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  1. You can always make a 2nd account too. I find the game fun enough that it's worth doing so
  2. Cupidstar wow you're nuts lol. I hate how the stutters in UE3 ate inputs, now it's gone now. I love how it is now because I can actually play the game now and not be frustrated lol I dunno about the loading issue, its fine for me. Nothing is mix in with anything.
  3. I posted a topic here about it The CM is great to have forwarded to the devs but more exposure is always good as a reminder
  4. Thank you so much. I'm not a whale but I do support the game by buying outfits for my alts but being punished for doing the story quest before the update and not getting the weapon is a turn off from playing my alts.
  5. I contacted support and they say they can’t give my characters the weapon. I’m pretty unmotivated from playing more on my alts. Wish NcSoft update the game for older players with this issue
  6. And your comment just defending Ncsoft and being ignorant. The current story literally gives out gc3 which older players can’t get and makes no sense to just sell it in the dragon express or somewhere to get it. I also like playing on alts so no, this is not just a “week” for me on top of trying to play on my main
  7. That's silly, why do I have spend hours per day trying to save up Martial Tokens when it is now given out for free from the story? Plus I got alts and I can't post easy mode basic dungeons in F8 either. I really don't understand how this is an oversight from the devs
  8. I played before the Oct update gave out the GC3 weapon. Now I'm stuck with exalted weapon and the new story mode gives out GC mats but I got no GC3 weapon. Please find a way so older players don't get missed out on this.
  9. I think he's just talking about the story part like VT and BT. I like they updated it so we can at least complete the orange quests at least.
  10. Try Ctrl + C to see if it fix that issue
  11. The story update next month gives updated gear. Also there's soul fiesta and mission pass that's suppose to give good gear too. Current progression I believe is this:
  12. The next patch in Nov suppose to give good gear through the storyline. I suggest trying that out before deciding
  13. Does it spike? It’s good for me. I get about 10-20ms ping and I don’t live next to the server
  14. At the moment, story doesn't give gear to allow characters without thornbreaker (like alts) to even join dungeons. What are NcSoft plans after the c2a event for new players or alts to even join dungeons?
  15. I remembered before I left there were more dungeon choices for dailies to do that were quicker and easier. I even got the thornbreaker weapon and had a team of of them but the "easy" dungeons are too hard with bosses being HP sponges. My teams failed multiple times on "easy" because it really isn't easy. As a returning player, this is a major turnoff in trying to get back in the game and to try to start farming for mats again. Whoever balanced easy mode need to look at that again and at least nerf HP. Also add back in the blue dungeons. I don't know why anyo
  16. No thanks, let them focus on one engine and fix ue4 stuff. I'll take this over the stuttering that ue3 any day
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