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  1. Hmm... as a like a dedication gift to players once every 6 months i would like the idea. A little sign of appreciation, but it would have to be something like: 1 ticket for weapon skin : January - June 1 Costume ticket + 1 Adorment Ticket for July - December. Ofc excluding RNG box main outfits and troive outfits and weapon skins and only from a pool of released costumes so far. I think that would be more worth it and fairer i guess. Asside that if you want costumes some events have the admiral selection boxes where you can pick one of a few.
  2. Yup. Players that cheat the challenge mode get the nice rewards while those groups who actually do it legitimately get the middle finger.
  3. True, but i mean, event is event. Since BnS does not really have any end game content and just dungeon spam, the only way to keep players busy is these events which are kinda....lackluster and boring. either that or afk farm for hours .
  4. Thats not how it works xD the more things you attack and hit the more durability you will lose. In general i think durability should have been removed ages ago as all it does is annoy.
  5. The box you opened, did it drop after the 3rd spec patch or before? If you had it from before, then its correct that it does not have the rage bracelet, as only new drops get updated.
  6. Half the classes only have such a high uptime on immunities due to xml edits anyway xD
  7. I think that was normal. They only added those to the highest 2 tiers so sanctum bracelet and Thornwind bracelet. Same with accessories IA and Thornwind. Was like this for other 3rd specs aswel. The fact they have the 3rd spec option was merely because at the time of release it was in the top 2 tiers. Its their way of cutting development and costs i think. Why focus on things people should swap out to progress.
  8. No, the moonlit soul stage 1 is not part of the reward redemption, it was part of the event itself and that ended. You knew the event would end today as it was announced together with the beginning of it. You decided to wait thats on you. There were even reminders by people in forum saying the event will end to make sure you use your souls / emblems.
  9. You do not understand what i wrote to you. The order of the pictures they posted is not the order the changes come to the game. Its just a picture showing what will come and not in what order. You need to read the text under the announcement: 1. Warlock 3rd spec 2. UE4 Update + New class 3. End of summer events. That is the order the changes will come and not the way pictures show. There is no misleading. You are just not understanding the announcement post.
  10. Overall having hepta dyads and hepta gems will give you give or take +80 - +147 AP. That is actually not a significat increase compared all other modifiers and stats. Yes, obtaining gems is an issue, however gems is the very last thing to look at in terms of upgrades.
  11. The order of the posted pictures is not the order of the roadmap. They literally state if you read under what comes when. It will be Warlock 3rd spec first, then Ue4 update + new class later as they come together and then end of summer events. You should read whats posted and not just look at images that give no indication.
  12. You do forget that Gems are the most least impactful and least worth upgrades in the game. Other gear is far more worth it than gems. Heptagonal gems wont give you that much of a boost in terms of damage anyway.
  13. Transcendence costume will never be in the Hongmoon store. It is a founder pack exclusive costume from Blade and Soul launch.
  14. I dont see the issue considering the game already has a lot of costumes which look the same for both male and female characters and are VERY revealing.
  15. It is very easy to find people. The only time it gets harder to get runs is from Saturday till tuesday as most players do their runs Wednesday after reset till friday. Also the raid does not even need much dps, especially with the free charms you get from it. I would say just make sure you do it when most people run it and there is no issue.
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