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  1. it is named OC mode and it sounds like OC mode already 😄
  2. TY so much, I reinstalled my GPU tweak from Asus again and had to see, since new W11 reinstall it was running on default mode, now it's back to OC mode, Downside is a GPU with close to 80c now, but nwm FPS seems to be a bit more stable again.
  3. the 2070s throttles begins at 83c afaik, but I can check the curve maybe it can OC more 😄
  4. I cleaned it out when I recently replace CPU cooler fan. It is also not that hot at all, it slowly rises from 70 to 75c while clock is still somewhere between 1.9 and 2.0 GHz, which is not bad for a 2070s, TDP is 215W but thats a lie 😄
  5. Time to do maintenance on your pc! Or limit the FPS. well it also depends to the location you area. I found out, Jadestone ie. is able to bring my GPU to 100% permanently, at just 70FPS. Which is rather unusual at other crowded places GPU usage is rather 60-65%
  6. mit M....Markt bin ich durch, seitdem die unachtsame Kunden mit 30 € Tickets abzocken, auch wenn man vorher an die 500€ im Laden gelassen hat. Aber super, am besten zu zeigst die mal wegen Sachbeschädigung an (Display, etc.) Aber zurück zum Topic, was beim Support geht sind die 3 Restauration Token im Halbjahr zu nutzen. Also wenn man im Drachen Shop das Falsche Item gekauft hat oder aus einer Kiste das falsche Item gezogen, etc. Ansonsten ist da denke ich leider nicht viel zu erwarten,
  7. maybe increase your pagefile, at least for tryout.
  8. 32Bit version info is outdated, the UE4 version we have now is 64bit only. PS: you run BnS from SSD I hope?
  9. there is no 32bit mode anymore. But it shouldn't keep you crashing with 8 GB either or do you use other software with high usage while gaming? And maybe check the size of your page file, it should at least prevent you from those crashes, even if performance may suck.
  10. the pin-code entry is rather bad to recognize even without being color blind tbh, some adjustable settings wouldn't hurt for sure.
  11. My Ryzen 7 5800x has its limit at 90c which is lower then the older ones, but we talked about GPU, the hot old stuff like the Radeon R9 290 had a 95c throttle eight years ago.
  12. if I got a ping from about 10 ms to eu-central-1 (Frankfurt) I don't think that is the reason for a 3sec delay from talking to quest NPC at Koldrak entrance and taken quest showing up on log.
  13. keep in mind, on some loading screens the FPS goes wild on start, with like 2k FPS, at that point you also often hear some coil whine. I noticed the same stuff on some mmo in the past as well. But anyway 76 degree is like nothing, I remember my old R9 290 not even bothered to truly spin up much at that point.
  14. just a brief question, how can you spot wintraders for sure, unless they are totally dump?
  15. hahaha yes that was a legendary BnS mech too!
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