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  1. So Community-Managers and Forum-Moderators,

    They also said that they pass all feedback to the dev team, and that everything is controlled by the dev team in Korea. If something is not implemented by the devs they have no control over it.
  2. Can NC maybe check this please?
  3. Probably because Nova Core is still 2nd best in slot shields. I mean you have to prioritize what you want to get and upgrade. considering all the PVP gear gives already very high crit defense and HP, PVP soulshields i would say are the last thing you should worry about for PVP.
  4. The cost doesnt depend on how old the gear is, it depends on new releases. So once the new PVP shield hits they should be reduced. also you can farm beluga SS / WWV ss and Nova core in MSP aswel so no need for bloodstones at all if you dont want to spend them. As for the weapon, its a PVP weapon adn bloodstones are the PVP resource for it. I woudl sau maybe reduce them a bit for upgrades, but not remove them
  5. So Community-Managers and Forum-Moderators,

    Did you watch the stream that just happened? There in Stream Hime said, they passed all the feedback to devs. She hopes to have some more information on the badge exchanges around next week as she agreed it was a bit short notice. She also said she will get back to us regarding the ascension / radiance stones.
  6. Archer's release date speculations?

    ^ this. since the daily dash ends on 17th.
  7. None of what you sau here is in any bit relevant to my reply. There are 2 things: 1. Notice time - and i agree they should have given notice on this at least a week prior, thats not a discussion, it was last minute. 2. Removal of the exchange itself (ignoring the notice time here) - It was removed because it served its purpose which was allowing players to swap and test after awakening patch, which build is more beneficial for them. This purpose has been served so the system is being removed. They even clearly stated when it was introduced and even mentioned on live stream that for now it will remain in game but it isnt a permanent feature. the fact players dont like it being removed changes nothing in the fact that there was a clear notice it wasnt a permanent feature and that it would be removed.
  8. The exchange of badges was there so that players could choose and try after awakening patch which element they want to play, thats months ago and the system served its purpose. I agree they should have given a week notice, but still, if you were switching day after day and just didnt go back, thats more on you than on them.
  9. They said when it released that it would not be permanent o.o so i dont see the problem here o.o
  10. Level 36

    Say that to the ppl that are selling 1 key, 1 unsealing charm and 1 repair tool on marketplace for 1 500 000 gold each xD
  11. Premium membership gone

    My premium also ended and i still had like a week left....some of my clan members also say their premium ended too.
  12. Now we know why there was no liv e stream xD they didnt want to get the s...storm before today xD
  13. Its a matter of prioritizing gear. what will give you a better benefit: 400 crit damage on the badge or an upgraded soul / heart. You arent supposed to max everything easily, also most players dont even upgrade the badges past stage 1, even people in ET raids, so its not a must to upgrade it. It has nothing to do with whiteknighting, people simply do not want to farm and play the game, they want everything maxed and done instantly. without any effort.
  14. you cant exchange pink fuse for another pink fuse. that was only available for BM and KFM. Other classes could not. Same with ET badges. they were non-exchangable except BM / KFM. 24 oils are very easy to make and get in game easily. At most it would take you 4 weeks playing 2h per day. so that is not an excuse and money has no influence on this. they know players wanted it to be permanent, but they clearly stated it wasnt so no one should be suprised its being removed. the only discussion here should be about the notice time they gave. If you upgrade a badge you stick with that spec, simple, the system was something to allow players to choose as the classes drastically changed, if someone didnt change thats on him. so there should be lieterally no reason for you to upgrade another badge unless its a pink fuse or ET badge which were never part of the exchange NPC in the first place.
  15. Well ...either way if the pink fuse is the way to go, then he couldnt exchange to it anyway, ET badges are also non-exchangable. Your friend has one advantage tho, since the next 3rd spec is destroyer and assasin if i remember good, they will very likely introduce a exchange like they did for bm and kfm so worst case he is still good.
  16. |Sure there is, given i dont mind it being in game always, the only reason it was introduced was the awakening patch, so everyone could freely change and decide to play the spec they wanted to. After a few months, there is no need for this anymore. It only makes sense, and money is not the reason here as everythiong to make abadge you can easily and with little effort get in-game, this includes Grace stones, crystals and the badges needed to fuse. So stop using "money" as argument on everything.
  17. Whether the gave enough time is a different discussion.....i also think they could have given a week time notice. But in example of your friend...there is no issue for him, even with the ET mystic badge the old wind badge is garbage, so either way he will need to farm the pink badge and make the new fused badges to which you couldnt change in the first place anyway. Any old badges were not exchangable to the pink fused ones so there is nothing he is loosing out on.
  18. Explain how is it an issue? You had mnths to swap it over, and now especially, you can choose the right badge. The only time this would be an issue is if you upgraded the wrong badge but thats on the player and his own fault. Also they clearly stated badge exchange would be temporary with no end date at the time.
  19. Thats what i said the individual tokens are being removed and replaced with the "Temple of Eluvium Mystic Badge Chest" so instead of buying for example Frostburn Orb, you buy the chest and it directly gives you the mystic badge you choose o.o
  20. No o.o see: "The Temple of Eluvium Legendary Mystic Badge Chest can be purchased from Dragon Trader Junsorei for the cost of 450 Hellion Core and 100 Gold." They are just removing the individual tokens from purchase and replacing it with the selection chest o.o
  21. It was when the system was introduced, they stated that it will be in the game but will be removed at some point just not "any time soon". The main point of it was to allow players to test out and switch specializations with the awakening patch. Thats now months after and so the system fullfilled its role. I do not see how this is an issue.....getting 2 VT badges is easy as hell and you can even buy them from the npc, soul badges: wind needs the pink fuse which cannot be exchanged, earth needs the old one which everyone should have already. There is nothing in this system needed for earth summ to go wind with ET. Since you will still be able to swap out accessories.
  22. Well....few of the things there are actually what players wanted so....there they go about "NC isn't listening to players"
  23. Thats some nice patch notes......(waiting for the bomb to explode) o.o
  24. From what i remember the hidden boss was never a thing at our version. It depends what you call "over the top", i mean if you look at the nerfs they did to dungeons and raids, you have to ask yourself if those really were over the top mechanics. for example BC 1st boss where you had to dash in / backstep to rescue people (was easy as hell but guess what, seems players dont know how to backstep / dash and it gets nerfed) Realmrift POH - Perfect example of the lever at last boss, seems people didnt really care to learn to pull it in the right moment and boom, nerfed to a point you can ignore all kinds of mechanics in there and just button mash dps. MSP - Allowing Webs to snare the turtle - given it may help some parties wasnt that hard to begin with if you had a smart tank and people that know what they are doing. These are just a few, but there are many many more examples like this. Instead of promoting and encouraging to learning dungeons and mechanics, they prefer to nerf it so people stop complaining.
  25. ET Weapon upgrade

    The reason GC3 is i will use the term "meh" compared to A9 is because of the changes the weapon effects undergo. Aransu 9 has a seperate proc for Crit damage and Crit rate, which are independant from the weapon buff/stacks, while as GC, the crit chance and crit damage are added to the weapon buff /stacks itself. So if you had guaranteed procs GC3 would be somewhat better than A9, but the way it is now , its better to go A9 -> GC6. Thornbreaker is basically the same as GC, what makes the difference is the additional damage stats on the weapon. So essentially ET3 is already a very good upgrade over GC9 (ofc the weapon buff, AP etc also play a role). You might even go Shadowforge 9 and then just skip GC completely if the damage of GC9 vs SF9 is comparable. I have both weapons a GC9 and a Shadowforge 9, using shadowforge i do way more DPS than with the Grand Celestial weapon (tho this can be class dependant).