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  1. I can see why ppl are upset, but if i understand this right, the new board will be a login collection board, so it would not surprise me if one of the collection fields had hm coins in them. I would say wait first and see how it looks like and then raise the pitchforks xD
  2. There is not much information on it yet but no. Classes will still be attached to certain races, that will not change. It will only allow you for an easier re-roll to a different class. It will very likely also be a paid service so not something for free and cost Ncoins.
  3. Or...you could wait for detailed patch notes like for every patch which will have all those informations o.o
  4. if only it was the PVP that brought in the revenue....
  5. Well we are only a month or so away from UE4 hitting KR, and then we will get it, So you should expect some improvement there.
  6. You cna also get it from Mushin tower Merchant Kagcha for Elder scales if i am not mistaking.
  7. THe weapon skin was in the last treasure Trove we had if i am not mistaking so unless it comes back in the next trove you might be out of luck for a while.
  8. You wont be able to spin the tickets after the 16th.
  9. Did you read the entire article? It clearly says on the bottom: "All event rewards will be sent via In-Game Mail during the maintenance when the events ends on May 12. Rewards are only available once per account. Share"
  10. Yes but that will very likely be a paid service and will not be released until at least somewhere september / october.
  11. Why dont you just buy or craft a brilliant hongmoon key that guarantees you the weapon for your class when you use it with a weapon box?
  12. @HimeI was bored so figured why not suggest a few changes for the game. Nothing major, but still worth it in my opinion, and suggested by others too: 1. Gameplay changes: Allow us to place up to 6 markers on the minimap, which stay until removed and only visible to the person placing them Iframe priority - one of the older patches changed the iframe priority, prioritizing party iframe over personal. Can we have this reverted back finally? I do not like that now others are dictating how i choose to handle mechanics, essentially this is ruining the gameplay experience.
  13. if i am not mistaking the butterfly Hair was never in the hongmoon store. It was available either from event or a rng box. ( i could be wrong tho)
  14. The chance that we get it is very very small as they are region exclusive if i am not mistaking. Similar to other such things in the past. Has to do with licensing.
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