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  1. That is the absolute worst site to ever look for estimated playercounts. Their numbers are completely randomly calculated, no logic behind anything whatsoever. Currently, I would estimate the same as Uldrum... around 3k unique daily logins, while having around 400-600 players online at the same time (for Jinsoyun/EU) and even less players on the american server (NA/Yura), maybe not even half of EU.
  2. Don't worry guys. I really just gave you the best solution we have right now. I know, there's a million better ways to fix this issue without having to spend real life money.... but since you all did play as long as I did... I can sadly only say that I think all these suggestions are very unlikely to ever happen. I had no ill intention when I suggested this, it literally IS THE BEST option right now. Otherwise you're stuck grinding for weeks if not months with barely any progression.
  3. There is already a solution: The Battle Plague. It gives quite nice gold for a little real money cost. Go get it, it's worth it.
  4. In all nice feelings and honesty... your wishes won't be heard. There is meta specs and there is very bad specs. It is how it is. They won't fix this anytime soon, more like they will built up on it. New specs are always overbusted so people are pleased into swiping or rerolling which does involve real money cost as well. It's a business strategy. I gave up on it tbh. You either play the game or you don't and you deal with the changes they release to the game if you do decide to keep playing. That's the only way.
  5. I found one more Soul Boost problem: We need 9x Champion's Heart Evolution Stone for True Champions Heart. Stage 32 however doesn't offer 3x Champion's Heart Stone, it only offers 1. We're stuck with Awakened Champion's Heart - Stage 2 after progressing from Stage 32 onwards. (We acquire 7 in total instead of 9 which are needed right now!) Please fix this stage and also send a Level 32 Reward Compensation to all qualified accounts. Thank you! Btw, appreciate all the hard work @Green Storm! Thank you so much! ☺️
  6. The one thing that is infuriating me the most is the costume called "Lotus". We literally had the EXACT same outfit, just recoloured to black/red named "Dahlia" in the last rotation. You can't tell me this wasn't intentional and someone thought it's a funny joke... because it's not. What the hell is going on? What is with all the feedback we gave you guys? It feels like we were just ignored once again and it makes me actually sad because people wanted good cosmetics, not recolours after recolours.
  7. Thanks for all the great summer outfits, highly appreciate the Dahlia recolour called Lotus instead!
  8. THIS. I can only fully agree with you here. Being forced to run 1 dungeon for 300 runs when the weapon drops from all 3 dungeons... it's a pain.
  9. Which is absolutely crazy because now you pay less gold for +6 to +11 for all accs. Only so you start at +6 with Starcross and don't have to deal with even worse rates and more gold drain.
  10. This is still a major issue as of today that keeps me from actually playing beyond the finished Soul Boost on 3 characters. I can give a very good example to this: Just from adding all soul boost psyches to my accs and badges.... I wasted around 1400 gold. However, we still make barely any gold from content. The only option would be to buy the pass for 30 dollars every single time that gives you atleast around 20k gold. Now... to even consider going for Starcross accs, I should get most of my skystealer accs to +11. Just one acc from +6 to +11 costs around 3-4k go
  11. Hello again with yet another suggestion. As far as I know, in Korea you pay around 60-70 dollars for a Class Change voucher. We should make it similar in NA/EU pricing. 100 $/€ is way too much. You have to keep in mind that not every country in Europe offers great payouts per month for a job, so we should really decrease the NCoin price here. I can guarantee you, more people would buy it if it is cheaper. We don't have to make it 10 bucks, but slightly more expensive than a Level 60 boost should be reasonable.
  12. I don't know if Green Storm still reads this feedback thread... but I do have some amazing suggestions for the Premium tab... and it's great this is finally a consideration because it has been outdated for so long now. Okay, here we go: Keep the weekly chests for Sacred Vials, Pet Packs and Sterling Scale Crystals Nothing should be changed here. They should stay as they currently are, with the difference of spending the Solar energy directly instead of having to transmute Spectrum Stones. Maybe increase the limit and require less Refined Honing Oil and Solar Ener
  13. I think the only bad thing about this is the actual upgrade chances for the accs. Droprate should not be changed. What do people do after finishing it in 2 days? Right, they sit there, no content and complain yet again that there's nothing to do. The only dungeon that is an exception to this situation is Chaos Supply Chain. Something has to be done here, atleast decrease the costs at the vendor for Soul Shield parts and primers.
  14. Tbh as much as this might suck for some people still doing the Soulboost... this one should end after this month's delay and start with Season 2. Delaying it further is actually damaging the game and doesn't help anybody. However, there's a few things that could be done better for Season 2: - Put in challenges that can be completed the entire duration of the Soulboost That means no more 7/7 Daily tasks, changing specific dungeon completions into Heroic/Demonsbane dungeon completions (any!) - Bringing back more daily options, add more other chal
  15. While RNG is never really a good thing players are happy about, I think they can handle this actually well. The only problem I see right now is the new change in acquiring this new tier of gear with the current speed of content. The Upsurge tier might be complete next month, and at that point they need to figure out how to pass some time before the next tier will be released since people need more time to grind for the new tier. Obviously, people can be lucky... that's also RNG... but there's alts too.
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