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  1. Inb4 they announce there's a typo in the Patch Notes, as always.
  2. The disconnect issue is prolly due to the influx of logins/ switches happening around those times. (Logging or switching to do alts)
  3. It contains upgrade material for the new Mythical Accessories
  4. Actually, the 1% HP Koldrak bug always happens on runs that are not finished by the time the Challenge time window closes. At least, all the times I've faced this bug, was after the challenge had closed.
  5. That's on both of you, not NCWest. Had you read any Mod post in their site, you'd have known. Like the rest of us did.
  6. Let me introduce to our laggy friend, Koldrak. He's the reason you're unable to login. Too many ppl trynna log/switch, and ofc another unaddressed issue of the game.
  7. Do not expect it any time soon. Even KR doesn't have it.
  8. No one in this company is actually playing the game, so they don't even know what's relevant and what's not. I mean, they themselves removed the Blue Reputation Charms, yet they still dish them out as compensation kek
  9. Sorry, my bad ^^" I wasn't clear enough and missed that I quoted the whole post. I was referring to the removal of event tokens.
  10. It wasn't intentional. They just messed up, likes always. Just in no hurry to fix it, cause they won't be losing money from it.
  11. Guess anything that doesn't cost them money is minimal priority.
  12. Every time Koldrak bugged for me, it was after the 10-min window closed, and we were still in. Also, we didn't get kicked out, quite the opposite Koldrak died on its own, after a few minutes. And it's not "unkillable" cause it's still losing HP, but instead of calculating proper damage from our attacks, it seems like it takes 1HP damage per hit dealt
  13. @Rynaraplease pardon my forwardness, but all these answers are a joke. There's literally no new information in those answers, nothing that hasn't been announced before and/or that we haven't already been aware of due to KR streams, which with the way things are right now, are our most reliable source of information apparently. And don't even get this community started on the last question answered. Been there, done that. All any report ever yielded was automated responses telling us to take our concerns in the forums, only to be facewalled by the Forum Managers warning us, or outright lockin
  14. Thank you for the response. Just hope support will make it in time, before this week's Weekly Limit reset.
  15. @Himeany word on this issue? Cause maintenance is nearing, and we'll miss out on those Vials/Packs.
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