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  1. it was introduced with a recent update. All Hongmoon Hepta gems can be salvaged for 2 gem powders.
  2. FPS Drops, Screen Freezes

    If you ran the command, did you do it as administrator? also if that did not resolve your issue make sure all your drivers are updated and if all else fails try starting it with bnsbuddy and see if that improves anything.
  3. FPS Drops, Screen Freezes

    Have you tried: disabling windows FTH disabling bluetooth (if you have it)
  4. If the Hepta gem is called Hongmon Heptagonal, you can salvage it for 2 powders. If the gem is just called "Heptagonal XXx" then you cannot.
  5. 10 from ebon realm, 6+ per day from dailies, ToB, Arena, Bt / VT
  6. Hunters REfuge Valentines Event where you had to spin wheels in faction outfits You need to accept the fact that BnS will always mix PVE and PVP, and according the developer letters even more so in the future with events. I have been in ebon realm for several hours each day and have not gotten killed once.
  7. Or you could prioritize what is more important / better for you.....1-5 vials that will in some cases not even give you a upgrade stage ooorrr....other things that will help you upgrade weapon / accessories. You can just farm ebon realm and exchange them for the call to arms tokens and buy the remnants you need. I havent even done TT yet for the remnant and have enough call to arms tokens to get it just from dailies and ebon realm.
  8. I would say compared to previous events this one is the least "toxic" one out of all.
  9. Call to Arms Token Sacred Vials

    it is intended. This was mentioned either in a forum post or in Reddit and comnfirmed. This event is just per account 1 time and thats it.
  10. You can farm blooms and buy the 5 remnants from the merchant NPC in ebon realm. else you should have them under F10, Hongmon Coin tab, and then supplies.
  11. Support Ticket response time

    You need to keep in mind that Support is also affected by the Covid-19 limitations. And since the current event does bring some players back there might be an influx of tickets and less support people working so you should expect delays on ticket response times. I assume you are talking about the Ebon Realm Remnants? If those 2 days waiting on a reply you could have farmed 250 blooms and just exchanged them at the npc for 5 orbs.
  12. I dont see how it ruins your progression since you got the 5 orbs you need for the event for 0 HM coins in F10. that is all you need for event to progress.
  13. This should be fixed after today's patch.
  14. a VPN might solve it for you, might be an ISP connection issue again like in the other thread.
  15. EL dungeon boss stats got buffed

    Did you by any chance change from your aransu weapon to the free GC weapon given from this event? o.o