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  1. it was moved to the cold sotrage merchant. You cannot use solar energies for the exchange anymore tho.
  2. Take away the current enrage and then there is literally no reason for people to upgrade gear for pve. and if someone is not geared for a certain dungeon then he should not be there in the first place. buttt….lets have it this way they should change the enrage so its no longer a wipe, instead they should change dungeon requirements. remove the hm level and weapon requirement for f8 and introduce gear score based on your equipment upgrade.
  3. Starcaller RNG Box

    Soo...where is the news about this box and what the rewards are?
  4. Starcaller RNG Box

    then why did you buy them? Simple question. These boxes work exactly the same way as trove, literally the exact same way you just save money on the slot unlocks and you have no time limit to open the pouches like you do with trove which is better, since I know a lot of people who did get a gem crit but didn't have gold to buy it so had to loose it, at least this way they can open it whenever they get the gold for it. If you want to spend money do it, if you don't you don't. but complaining about it after you buy it, knowing what it is.....
  5. Pet pods and pet pack farming

    True but arena is somewhat easier and more doable, copped with the 400 beans for just 2 wins per day its a decent way to "farm"
  6. How to find higher level ascend stones?

    The boxes for ascension stones at cold storage have a chance to give you a blue or purple one (rates aren't that great tho) Higher than purple you would need the sparkling box which is not available anywhere outside trove yet. The sparkling box can give you a purple with a chance of legendary ascensions tone.
  7. Pet pods and pet pack farming

    You can do PVP and buy bloodstones and transmute them to pet packs.
  8. Where to find outfits...

    Yes, but fact is the Phoenix one for example, was already back 3 times and each time it was another trove or rng box event.
  9. Starcaller RNG Box

    they released the post, was jsut delayed i guess. Just the same as trove.
  10. Starcaller RNG Box

    Well yes but the gold prices are similar to that of items in trove. so in your example 2900g has Suare dyads thats why it costs so much. All together, looking at these boxes i think they are slightly better than trove, for 2 resons only: Trove resetted daily , if you got say a 3 star crit and didnt have the gold, you were time limited else you lsot it. With the boxes, you can keep that 2900g box until you farm enough gold to open it. also trove needed you to unlock salots, the box doesnt. Asside that everything else is the same lol
  11. Starcaller RNG Box

    Ty! you know...ignoring the fact that its a rng box, and costs money....I like that there is a outfit selection chest instead of separate outfits tbh.
  12. Starcaller RNG Box

    anyone got / opened the outfit selection chest? whats in it? o.o
  13. Where to find outfits...

    These were all trove / rng box costumes. So I heavily doubt they will be added via an easier source in the game, else it would upset a lot of those who actually spent money to get them. If I remember good you can get the phoenix costume for designer threads so just wait till the next costume rng box event comes and try your luck. The trove ones, sadly I believe you will only see them reappear in other troves.
  14. Moon Refuge quest as 10th daily challenge.

    Well yeah, and it would help me with my alts aswel to complete the daily challenge faster and easier but idk, i still think a second easy co0mpletion should not be there. there is already the basin quest. If the daily challenges are made so easy they cant be called challenges anymore. Might aswel call them daily freebies.
  15. Ethereal battlegrounds when?

    considering Zulia is crimson and yura cerulean....if they would buff up msp to match current gear level we might have an interesting open world zone. But doubt that will happen o.o
  16. Server Consolidation — May 1

    They simply went with alphabetical order. Less problems, less drama.
  17. Moon Refuge quest as 10th daily challenge.

    In all honesty it should not be a daily challenge. simply because if someone does not ant to do it just from their own initiative, forcing them to do it by making it a daily challenge is dumb.
  18. Wouldn't it be better / easier to just ask them to make the wardrobe account bound? Considering costume collections now give stats, it does sound a bit ridiculous to farm them over and over on every single character.
  19. Stacks not taking

    What do you mean? summoner poison never just applies ivy poison status on the target. Curently in a fight you just need to apply it once since a thorn strike resets the duration of it.
  20. they take korean feedback more seriously and base most changes on that region.
  21. Have you tried using bnsbuddy? It helps a lot with performance of the game for people with not so high end computers. It is made specifically for blade and soul and the use of it is not bannable since it provides a lot of optimizations that the game does not have. It is also safe to use.
  22. Is it Time to Cut the Cord?

    There is progress, but it does require a lot grind for materials. Since BnS does not fofer any variety in late end game asside dungeons, they use grind as a barrier to make people play. If there would be no grind, and you could basically get everything in a week, you would get bored with the content and leave till a new update hits. Given i would like a linear progression for accessories similar to what the weapon has, so you can evolve your current ones into a new one preferably without some new raid material, but it is what it is sadly. they need to release it faster as players already at the end, have nothing really to play for, while lesser geared players still have enough content to play through. not true. TT can easily be cleared with Aransu 6-9 weapon, BT accessories and a semi decent soul / badge Heart since msot of the bosses in there take more damage from mechanics than actual dps. For that you dont even need to spend money on the game. the problem is you can just casually pug it because people do not know mechanics, heck, even VT boss 1 is being failed because people do not know mechanics. Exactly. I agree, but also one of the reasons why there are "elitist" in the game are because most the non-elitists are just bad as really bad. To give an example: i do all my daily runs via F8, and when i see people that cant stun / kd, or people that cant even stay within 5m of the boss, or people that do not go into a circle even tho you tell them to and cause wipes, or Gunners that do not use alpha call the whole run, or warlocks who dont soulburn (sounds crazy but those thingsd actually happen) it literally makes me want to up the party requirements a bit so i can at least hope on getting someone with a brain who wont stack rods at monkey in IF and not cause a wipe.
  23. Well I do see a lot of runs are done within clans since I am a member of several clan discords I see recruitments there. I don't think you will see them much in f8 since the trap potential is real.
  24. make more things account bound/other stuff

    the way i see it, it hurts you that you cant trove yourself to hm30.... also that is the reason there is a 24h cd on the 5m exp charms. also the reason people got HM25+ is certainly not because of trove. Its through the option to transmute 5m exp charms via pet pods before there was a 24h cooldown added to the charms. That's how players got their levels. And the cooldown was added so the pet pod prices would rise in price more. If its EXP you want there is plenty of ways to farm EXP charms: Mushin tower Outlaw island Koldraks Lair Moon Refuge PVP Also, you can get the same as the person spending on trove, just spend some money, if you cant, then you cant that is certainly not a reason to force game changes.