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  1. lol, today I had a guy even in WC doin crazy beaming stunts 😄
  2. just get some fancy addon and have it for free =P
  3. if it is a new CC card it may take 12-24h, once the payment method is known it works faster, paypal after the 2nd payment is usually about instant. If not, you need to contact the support from your account page. You can talk about your experience here, but the forum folks can't help with payment issues within your account.
  4. same here, and if it is about buying NCoin rather within 12 hours.
  5. well it actually uses 3-4 cores, but some parts of the client might be limited to one core, maybe. the ingame ping is not only issued by the network connection, when the client starts to getting bottlenecked because of the issues above, it also starts to become unable to handle the data traffic in time, which causes increase of ping (too). But something else, for Ryzen CPU in chiplet design you should care about RAM speed, because this clock also may limit the communication between the chiplets (and Cores) of your CPU.
  6. fun fact btw., the Unity been increased by 30 lvl, from 180 to 210 just 45 days ago. Rough guess, this should have taken at least 90Mio Unity XP, while the official daily cap has been 500k each day... and ppl start wining about cap now... My next guess: if they would retroactive enforce the limits to the value it has supposed to be, the issue here would be solved 😄
  7. I rather would not bother about it, the BnS style to fix it would probably be to 10x Koldraks HP...
  8. well that depends, if they add another event were your toon and any alt can earn a massive amount of reputation charm, which are not limited by the daily 500k limit (other then described).
  9. https://www.bladeandsoul.com/uk/news/identified-terrestrial-events/ seems like we get a rdy up for next update.
  10. 170 keys and no 3 star. But afterall it was still OK, the quite regular 2 star been dropping me a total of 5 HM skill scrolls and oil and PTS. Nothing great, but OK.
  11. a nicely placed daze can also wipe a weekly pug raid 😛
  12. yeah raise the cap and don't forget to add another event to abuse, so we can right hit the next wall 😄
  13. if it just happened on after a crash/disco there is a good chance that FTH hit in: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/win7appqual/fault-tolerant-heap tl;dr 1. you can disable it in registry by set the REG_DWORD value HKLM\Software\Microsoft\FTH\Enabled to 0 2. not to forget, flush the current FTH list with the command: Rundll32.exe fthsvc.dll,FthSysprepSpecialize within a console running under admin right. Yes it needs admin lvl or it will not work.
  14. you are sure ppl not just run off, seen this often when ppl see too much folks below hm20, they run, If one runs while recruiting it, will end with 5 unless you restart it.
  15. try to visit the places you been on the way before. Look for an NPC to re-enter the main questline. If you mention the Act and chapter that is, it would be helpful. Just a quick guess, if it is the main attack on Zeiwei, try also a look into the big portal thingie at brightstone.
  16. dunno about your experience, but my car mechanic also delayed quite a few times because they didn't get spare parts in time....
  17. it's up again. While it is super annoying, we are far away from an "always the same".
  18. Bonus Downtime Extended Version!
  19. in case someone else wondered why the server isn't still up: the answer is given via Twitter, we got a bonus downtime of 1h estimated.
  20. they need to refill the trove I guess 😄 Joke besides, at least the Login Rewards should get an update as the old Reward Session been ending right at maintenance time
  21. Haha, ja die Server-Region, die hat mir das erste Mal auch sowas von einem Schrecken eingejagt. Wäre super, wenn sich der Launcher diese Einstellung nicht gegelgenlich verstellen würde.
  22. I will rub this in at occasion 😛
  23. changing things to add more confusion may cause issues, maybe not for you, but for quite some other players.
  24. OK then maybe you enlighten us why they may have changed this from the last cta event?
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