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  1. I think you are confusing something here. The developer / publisher is not his job to give people freebies. they set a daily challenge and as the game progresses / content is released the challenges get updated for the content. Its the players responsibility to follow it with their gear upgrades. The challenges are by no way hard, some may be a bit more time consuming but they arent hard. And it is definetely not the developers or publishers job to change the game for you because you have limited time to play. I could see changes if the challenges were actually too hard, but they arent. People are just too spiled and used to easy cheesy stuff that when something more demanding comes they rather shout and complain instead of actually putting in a bit of work and effort.
  2. A Global Chat Chanel.

    I just want to understand why would you need this? Considering each server basically has only 1 faction anyway so your faction channel is in fact your "global" chat. How exactly would it improve party and trading? since faction chat already provides these, and since every server has basically one faction anyway, you can see it already as a global chat channel. Not to mention if you want to make a party you should use the F7 feature as thats what it is for and not chat spam, especially since there is a lfg chat. Plus there is also a trade channel dedicated for trading so...again why not utilize the tools that are already there instead of creating a new one for no aparent reason?
  3. BG matchmaking balancing

    HM level in PVP matters almost nothing. the most important is gear. Without proper gear and shields, you can be HM 30 and still get killed by a HM 10 who is better geared than you.
  4. Dreamsong Theatre Final Boss

    its not. You can have all grand celestial players and you will still need to do the mech at least once.
  5. A SF from my clan did a parse with aransu 9 and shadowforge 3. Aransu did 1.13 mil, shadowforge 3 did 1.05 mil. he didnt upgrade to stage 6 yet.
  6. I can't enter the world

    yes very likely yes.
  7. Sweet Emotion

    It was in the hm store during valentines day....there were if i counted good at least 4-6 valentines costumes and this one was one of them
  8. We didnt. Its player mentality and not a game issue. People with X gear make parties around said X gear, and prefer not to accept people with lower gear than theirs. also it is a well knows fact that newer players or lower geared players look for a free carry, Perfect example of it is when you run an easy dungeons and they dont even know what a stun or jump is and then they die. Personally, they should remove the option to inspect ones gear, and add actuall criteria to dungeons that are not just AP based. Maybe then something would change .
  9. M'ao Gloves

    what do you mean with energies? lol if you want profit run Brood chamber, scales go for 20-50g plus people bid 2k+ on gloves at best.
  10. give new life to the old

    I cannot make out what you are trying to say o.o
  11. you seem to fail to grasp the entire definition of alternative path. the alternative (non-raid) paths are there so you can upgrade your weapon, without needing to do the raid and so you can upgrade cheaper. It also makes perfectly logicval sense that the non-raid path is weaker than the raid path. but also you forget to grasp that each alternative path becomes equal / better at stage 6. So with a stage 6 downforge / exalted dragon you will do more dps than raven 9, but with stage 3-5 the raid 9 weapon will still perform slightly better. Imo there is nothing wrong with the current paths as the buffs they offer do balance out the damage output vs the raid path, plus its a cheaper and easier way to upgrade to a certain stage. Raid path always is the main path, but since not everyone has the luxury to do raids they get the alternative path. If you can go the raid path right away by all means do so, but there are others who cant thus the alt path is better, cheaper and still an upgrade over what they have. also you should not use other versions as comparison because other versions also have p2w weapons directly in the store for purchase.
  12. M'ao Gloves

    Funny i actually got 2 ring boxes in EL this week. One on monday and one today o.o Beacelet drop doesnt even matter since story quests it to you for free basically.
  13. old man chou

    did you complete the prior quests and story aswel? they usually unlock after progressing the story a bit.
  14. selling/buying raid accesories

    Depends on what the raid tells you to do.
  15. Costumes shared yet?

    Costumes are not "shared" but tehy are accou8nt bound which means you can mail them to an alt, but you have to purchase outfit delivery stamps from the hongmoon store to do so. Its 6 stamps for outfit, 3 for adorment. costumes obtained from dungeons are character bound and cannot be mailed / shared. If you subscribe to premium you get 20 stamps for free each month.