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  1. Login rewards are terrible in general... and they want us to be online for 3 hours to get ONE event currency. They could just change the required time... like from every 30 min down to every 10 min (1 hour total).
  2. 1. I've upgraded weapon/heart/soul to +11 without spending real money (and many people did so) 2. Just wait until you meet upsurge weapon and starcross accessories xD 3. Farming soulshields is terrible, people do hundreds if not thousands of runs... I have 8 set but my #7 is terrible, and I won't even bother farming another one
  3. 300x hall, 5 RNG chests with 5 wrong weapons. 100x shrine + 60x altar, 0 weapon chests.
  4. If you get rid of soulstone crystals then you probably have more than enough of them. Anyways just send them to another character.
  5. Nobody is running old dungeons tho (or people do in closed groups). I've tried to recruit several times for all EM NM and HM. Only one person applied to all of them. Also didn't see anyone recruit. I did see two people entering HoI tho. BUT I do agree that we need more. 60 per day + a few from this event is a joke.
  6. 6k coins for a few insignias, this is a must have! /s Also the fact that the Namdo Shrine ones are not "searing" like the other ones... xD
  7. Damn right but was it ever the case? After all these years I'm not expecting anything.
  8. 1. Lemme fix my previous comment - current event (time limited) - current demonsbane dungeons, excluding CSC (RNG at stage 1 and 2) - current meta dungeons (daily quests) - previous meta dungeons (limited to 3x dynamic per day / the higher difficulty the more crystals) 2. The game is boring in general... remember old times? They have removed almost all of the content from the game, and only kept dungeons... people keep doing exact same things for hundreds of times, THIS is what made this game boring... and their decisions are "the cherry on the top".
  9. Current event + previous meta dungeons.
  10. Quite interesting to see a few pages of posts in this thread while being a person that only plays on one (main) character that's not running ANY raid for months, and only running daily challenge/events most of the time, yet never complaining about gold income... and before anyone mentions it, I've never swiped, not even once.
  11. I'm pretty sure I saw it somewhere that it's aimed to be back on December. They could update F2, F4 and combat systems now...
  12. There's a new weekly quest in Celestial Basin named "Endless Conflict" which requires to defeat any main boss 3 times and pick up the loot. What's the problem? There's completely zero reward for that quest.
  13. Meanwhile me who never reaches 500k/day and still below rank 200 :v
  14. Healing totems aren't an issue if players know what they're doing.
  15. If nobody has noticed till now there are new psyches in the soul boost... YEP, we have spent like 100-200k gold for our psyches, and now they are literally free for everyone...
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