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  1. also in der Story sollte man im Turm nur Yura treffen, die schickt einen in einen Raum mit Mushin und von da gehts dann gleich in die nächste Zone. Alles andere im Turm kommt später.
  2. I guess the whaling chea..., I wanted to say unintended feature users, not buying in cash shop anymore would be the harder impact 😛
  3. Hello, this is no major issue, but sometime it is pretty annoying. Ok here we go, when I start the Launcher2 I log in, the Launcher2 loads, all without problems. But then, when I hit the "Start Game" Button, it still get greyed out, gets minimized and turns to "Playing" if you check....then nothing happens for maybe 2-3 seconds and also no BnS Splash-Screen shows up. Without any error message the "Start Game" Button is active again. So I can try again. This sometime repeats multiple times. And it seems this is the reason why FTH is so trigger happy on my main system. As soon
  4. Yes there is, but only for the "Orange" Emperor Tomb and lower Raid Quest Lines, they all offer an option per ingame NPC to finish the mini questline without doing the actual raid. Personally I think it would be time to add ET to that list. But it fits the image, that you prefer to handle early 2019 content as highend stuff.
  5. many like myself just said there is a good chance to avoid this while redoing the whole engine, but if the don't care about the XML crap at all, ofc this will not happen. Anyway, I get tired of this, esp. as some already started to flame ya, if not using addons...I guess if this will stay that way with UE4, I consider this stuff is OK to join.
  6. which is funny then, TT is dead content, while ET is still that cool stuff so it can't even be bound to account 😛
  7. don't talk just swipe 😄
  8. right here we don't talk about acquiring any more event currency, the issue some have is the following: We got 2 kind of event currency, both can be still turned in, but one of both is pretty worthless. Just the ability to transform one event currency into the other one has been disabled a few days ago. This impacts the redemption for no reason imho.
  9. well, it is just another carrot on a stick . Since they removed the cost reduction from the introduction of a new tier, this became just meaningless. Guess I will keep my Dyad Squares a while longer while I just look to upgrade (the simple) Diamond and Aqua.
  10. I imply that the worth of premium does not feel very impressive this days
  11. we premium users should know our worth since the time they did the daily perks-
  12. imho everyone should be happy, as this did not result in a mess like the time they removed exploited costumes from the marketplace.
  13. get used to it, i.e. the maintenance compensation also can be obtained by everyone, also by those who not even tried to log in cause of work or other RL stuff.
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