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  1. Tired of toxic people with trash language

    well it is still there, for the dungeons they made it back in time, EC, DT, up to NS I think. So basically it's gone as none runs this dungeons anymore.
  2. changes in red

    yes same here "The content rotation for the Daily Challenge system has been updated (changes in red):" is a good joke as a text is white am also a good one is the dead patch note link within this posting:
  3. Tired of toxic people with trash language

    girl means "guy in real life" in mmorpg btw
  4. Hauptquest

    Hmm also da musste nach Heavens Reach (oder wie auch immer das auf Deutsch heißt), das Portal dorthin sollteste schon seit längerem haben, die Klamotten die dir Jinny gibt bzw. gegeben hat anziehen (ohne das gehts nicht weiter) und den Krempel am Altar hinlegen Ansonsten ist der Story-Stand im Moment Akt 10 mit seinen 10 Kapiteln
  5. Mushin tower 1-8

    I am sure he meant HM30 or he is just trolling
  6. Aboslutely unacceptable

    there will always be a carrot dangling on a stick, get used to it or don't play this kind of games
  7. I had the same idea, but:
  8. Yay another complete trash event to skip

    After the event special edition of the turtle and our aged Pirate, my guess would be something like 2kk DPS to finish stage 8. But hey, that is easy now, as the gear upgrade been made cheaper and easier last patch
  9. A Quick Update From Nico

    well if their content management would be really that bad and depending on graphics engine they should just go and purge their dev ranks
  10. A Quick Update From Nico

    It means 2021 or later, well unless server been shut down before
  11. No more exchange tab on Junsorei

    he was asking why the exchange tab was removed and as I don't see you answering that question, I can just leave as guess: you (newbie/returner) should go and buy boxes/crates/troves for some NCoin to get your gear up to date again
  12. A Quick Update From Nico

    thx for the update, guess it will take a while until UE4 is on live servers, but at least they install some beta server (aka frontier server) for improved testing
  13. A Quick Update From Nico

    this is usually just called: soon™
  14. Well for sure it is better if they know what they are working on. And ofc it's not that easy, I bet there are a lot high end players who are just pilling up those onyx scales, while those in progression need them urgently and are always short of them. Last one will be for sure prety unhappy if a dev comes along and says, hey lets decreease them as there are way too much ingame.
  15. crafting time never been a limit, sry. Crafting is rather a bad joke then a true crafting in this game, you been able to get a crowd of crafter alts up in no time. I was never even close to be limited by the craft times for transformation stones. But yes if you really feel the urge to blame the players, tell em they are just lazy slackers, as they could easily farm more to even out the increase of resource cost, same also work for increased upgrade cost and ofc as well for any lack of gear progression -> all problems solved