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  1. Broken Trove Logic

    Well, i wouldnt say its "unacceptable" but....i do think they exagerated with the i will say "value" of the weapon skins. While, yes i think those weapon skins should be in a 3 star crit, the other items should have been different. but you have to keep in mind, most of the playerbase values weapon skins / costumes more over materials and thats where they were heading with this. I do however not agree on you getting a key refund, simply because you dont deserve one, oyu know its a rng event and you willingly decided to spend 100$, you said so yourself. Sadly its arguing over spilled milk now, but hopefully they take the feedback for the next trove in 3 months.
  2. Bugged or changed raven SS?

    there was never cd on raven shields.
  3. Key Trove discount

    ugh..."tro[ical treasure trove" as new item
  4. The side quests and most of those weird daily quests were removed. they streamlined the leveling so all you need to do is just follow the story all the way till 60. The only time you would enter a dungeon is for the purple weapon cause in most cases those are stronger than the ones you get from the story. for exmaple blackram narrows, them some of the wheel of fate weapons like deva / pinchy, and so on.
  5. Unreal Engine 4?

    "Developers of commercially released games or applications will pay Epic a 5 percent royalty on gross revenue above $3,000 per product, per quarter" and the prices are completely negotiable with Epic. So depending what you negotiate you can have no royalty, if you make it an epic exclusive for say a year. all comes down to agreements made.
  6. A question about AMD {Again}

    PhysX is a nvidia technology so if you have a md card and want to use it you cna only use it on the cpu.
  7. Cant activate the simple mode

    under options, blade and soul mode there is a checkbox to enable simple mode, if its unmarked the simple mode icon aboe the rmb/lmb buttons in game wont appear and you wont be able to turn it on.
  8. Key Trove discount

    He doesnt mean items in trove, he means trove in general aka this summer trove as a whole is trated as "newly introduced". also i dont know what you are talking about....did den 5 times yesterday and 3 of 5 dropped fragments from each boss.... People need to stop with this "western this western that" mindset. The game was out in several regions before it even made it to NA/EU, and in all the other regions it works the same way: troves, rng boxes etc... people shouldnt expect or demand it to be different here. But hey, if you want a real money scam let them introduce the chance to fail when upgrading and downgrading of stats,. Everyone is free to spend as much money they want and on what they want in the game, if you have cash to throw around, go ahead, if you dont, then you dont. People that spend money boost their characters but that doesnt mean they are good at the game, and jeleousy because someone gets somewhere faster than you wont make your game experience any better.
  9. Bring f cancels back on bd

    Spirit BM is currently a broken class. And will continue to be untill the rest of the 3rd specs are released.
  10. Key Trove discount

    The trove key bundles are already discounted 10%...
  11. New class idea: Stand user

    And how exactly would this class fit in the concept of blade and Soul?
  12. Tropical Treasure Trove 350 Key Results

    Well i mean its i had a 3 star in the first 5 keys i used, then at some point got a 3 star twice in a
  13. Tropical Treasure Trove 350 Key Results

    not possible. Every max. 40 keys you get a guaranteed 2* / 3* crit
  14. onyx scale fragments account bound schedule

    it will probably be like with silver scales. so when they introduce the next tier material, onyx scales will become acc bound
  15. BnS Exclusive FPS Dips at Exact Intervals

    Ok I from what you say you tried disabling Bluetooth and FTH on windows.....? If it is literally happening every 60 seconds then something on your pc is doing a scan / check for something and that kills your fps. Have you tried CPU unparking? Disable the game bar on windows 10? Tried the windows game mode perhaps?