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  1. Doubt even a recolor would be released. Remember how pissed everyone was when they released a recolor of quick Draw which was also a founder exclusive? They have never offered it again to players.
  2. Maybe all versions will get the update at the same time o.o
  3. A lot of players that quit was due to performance, not that the game is p2w or cheaters because a lot of the players dont really care. Once ue4 comes and the performance will actually be really improved i am sure a lot will come back to play.
  4. Chance is extremely big that UE4 port will no linger have working xml edits which means all those "cheats" will be useless if they do not use the XML files anymore.
  5. I think you need to wait for the right time in their time zone not NA one. The announcement i think is supposed to come from NC HQ in KR.
  6. Sure, if they price it the same as the master pack which is 124.99 $
  7. Something tells me UE4 will have a fix for that xD
  8. We still need to wait for the actual announcement but....now i do not know how exactly this upgrade will go, but word of advice to everyone: Get ready that we might have to download the entire game again, and depending on how this is done, there is a chance it will require far more disk space than what the game currently uses. So, lets just assume that so there are no suprises afterwards.
  9. It does not matter how many are still playing. What matters is it was advertised as an Exclusive item which would not be available by any other means.. It would be flat out scamming if they released it for everyone. If they wanna release it they better give everyone the 100$ refunds they spent on the founder items. This is the announcement that was done for the founder pack costumes: "In addition to the basic benefits and bonuses, the Master pack also includes costumes and weapon skins that are exclusive to the Master Founder’s Pack, and will never be obtainable ag
  10. I certainly hope not. they were one of the reasons people bought the founder packs. If they would release them now to everyone that would be completely unfair to those who purchased them. I am sorry you missed out but thats how it is. Other games also do not offer founder exlusive items for everyone because they missed out.
  11. I am against item level. Played many games that did have that and it caused more problems than benefits. Players can simply open the upgrade path window and see for themselves which items are the better ones. That being said, there should be a tutorial in game for that. There is already text stating where which soulshields come from. So i am not sure what other text you want to have added. Which pricing are you referring to? If its ebon blooms etc, well players have 3 choices: 1. Farm the blooms to buy the shields without doing the raid 2. do the raid
  12. Accessories can only be sent over to other characters when they are stage 10+, so you cannot just mail it around to upgrade it. Weapons can also only be sealed at stage 3/6/9. It is not so much about slowing down, but keeping things balanced. Imagine making 10 alts and getting 2-3 times more Bloodroses than someone who actually does the raid every week just from alts. Thats is a great imbalance. That is why only the less relevant items for current progression are made account bound while new ones / ones that are still very much needed do not get bound. You aren't suppos
  13. Because the idea is to farm with characters not just make tons of alts to get easy mats and mail over to main. That is why a lot of materials only become account bound after a certain time. This is exactly the reason why they are not bound to account yet.
  14. Those items will become account bound however there is a time when that happens. typically for scales, its always that most current scale isnt beocming account bound until a new one is released. Elder scales are still not account bound as a lot of current items still need it. Scarlet conservatory items - i expect those to become account bound with the release of the next raid so give or take a month or two. Souvereign Cores, will likely become acc bound then aswel, or at the update after that. Generally in BnS it does not matter how old an item is, its about h
  15. We will very likely have one after the new raid is released and summoner 3rd spec. We just had one not to long ago so i expect next one to be there somewhere after maybe 2 months or so.
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