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  1. Maybe they checked properly till what login mark people claimed said items and only sent those. Like for example: if the kleys were at the 30min and 2h mark, people who only claimed up to 30min for 7 days would only get 7 keys. They shouldn't compensate for something you didn't claim. I dont remember how many keys were in the login rewards anymore.
  2. Because they want you to buy the pet gem boxes. honestly, anything above a square / penta pet gem is mostly conveniance and nicie to have and not needed at all to go higher unless you have money to blow.
  3. Not sure what the issue is...I mean With event outfits its the same in any other game aswel. You get them if you participate in the event. If you miss out, then tough luck you will have to wait for the event to happen again. All outfits, with exception of a few can be emailed across characters by using 6 outfit stamps which are cheap, plus you get 20 free each month if you are premium member. (Some are female/male specific so those depend on gender in addition). Weapon skins would only be transferrable through support. Any other outfits, you are dependant on the store rotation / rng/ trove, similar as in other games. While it might not be ideal or lackluster, it is what it is, it was something complained about since launch, and has not changed, so i doubt it will.
  4. Thats more of a community being toxic problem rather than a class problem or even have anything to do with enjoying playing a class. But, yeah that is the reality sadly. Thats why 45 patch was the best, because there was no showing down of legendary / mythical gear down your throat, weapons, p2w systems. unity, portraits etc and other garbage that just artificially boosts stats. The game was far more balanced then and much easier to balance without 300+ different scaling effects to work around.,
  5. A games rating is one thing, but different countries can have different laws regulating game content (perfect example for it is for example Call of Duty in germany). Censoring in games is always bound by laws / legal technicalities where the devs / publisher has literally no say in it, it either censor or close up shop and leave. While I can understand people being upset over it (I have a custom drawn F2 in game that I had comissioned and made by an artist) if they are option to remove this, its 100% likely due to legal pressure from somewhere. and no player outrage will change that if that is the case. Especially since in addition to EU + NA laws, they have to adhere to individual laws in each country the game is published, so it is easier to lump everyone into one cart and make it general rather than for specific regions / countries. (Personally I dont really care if something is censored or not since it does not affect how I play a game).
  6. Generally BnS works the same way if it is a client update. They can push out an update to the client while you are still playing and it will update next time you restart it. We had updates pushed like this in the past. This does not include the need to bring servers down for whatever reasons. You need to keep in mind the devs might also have other games they support maintenance for, in which case it is far more conveniant to have them all around the same time rather than spread out. This has nothing to do with a backup being scriptable or not. Having maintenances be more bundled frees up their time to get any potential fixes or issues resolved faster rather than puishing them out because of another maintenance window they need to support. You are focusing too much on the "backup and restart" part. While this change is mostly due to future patches with content for the game. Old maintenance window was give or take like 13ish hours later than the new time which would have made it I think around 8:00 PM Korean time or so (to lazy to 100% double check)
  7. Current new maintenance time is 7:00AM South Korean Time. The change was purely done based on whats more conveniant and efficient for the devs. It is completely irrelevant whether its a EU or NA server. Maintenances are always done based on devs, they rarely if not ever take into account player login/play times. You might be unhappy about it but it will not change.
  8. Not really as far as I know. Its only regarding the orb in Heavens Mandate and in Cold Storage (if you decide to do the 2nd boss) since they both need an orb to begin the fight. It's not really that there is a "rule" its more or less the polite thing to do (its a player made-up thing) if someone offers up their orb. The loot isnt all that great.
  9. Honestly this has very little to do with where are more players. Pretty sure it has to do with their team doing maintenance and they are trying to allign things on their end. (They ultimately never cared about players anyway xD)
  10. It has very likely to do with certain laws that went into effect, at least in EU, NA might just have been pulled on the same wagon with it. Though, considering how abused certain profile images were...I am not really surprised.
  11. I get what you mean, but you should direct it to the gaming comission of belgium and not NC. Because NC are bound by Belgium laws. They cannot do anything about it.
  12. Did you check the new exchange NPCs?
  13. what mystical key? Don't see anything like that anywhere in the patch notes so my guess is we arent having it.
  14. Generally....all classes can be tanks, you just slap some HM points into aggro and yolo. However....there are classes which are not persay dedicated tanks, but are classes best suited for tanking such as KFM, Blade Master for example. They have aggro skills, block / parries and dodges. Its the opposite for healing, while there are classes that have a skill that CAN heal party members, everyone heals themselves through life drain. So there is definetely no heal-like class or dedicated healer class. There are however "support" classes, that give the party buffs. Bard especially has a spec dedicated to support.
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