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  1. Now NCwest also added a UE4 preview website: https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/game/revival/
  2. for you some more video stuff I found: [B&S] Blade & Soul'Tae Dongrok' UE4 asynchronous loading official teasing video [B&S] Blade & Soul'Taedongrok' art official teasing video [B&S] Blade & Soul'Taedongrok' UE4 optimization official teasing video
  3. in some gaming website they called summer 2021 for KR. meanwhile I found a little video (well I'd loved to see some real raid situations but nvm) [B&S] Blade & Soul'Taedongrok' UE4 official teasing video
  4. guess true info can be expected in summer 2021 when KR getting this update.
  5. OK now I got it, haven't checked the old pet gems so far. But I seen the same for the new pet gems, which are also dropping in primeweald, they are not upgradable while they got the same name as the upgradeable one. I expected they just messed up the new stuff for a bit, but nvm, seems they did worse. Some fix would be cool btw!
  6. May I ask why you even bother to visit this forum, if the game is such a dead thing? Stop wasting your time! Just don't look behind, leave it and be gone.
  7. nope, they definitely gone from the usual "next year" to a "this year" 😃
  8. the upgradable version, which could also be salvaged should be still account bound (stupid mail expense) those who are not, are character bound. just the names of the newest ones are a bit confusing
  9. I got a 2 TB NVMe SSD for gaming, so gimme that update!
  10. If you renew now, for another 365 days, I am pretty sure you will get the current outfit 🥳
  11. yes, there been already some posts about this, even from me! the only true question is: we got Friday now, where is our news update? PS: free Character Alteration Voucher would be always welcome, I need plenty anyway
  12. this is why my FM refused to visit that place so far....
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