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  1. What happened to ue4?

  2. Hongmoon Homecoming?

    hey I been offline for at least 12h so I gladly fetch my reward too!
  3. story line

    Yes, as soon you get the 111 Event Tokens you are done for now soon™
  4. Enough is Enough

    Dunno, quite a bit I'd guess. But this post brings up another question! How long did I need to find out that Profiles can be posted that way? 4 1/2 years
  5. over 5000 keys 0 penta gems

    Don't forget the Evolved stones for 15Hcoin each and worth 40+ Gold.
  6. BnS Costume giveaway

    I think the have some odd IP block and other methods to prevent ppl to get more then one key by using multiple accounts. Well ya all know those, trying to sell keys for 1k gold in game chat.
  7. Please also reconsider the enrage times

    I am sure I could even strangle the Hive Queen with bare hands, at least in the forums
  8. story line

    7 chapters of Act XI are there, dunno what you mean
  9. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    So true! The idea of a deflation helping the economy made me chuckle PS: And im fine with my 21 trove keys a day. My CC I keep for NCoin only outfits! You want it? get Yura original Outfit in F10!
  10. WTF! Server is up!

    OK now I am truly impressed. Big update (even if not liked at some parts) and just back online before estimate, Congrats, there might be hope
  11. Naryu coins should be faster to get

    well it is also not difficult to farm gold, it's just a bit more time consuming now. And if you say they just need guidance, do so.
  12. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    oh true and even at NCsoft itself, please don't bother any Community Manager, as those are just simple employees, so just wait until you are able to talk to the boss if you want to express your bad feelings
  13. Naryu coins should be faster to get

    Whatever you say, maybe you also going to help those players who feeling bad about the gold nerf with some kind words
  14. Es besteht die Chance eines Fehlschlags

    früher warens mal so 33% chance denke ich, wobei ich immer das Gefühl hatte, dass es burst gab; also ein Fail gute Chance hatte in direkter folge den nächsten Fail zu begünstigen, aber das kann täuschen. Aber anderseits, warum soll NCsoft ausgerechnet einen RNG sauber programmieren.
  15. Blade & Soul: Divine Break Arrives June 24

    I think the gold reduction has a chance to work pretty well. More people will just leave this game, so this will not even reduce the amount of gold generated, there also will be gold actively leaving the game. From those left in game, less will bother to run daily dungeon in F8, so this will add on top of the reduced gold drop. So with some luck, things will good enough to run another HR event soon enough! Only question left will be, if people going to feel like blowing cash into to the game under this conditions. I dunno, myself I'd rather buy Wirecard stocks now. Anyway, I just canceled my sub, to be sure not to run into another auto-renewal by accident.