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  1. Out of all the things they could do, that place should never ever come back at all. Its part of the reason why the economy got busted.
  2. In BnS it does not matter how old something is, it matters how relevant it still is for the current players and their upgrades. It can be even 3 years old, but if 80% of the playerbase still uses and needs those for upgrades, they are considered relevant. Age in this game is not a factor for anything. They can always form raids and clear the content as it is meant to be if they want those that bad. Also since the badge, and soulshields can be gotten elsewhere, its not really too hard anyway. For elder scales....this one only i would agree that it should bec
  3. Just because leaks say we get it doesnt mean that it actually will be the case. If it is included in the update it will be in the actual patch notes and not a general preview.
  4. We already have F2's heavily abused by oversexualized content and inapropriate images. we do not need titles to be abused the same way and to spread more toxicity
  5. If i recall good, somewhere it was said it was broken / not fixable so it would never happen xD
  6. Ok, how exactly is the game pay 2 win here? For PVP: Players still need to run the dungeons to actually get the PVP gear and need to upgrade it (you can't pay2win this). You need to do PVP to upgrade the weapon, you cannot p2w this either (some older weapon tiers sometimes are purchasable for currency but those are old outdated weapons) Next, lets go to Soul / Pet / Heart / Talisman - Oils arent that hard to come by....you either play the market and buy what you need while acumulating scales to upgrade, or you farm CS and MSP to make your own oils. Pet packs can be transmuted
  7. Because unless mass KR players ask for it it will not happen xD
  8. thats normal if the weapon is mythical. Nothing bugged there.
  9. You cant open them anymore as they are antiqued. Either way support will not return your gold.
  10. No lawsuit will stand untill you actually go through a support ticket and they flat out refuse to do anything about it. That being said, its obvious these were removed unintentionally, so until they get a new patch from KR to put them back there is nothing they can do. Its not the end of the world, especially since the armor remnant oils / pet packs are weekly and not daily.
  11. They should have at least added Thornbreaker or maybe even silversteel soulshields to the drop list like last time so that it would potentially make it worth it with maybe some material rewards.
  12. How is it a let down? There were no badges, souls, pets, talismans back in the day that's why they do not work. The entire concept of realmrift is to complete the dungeon the same way it was completed back in 45-lvl days. Even if they scaled it with badges, you would still die as the dungeon would not rely on damage numbers but actual mechanics. Also all classes are playable without the badges and so far i did not see the damage too far apart on the dps meter. The dungeon is really fun to do, too bad we dont have more like this.
  13. They literally stated there are fixes in this patch. Also very likely the reason why they did not post any is they need to get more confirmations from the devs and very likely one of the reported exploits is getting a fix which obviously should not be made public. Its not like waiting will have any impact on your playtime or life. People need to chill a bit.
  14. Depends what you spent it on. Certain gear items give a larger boost over others. Generally each upgrade is at the very least a dps increase. So what did you upgrade? FM changes are part of balancing patch, and NC has 0 to say in that. All class changes / skill changes are korea driven and if the devs want to change something they will, regardless of player feedback. Also keep in mind the current class changes were all up to a point with the new system in mind which we did not get yet.
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