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  1. Maybe you should quote the entire thread there and not just the selective post that ifts your point of view because in that thread is basically everything explained as to why the dps went down just like i explained here :)
  2. 1. I said "players SAVE UP ON MATERIALS so they can upgrade directly to stage 6" so no, upgrades straight to stage 6 are not for people who throw their wallets at a game, its for players who know what they want and have an idea how they want to get there and why. So if you agree with swordin you also agree to this: :) 2. Are you even reading yourself here? Those alternative paths exist for f2p players so they can upgrade their weapons cheaper. 3. I am the last person to be elitist. I actually take people with much less gear on runs when they ask and help them. also again you should read and udnerstand why i wrote. People farma nd save up materials to go in one swoop to stage 6 and not upgrade stage after stage after stage, because they did their research and they know a weapons true power is rng based on the stacks you get with it and how fast you can get them. you need to understand WHY you feel less dps after the upgrade and this is what is tried to be explained to you. If i would upgrade Aransu stage 9 to grand celestial stage 9 i would also have a "dps loss" but only because of the weapon stacks. Once i get at least 2 stacks off it starts being far superior than the lower tier weapon.
  3. I would read before spitting out nonesense. this is the "upgrade window" and no its not upgrading its evolution.: Also the weapon does NOT do less damage than the lower tier counterpart. also: you should NEVER base your damage output on a dungeon or in your case MSP with Sacred Longgui as you stated in your first post. As way too many factors affect yuour DPS in there. You complaina bout your damage "going down" but you never even did an actual proper dps parse in F12. If you want to know your actual DPS and whether it increases and decreases you go to F12 and pick general Moyun. thyere you can see your damage output witohut buffs, without other interferring factors. I could say my weapon is bugged to because on loggui i hit 2 mil but aywhere else i dont even get close to it. shadowforge does NOT do less damage than your storm dragon, this is what many people in the 2 topics are trying to explain to you, the damage output depends on your weapon stacks. Storm dragon 7 stacks applied more often because the weapon was stage 7, shadowforge since its stage 1 is a bit harder to get stacks off , but once they proc you will have a higher damage output.
  4. If you want to go proper dictionary terms in blade and soul there are no upgrades, its called evolution. You evolve one weapon into another. There so much for your upgrade theory. On a ore serious note, translation in this game were always problematic. One thing you can always keep in mind is: - weapon effect procs are always a chance (some are on hit some on being hit) - the non-raid paths always have a limit to how many times the additional damage procs - the 5700 attack power is always as additional damage it doesnt mean you get 5700 AP by magic. The damage of weapon always depend on your weapon procs, always. If you are less fortunate, it will be hard. I know a destroyer who went grand celestial 3 and lost quiet a bit of burst dmaage because of the weapon effects. but once the effects stack up he does way more than he used to with aransu 9. The lower the stage of the weapon the weaker the effect and the less chance of it to proc. Upgrade your weapon to stage 3-6 and then make a comment here. or ask support for a revert.
  5. thats the point you are not supposed to do outdated content. That is exactly the entire point. You are supposed to do new content as it comes available. that doesnt mean jump into the hardest raid, but it means progression. May be a generalization but its pretty accurate. I could give you counteless examples where i did runs and even asked if anyone is new, no answer and then turns out people cant even stun or iframe and die....and that was not even a hard dungeon. Thew requirements people set go higher because the lower they go the more people they encounter who dont know jack ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ about dungeons and they just dont want to deal with that. Perfect examples are SJF where people dont even block orbs, or Hall of Templar where people die because they dont even jump. Its easy for people to always put the blame elsewhere but never to themselves.
  6. First time i heat. Especially considering that using inheritor for any class over raid accessory is the most dumb thing someone would do. not even summoner, especially since so many things provide now focus regen. its not whiteknighting, because its not a mistake. If you want me to explain it to you in simple language: raid path is supposed to be the MAIN path, which means it will always do more DPS than the alternative path. The alternative path is so you can reach the raid weapon at a given stage for cheaper the cost. You can it "waste of materials" ok, Lets take Grand Celestial and shadowforge. Would you rather go shadowforge stage 6 -> grand celestial 6 with using 46 onyx scales, 1 premium stone and 30 transformation stones (onyx scales drop like candy now) or would you spend 12 Premium stones + 130 transformation stones and a ton of steels top upgrade the raid path? Just because something does not work out for YOU does not mean it doesnt work for others. My summoner went aransu 9 -> shadowforge stage 6 and i actually do more dps than with the aransu weapon simply because of the stacks. its not a huge increase but still cheaper than wasting materials and premium stones to go the grand celestial route. (i already have the weapon core, just need 9 more steels and i will be grand celestial 6)
  7. request to merge servers

    I am in yura cerulean and its faaaaaaaaar from dead. You have to keep in mind that the chat also depends on time of day. There are times where there are tons of people and times where there is a few only chatting. I would say go cerulean for a week and then see how it is at different times. Weekends are most active and wednesdays after maintenance.
  8. You do realize you are comparing a stage 7 weapon with a stage 1 regardless if its a higher up tier, the effect is still "worse" than the stage 7 weapon. Each time you change a weapon path you will notice a small dps drop but the more you upgrade the new weapon you will notice it becomes far superior than the previous tier. This is no secret. the same happens if you swtich over from Aransu 9 to Shadowforge will notice a drop but the moment your shadowforge reaches stage 6 you will notices a slightly higher damage output. For detroyers its a bit different but most other classes do not switch weapons for the lower stage ones. people farm materials so they can directly go to stage 6 in one go.
  9. My perspective is froma player who ran those dungeons with by far worse gear than you end up from the story currently back when these dungeons originally released. You say this game is not all about geared people, it works the other way too, this game is not just all about new players and people not wanting to upgrade and progress. Have you maybe considered that the issue is not that there arent "new" players but maybe that those new players progressed beyond that point already? F8 is where you can make cross server lobbies. If someone makes a party asking for Aransu 9 they have the right to do so, if someone asks for a party with aransu 3 they can do so. The same way as any new player can go in there and make their own party with Baleful 10 or dawn / rift 3, but hey they dont. you want to know why? because they dont want to learn, they rather hook themselves onto some whales to get an easy clear. Personally i think this game should have level scaling like guild wars 2 has. where if you enter a low level dungeon your attack is scaled to that dungeons level.
  10. A Global Chat Chanel.

    So you join a faction to stay away from terrible and trolling people...yet you ask for a global chat channel? xD Personally i dont mind a global chat but i would rather people use the tools that are already there than add more and more stuff to the game that is essentially useless.
  11. its not bugged its normal. The shadowforge path and any path after aransu depends highly on weapon procs. The higher you upgrade your weapon the higher the proc chance. You should notice your dps becoming higher after stage 3.
  12. you will see the weapon becoming better starting at stage 3. In all honestly you should have went with your sto90rm dragon to stage 9 then shadowforge 3. The higher the weapon upgrade the higher the proc chance of the weapon effect.
  13. BG matchmaking balancing

    those points only give you a bit of hp, attack power in PVP is the least important of all the stats. If you do not have the gear, you can have 500 points and you would not survive.
  14. A Global Chat Chanel.

    Switch faction o.o there problem solved without even coding o.o I know there are 2 factions but you should ask yourself why would you be in the minority faction? less people = less people to find for groups. common sense. Its not like there even are any open world PVP battles anyway. There is literally no reason to be in a minority faction to begin with.
  15. I think you are confusing something here. The developer / publisher is not his job to give people freebies. they set a daily challenge and as the game progresses / content is released the challenges get updated for the content. Its the players responsibility to follow it with their gear upgrades. The challenges are by no way hard, some may be a bit more time consuming but they arent hard. And it is definetely not the developers or publishers job to change the game for you because you have limited time to play. I could see changes if the challenges were actually too hard, but they arent. People are just too spiled and used to easy cheesy stuff that when something more demanding comes they rather shout and complain instead of actually putting in a bit of work and effort.
  16. A Global Chat Chanel.

    I just want to understand why would you need this? Considering each server basically has only 1 faction anyway so your faction channel is in fact your "global" chat. How exactly would it improve party and trading? since faction chat already provides these, and since every server has basically one faction anyway, you can see it already as a global chat channel. Not to mention if you want to make a party you should use the F7 feature as thats what it is for and not chat spam, especially since there is a lfg chat. Plus there is also a trade channel dedicated for trading so...again why not utilize the tools that are already there instead of creating a new one for no aparent reason?
  17. BG matchmaking balancing

    HM level in PVP matters almost nothing. the most important is gear. Without proper gear and shields, you can be HM 30 and still get killed by a HM 10 who is better geared than you.
  18. Dreamsong Theatre Final Boss

    its not. You can have all grand celestial players and you will still need to do the mech at least once.
  19. A SF from my clan did a parse with aransu 9 and shadowforge 3. Aransu did 1.13 mil, shadowforge 3 did 1.05 mil. he didnt upgrade to stage 6 yet.
  20. I can't enter the world

    yes very likely yes.
  21. Sweet Emotion

    It was in the hm store during valentines day....there were if i counted good at least 4-6 valentines costumes and this one was one of them
  22. We didnt. Its player mentality and not a game issue. People with X gear make parties around said X gear, and prefer not to accept people with lower gear than theirs. also it is a well knows fact that newer players or lower geared players look for a free carry, Perfect example of it is when you run an easy dungeons and they dont even know what a stun or jump is and then they die. Personally, they should remove the option to inspect ones gear, and add actuall criteria to dungeons that are not just AP based. Maybe then something would change .
  23. M'ao Gloves

    what do you mean with energies? lol if you want profit run Brood chamber, scales go for 20-50g plus people bid 2k+ on gloves at best.
  24. give new life to the old

    I cannot make out what you are trying to say o.o
  25. you seem to fail to grasp the entire definition of alternative path. the alternative (non-raid) paths are there so you can upgrade your weapon, without needing to do the raid and so you can upgrade cheaper. It also makes perfectly logicval sense that the non-raid path is weaker than the raid path. but also you forget to grasp that each alternative path becomes equal / better at stage 6. So with a stage 6 downforge / exalted dragon you will do more dps than raven 9, but with stage 3-5 the raid 9 weapon will still perform slightly better. Imo there is nothing wrong with the current paths as the buffs they offer do balance out the damage output vs the raid path, plus its a cheaper and easier way to upgrade to a certain stage. Raid path always is the main path, but since not everyone has the luxury to do raids they get the alternative path. If you can go the raid path right away by all means do so, but there are others who cant thus the alt path is better, cheaper and still an upgrade over what they have. also you should not use other versions as comparison because other versions also have p2w weapons directly in the store for purchase.