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  1. IAN:...Hey BNS fans, this is Iam Nosey, with an online interview with KittyAura, the last Hongmoon Warrior..." KA:..."Er, if I may interject, Nosey, I am actually NOT, the last Hongmoon Warrior..." IAN:..."Eh, but my sources clearly said..." KA:..."Well," said KittyAura with a sad smile, "its true and yet not true, like many things here in this place." IAN..."Please explain for our readers..." KA:,,, "Well, you see, Nosey, that almost everybody here in this place we find ourselves in, is, and sincerely believes, that they are the last Hongmoon Warrior, same as me."
  2. ...Had the same issue. Its the update causing the issue with me. Tried to reinstall the game to D drive to free up C Drive for other things,, and made the MISTAKE of thinking it had worked, when it just went and reinstalled it to C Drive again, when it said it was going on to D drive. No matter what I did, it refused to go on D Drive. ...I had 153 GB(153!!!) free on my C drive, and it filled up to the brim and stopped during the Update. Had no more files to delete at all on C Drive. I found that the basic game itself was there in the files I had reinstalled on C Drive, however, so I copie
  3. ...Here is what I managed to do today to finish Koldrak after it froze at the 12:00 run and kicked me out as well. I was able to re-enter the 3:00 Koldrak run. As an experiment, I kept my movements to a minimum and did not fire a shot, and it still froze up anyway. I went about my business in my home, ignoring the game, keeping the dungeon active. About 20 minutes later, it unfroze with the run completed. I got my rewards and my 5th daily credit as well. ...I had experimented about a month earlier with this freeze/unfreeze action, as it had happened before UE4, but, with UE4, it also kick
  4. ...The Koldrak's Lair has, under UE4 become unplayable. It freezes up if I attack, and stays frozen for 20 minutes. Before today, it would then unfreeze and I could still collect my reward, but today, it kicked me out and it registers complete but no credit, so now I cannot reenter the dungeon and finish my daily run. ..Since the daily runs are now so cut in the total number of possible dungeon runs, it really leaves me with no options to advance. ...KL was bad enough before UE4, but it worked. Now all I can say is FIX it, or at least give me and other players who might be having sim
  5. ...Before the UE4 update I had 3 (once current) dungeons I could solo easily, and that was from lvl 17 on. I worked hard to get to lvl 23, and improve my equipment and weapons. Now those 3 are much harder, and I get wiped out in one of them, but only because I run out of time. The "TOTAL DEATH" time limit is a joke. Why should the devs (DEVilopers ) care if it takes me longer to complete a dungeon solo, or in a party.? The boss cannot kill me(or us in a party) in fair combat, but its like, oh, I (we) died just because. Don't treat me like I'm trash and my hard work means nothing. If you're go
  6. ...First, let me say that the recent Square Gem giveaway was a very generous gesture on behalf of BNS... However... ...As someone who had just spent a lot of my hard earned money to purchase the Hongmoon Square Gems just a couple of months previously, it proved very frustrating. Having to sell off the ordinaries for a handful of coppers and only being able to even salvage the square diamond didn't improve my mood towards BNS. What was really funny to me was, right after this giveaway, they offered the Hongmoon Square Gem Scrolls again for sale! This is really poor business practice.
  7. ...It seems they have revamped parts of this quest. I got stuck on transition from part 6 to 7... No letter to read to progress to 7. After rebooting twice, the letter appeared, and I got to level 10... What should be the next challenge but the same dratted quest, and had the same dratted problem. This time, so far, the letter won't appear no matter what I have done. Sent a Notice to Support after the level 6 fiasco, so, maybe they will write back with a fix despite my having solved the issue somehow at level 6. Sigh. It is the same problem, just at a different point in the quest now. It seems
  8. ,,,Its such a pity when a game company develops a game that centers around a strong, good and kind philosophy, then consistently erodes and degrades and even destroys that foundation. What we are left with is a shadow of what the game could have been. As I have said elsewhere, it must be that they held a Divine Mandate ritual in the offices of NC soft, and the result has been nothing but chaos ever since. ...My own personal choice is not to support them any longer, I'm not going premium or buying coins anymore. Everyone has to do as their nature compels them to so do, and this is my choic
  9. ...I believe I have discovered what is truly going on with the game, It is far more troubling than any of us dreamt possible...(looks right, looks left)....There has been another successful Divine Mandate ritual! One that occurred right inside the NCSoft and NCWest offices! Don't you see? This is no longer about Master Hong and the continuing of the Hongmoon Way. It was, in fact, our young students that discovered this fell situation, and that is why they had to be removed from the game, before they could reveal the truth... ...Now, it is only about spreading chaos.... Patches that don't
  10. ..Well, this is hardly the first time that things have not gone very well after an update, to put it mildly. This current one is such a hopeless muddle, its obvious it was not tested at all. Having deviated completely from the Hongmoon Way, its also obvious that there is only one thing the devs of this game care about anymore, and that is money. I've done premium memberships, bought NC coin, but, no more. I, for one, am ON STRIKE. I am not spending another dime on this game until they do something to make me deliriously happy. If enough players do the same, maybe they will listen for a change.
  11. ...I ventured back to the Hongmoon school after finishing the current storyline, and, as I wandered around, I noticed two things. First, it had STOPPED raining! (YAY!) ...(Always hated the thought of that poor little girl out in the rain)... ...Second, it seems that the months of strong rains had apparently washed one of the school's buildings away! I found it, after a long search, standing proudly in mid-air, about 1/3 of a mile away from its original location. :) ...Talk about a room with a view! ...I'm hoping that this is part of the storyline somehow, and that Celestial Real Esta
  12. First off.. No third..hmm, maybe fourth? Thanks for the info on the next patch, but, that seems to be only useful if your other character has the same weapon. Will that hold for sending a weapon to another PLAYER? That would be more useful. Not sure how that helps my characters. Fifth off... Throw them away? hahahhaha..that's the whole point of being tired of having to throw things away. If I could throw them away so that someone else could pick them up and use them, now, that would be cool. Sixus: Pity about the gems, poor gems.... nobody cares. Sad.. Sevenus: What are YOUR ide
  13. ...I have like, 94 Legendary Gem Hammers now. 94. I can't sell them or give them away. They can't be salvaged. The only use they have is for a new character, and heck, no one needs that many. I keep getting them, now that I no longer need them. They just keep coming... Make it stop!!! Will I have thousands of them??????...(Its funny how an object once so sought for, is now to be avoided, especially on the Daily Spin... No, no NO!!! Not a 4!! Not another **** hammer!) ...I have the same problem with a lot of gems. I have thrown away a FORTUNE in gems. 10 Fortunes!!! They can't be given awa
  14. Hi... I made my level 60 character, and got all the goodies. Master Hong appeared and said I should read his letter. However there was no letter, and when I tried to do the Awakening quest, no access to the cave, no one to talk to at the ironsights area... No purple quest. Anyone have any ideas why? thanks..
  15. ..>thanks for the explanations! It was fun trying though..
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