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  1. Simple Mode Update

    That is not what simple mode is meant to be used for. ITs meant as an alternative to pressing buttons for those that have strain injury or slight disability. If you want better rotations you need to manually press the keys. Thats why simple mdoe does not allow changes / updates to skills. Its a fixed skill rotation.
  2. Cosmic Horizon: Patch Notes and Overview

    So: Summer of Splendor The reward redemption period has now ended. Yet dragon express exchange for the Summer blessing coins has been broken for 2 weeks, so what will happen to the coins we still have and cannot exchange? Will they be refunded for the value of the box per 10 coins?
  3. Cause it wouldnt be suprising and not the first time they would pull that off xD Now Shh! :P
  4. I know what you are saying but there was a similar discussion in the past where a costume was used in an event image. And back then it was said thats all it is, just an image for an event you should not associate it with costumes that would be released. But luckily we are getting it still so lets jsut wait a bit and they confirmed we would get it
  5. Liberty Token Issue

    they arent in there. Only the first badge tier is in them.
  6. Summer Lo0ve was mentioned in the last stream, that it will come in the hongmoon store once its ready, they never said september. Blood oath still has 3 costume rotation to appear in, so it will be in one of those.
  7. The new Call to Arms is a bit...

    Which goals are exactly unobtainable? Any dungeons up to CC, even SP is perfectly doable. MSP stage 2 also i do not see an issue (Yes its msp stage 2 and not stage 3 that gives the remnant), ET boss 1 clear for remnant is also somewhat not a problem. Weekly Challenge is also not an issue since you can either do Sanctum or CC which pretty much a brainded dungeon. Naksun, Yusang, Yeoharan....when those released originally the requirements were also very high for the gear we could get at the time, and you could easily clear them with much much less as long as you got the mechanics right. Same goes for Master Hong, current requirement is 80k DPS, even if they bump that up to be like 1-2m DPS its still easily doable. The only remnant i can see players struggling with is the Halcyon Hills / Sanctum one, but even then all you need for Halcyon Hills is a revival charm and not be too much brainded to avoid the attacks, the dungeons does not need that much dps to do either.
  8. The new Call to Arms is a bit...

    I must be playing a different game because the bar is actually almost on the floor for this event. Not to mention the keys will be in the store a week before the event ends.
  9. Liberty Token Issue

    Liberty tokens were from season of liberty. As that season ended, they should not be obtainable anymore. They can add 2 options: 1. Add exchange for REsurgence tokens like they did previously with liberty ones 2. Update dragon express to sell the badge chest for 120 solar energy.
  10. Call to arms preview is confusing

    Cause it doesnt matter in the end since you will be able to preview each chest in game when the patch hits. And you cant open selective chests awanyway,
  11. Awesome. Thank you. Any news on the summer Blessing Coins that cannot be used cause of broken dragon express?
  12. In-game broadcast doesn't work

    in-game broadcast worked fine for me and my entire clan and friends so.....guess its just you.
  13. According to what Hime said on stream, she is not sure if the old tokens will remain or be antiqued, but she knows the new upated solo dungeons will drop new token versions used for the new items.
  14. AP nerfed?

    AP does not get nerfed. You either changed an accessory, weapon, title, unity stone, gem or had a buff active.
  15. The game runs perfectly fine on windows 10. I would suggest send a support ticket and they can help you figure it out as those issues are related to your pc and not the game persay.