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  1. naryu coins and silver

    It was never a 1;1 ratio. It was always a 1:20.
  2. Minor annoyances that never get fixed

    Thats what i am saying, its not messed up. the number indicates exactly how many items you have in there. 10 charms from login rewards is 10 items. if you acumulated 30 treasure pouches from daily rewards, it will show one time in there but its still 30 seperate items. the count is correct.
  3. 6vs6 MATCHMAKING?!

    they need to introduce gear score and make reqwuirements for BG based on gear score.
  4. Minor annoyances that never get fixed

    just to add: Its because each item in there is counted seperately. they just appear grouped together for easier take out. Nothing wrong with this as it works the way it should. they do resond to keyboard. all of them do except the ones that show for opening multiple boxes, which imo should stay as is as an additional security check if you dont wanna open more than indicated
  5. Ncsoft really hates f2p players

    1. Wardrobe not being free caused inventory issues for people because their banks and inventories were overfilled with costumes. This may not be important enough for you, but it was for many other players. 2. The EXP charms there are only up to HM12, its a great way for people to get those 2-3 HM levels after story is finished. they added badges, Gen1 Legendary accessories, upgrade items....all of that was not there when basin was released. 4. they arent trash, they simply made those materials be obtainable the way they were intended to be in the first place, through faction wars and PVP. Even stage 3 PVP accessories are enough to not be a complete liability in 6v6. Add to it some brain power and you can do pretty decently. It is much easier to reach gold rank now than it used to be, also HM levels above 11-12 do nothing for PVP, it just adds attack power nothing more, plus the people that got the PVP items maxed are ones who farmed the helion accs and upgraded them which is much easier than PVe items and everyone can get them easily. This is a great change, because it means people cant just simply join with trash gear and leech of those which worked for it just to get the same reward in the end. If you cant get gold in 6v6...too bad buy them from the marketplace since they already dropped in price by 3-4 gold. 5. They did not decrease the gold income in any way, the gold earned shifted to the newer dungeons. not to mention dungeons are not the main source of gold in the game. 7. Crafting is very much worth it if you know what to craft and what people buy. Its not rocket science, and with 2 alts you can easily max out all crafting professions and alternate depending on supply/ demand. 8. QoL - Quality of life improvements. like for example being able to open / combine stacks of items instead of 1 by 1. 10. weekly rewards also got buffed because they now guarantee you a tradable crafting material, before they did not give you that. completely agree with this.
  6. Ncsoft really hates f2p players

    Well duuuh.....moonstone and soulstone are PVP resources. They were and are only to be obtained by SSP and PVP. the only thing they should do now is add gear score and put restrictions on battlegrounds so people without PVP gear cant ruin it for others. they should remove the venture tokens from all the rankings or change them to allow only 1 ranked char per account. right now its just being abused and people getting boosted to high ranks. But since you are asking: - added free wardrobe for players - added a lot of items to celestial basin - added the material pouch itself to basin - added better BG boxes - reduced accessory and weapon upgrade costs - gave several events to get a decent pet and soul and even weapon in the recent one - reduced crafting costs of some materials - added plenty QoL fixes - change of daily / weekly rewards And many more. I am not saying its all great and perfect, but ranting always about this and that without even acknowledging that there were improvements made is plain stupid.
  7. This game however requires you to PVP and PVE to progress properly. the sooner you learn and accept it the easier it will be on you.
  8. Side quest

    Not a bug, the quests were removed.
  9. You to know KFM only gets that buff when you brianlessly spam skills on them while they block right?
  10. Plus with the invitation to dragon scale quest its extra 400 beans just for doing matches.
  11. @Showta I do agree with most your points to some extent: 1. 6v6 Crashing - At least recently they mentioned its still on the radar, not exciting news but hey, at least it works. Though of all the time me and my friends play we never experienced any crashes in 6v6, that being said i honestly think this isnt a game issue but more a Pc issue of those affected. But lets hope something gets fixed and improved. 2. Gold income - I think the current gold income and ways to obtain it are fine, plus the personal material gains are also ok. For the costume part, i mean, fashin makes money, in almost every game. It would be a huge income cut if they let those be farmed easier. 3. Events - Lets just not go into this topic LOL i swear the person thinking these events out needs to be fired or forced to play the game for a few months to understand. 4. CM's Playing - I completely agree with this. Like if i compare the streams from BnS to for example the way streams were done in Tera when tonka was still there, its like ahuuuge grand canyon gap. The bns streams are stale, boring, and done like in way "here see this you will get now shut it" instead of actual engaging, playing, doing random streams that engage with the community. The only time you ever see them engaging is when there is a maintenance post that needs to be made or someone warned on forums. 5. Getting Through Gameplay - I do agree but, if you look at the game it seems they are forcing you to do a mindless grind through the game which is so artificially stretched it gets boring really fast. I do not understand why they dont simply but all the soul badges into basin for example, instead of forcing people to do a stupid TOI which is in all honesty just a waste of time in general. 6. Costume prices - I find these to actually be normal. Selling the adorments apart of the costumes wont really make them more money imo....if they split it and make it cheaper players would be more drawn towards selling gold and using hm coins rather than money...but i welcome the change, also would be great if certain adorments werent tied to costumes and can be worn with any outfit. 7/8. - Holidays and Story - I dont really care honestly, i am not into BnS story, not apealing to me, but i do not see the point of removing parts of it. As for Holidays....i mean they cant even get a good event right, and you expect them to do something for holidays? Its like asking a Porcupine to poop goat cheese. 9.Nerfing content - This i completely agree with. Everything is so brainless and dumbed down to the floor that its so boring to even do dailies. Funny part is, they do it to make it easier for those crybabies that call mechanics too hard, yet even with the nerfs they still complain its hard....they shouldnt nerf content to accomodate for people being lazy and dumb that they cant even stand 10m close to the boss, or stun/kd the boss, even when there is a join CC prompt on the screen and they just need to press SPACE. 10. Chatbox - meh, whatever they do with it is fine. 11. Things to do - i agree that the content in BnS gets repetitive and boring, even PVP. PVP gets expecially stupid when there is a bleful 10 person with accs and gear fresh from finishing the story.... They really should introduce Gear Score, and make it a requirement for dungeons and battlegrounds. Cause the way everything is now is just ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. Also @CrazyAmber It would be really, really stupid to waste phatasm eyes on koldrak scales from the rng box....
  12. New arena/bg keys (restrict F2P players)

    Soulshields and weapon is not pvp gear. Its a start. Once you get the accessories for it you will notice the difference.
  13. New arena/bg keys (restrict F2P players)

    Its not nerfed. Its actually put where it belongs, into PVP. Not to mention you can buy the keys for solar energies.
  14. Melee classes have already a shorter cooldown on escape skills compared to ranged. there is your equalization.
  15. i came back to the game

    People dont do quests which dont provide decent rewards or materials. its a waste of time.