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  1. rumors are entirely normal too, esp. if there is no solid information base 😄
  2. well afaik they have some new games in the pipeline and guess they keep BnS just running as long it brings profit and maybe do some minor work to keep profits up-
  3. https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en-us/news/article/7282/sanctum-of-the-masters-is-now-live
  4. at long last: https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en-us/news/article/7282/sanctum-of-the-masters-is-now-live
  5. probably none left to translate them....
  6. well that is the basic farming, you can keep farming your daily chores or recruit from HM stuff when you got some gear or Deamonbane, this will become tougher with higher stages
  7. yes, but maybe check Youtube to know were to run along if it's a 1st run
  8. yep for me it is like gathering stuff up for like a year and then it gives a helpful amount, but nowhere close to get the upgrades done with this itself.
  9. hit F8, and get the dungeon list, I meant all the stuff from CS of up to Forest of Echoes, but in easy mode. If this is also labeled for 25 they meant maybe hard mode.
  10. are you EU or US server? for EU: for the common dungeon, just toggle to easy mode, and hit LFP, it is easy enough right out of the story. for US: try to build a group in rec chat...I guess for Deamonbane-EU: if you start, just try to rec for a stage 1 group with the group tool, shouldn't be so bad as many just want to have it done.
  11. well we will find out tomorrow: The Daily Dash will feature a new item layout, including updated items in the Devotion Chest and the Burning Devotion Chest.
  12. Even I at Unity 210 call them useful, in the pure hope to spam my piles one day the cap is lifted 😄
  13. Exactly, as nobody try to solo stuff and has to use double CC for this 😄
  14. Ok call me nobody then, for my last HM Gilded Hepta I did last week, I needed hundreds of those. OK those from daily dash only been a small amount, but still. And as they have good availability from those happy free Square folks, it also doesn't hurt that much to get them from Marketplace. So sign me in for Gem Powder faction!
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