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  1. As a matter of fact, no I did not, cause I don't have the time to stalk every single platform that posts information about BnS 🙂
  2. He means because the dungeon roster changed. CC/BC/SP/TC/ST are no longer dailies, nor in f8, so no one will bother running them.
  3. Yes, I'm well aware of it, as you said. I'm just going off the fact we had the Skystealer accessories for about 6 months, before the release of the new Starcrossed (?) tier, so it wouldn't be that far-fetched to think the same would apply to the weapon. I apologize if it looked like I was implying there was a new tier announced.
  4. I respectfully agree. The patches lately come from KR 1:1 in the West, with 2:1 (and that's being generous) the resources available to us. I will not get into the Chaos Supply Chain loot nerfs, nor the Skystealer accessories discrepancy in materials between us and KR mentioned a few months back, or many more. I'll only present this for clarity: • Last week, doing every possible raid quest excluding the Steelbreaker and Serpent's Den, I made 991g (mind you, Scarlet Conservatory had double loot, and the aforementioned amount includes selling all the 10/100 Gold bars from the rewar
  5. I mean, we all know what we'd want, HM Scrolls/ Sterling Scales/ Pet Packs, but as said: greed x) I'd be satisfied with just removing what I mentioned above. Anything would be bound to be more sought after, to certain groups, than those.
  6. Good evening, Once more, thank you for the effort, and mostly the results. I'll keep it as short as possible: Everyone literally hates seeing materials of the Skystealer-Soulstone-Moonstone-etc Crystal variety, and the prices most of the time are a bit steep, on anything where Today's Specials is concerned. As to what we'd like to see, I'd take anything that is actually hard to farm for. Won't go into specifics, cause only player greed lies that way, and I'm not immune to it xD Hope that helps.
  7. Since maintenance, completely unable to log on my main character.
  8. As I said, was just a suggestion based on what I got to work with
  9. That's not the case for me. I used all my Sweetheart coins yesterday, and no peaches on my main. The alt I'm on currently on the other hand, had peaches that I just antiquated without any issue.
  10. Shooting in the dark here, but just a suggestion based on what I got to work with. I do the exact same things on my Main and one of my alts. Rankings, raids, farming, solo and event dungeons etc. The only thing difference between them, is that I got the Game Master outfit and Mask on my main, and not on my alt. After asking other players in my clan, it would appear they can't log on any character that has it as well, but can on characters that don't. Just something to maybe start on o7
  11. In the picture that follows, is just a small example of how much gold is needed, and mind you my Ring was +7 and Earring +6. And trust me, I think I was lucky. I've known people who needed up to 32k from +6 to +11 on a single accessory. So yes, indeed we need more gold income, and I think literally no one would complain about some improvement in the +success rate 🙂 https://ibb.co/68sn6RS
  12. First and foremost, thank you GS for the quick response. It's a very welcome change of pace. The list is honestly big, but right the top of my head: Black Padded Coat Snowfield Varsity Jean Streets Fight Night Headliner
  13. Can you, please, reconsider whatever method you use to pick the returning outfits? Both First Step and Springtime Soiree have been back in the Hongmoon Store fairly recent, whereas there are outfits that have not seen the light of day in ages (and no, I'm not referring nor asking for event-exclusive or "limited edition" outfits). We would like some variety, something that we might actually want to get, instead of 10-12 choices repeated over.
  14. First and foremost, thank you Green Storm for putting in the effort of actually asking about this topic. Let me start by saying this: most 2-star rewards are by far the worst appeal of Trove, since some of those are completely outdated. Items to remove from Trove: Liberty Tokens (Outdated) Warrior's Core Selection Chest (Highly outdated) Amara/ Numok/ Jurupo/ Volberus Psyches (Outdated - Do not belong in 2-star) Heptagonal/ Hexagonal Obsidian Garnet Selection Chest Master Material Chest Prime/ Superior Reputation Charm Lunar Twilight Flower (Does not belong in 2-star, r
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