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  1. Soul cost adjustments?

    You would have to type that in the KR forums xD
  2. Game crashes after typing in pin

    Have you tried a repair or worst case reinstall? does it flat out close or give you a disconnect error?
  3. Cowards devs/staff

    And yet...there are many players who has not spent a single $ on the game and have near max soul and end game I am not talking about needing X amount of resources or whether or not they can complete daily challenges. The point i am making is that a NEW player, will not come into the game and complain about a cost adjustment while he was not even playing the game, this is why the entire new player argument shouldnt even be here to begin with. Now, blade and soul was always a intense grind game, even before it released in EU/NA it was well known. So unless You enjoy the grinds, and play the game for fun, you will very likely quit, regardless what patches we get. If you base your gameplay on maxing items which you technically do not even need to max to clear all the content in the game, thats your priorities being off. There are plenty ways to make very good gold in the game, and doing dailies is the least effective one. If your gold income is purely based on daily quests, you will not make any gold in the game unless you kill your joy with running multiple alts. Also again, a max soul is not required or even needed for any content and that includes ET. The thing is, players cant want anything but ultimately those who made the game decide which direction it goes. Sadly if they have a set vision on what and where they want to go with their product, players complaining will not change their mind. If that were the case we wouldnt be getting any content cause always someone complains about something.
  4. Cowards devs/staff

    Has nothing to do with confusion. A completely new player will never come into a game and complain about something that changed in it while he didnt even play it.
  5. Cowards devs/staff

    Still, it doesnt matter what the existing community knows is normal or not. For a new player the current situation will be normal for his progression. A new player will not start the game and complain he needs 5 oils, for him that will be the normal / standard progression and not an adjustment.
  6. Make the badge exchange valuable

    I agree, all badges up to the previous pink tier should be changeable to 3rd spec for assasins (except the newly released ones). Since BM / destroyer 3rd specs had that option.
  7. Cowards devs/staff

    To be should not talk about new players because if a new player starts the game, the current adjusted costs will be seen as "normal" for them as they never experienced it differently. So i wouldnt say it "hurts" new players, since they never knew better in the first place. anyway, looking at the recent adjustments to things it seems they want to promote progression instead of people waiting for reductions and then progress.
  8. Not enough Event currency.

    Orr....they could add 1-3 Hearts into F10 Hongmoon Coin section for 0 hongmoon coin like they did with previous events, where everyone can get it once per day. This should not even require any dev intervention since i would assume NC can control the shop.
  9. Make the badge exchange valuable

    Oh the compasses do not work on those? Imo they should and this should be reported as a bug lol Swap which to which? Summoner uses wildborne / warsong which are first pink fuse set. so you would need any other pink fuse from the first set to exchange it. Exchange of old fuse badges to pink would be extremely unfair as it would be basically free gear.
  10. Make the badge exchange valuable

    If you want to swap badges to 3rd spec ones for assasin isnt that what the compases in dragon express are for like with every 3rd spec release?
  11. Make the badge exchange valuable

    If they put in pink fuse badges you would only be able to exchange the first pink fuse set for the first pink fuse set, you would not be able to change to the current new fused ones introduced anyway.
  12. Normally in the past events like this everything will stay the same until the redemption period is over so until March 18. You wont be able to get tokens anymore but you can still exchange existing tokens and transformation stones / premium stones for the Resolution stones and the current upgrade paths for those should still be there until march 18th.
  13. Soul cost adjustments?

    Keep in mind this will use up 1 of your 2 tokens for reversals xD
  14. Yup i also have no fps issues what so ever.
  15. RU is published by Innova, they are seperate from NC, while our publisher falls directly under NCKR. Russians do business very differently and their version is not the same as ours. you can use RU as a guideline but dont expect us to get everything they do and within the same timeframe.