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  1. Dragonbrand Lotus Inkbrush Dragon Shrine Fox Fire Training Dragon Shroud Cosmos These i dont remember if tehy have an arura or jsut a weapon glow: Azure dragon Ninja Turtoise Moontide Night Magic
  2. I am playing actively every day for several hours since the beta. Also i have a full set of the current BiS PVP gear, which i farmed, including farming the battlepoints. If people are getting one-shot with the old tier 1 PVP accessories, they should, those do not give the reductions that the currentones do, and Critical defense is not as useful as it used to be. I do agree that it makes it harder each patch, but does it make it harder because of difficulty or changes or does it make it harder because PVP gear is starting to actually matter now properly and not everyone wants to invest time into getting it?
  3. Hongmoon Homecoming?

    This is not an event. This is meant for players that were / are away from the game for a longer period but due to a human error on NC side some normal active players got it aswel. You probably didnt get it since they may have fixed the issue by then.
  4. Can’t Retrieve Chromatic Threads

    i bought a few just to check and i could take them normally without issues o.o
  5. Can't press confirm

    Are you using any mods? This sounds more like an issue with your game files than a actual bug.
  6. Thank you Gunslinger is useless in 6v6

    Yes because dmg reduction buff in BG + 25-30% damage reduction from PVP bracelet. The times where you could instant kill in one aerial are over. You better start playing properly and not basing everything on an aerial win.
  7. Hongmoon Homecoming?

    Woah! How can he want you back if he is dead? o.o
  8. Can’t Retrieve Chromatic Threads

    Are you able to retrieve anything else or is the issue purely with the threads? How many items you have in your item box?
  9. BnS Costume giveaway Maybe someone likes it. Revolution costume + Fleeso Pet
  10. over 5000 keys 0 penta gems

    Hell No. Those items are far too good to be just spit out commonly. Trove should not be a freebie source for those items just cause someone can blow a paycheck on them to skip months of grinding.
  11. Actually trove was always bad, the difference was in the past there were far less materials / items that were actually able to be putr into trove. As the game progressed and more and more items were created / became available and put into trove the rates went down. you had a much better chance of getting something good at a rate of 5 / 100 items than you have now with 5/200 items. Because now with pvp gear i do not get one shot anymore in a single aerial / pull anymore be it by Gunners / Archers / Bm's. FM's frost tornado isnt as spammable anymore and doesnt practically disable you permanently. the only ones complaining are the ones that lost their ability to one-shot others. I know which one you mean but if i am not mistaking that method doesnt actually edit any of the files.
  12. Interesting when there is literally a guide that shows you can get 70-90g from daily dungeons your 30g means you are doing things wrong. So dont give him false information if you cannot do it properly. Again false information. You can still use buddy to launch the game and use all of the optimization features it has to make the game performance better. The only thing that does not work are xml edits which have 0 to do with using buddy for the optimizations it provides. What did you think these were? Do you also go complain you didnt get your money back after you buy a lottry ticket or a random prize voucher? xD i have to disagree on this. I really enjoy these bg changes. so far each time i went into a battleground i had a blast more fun than before.
  13. 1. I disagree with you on this.There are 14 Dailies to choose from. From today for example:: 1. Mushin Tower - can be done solo with story gear 2. Moon REfuge Quest - Can be done solo with story gear 3. Cold Storage / Heavens Mandate - depending on class can be done with story gear, but there are always parties recruiting and gear doesnt really matter at all. 4-6 - Starstone Mines / Drowning Deeps / Sandstorm Temple - All can be done with story gear 7. Brood chamber - This is the only "harder" daily to complete, but pretty sure with your friends easily done as there are no wipe mechanics anymore and you do not need any great gear to finish it. So out of all 7 dailies, only 1 is somewhat hard, all others are easy and have basically no requirements. 2. They do care but mainly about the playerbase in their development country: Korea. There are things that were suggested by our players that actually wqere implemented into the game aswel. You should not be comparing BnS to other games, that will only make you more lost. Bottom line is, NA has very little to say when it comes to this game. Its all KR driven. 3. Premium bonus is way too much? Huh? Are we even playing the same game? There are literally only 3 things out of all of the Premium perks that make it actually somewhat worth it and thats remote storage, cheaper weapon skin applying and that tiny bit of extra gold from dailies. But even asside the remote storage, the rest is very outdated and not worth that much. Premium needs an actual revamp to give more benefits that are worth the 10$ a month.
  14. Thank you Gunslinger is useless in 6v6

    There is a damage reduction buff in battlegrounds, also new bracelet gives damage reduction. If you actually invested time in getting the new PVP gear you are rewarded now.
  15. Older materials should never be used to exchange for new gear items. If you want new gear items, you farm them where they drop from and not freebie exhcange them from odler content.