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  1. you don't have to use auto-baits
  2. also diese Übersetzung ins deutsche ist schon ziemlich geil: Also es geht um irgendwelche dunklen Blüten um die man sich in dem Event per PvP mit anderen kloppen muss. Aber damit nicht genug! Damit es den Whales dieses mal nicht zu langweilig wird, irgendwelche Lowbies aus der Zone zu kloppen, gibt es eine Neuerung! Automatisches Jagen (auto-hunting), so wie ich das verstehe, ist dies wie das Angeln bei dem aktuellen Event, nur das die Durchschnittsspieler hier die Rolle der Fische haben.
  3. the answer is here: So it's not only a PvP zone, they also made you AFK farm-able for whales! And yes ,I guess I am alos going to pass.
  4. Wohoo, "Mushin Tower (now with faster opening doors)" - so they are still listening
  5. As this could be easily abused for selling Characters including their account bound items I rather wouldn't expect this coming. Well, unless someone would came up with a reliable solution to handle that.
  6. yeah braindead or even AFK fishing seems to be state of the art atm. I remember fishing in other games which needed faster reaction then most boss fights did, but guess most player just dislike that.
  7. Fake Maintenance

    p2w_stack_overflow_error is my guess
  8. What's the problem with f9?

    If they drop min prices the should just remove the limits, anyone will be still smart enough to undercut. But I guess the current system is part of the way the try to limit the HMcoin cash flow. and btw. I was still able to sell 4k gold the last week.
  9. Master Scroll drop rate

    I guess drop rate must be similar to the rate of that clan outfit dye droping in CS
  10. SSD's 850 vs 970

    when I tried out, there been very little difference within BnS dungeon loading times:
  11. No one Rezzing

    you see, that's just needed for their little egos And no, BnS is not getting more toxic - it always been that way - this just may surface in different ways...
  12. wenn nachm Crash die Performance auf einmal mies ist, kanns am FTH von win10 liegen, hatte ich zumindest schon wiederholt (und hab ich hier auch schon ein paarmal gepostet)
  13. And not to forget, they could just leave the game, the publisher who is showing them the virtual middle finger and the folks who defend them behind, to leave for another game
  14. My first whale experience

    but still, even if he is not even a Dolphin, the rewards here sucks big time. RNG might be RNG, I got like 200 Keys from HMcoins and no, I don't feel tempted to cash in for more. I know that some folks may have their smart-ass comments for this, but NCsoft might think about this, because it is their income.
  15. Well I was actually looking for a costume from trove. I used my HMcoins for over 150 keys now and no luck, I only seen costumes once and ofc not the one I look for. But after all, the reward from my very few crits are really crappy. Even the one and only 3-star crit I had just brought me in a discount for 75 Legendary Jewels.... but well on from bright side, this trove is saving my RL cash for other important SSDs, shoes and so on PS: NCsoft, if you want to make $$ from F10 sales, you better put a carrot on the stick, a stick alone will not work!