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  1. Base AP of characters

    race definetely has no influence on base AP, Spec also not. Class might, as different classes have different stats. If you really want to compare base stats you should create a completely new account and check it on freshly created characters where there are no unity, achievements and other items that influence it.
  2. Venture Token Myth or Real?

    I got a few purple tokens in all time i played.
  3. Archangel costume bundle

    I believe yes, the code had an expiration date but i do not remember how long.
  4. MOML is something players created. If you dont want anyone to bid on your loot solo it or duo it with a friend.
  5. Everyone bought resets on their own, in no way, shape or form were they forced to do it. I also got HM coins to get resets, and the thing is, i dont really care about the resets itself, i care about the fact that if they would not refund the fragments, those resets would have been completely wasted for nothing. When they return the 16 fragments, just means that the value of the resets gets returned to you and you can spend it on other things like pet gems. They did a very good thing about returning the 16 fragments, because now it is actually fair to those who chose to buy them, From what was said on stream with the patch on wednesday, we will be able to craft sealed Reset Tablets for throne of oblivion.
  6. Level 60 voucher doesn't work lol That should explain it all. There were cases where for some reason people could not use tyhe voucher if it was buried under a ton of items in the retrieve mailbox, so they had to contact support.
  7. For Quickdraw there was an alternate color variation available. i dont remember if throu an event or hongmoon store.
  8. New Daily Dash

    i buy premium just for the remote warehouse and the windstride cooldown xD
  9. Oblivion Fragments

    LOL xD Hey, i may have a different opinion on things than most but i can acknowledge when something isnt right o.o
  10. So, on the stream you said you were working on a list of outfits to bring back, and that we should make a new post about them, so figured why not, and also added some minor changes that i would call Costume QoL but these aren't any real game play changes or balance changes just some things that would be really nice to have and a suggestion for Premium Membership. Now i know not many will probably agree with the below, feel free to add anything else you might have an idea on. 1. Costumes and Skins Add Dreadtide weapons to the NPC in Grand Harvest Square for the price of 10 Naryu Silver (like other weapons there) and make them character bound so you cannot sell them, but still use them as a weapon illusion. Add an outfit selection chest to the dashboard of the daily dash and an adornment selection chest. Make Weapon Illusion Chests Account bound (many players have multiple skin boxes which are just wasting away in their storage and could be used to make so many chars prettier) Allow any new legendary tier weapons to be crafted as weapon illusion skins when they get released and discount older ones at the same time. Add the wheel of Fate weapons to be stored in the warddrobe (a lot of weapons still cannot be) Allow the Blackwyrm weapons to be stored in the wardrobe 2. Old outfits to bring back in events or Hongmoon Store (these are the ones i found on forums people asked for if there are any missing feel free to add the costume name in a reply and i can edit my post and add it to the list to keep it in one place): Stormcaller Weapon Chest Finite Challenge Sunrise Action Hero Boss Mode Wipeout Shadow Phoenix Carnation Flowerfall Star Power Ebondrake Wheel Chakma Shield Dark Emissary Undefeated Undefeated Mask Pop Art Pop Art Visor Pop Art Earrings Pop Art Weapon Illusion Amity Wings Dead Reckoning The Costume Design Contest Winners (All the costumes cause cant remember the names) Some were Trove / Rng box outfits, but nevertheless, there are people that asked for them so they are in the list. 3. Dungeon outfit availability: There is a big lets call it diversity on dungeon costumes and their availability. A lot of them can be bought from merchants but not all, some in other regions can be gotten from merchants, for EU/NA they are gated behind weekly lockouts. Would be great if these can be added to the merchants and even locked at a 10 / 50 run achievement. So this would include: Ravenfall (there are people at 250 runs and still don't have it xD) Ravenfall Mask Drowning Deeps Dungeon Costume & Adorments Sandstorm Temple Dungeon Costume & Adorments Brood Chamber Dungeon Costume & Adorments Ransacked Treasure Dungeon Costume & Adorments Infinite Challenge 4. Costumes which were obtainable by daily quests that got removed / other: Many costumes got added to the Zen Bean Trader, which is good, but not everyone likes PVP, would be great if they could be also added to the achievement merchant with a requirement of XXXX amounts of points to be able to purchase them for 5 Fabrics + 15g like the other costumes in there. Some costumes which were only obtainable by Daily quests werent added back and thus are non-obtainable anymore like Secret Agent. 5. Premium Membership suggestions: The current premium membership doesn't really offer anything good, especially after the removal of the venture tokens from daily dash. So i suggest the following: Remove the "100% Discount on Weapon Appearance Alteration" and make it a permanent discount for everyone in game to be free regardless of premium. Increase the daily Hongmoon Coin gift from 15 to 30. "Exclusive Discount on Certain Hongmoon Store items" - Expand this for more items in the HM Store: Character Alteration Voucher Additional Slot Voucher Race Change Voucher Familiar Name Change Voucher Name Change Voucher Gender Change Voucher Training Expansion Ticket Daily and Dynamic Quest EXP bonus - Increase the EXP bonus Add a reputation bonus from quests or, Allow premium members to be able to get more reputation than the daily limit Reputation - for premium users allow any reputation points exceeding the daily cap, to be stored and count towards next days cap. Or even better, allow premium users to freely change Appearance up to 3 times per month. Add a "Free Gift Box" to each monthly subscription that contains something nice For the login Rewards, Upgrade the Excellent Hongmoon EXP Charms to the Special Hongmoon EXP charms, and replace the Ordinary Experience Charms with for example: Far fetched but: 1 Hongmoon Gem powder Core Selection Box which allows you to choose if you want: 3xHellion Core, 3xImperial Core or 3xSouveregin Core used to get accessories after completing the 100 run achievement (its bad enough you are forced to do 100 runs, after those 100 runs you only have worst case 100 cores and still need another 150....this way its a little boost) Give 1-2 Free Battleground or Arena Keys Imperial Soju's White Feathers Increase Weekly Raid Entries to 2 per week but still allow the resets to only reset a single run 3x per week. So double entry for: Skybreak Spire, Temple of Eluvium, Scions Keep, Nightfall Sanctuary. Scarlet conservatory, Throne of Oblivion (tho may be better to always allow only 1 entry for every new raid that is released and increase it later on as it becomes less relevant) Maybe offer some sort of new token, and create a new tab in dragon express with some nifty premium only things like Heavens Mandate / Cold Storage Resets, Extra Unity Stone boxes etc... Create and usage of a special account wide storage tab similar to the premium one only account wide. Add a "custom Title" option for premium users, so you can set a custom title above your character, doesnt have to be anything shiny or fancy (sounds dumb but i actually heard people talking about something like this LOL) Add a benefit that with a somewhat low probability will allow you during crafting to "crit" and receive say 30% of the materials used back, same for transmutation. Or a chance for transmutation to not consume materials upon failure. Add an option for remote mailing instead of going to the storage npc every single time.
  11. Oblivion Fragments

  12. Same...there better be a refund for them even for people who got HM coins to buy the resets.
  13. Oblivion Fragments

    Ya but the difference is people paid actual money for resets for the fragments, so they better be refunding this.....
  14. Oblivion Fragments

    @Cyan@Hime So will everyone who used 24 oblivion fragments to get the bracelet now be refunded 16 since you reduce the purple bracelet cost to 8 fragments....
  15. Moon Refuge is absolutely terrible.

    There you are! i Was wondering why i havent seen you :P Dont get me wwrong, i agree that we need some more / better sources of gem powders / fragments, but allowing them to be gotten by something you can jsut botfarm is a bad idea. I am all for letting gem powders for example drops from raids or hard mode dungeons (maybe that will motivate players to make their own parties and learn). Well you have to keep the following in mind: 1. You can do refuge go in at the risk of getting killed 2. You can ignore that zone and farm basin for treasure pouches instead