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  1. Well, I give up. Patches repeatedly make less and less sense for our version of the game.
  2. +1. Just looked through, and I can do exactly 6 out of 9 quests on my alts for Soul Boost. I either way have to do x3 HM bosses, or PvP, on alts... Why has this been changed???
  3. I did 2 months of Aero/Sub stage 21-31 everyday, 10h a day for a whole week too, and only saw a ring. I understand how this feels. I ended up trashing my BM out of exasperation, and rerolled. I legitimately thought something was messed up with my character. My WL has now collected all jewelry and she doesn't even have the achievement for 100 runs yet, on either place. Some characters are just cursed, and it will take x200 times more effort to get anything. Best of luck to you, sincerely, been there and it sucks.
  4. I can give the same advice forums and guildies gave me. Work your way through Soul Boost, it should be up for another 2+ months, very simple to get through, and will boost your stats by a lot. Do your dailies, weeklies. Bid on Silversteel SS drops + Aggressor box drops while doing your dailies. Start learning mechs and climbing Substratum, Aerodome, Chaos Supply Chain, they provide the currently best accessories + Soul Shield, so the sooner you get down to it, the better. Get your Grand Celestial to +6 with the boxes of mats you've earned through main q
  5. Well, just answered my own question. She dropped outfit in a chest.
  6. Hello! I've seen Eva has potential drops listed for normal/hard difficulty, but I am unsure if she can actually drop anything, or they're just there to show what you can buy with tokens. Both me and my fiancé killed her in normal multiple times, during various days, and so far received nothing aside from the tokens from the dynamic quest. My question is, does she actually have any drops? Do I have 3 chances a day to roll something else besides tokens in the dynamic? Can she potentially drop a box?
  7. I'm pretty sure they removed the quest, so you can no longer obtain the outfit unless it's given away as a code again, or rolls back into the store.
  8. Another change I'd personally like to see revolves around the 2 factions. On EU, 99% of the time you can only join Cerulean, and have to try late at night or early moring to do a swap to Crimson. Many newer players have no idea, so they end up on a dead faction where no one talks. I think having one world chat, instead of alliance, where everyone can talk and rec would improve things. Alliances can still be kept relevant for PvP and clans, but the game isn't sadly thriving with life anymore, and separating the player base is a bad idea. Alternatively, we could have a w
  9. Runs based achievement or tokens drops could both work. However, they'd both have to be set onto 21+ or 31+ to prevent low floor spamming. I just would like to see the system improve a little, to assist very unlucky players like me with the first drop, or lucky players looking to reroll/finish compound. I've read through an older thread, and someone claimed they've seen 3 drops in 1000 runs. It could have been low floors, or terrible luck, either way it doesn't sound very pleasant.
  10. My biggest issue is that there doesn't seem to be any in between. You either way get them in a resonable time, or it takes way more effort than it's worth. As much as I am enjoying my time, I also did spend 1 month skipping most dailies just to get into Sub/Aero as fast as I could. Today my second accessory dropped, so it turned into 2 drops over a month and a few days. Just terrible if I consider how much time I've invested. I was just suggesting a better system, where stage 21+ could potentially give x1 token each run, or be rng based. They could also remove stage 31
  11. Hello! We have an active clan currently looking for new members. Our faction is Crimson Legion. Anyone is welcome, we have both new and seasoned players willing to group up and enjoy the game together. Saturday is our chosen day for weeklies and raids, but we have parties going daily for pretty much anything you could need. If you're interested in joining you can reply to this thread, or whisper Marihel, Entröpy, DatNiko, OfficialBambooGuard or KuroLilika in game.
  12. We need a better failsafe mechanic for Demonsbane drops. I am about ~600+ runs in, with 1 drop. My guild mates are rolling in duplicates, and they average 1 drop an hour on a lucky day. I spent 10h daily for a week straight into 21-31 Sub and gotten absolutely nothing for my time. Yes, I can wait for the box for 200 tokens, but running the same thing non-stop just so I can watch everyone else gear up is making me consider if I should drop the game althogether. As much as I am okay with grinding, 1 drop in a month of farming 21-31 is unacceptable. Especially when t
  13. I do not, I tend to let the it run while I do other stuff. I only do so if my character is almost done, so I am already there to log off or move elsewhere. I simply prefer to do things myself though, having to afk when I wanted to play instead isn't exactly fun. 😕
  14. With the soul boost I managed to bring myself up to 2.5k AP, sitting at lvl 42. Currently doing sub/aero stage 11 with a guild. Primeweald is required for 7 days to get soul boost exp, so I am doing it in a group to make it go by faster. I really cannot tell if any of the stuff sold there is of any use, I am saving up the tokens and see how many I have when I did 7 days of Primeweald dailies. But damn, the place is boring. 😞
  15. Hello! I've been clearing old dungeons for the sake of it, collecting costumes and gold from the daily quests, and noticed some have no drops whatsoever. To name one, Dreamsong Theater. Now, I do know I can just go ahead and buy the cosmetics off of a merchant, but why leave the empty dungeons in the first place if they will give absolutely nothing? It kinda ruins the fun, for me, doing the dungeon once and head to the achievement merchant or straight off use Demonsbane coins to purchase cosmetics. Is there any reason as to why they're gone? Have they simpl
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