements. This trove I've seen zero jewels and only a few elements, and had to use keys (from "free premium") to get them, without keys it would be zero as well. Are you trying to tell me that people won't check if your gear is augmented or not when they'll decide if they want you in their raid group or not? Are you trying to tell me that 6x 200-250 cdmg is not important? In that case I'm speechless. Yes I'm at stage 8 and you already know why. If my raid group didn't need 8 weeks for the first clear then I'd have stage 9 by now. I should definitely agree with you and blame myself /s Well if you have will to farm CB (and it's even a daily farm, and it's a few hours each day) then it's your business. Not everyone has will to farm CB, especially as daily. Personally I'm not touching CB if there's no event on that map. Last time I was there was January... last year, when I farmed evolved stones. ATM I've only got 3k elysian crystals, and 800 of them are from this update, so that's not too many of them... If you aren't trolling with both parts of what I just quoted then no comment. Seriously.
  15. Costumes? Costumes are useless, not even +1 AP or +1 anything... most of cosmetic stuff is useless, and I'll tell you what, they're actually bad as they drop your FPS even further.