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  1. maybe also look into this, for me it was the main reason when I got heavy performance issues:
  2. well I'd expect something similar to the spec asked for frontier server - I haven't been there myself, so dunno any details: I seen: i5/Ryzen5, better Ryzen7 or i7 asked, min 8GB ram, min GTX1060, better RTX2060 dunno if they plan some DOOM 2 lookalike low PC mode again, so some feedback would be nice.
  3. I hope there will be still some HMcoin goodies for premium! Well or not, it would save some money! But hey, wait, my special windwalk graphics....... hahahaha, sorry couldn't resist on that one 😃
  4. from what I know hitting ESC to stop the cutscene is causing the issue and not sure what actually will help if mess is already done. When I heard about the bug the 1st time I tried the quest on an alt and it worked well with forcing myself to be patient...
  5. Not all player, there are quite some player having their system already quite on the edge, just to keep things playable while it is mostly bottlenecked. How things would work on the final thing is a good question and no matter what they may tell, it just can be answered when you got a crowd of players running around the same spot for the 1st time. From UE4 on frontier server I remember something like GTX 1060 been asked.
  6. from what I remember UE4 was announced for Q2 in KR and Q3 for EU/US
  7. something like this was announced with the big UE4 update, but right atm noone here knows how exactly it may work or not.
  8. I had some issues when my CC became outdated and the new with updated valid date failed on purchases until I refreshed data also on premium abonnement pages. It was another AV that caused issues, if was called like "behavior blocking" because it was unhappy that BnS was starting new task to access internet. The AV should have logs if thy do so. The result was simply a completely empty market window.
  9. for me it works in EU. You need to be about lvl 36 to use it. And some trigger happy virus scanners are also able to block that function.
  10. better just open up the Lyn exclusive classes to other races, so you can have boobs instead of huge ears and tails and Lyn still can be Lyn. Ofc I am sure we will also find some Gons to do your suggested chop job 😃 One major thing you missed, give and option very annoying visual Unity stone effects! Every Unity Stone upgrade I make, I also fear that my char will fade in a cloud of red mist....
  11. and as ppl still ask about Yura hair again, how about adding her full outfit for once? It would be cool and I'd pay for it, whatever it would take (well, almost).
  12. yes it wasn't loing ago, I remember that I recolored mine when it around again.
  13. I agree with that, because it looks ugly and I'd gladly have any other cool outfit, so win-win if leave that exclusive stuff alone-
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