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  1. Why is my hp so low?

    the effect can be way higher! At Unity 130 any fresh toon I start on that account will have the following stats added (even at lvl 1): But I still can't save Master Hong or my Clan mates Added to this, any toon on that account will have have the same amount socket for Unity stones, with some load of farming you get there (with CC it may be rather fast, even on low lvl toons), (btw.the stones itself and it's values are not shared within account, only the amount of opened sockets are same account wide): PS: Ok not that low lvl, the stones req lvl 55 to use
  2. Where is the holiday?

    we got fat treasure trove event, now be happy! And we got loads of free keys for...whatever
  3. F9 Broken: remove floor or cut gold drop

    Not sure, or do you know any of them? Only thing I know is some folks are blowing some k of RL cash into games, so it might be one of those too and not everyone wants to wait for Market sales, esp. if right the next player got the same idea and sells those charms for 1 silver less =)
  4. F9 Broken: remove floor or cut gold drop

    OK 48h duration is a good choice already, imho 24 is just waste of time and I am on EU too. 1.Don't mess around with Gold amounts other then 1k! If you want to get your stuff sold, you need a big whale in F9. So taken you want to blow a load of cash in F9 for a pile of Gold, what you look for? Yes the big 1k Stacks! Ofc there also may be strangers looking exactly for your 243g offers, but that would be really stupid amount of luck! 2. Try to predict wale times! From my last experiences, try to make your F9 offers end around Saturday daytime, from around noon to afternoon. If you can, spread a bit, maybe with 3 stack each, every 1-2h.
  5. F9 Broken: remove floor or cut gold drop

    sold my last 5 stacks of gold maybe a week ago, so with some work and a bit of luck you still get your gold sold on long run. Lowering gold drop will also impact the upgrade costs (the reason why I dont sell gold atm). And I am pretty sure, whatever new floor value they might add, it will be spoiled soon enoughh.
  6. You are aware, that you will need all the feathers you could get, if you want to upgrade your Unity stones? Well at least if you dont want to have heavy CC usage on F10 and also try to get it done before 2030....
  7. UE5

    As things with the engine seems to be delayed anyway, how about to jump to UE5, the 1st engine demos are looking pretty nice tough:
  8. sadly it didn't worked out for this update
  9. Good Job

    don't worry, they will adjust google sheets again = problem solved
  10. Event from May20?

    Hey cool, maybe we get a Trove Event then. Remember, also from trove you get free stuff every 24h == event
  11. Running slow and screwing up

    1st of all, check if your laptop still uses a common HDD-Drive, if yes, replace it with a SSD asap. Yes laptop HDD suck big times if it comes to mmorpg and replacing them is no big deal as the SATA SSD are right the same size. So you may use a mitigation tool (I did it with a Samsung SSD and worked great), connect the SSD with an USB adapter and clone your whole system to the SSD, then replace the old driver with the SSD and it's all done.
  12. Farewell Crickets!

    Farewelll Cyan and best of luck for your future plans!
  13. UE5

    come on, it's Unreal Engine, so at least let me dream a bit
  14. I think the daily attendance reward for premium, as we have since today, are a step into a good direction
  15. Da ich auf dem englischen Client spiele kann ich es nicht genau sagen, aber: für mich klingt das, als hättest du unter Menu K deine Elemente gewechselt, Frost Kugel klingt nach Eis und Sperrfeuer nach Feuer. Also: für die Quest die Entsprechenden Elemente unter K auswählen und ggf. auch die notwendigen Skills auswählen.
  16. From bad to worse

    I seen that happening, back in time when the team had 400-500 AP and some messed up badly.
  17. FPS Drops, Screen Freezes

    yes true it needs Admin right, so the reset that FTH stuff you need to do:
  18. Frame Drops!

    also es geht um den FTH, der Fault-Tolerant-Heap der in Windows nach Programm-Crashes versucht diese durch spezielle Behandlung der betroffenen Programm stabil am laufen zu halten. So passiert das auch gern einmal mit B&S, nur dass in Folge daraus das Spiel mit übler Performanz läuft. Der FTH schreibt die betroffenen Programme auf eine Liste für diese "Sonderbehandlung", der von mir genannte Befehl löscht diese Liste, in der Registry kann man auch abschalten, dass Programme wieder neu in diese Liste geschrieben werden. Zur Verifikation hier Original Text von MS (für Win7, ist aber gleich in Win10), dort ist im letzten Absatz auch der vorher genannte Befehlt genannt:
  19. Frame Drops!

    Klingt nach FTH, passiert vor allem gerne nach Crash oder Disco. Falls sich das nicht wiederholt kannst einfach mal mit einem einfachen zurücksetzen probieren. Du brauchst dazu deine Windows Eingabeaufforderung, die über das Rechtsklick Menu "als Administrator ausführen" gestartet wurde, dann gibst dort folgenden Befehl ein: Rundll32.exe fthsvc.dll,FthSysprepSpecialize und haust auf Enter und schaust ob das Problem wech is.
  20. 64-bit broken.

  21. 64-bit broken.

    yes, there is a second step! you need to to open a console - running with admin rights , so right click at start and choose "run as administrator" or something like that and then use the following command: Rundll32.exe fthsvc.dll,FthSysprepSpecialize
  22. 64-bit broken.

    If your FPS problems started after some crash or disco, the Fault Tolerant Heap might be the reason behind them. There is how to check what applications are using FTH and how to disable it. And remember the console to flush the list needs to run on admin level. btw, for me it worrks same aon win 10, while the doc is for win 7
  23. you don't have to use auto-baits
  24. also diese Übersetzung ins deutsche ist schon ziemlich geil: Also es geht um irgendwelche dunklen Blüten um die man sich in dem Event per PvP mit anderen kloppen muss. Aber damit nicht genug! Damit es den Whales dieses mal nicht zu langweilig wird, irgendwelche Lowbies aus der Zone zu kloppen, gibt es eine Neuerung! Automatisches Jagen (auto-hunting), so wie ich das verstehe, ist dies wie das Angeln bei dem aktuellen Event, nur das die Durchschnittsspieler hier die Rolle der Fische haben.
  25. the answer is here: So it's not only a PvP zone, they also made you AFK farm-able for whales! And yes ,I guess I am alos going to pass.