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  1. New ways to get gems

    the exchange for powders was deliberately removed. So you have solar energies / trove / rng boxes / hm / Cs to get them from.
  2. Loading Screen Art Contest 2020

    they just updated the country list. Check it now.
  3. New gems, ouch!?

    I agree. So far every time a new gem tier was released we had both a cost reduction in powders and a refund of the difference in powders. Wonder why is that not the case this time. This will again bump up the gem powder prices just like the transformation stones a while back so creating a new issue.
  4. Another whale exclusive event only

    Its like koldrak, so you get the reward box based on participation. Psyches are a nice to have, not a must. you do not need them for any content, you are better off using the mats to upgrade.
  5. Another whale exclusive event only

    Has completely nothing to do with defending. Everyone keeps crying about new players and low geared ones, but guess what the whales and the geared players also play the game and they also deserve an events thats on par with their progress. If people wouldnt be waiting for reductions to progress they could have easily geared up decently enough to take part in this. Bg is not an event. Also that is how flag-up PVP works in every game. If you want to kill others you flag up and do so. Bottom line is, as much as the lower geared players deserve an event for their gear range, so do the end game players.
  6. Will PVP stats work in hunter's refuge?

    its open world PVP which means your PVP gear stats work as normal, its not equalized like Shackled isles. Anyone who flags up can kill anyone they want excluding the people in his party.
  7. Another whale exclusive event only

    Yup, but still anyone could just switch outfit and kill you from the opposing faction, and the map was also limited by channel limits. Also i dont know if we know how much HP the boss will have? thats also gonna depend on killing speed. If the HP will be insane high, if people kill others they basically screw themselves over with a fast enough kill. Also to add: i think most people are just being overly dramatic for no reason, its pretty obvious they had to make some event for the geared players so they too can have some fun, its not all about newbies and the lesser geared ones who have other less requiring events.
  8. Another whale exclusive event only

    i mean...its not going to be any different than what blackwyrm was in the day and terrors. You could also get killed by others. the only difference is the 10g entry.
  9. When?

    When KR releases UE4 then you will have an idea of when to expect. Since they delayed it there due to issues it means it needs some more work to be done.
  10. CookedPC 00008451 Corrupted Package Files

    you can download it from here and copy it to the location then it should continue:
  11. file 00063858

    Not really. I could upload it for you but that file is in 4 different folders in each language. Do you need all 4 languages or a specific one?
  12. Ascension Stone

    it was never possible. All ascension stones came from boxes. The only thing the patch changed was increased chances when combining 8 blue / 8 purple ones. I remember cause a ton of people from my clan were ranting that there was no other way to get the ascensions tones when unity released.
  13. Ascension Stone

    You are correct. You could only get radiance stones via the combining of them never ascension stones.