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    If you left bns...why are you still replying? lol but asside that, its not as bad as you all make it out to be. I see daily people asking for help in our faction chat and there are people that actually help them. You do not even need a full party to do those low dungeons. If people leave thats cause they want the lazy way and be carried.
  2. Dungeons mechanics revert?

    they were added back because the hard modes were broken because of it. the fact they are back isnt even a problem. At least now people need to use more than one braincell to clear a dungeon
  3. Please fix Hive Queen Asap

    Thats the price you pay for the boss being nerfed.
  4. I have yet to see those skins reduce any performance for me and my friends. o.o
  5. Wind / Lightning / Earth/ fire / Ice / shadow damage on all equipments will be changed to "elemental damage" and scale with any skill that uses elemental damage, regardless which "element" build you use on a character, With that obsidians will only have a stat called "elemental damage XXXX" and also we will be able to fuse obsidian with garnet if i remember good in the future. So any elemental obsidians you have now which may be each different will be changed to one and the same when the patch hits.
  6. they wont be getting it.
  7. So are you just ignoring this?

    You are mixing things up. If your PC meets the game requirements that simply means you are able to run the game. that does not mean your loading time setc will be the same as someone with a better rig. Hardware components are each players individual thing, NC can only check if you can run the game, whether you run it fast / good depends on your hardware which ncsoft has no influence on.
  8. Friend List f4 Not Working

    what you could try, tho i dont think itwill help, go to your documents folder on your Pc, there should be a BnS folder. there should be somewhere a file from your characters with blocked users etc. Try moving the file somewhere else or renaming it and then check. Sometimes in other games the issue for friendlist problems are character names which have weird symbols or characters in them and it bugs out. Doesnt hurt to try.
  9. Problem before game launches

    Trove lasts unti December 26 so you still have a week to go. did you try going into your game folder and deleting the xigncode folder entirely? It should re-download it upon start of the game. This is a most common fix for most other games i play using xigncode. Other option i would say try starting the game as administrator without any compatibility settings on the launcher.
  10. Turning bug

    Do you have multiple screens connected to your Pc and the cursor goes off to the second screen?? If so there are 2 things you can do: 1. Press ALT+ENTER until the game changes to true full screen 2. At least for me: i open windows explorer on the screen where my game is running on and then just close the explorer window and my focus goes back onto the game and doesnt shift to the second screen anymore.
  11. Please fix Hive Queen Asap

    Spiders are an intended change, the bug bomb is whats broken.
  12. Nebula stones and Evolving Weapons

    then by your logic you should not have the raid weapon.
  13. So are you just ignoring this?

    What he means is: you cannot complain about something which is the result of you not having a good gaming PC. Load times are dependant on your hardware, so if someone has an SSD and you dont, they will load faster than you. thats not a game issue, thats a hardware issue. Yes, having a delayed arena start after both players load in would be a way to mitigate this.
  14. Treasuere tove a rip off or not?

    That is the whole definition of RNG. and i do not belive someone didnt see any outfit in 100 keys since some of the outfit toves are very very common. Unless they are refering to the Omen costume or the wings which are rare, so they shouldnt expect to get them. Also 2-3 stars arent fake, actually they are happening more often in this trove than the previous ones, half of my guild got 3-star crits with dyads within 50-100 keys. I myself got a 3-star crit with the first 5 keys i used (given items were rather crappy, no dyads, but still). The point is, this is an RNG event, everyone knows its a rng event, everyone knows you need luck for it, so if you decide to spend the money on keys to participate, knowing what it is, its not a fault of the company, its your on you. You decide to gamble with trove, then take the damn responsibility and admit its your own fault and not shove the blame off. Personally i think all costumes from trove should be tradable / sellable but we all know aint gonna happen. Also the game is a grinding game, which most korean mmos are, so your definition of "keeping players busy" thats exactly what these games are intent to do and are doing.
  15. I honestly do not see that working in BnS. you already have the merchant of wonders that can spawn after hard mode dungeons and still people dont really care about it. not to mention in bns something like this would be heavily considered p2w content exclusive to whales.