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  1. Armory chest(s) - missing stuff!

    @Cyan we can't see jewels on the list there
  2. There are no legendary jewels in armory chests.
  3. It's not about if it's needed for any content or not. It's about BEING ABLE to UPGRADE something that comes out (that's the point of it, huh?) in a REASONABLE AMOUNT OF TIME. Now explain us how do you want to psyche ALL soulshields from ALL raids that are coming every year, starting from ET? Because it looks like it takes around 12 months for a new raid to be released, and 20 months need to be spent to collect scales. HOW do you want to upgrade ET shields, then next raid shields, and so on? Also I've just finished reading patch notes (had no time earlier). What's the point of adding ONE skill point?
  4. Yes I do have some scales, so what. It's not about myself but about any player. Either an old one, a new one or someone who came back, doesn't matter. The amount required to max full set is a whole 'nother level, and the time required to gather enough scales is much bigger than the time between new shield sets. Stop being a stubborn whiteknight.
  5. @Grimoir True but that's not the point.
  6. 1 psyche = 30 scales 5 psyches to max ONE shield = 150 scales ONE shield set has 8 shields = 8 x 150 = 1200 scales 2 scales per day (excluding the event) = 600 DAYS IN A ROW of beating Koldrak just to collect enough scales for ONE SHIELD SET which is replaced at least once per year, and by the time 600 days will pass the legendary version of psyches will be in game, which will cost way more of course. On top of that 40x 100g + 40x 15g + 40x 2 transformation stones = around 6k gold for what, 80 boss ap. Another great stuff, just like the unity system. Can't wait for more /s
  7. Weekly challenge bug - be blessed

    I know right, but they also gave a code by registering for it on the main site for some bigger update. Also never mentioned that it's anyone's fault.
  8. Weekly challenge bug - be blessed

    > I can do the weeklies just fine, last week and this week also. What are you talking about? 3 weeks of the bug and people have no idea that it exists, not surprised as always. > If you are a F2P player like you say you are, you have enough gold to buy 3m premium from someone Why would I spend gold for something I'll barely make any use? > why should NC give you free premium? Why would you even rely on them giving free premium?!? Maybe because they were giving us 7-days premium codes for last 3 years, a few times per year? And this is the only way to use venture tokens in a proper way? The only other method to make it worth would be gathering like 35-40 green tokens (which would take around TWO YEARS WITHOUT HMCOINS), then do what you've mentioned, then use tokens and get 3k~ HMcoins, then get the right stuff and sell it for the right amount to make the spent gold come back to you. Who would ever want to wait 2 years to make use of venture tokens?
  9. We, F2P players had to wait 7 months for (an unplanned) free premium time (looks like no more codes...), where our hopes were lost, and our venture tokens got dusty. Be blessed oh dear bug, hope to see you again in a few months.
  10. It's Tuesday, where's your google?
  11. Is that an early April Fools' joke? Pet packs for talisman, and this many? Another whale exclusive item, nice job. Guys just compare the "original price" - 105 TS & 2400g or 140 TS, 70 jewels & 650g (and not 370 pet packs!) and MUCH LESS scales, even after pearls exchange.
  12. Nice game

    I swear if I'll be a vial short because of that... :D
  13. Nice game

    10/10 lost the key
  14. Since the loot has been butchered and the boss from this dungeon doesn't drop anything valuable anymore (a few outdated items and an old outfit only), the "once per day" and "use white orb" systems from this dungeon should be removed immidiately... Remove them. Seriously. At this point this dungeon is too easy so I doubt that you would add anything to the loot table. People have to spend their orbs (and each orb is money) and literally get nothing in return. Sometimes some people make a mistake and get locked so they aren't able to finish the daily quest. Sometimes there are 6 players (LFP option) without a single orb, and this repeats many times which leads to wasting a lot of time for a one minute long dungeon. Another thing to mention is that there was literally no event for this dungeon for the entire year (I doubt it will be during the holiday season). ALSO we're still waiting for the evolved stone drop improvements which were CONFIRMED LAST YEAR.