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  1. Bug Summary: Most emotes now leave character faces completely expressionless Reproduction steps: 1. Hold Ctrl + Alt to bring up the emotes menu. 2. Click all of the emotes one by one to see them displayed. 3. Notice that all of the emotes in the "Social" and "Signal" sections no longer have either animation or non-default expressions for the face, and the same is true of two of the emotes in the "Pose" section. Additional information: All of the emotes in the "Emote" section still have their facial expressions/animations, as do both "Dance" emotes.
  2. Also many people discarded/sold their old pet gems not noticing that these new ones don't have stats. If they don't fix this they'll wind up doing even more work going through everyone's tickets individually, and the longer they wait to make an announcement the more people who will file tickets anyway. It really makes no sense that they don't even announce what their intention is.
  3. Disconnect when attempting to change characters definitely has nothing to do with the launcher, I get it almost every day when I try to quickly cycle through my characters to do all of their trove rolls; usually can only make it through 3 or 4 of them before getting a disconnect, and they're all in low-player areas so it's not like I'm quickly loading and unloading the Mushin's Tower crowd to trigger it or anything. On UE3 I could do this without disconnects every time.
  4. This is a repeat report of the diamond, garnet, and obsidian pet gems obtained through the Call To Arms event not giving any stats. It would be nice if an employee can say what is intended to be done about this, because I tossed my heptagonal versions of the same gems not realizing there were no stats attached and I'm not sure whether I should submit a ticket to get them back or if these gems will be "fixed" at some point. Should we all just spam tickets or what?
  5. Bug Summary: Terrain in Celestial Basin is buggy, causing players to get stuck Reproduction steps: 1. Starting from the windstride point in Celestial Basin, turn so that you are exactly facing the place where Syrok spawns in the Scavengers' Excavation Site. 2. Run forward and after you pass the space between the Celestial Basin Key activation site and the palm tree near it, jump as if you were going to jump over the rock that is in your way there. 3. Your character will get stuck in mid air, endlessly rubber-banding as it tries to fall but cannot. Additional informatio
  6. Bug Summary: Grand Harvest Square Raid is additionally announced to end at incorrect times Reproduction steps: 1. Watch the in-game chat for system announcements 25 minutes and 20 minutes before Grand Harvest Square Raid is supposed to end. 2. Notice that there's an announcement 25 minutes before that says the raid will end in 5 minutes, and 20 minutes before that announces the raid has ended. Additional information: The correct announcements are also sent out 5 minutes before the end and upon it ending in addition to these incorrect ones, but these incorrect announcements
  7. Bug Summary: Spectral BM drops Deflect frequently but inconsistently Reproduction steps: 1. Enter seemingly any boss fight while holding aggression and be in Flock of Blades stance. 2. Press and hold the button for Deflect skill whenever the boss is about to attack. 3. Watch as the skill sometimes gets interrupted far before its 2.0 second duration expires, so quickly in fast that it's nearly impossible to activate Winged Protector until the second Deflect is activated as a result of the button being held. (This requires reliable use of these defense skills to be activated
  8. Bug Summary: Turning ("Camera X-axis Speed") inconsistently drops dramatically while airborne Reproduction steps: 1. When running and jumping to glide across the first gulf in Silversteel Laboratory, my character barely turned at all, I had to lift my mouse and swing twice to make the ~45 degree turn. Upon landing, turning was normal again. (After this and before the remaining examples I increased "Camera X-axis Speed" to the maximum of 100) 2. When jumping down from the long platform where the first combat occurs in Silversteel Laboratory to the round platform where the secon
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