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  1. Need help with FPS

    alright lets check my BnS-FPS-f.....(censored) List 1. FTH, may prevents Win 10 from crashing apps and also from higher performance 2. sometimes it helps to use compatibility mode (win7, XP) for 64Bit client of BnS 3. check your Win 10 Display settings, using "scale and layout" any other then 100% may leave your 3D unit of your GPU half unused while being busy with scaling. So check this at 100%.
  2. last 2 slots

    And crafting them in an account bound version isn't a big deal either, it is just a bit time consuming.
  3. Hello, I recently having an odd issue: If I got a longer afk and my monitor toggles into standby (after 10min) screen turns black as normal. But then if I move the mouse, hit some key, screen comes back, but the screen is frozen, the game shows up, but nothing moves on the screen aka no update of the screen... BUT: I am still there, I can hear the walk sound or UI sound depending what i try! AND: If I forces something else to show up on my screen, by hitting Window key or Ctrl+Esc, the Win-Menu shows up and also the game screen is back to running as normal. So it's literally just a temporary screen freeze without any crash, anyone got an idea what is messing up here? regards Beli
  4. How to get the Pale Wanderer Outfit?

    Hi Mom! Not sure which of the lower dungons this was, Yeti or lair of frozen fang or such, but for sure it's dropping from 6-man dungeon now, it's not that rare I'd guess 1-3%
  5. Help on Raids (Grand Harvest)

    I marked their spawn locations on the map, the first two are roamers, the one in Aomak is a statue that awakens when you get close. You should be able to solo those with Story-Quest-Gear.
  6. Help on Raids (Grand Harvest)

    Aomak Guardian Automation Croxar High Shaman Akjinmu Scavanger Overseer Hwang Sapong and if you got the daily quest "Brawl in the basin" active you got all three locations on your map. And ofc you can kill/loot them without quest, while most ppl just do them for the quick daily, so expect invites from strangers
  7. Help on Raids (Grand Harvest)

    Naryu Silver? Have you tried those 3 mini bosses in celestial basin (those who are also needed for that daily challenge quests, not those 3 on 43min event timer)? From what I remember they drop one each for sure.
  8. unreal 4 pc and consoles

    I don't have freezes on my 2nd PC with 3570k (non OC) and GTX 1050, maybe a bit low FPS in crowded area but no freezes. Maybe you should check this forums about such issues...
  9. unreal 4 pc and consoles

    UE4 is fine, it is also used for many common consoles games (which are running with 8 cores btw). What you telling sounds pretty much like the current DX9 issues, still this one can be done to run on multi-core, but it is not supported well and causes quite some overhead, which results in basically no advantage in having more the 4 cores.
  10. I know, I just found it worth to add this, as some still have missed this part of the event.
  11. Just to be sure about, you are aware of Hongsi's Event warehouse reachable from celestial basin? Just asking at it is a good source of Legendary Gem Hammers and still not everyone knows.
  12. graphics card issues and client?

    depends on your system with 4 GB Ram or less you can chose bin/client (=32 Bit), if more you should rather choose bin64/client (= 64Bit). Well unless there are any issues preventing 64Bit to be stable-
  13. graphics card issues and client?

    nvidia control panel should be able to look for it's card, even if it's not in charge, with your settings you may be able to run Win on intel graphics as 1st screen and a 2nd screen (external) on nvidia. As Grimoir said, better use the nvidia only,
  14. graphics card issues and client?

    have you checked your BIOS setting of the laptop, there is usually some setting which graphics is to be initiated 1st either PCIE (Nvidia 1050) or integrated (Intel). Not sure if Windows take this setting 1:1 but worth a shot.
  15. Two Game Crash and Game FPS Cap Lowers

    it's a system within windows that helps to handle and hopefully keep programs from crashing, at least that been the plan... For me this handling of the BNS client, trying to prevent it from crashing, drops the performance that much that it becomes unplayable. And after having it deactivated none of my other software seem to be crashing more often and BnS crashes at least not more then before. Important is to flush the FTH list with using the mentioned command with admin rights, else it will not work. You could also make some special exclusions for FTH with the BnS client, but I wasn't goin into that, as for me it works good enough as mentioned (link in my post above).