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  1. Aboslutely unacceptable

    The shadowmoor drops them fairly often and MSP can drop them in the boxes stages 4-6 if i remember good.
  2. Its 1 per day for the scales. Thats it. Worst case you dont even need to be DPSing the boss if your FPS in there is that bad considering even the basic starter gear currently is far above requirements for koldrak. People need to start taking the responsibility for their own decisions, its not NC's fault you decided not to do the dungeon (despite fPS issues etc), its your own. This has nothing to do with white knighting, this is calling things out as they are. Before i upgraded my PC i also had issues in koldrak but i still entered, because as long as there is a currency to be obtained there its still relevant, regardless if the npc was updated or not.
  3. Aboslutely unacceptable

    Well yes. The higher your overall gear upgrades are the better they will scale with increases in AP / Boss AP. The bigger issue here is the entire comparison between F2P and P2P. As long as F@P players will keep on comparing themselves to the P2P ones, they will always feel "left out" of everything. They need to start looking at themselves and their own pace. I know players who asside premium didnt spend a single $ on the game and are now TB7 with maxed out accessories and soul and talisman.
  4. Aboslutely unacceptable

    thats why you have to make the executive decision for yourself whether its worth for you to invest in it or not. you arent forced in any way, shape or form to do it. If people would look at themselves instead of always looking at whales we would have a better community, capable of doing dungeons with mechs rather than just crying and ranting on forum about every little thing.
  5. Aboslutely unacceptable

    If you do not get kicked out of a group because you dont have the new bracelet or belt i can assure you no one will kick you because you dont have soulshield psyches, so your argument its basically not worth anything. No one will look at boss AP, people care about AP, weapon, rest....not really.
  6. The point is not "how do you want to" the question you should ask yourself is "do you want to". Its nowhere needed, it wont even give a significant boost. Its just adding an extra use for items most players have an abundance off.
  7. Aboslutely unacceptable

    Well....i mean ofc its "useless" its mainly aimed for those sitting on huge amounts of scales or those who decide to trove for them. At least there is no significant boost from those psyches.
  8. Question about the "Classic" server

    If they did what you say its not a classic server anymore. Classic server means: 1. Farming Brighstone Ruins for merry potters recipy to make transformation stones 2. Crafting Viridian, cinderlands, Moonwater Transformation stones 3. Running dungeons several times because brilliant keys were not freely obtainable. 4. Running dungeons several times to have fodder gear to upgrade weapon and accesories (there were no legendary jewels and elements) 5. Farming PVP misty woods for Best in slot soulshields, then farming POH to be able to do Bloodshade. 6. Doing 24 man POH multiple times to get the breakthrough weapon and accessories 7. Farming dungeons for frozen stingers needed to upgrade all accessories and weapons. 8. Actually DOING all dungeon mechanics because there were no nerfs or mechanic removals at that time and no easy modes. (Especially watch people die on POH on pulling the switch because they dont know the timing or watch them die in Bloodshade when thrasher jumps to the roof or avalanche den where people failed to survive) 9. Farming blackwyrm for BiS Gems 10. Gathering materials for crafting and finding the materials needed to unlock them. Thats a classic server. Without any gameplay changes, any new additions and any nerfs.
  9. Aboslutely unacceptable

    You forget that the psyches are in no way a requirement for any content in the game, they are mainly for those who want to min/max. It is in no way blocking your progression in game or hindering you from completing any content. That being said, unless you have properly upgraded gear with stage 10 accessories, a decent soul and heart and weapon, those 80 boss AP will make 0 difference for you. I will not even mention the fact that you dont even need scales to get garnets anymore.
  10. So...its white knighting ebcause you chose to play a region that has a different time zone from where you live despite the fact there are versions that are actually in your time zone? Also you just need to do it 1 time per day. Its not the publishers or developers fault what happens in your life or the times you work. that is purely your own problem. Completely agree, thats why because they can choose what they spend it on, they have a mind of their own where they themselves can decide if they want to spend it on useless items or hold on to them. Those who did, can now enjoy psyches, those who didnt want to , well its their own fault. As for the psyches making sense, well, its more a convenience thing and its in no way needed for any content. So if you feel its a waste, dont use them. 80 Boss attack power wont do that much for people anyway if they do not have properly upgraded gear to support it. How are they impossible to get? They are for a free in game currency that is available for over a year now. Guess if they added cosmetics to koldrak people would also cry they are impossible to get....
  11. Someone already replied to you in another thread and i basically agree: If you play from asia there are plenty other regions that are best suited for your time slot. It is you who chose to play on a server in a completely different time zone, so you should be adapting to the game and not the other way around. Its the same for others, if players from EU choose to play on NA they also have to accept the fact its a different time zone and things happen at different times that suit the players living in that region.
  12. It kinda is the point. There is no reason you wouldnt have a pile of scales unless you didnt do koldrak. :)
  13. Koldrak was out for at least a year out of 2,9 years this game was released. Not to mention Garnets are easy farm from shadowmoor since a few months there is no reason you wouldnt have a bunch of scales unless you went the lazy road and decided not to bother withit. Also it wa known for at least 2 months that soulshield psyches would come anyway.
  14. i m sorry but koldrak has been out for how long now? you had all the time to save up scales if you didnt thats on you.
  15. please remove the alliance part of raid loot

    whats the problem? all you need is max 4 people to make an aliance. I just ask guildies and 1 min and done. I am for the aliance requirement to stay, especially since the idea is you shouldnt solo it in the first place. the fact you can is not part of how the game is supposed to be. too bad they dont have gear scaling with areas like GW2 has it.