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  1. Season of Ascension

    Its fine not to know, thats why i replied. Generally NC has a history of weird wordings, so if you are unsure of something always ask :)
  2. goldenharvest2020feedback

    Considering teh wheel of fate has Gilded square gems, unity pearl, sacred vials, pet packs etc, the one per day makes perfect sense. Hongsil il always around this time so that has nothing to do with it.
  3. Season of Ascension

    it means old tickets at the npc's get replaced with new ones. For TOI whenever a new season starts old tickets are always antiqued.
  4. SEe you say it yourself "you choose to do so". NC does not penalize you, actually its the other way around NC ALLOWS you to mail over the gems at a gold cost as that is a system designed by them. If you CHOOSE to mail your gems over, you do it by using the system they build to allow you to do so.
  5. Yes, everyone is a white hat when their opinion differs from yours.
  6. But you are missing the point which is you do not have to mail over your gems to be able to do all the dailies, you might aswel be perfectly fine with the non transmutable ones from moon refuge. The difference is here he wants those gems, so its pure conveniance to have them which is why they cost so much. This has nothing to do with having millions of gold to spend. I just think that if something is pure conveniance and not necessity, it should have a price.
  7. They are alts, so you wanting "all your power" on them is pure conveniance so imo you should be paying gold for it as its meant to be a gold sink. You could have also gotten free non upgradable triangular gems on them and still be able to do all the dailies and quests on them. Being premium doesnt mean anything in that regard because its not a premium perk to mail gems for free.
  8. How to lvl up Clan

    its been a while but those things unlock based on how many members you have etc...Each upgrade has a member limit you need to reach before you can upgrade.
  9. Alternate way to get Fusion Stones

    This would be true if it werent BnS. Blade and Soul was always a game that required you to do both, PVE and PVP, regardless if you liked it or not. Given now it is much less than it used to be but still, that was the entire game design to begin with and was no secret since the game released.
  10. What would you say to NCSoft West?

    Yeah see, considering how trustworthy their websites are i would not trust it xD
  11. gems and gem powder

    This^ You get a far better dmaage boost from upgrading your accessories, weapon, soul, heart, talisman than from going from one gem tier to the next. You should see penta gems currently as a luxury and not something thats needed.
  12. What would you say to NCSoft West?

    As far as i remember Far Cry 4 is rated 17+ while blade and soul rating has been lowered.
  13. Latest Policy Changes Temporary

    that is not the exploit they are referring to.
  14. Omg, this made my day :D Well sorry to burst your bubble, i'm playing bns since the beta release. But that is not the point. The point is Armory PEarls were part of an event and that event ended just as it was announced. You can write posts and complain all you want, but fact is armory pearls will not be put back. There was more than enough time to get them without having to fish 24/7. Not to mention the event was announced at least a week upfront which means you could have fished pearls already a week before the event began. Next time make sure you read the announcements and know the event times and you will avoid such situations.
  15. When you add an accessory into it it will no longer popup.