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  1. Show off your characters!!

    FMs wannabe summer love ownership: now give us that damn costume
  2. Alright the topic isn't sticky anymore! So time to get over it, they messed it up and I bet there will no be no further actions. So deal with it, one way or another.
  3. Well this is BnS + NCWest, for further details ask Hime, she was mentioning it on last Live Stream.
  4. Yes Summer Love is the name in English, and yes it was used on advertisement, while it's not typical bikini stuff, well i only know it been mentioned still to come in last stream.
  5. Yes it has been even mentioned twice, none said anything about it has to be ready for this, just that it is going to come, after everyone asked about - my guess is soon™. And Grimoir was already wrong with his trove guess on that one :D
  6. just wondering while I see the following rewards: are those going to be the old or the new version?
  7. Bosses in Korea vs West

    You read wrong! i said they need some dps for it, not that it can be reached atm
  8. Bosses in Korea vs West

    1.As said, still part of daily challenge if you like, but now let's talk about doing it solo. Some just like to check solo runs.... 2. you are funny, then literally every dungeon and raid can be called soloable, you just need some dps and well you may need to do the mech which might be impossible in solo.
  9. Bosses in Korea vs West

    we did and you wrote; sound more like soloable with some mechanics to me... or write "can't be soloed due to mechanic" next time.
  10. Bosses in Korea vs West

    costume for collection ie, my main had hard time until having luck with this and besides, it is still part of daily chores, but tell me, does it matter to make it soloable or not?
  11. Bosses in Korea vs West

    it been about Hollow Heart, as that is below CC and is supposed to be soloable with not even 1 Mio DPS, as he said. I don't think that is enough "burst"...
  12. Bosses in Korea vs West

    Show me how you do Hollows Heart that way
  13. it is the understanding hidden deep in your ego, for their hard work, with an unmatched ability to make things worse and to keep information cloudy. PS: and the Server is back up, someone must have found the switch
  14. Bonus dowtime, yeah Nvm ,been about to have dinner anyway, cya later =)