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  1. I've already reported this 3 weeks ago, with no fixing nor acknowledgement from any NCSoft or NCWest staff that they are even reading the reports, nor it being noted in any "known issues" posts. Here's a link to one such report (posted in a thread by a staff member, so they should have noticed if they ever looked at the forums since): https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/253573-official-thread-new-empires-bug-tracking/?do=findComment&comment=2104226 The issue explained at length: Dragonblood -- the type granted from Lucky Revitalizer -- appears to do nothing in either Forest of
  2. Gem Hammers now appear completely unusable in the game despite still being rewarded by some content (Skybreak Spire, for example). When attempting to open a gem slot on a weapon that has an unopened gem slot which used to require Gem Hammers to do so, the Gem Hammers item in your inventory remain grayed out and unusable without any replacement suggested (for the record, Legendary Gem Hammers also are unusable for this purpose). This also means that gem slots on such weapons are also now unopenable.
  3. I just tested Dragonblood again and it still doesn't work two maintenances later despite it saying in-game that it should, it being usable and indicating that it's effective, and Lucky Revitalizer still being rewarded for Daily Challenges. Is it possible to get a confirmation that an NCSoft or NCWest employee is aware of this issue?
  4. Dragonblood -- the type granted from Lucky Revitalizer -- appears to do nothing in either Forest of Echoes or Ebondrake Lair despite being able to be used there, and this is the case even in Easy mode. When a player has a Dragonblood, having HP drop to 0 through normal combat causes the player to die and also consumes the Dragonblood. Since one of these is a newer 4-man dungeon and the other is a revitalized 6-man dungeon and both are the first two I tested, I would be willing to bet Dragonblood doesn't work in any of the current endgame dungeons, and thus Lucky Revitalizer is nearly a point
  5. It is obviously too late for this Soul Boost event, but please set the end date for the next Soul Boost event to be before the end of the current dungeon "season". I called there being these sorts of problems months ago when discussing when the current dungeon "season" would likely end. I predicted that the daily challenge dungeons and demonsbane dungeons wouldn't be changed until after the Soul Boost event ended (and thus the newest dungeon also wouldn't come out until then) because doing otherwise would create a developmental headache greater than what the current NCWest + NCSoft teams s
  6. It is unclear how Substratum stages 41 to 80 and Aerodrome stages 41 to 80 are accessible now that they have been removed from the Demonsbane system. In the cross-server lobby there are only options to complete it on "Easy", Normal", and "Hard" modes, and in the demonsbane menu when outside of the cross-server lobby these dungeons don't appear at all making selection of demonsbane stage for them impossible. If this is true, then I think people were mislead by the Ctrl+J guide which indicates that they do not drop there, and it's important that that guide be accurate for ite
  7. The three "current" 6-man dungeons give far less combat XP than the three "current" 4-man dungeons (approximately a factor of 10 difference) despite all six having their difficulty approximately equalized this patch. It is no longer possible to F-roll ("Retreat") out of Master Hong's grab in Forest of Echoes despite that being the "preferred" method of doing so in Circle of Sundering, the battle this fight is an "echo" of.
  8. Another Update: I failed to upgrade the same Skystealer Belt from 4+ to 5+ over 20 times in a row... while merely extremely bad luck normally, this also strongly implies that the "Evolution Progress" system isn't just not showing graphically but isn't functional at all.
  9. Eating a Dumpling triggers the drinking animation before placing the character into a sitting position.
  10. Update: "Evolution Progress icon" also doesn't show up when failing to evolve a 3+ Skystealer Bracelet into a 4+ Skystealer Bracelet. My earlier report was using Synthesis Stones and this time I used Fusion Stones, so it seems likely that it's broken regardless of evolution material, equipment type, and stage.
  11. Ctrl+J reports that both Sterling Scales and Sterling Scale Fragments are no longer available from any content in the game despite still being required by heart upgrades. This is surely just a bug in what Ctrl+J is reporting, right? When attempting to add Awakened Stages to the Meridian Mystic Badge, it says "There is a chance of failure. For more information on these chances press the Probability Detail button." but no such button is present. The patch notes say "The Evolution Progress icon can be seen under "Current Equipment" icon in the "Manage Equipment" UI." but this did not show
  12. I highly recommend that your general philosophy for putting any item on the store first be to not do it if it's already tradable and craftable/transmutable or farmable from current content (so never gold -- not even RNG gold -- and never stuff like Soulstones, Sacred Orbs, Moonstones, Elysian Orbs, Hongmoon Gem Powders, Hongmoon Gem Fragments, Tradable Skystealer crystals, Tradable Skystealer Pouches, Sacred Oils, Pet Pods, Sterling Scales, Premium Transformation Stone, Transformation Stone, Empyrian Spirit Stone, Soul Shield Primers, repair tools, etc.). Second, don't put the untradable ve
  13. Since this is the first time I've ever seen an NCWest employee accept feedback regarding cosmetics, I'm going to post about this here even though it's slightly off-topic: Heart Attack Illusion weapons got bugged in the Wardrobe at some point years ago. Many players -- including myself -- who already paid for the weapon bundle and then claimed the appropriate weapons from account mail on appropriate characters and then placed them in the wardrobe had them disappear from their wardrobe slots. I reported this happening in a ticket years ago and nothing ever happened. I know of at least two
  14. Bug Summary: Most emotes now leave character faces completely expressionless Reproduction steps: 1. Hold Ctrl + Alt to bring up the emotes menu. 2. Click all of the emotes one by one to see them displayed. 3. Notice that all of the emotes in the "Social" and "Signal" sections no longer have either animation or non-default expressions for the face, and the same is true of two of the emotes in the "Pose" section. Additional information: All of the emotes in the "Emote" section still have their facial expressions/animations, as do both "Dance" emotes.
  15. Also many people discarded/sold their old pet gems not noticing that these new ones don't have stats. If they don't fix this they'll wind up doing even more work going through everyone's tickets individually, and the longer they wait to make an announcement the more people who will file tickets anyway. It really makes no sense that they don't even announce what their intention is.
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