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  1. Lynn assassin

    lyn assassin = im deleting this class hm20 assassin doesnt lose much tho :D
  2. Is soul fighter an effective hybrid?

    no it is not :D it could be but there is always soemthing better aand right now sf needs both stances to play 100% well frost sf atleast with glacial blasts you lose a lot since its main damage. or should be main damage but its hard to pull of if you want to minmax your dps xD in short dont play it way too much cancerous class not enjoyable in endgame
  3. pvp improvements.

    nah i still think more maps is best more variety in this game like they make dungeons tho so why they cant do this with pvp ? wonder what will happen when they do 1v1 pvp when gear applies but when they took away all pvp gear then in short everybody is equal and everybody focus on getting outfits and stuff and pve gear (oh wait they already doing it because they either they are not good in pvp or some other reasons) everybody will be playing most op classes 6 archers vs 6 wardens incoming or mixture between these classes maybe some sum aswell and sin, kfm those people who like to cause cancer because why play bad class tho xD your plan is flawless best pvp ever everybody will do it also think about in bns and rest of the world btw everybody will take advantage of every bug they will find.
  4. middle switch is kinda good idea it gives also some more strats to play with i mean people can stall it and 1 sin or something can switch enemies switches and stuff idk :D so even when they win mid they lose its best map right now what they made xD Need more these kinds of maps so people without brains dont play it pve is brainless tho :D best place to farm and do stuff for them xD
  5. FM and archer in bg

    archers every attack is like piercing or something
  6. the guild war system

    dude noo what if sf sucks and dies make charms available otherwise why would they just remove them if they dont let us use them xD and noo people wont be intrested they just wanna do dailies and stuff xD and i believe most clans dont have that much people online only elitist clans will fight then :/ there is a reason they get rid of 24man raids and some server merges btw also they need to find a way to use buffs like bb/sb without being in a party or sf res. they havent really found it yet.
  7. PVP is dead in faction

    yeah true misty woods dragon should be back and ssp bosses hp boosted so whales cant 1 shot it xD and rewards kinda as well so whales want to do them . and find ways to break it and abuse it. like they always do. 2,3k dream team parties incoming with td and stuff wl, warden, sin, archer, bm, created by fm or destro.
  8. Plz add more PVE ways to get moonstone

    or just grow balls and do 6v6 i mean there are people with lowest gear possbile with alt and prey whales carry you already luckily they dont get any points if they afk :D so they pretty much feed which means go there and die :D while doing 100 damage or so xD and some whales pretty much pve in bg especially range classes :D
  9. Mao's Gloves

    i can beat mao with sf but not sum with sf i tend to use arcane badge but not anymore but unfortunately for raids people told me they dont need sf at all and pretty much said ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ that class not going to name people but his class is fm :D got 2 gloves already on sf xD sum has 1,9k ap :D sf 1,8 with good gems with bad 1,7k but that doesnt matter xD
  10. game improvements.

    or that whatever
  11. game improvements.

    It would be a nice update if we could get account bound achievements. like a merge of all achievements for example. or like non endgame like achievements gonna merge so people cant post 400 mao /cc runs on alt xD
  12. SF reworked: suggestion for badges

    tip> just leave this class its not worth playing (unless if they remove healing potions and charms like completly but even then it wont make a lot difference since people will start playing more cautios and ask even more ap for dungeons because they are afraid you cant agrue in that ) however if youre serious> just grab all the badges you can and experiment since it has a lot way to play it. but right now it feels trash even more trash than ever they only buffed dps but healing got nerfed bad ulti is trash better range but trash would be better if it was like previously would get much greater effect. and helps low geared players to survive.
  13. weekly challenge

    Weekly challenge seems so hard for new players such as 850+ we can only kill meganura , aransu school and snowjade raid cant be done since people ask 1k+ to do it. What about doing 6v6 i assume no ap requirements for doing this
  14. Is there a class without ani-cancel?

    just pick any ranged class and use controller pref wireless , works with sf aswel xD if you get used to it xD