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  1. The Dell display toy is uninstalled. Playing with out XBMC -- having to reach up to click rather than click the button under my finger ...prolly maybe a problem. But even with all those things removed from memory ... I still get 4044. The 4040 seems to have disappeared, now the game is just confused. The bit with character changing kicking you to desktop , I'm pretty sure is related to GameGuard (GG), it has something like 4-5 images of BNSR4 running at anyone time. If you go to change characters, at least one of those GG images is out of sync with you wanting to change --
  2. ---- When that was the worst of my problems, the game was playable. Now random 4044's every 3-5 minutes the the game is unplayable.
  3. Ok, this is what I found... 2 things. verifying image -- no help what appears to be cause of this problem -- dell's automatically added display manager/helper. -- it can reset colors/app, it can readjust layout/app change size / app and screen layout .. in short everything you probably don't want. It sends information to the monitor/game via some new monitor tech, which I have a feeling is why game-boss thought data was mismatching or a cheat was ongoing. The manager installs automatically on some newer dell monitors. I killed it before running game -- no 4040 or 4044.
  4. https://p20.zdusercontent.com/attachment/649913/2xLOanimZiSJUsrac8nYzCTZU?token=eyJhbGciOiJkaXIiLCJlbmMiOiJBMTI4Q0JDLUhTMjU2In0..bLF_bU5if6aX_BTM1YUPmA.RTfd_ZCOHzqJUDpUSgv0uVgVj-OUOrBrw8VP0zkIqpX7SBJKYcDTxdOtj1pa4yDdoXIGM2nxVzp28N_MIwdjYBoFITDQSZXlkjDm7OCYY0atDbH-155xeXWurLcOphPqmeP7zOzV8zFdDXNyqq6RP8vEUCOzdTCzPzMrmFKPsvEVjb9OddaWElobG2ApfauxZjJrGalzFvH0ryhKKlSOfIX_bs7EjJs94gJEFsR_iqGqJ4wzgJ9dNiPPFildrr4QeDMavt59IqxIwHZLwJWjpt5mtHfszRTTX-GVZID6QxM.GjGIwyf3K33bgu_6Kll__g.png
  5. how do I post See if this shows the image. Having problem displaying image... here is the url https://p20.zdusercontent.com/attachment/649913/c8MT1EhKvN3cWfvQrBB578yFO?token=eyJhbGciOiJkaXIiLCJlbmMiOiJBMTI4Q0JDLUhTMjU2In0..KCSw2x6OOrLlM_KIi6fUCA.JAcPW3CyS_yy-W52FwQzqCgJDKcstICbvsFjNub2kbpG0yBrHBTXdjFCYr5tNoFqWbN-sPSC3ZRQoSPW1pbpBuabsFiz95sO54RCT9yneW7qn7fxJ3NlMThQ-vvsb4uzj9iNs5E6_mhU5pSPUqDOVxtpqYMMpVZgRqf82PBDjwRMoRHO6eaPSATPTIde17mnCh-mHzYBZJvs9f17ZirifXwLgiaA0vzL4FkK2xdN2e_Xf5ojVbEhN9sRXMpZVk8PybcMBtkteHxVLp7nYx7iqWJBhSeeD-zNZ8zXk00ogdc.eCvjWkWYlDnf3IegcHV
  6. I can't stay in game more than 3-5 minutes after most recent update -- keep getting error 4040 . Please help!!
  7. You say lotus is simple...but I find it anything but simple. On any raid, I see others getting 4-11M DPs and above, and I struggle to occasionally hit 1M dps. If I just press rt-mouse to go full auto, I'll be lucky to do half that. So how can full auto be so bad for me when others claim it should be so easy? Perhaps if I had highest gear, but it is a new class, and even with a lvl60 voucher, I'm not even HM18 yet. I wish there was an easy build on something, since all I've ever been told is I'm a bad player -- such that when I posted a video of me doing an attack in the training room agai
  8. Also, FWIW, Kodrak was different, but wasn't unplayable.
  9. You are messing with your own argument(s). You claim using XML and GCD are cheating, but you also say 80% of the community are using them, then how do you define cheating? Isn't cheating using something to obtain an advantage over the rest that the rest can't get? If the game allows something, and has allowed it for years, but 20% of the players say it shouldn't be allowed because it is cheating, why would (or should) devs listen to a vocal minority? If 80% are playing with a feature that ncsoft allows, why aren't you using it? I.e. if it has been there for years and the
  10. I was told that this costume was removed because the dungeon it came from was no longer available -- but this was before the UE4 update -- years before.
  11. The HP increase in the dungeons is outrageous -- I can't complete the 1st Boss in any of the mid dungeons, like Naryu Sanctum or Rakesh -- couldn't get them below 90% before a timer went off. But when I say I don't see many people, I mean from the number of people standing around chatting and socializing in places like the 1st village -- jadestone. or even in faction chat. About 1/5 - 1/6th the numbers hanging around chatting. I didn't even get to looking to go with a party cept maybe once and the did the LFP thing in Normal and had 5-6 in party in 30-40 seconds,
  12. I have a character that is HM24 who used to be able to solo most of the dungeons up to BT. Now I can't begin to make it through most of them -- even on 'easy' I can't dent them having 1000 times my hits before some timer runs out. Even on SSP -- I've been able to kill the hairy big mid-bosses since HM16. Now with an HM24 I can't even dent their hits. Is this intentional? All bosses have hits in the hundred-millions? Also it seems there was a huge inflation factor added to prices -- but not to quests for beginners. Also I'm running into quests like the shoppi
  13. How are they cheating? If the game allows one to repeat a dungeon that gives good experience, how is that cheating? It's not a 3rd party program, its becoming an expert in the mechanics of the game to optimize payback. The gold can only be gotten once a day, but the XP, you are complaining that some dungeon gives more XP than you think it should, and that the game allows people to repeat those dungeons as much as they want. People don't get this: the rules of the game are what it enforces. You are not claiming that they are breaking the game rules or using a 3rd party cheat program, you a
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