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  1. njoy the new 9g fee each hexa gem mailed
  2. yes, same issue here, guess I will stay with my Dyad Square for a bit longer now. Since they stopped cost reduction with introducing higher tier and rewards -even from Trove - are rather low tier triangular or square I shall no longer bother to try to keep up with this and rather focus into other stuff. And hey that saves me money too
  3. Extended Maintenance "compensation"

    *whistles* show me a good publisher and I show you the door, when the last hymn is sung and the devil cries more!
  4. Alpha Cat Mask worth selling?

    dunno about that specific item, but generally I always ended up gifting away every cat items I had in loot so far-
  5. pas de nouvelle du moteur U E 4

    I don't think the are working much into UE4 as they are busy with the release of more mobile games. So probably it will announce it for next year, like they always did. Oh and maybe rather use French in French part of forum. enjoy auto translate: Je ne pense pas qu'ils travaillent beaucoup dans UE4 car ils sont occupés avec la sortie de plus de jeux mobiles. Alors probablement tu l'annonceras pour l'année prochaine, comme ils l'ont toujours fait. Oh et peut-être plutôt utiliser le français dans la partie française du forum.
  6. Extended Maintenance "compensation"

    lol was just posting about this idea on another thread, with our current BnS crew that would probably result in a 72h downtime and a free 20 dumpling compensation pack
  7. Suggestion for new people in game

    Well, there are still 2 of em, the US and the EU server. And that is possibly just because of one reason. Not the overcrowded population (lol), neither the ping (as if they would ever care), but the lack of skill to do that job, is my guess why they haven't gone that far
  8. Extended Maintenance "compensation"

    well, they pee on us and call it rain.
  9. Extended Maintenance "compensation"

    nice way to show us the big middle finger with a pretty much worthless compensation box.
  10. 1h bonus downtime

    it's alive!
  11. 1h bonus downtime

    so true:
  12. 1h bonus downtime

    just for the case someone not follows on twitter:
  13. Why????????

    white knight and dark knight within forum fight, that's cute And btw. yes it would about time to update this, along with some other stuff....
  14. Astromancer exclusive skin

    OK, this as not as described, but I can't check myself as I did 7 dailys each day with my Astro. But yes it arrived in Item Received Box (same place were everything from F10 will go at shopping), after next maintenance.
  15. Event Armory Chest

    it used to be all fine until the named date on the event stuff (about mid Nov), but dunno if the cost reduction of you gear (which is adjusted to that boxes) will also be that way. Maybe it would better some of the staff could confrim.