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  1. subjugator's bracelet

    can i transfer it to another toon on the same account? or seal it then transfer? thanks.
  2. cuz you are too whale, and kill the dragon in 15 sec. NC cannot let you kill the dragon 15 times with your 15 toons in 1 time slot.
  3. Fusion Stones

    I see ppl with +10 weapons. Obviously their fusion stones are not farmed from Nakyra. Thanks. I was told They are farmed from BG, but not sure how. thanks.
  4. 70% of the whales are now quitting

    i hope all whales quit, lol
  5. Did they secretly nerf merchant spawn?

    someone just offered me 90 silver per for the 400 sacred orbs I bought from merchant of scam for 1g each... can i get a refund? merchant of scam wins again!
  6. Fashion aficionado: get all the pretty dresses although all over two years old Farmers and FTP: busy salvaging to make 9g a pet. Chickens: ask around, look around, then jump into the action. Pvper: biggest winner. Returning players: some come back permanently. Others come to sell soul stone and buy dresses, but it is a great incentive to come back either now or later. Me: i go on with my daily stuff. buying pets for 9g and soul stone for 5g, leveling all up all my toons. when i have time, i buy low sell high soul stones to finance the upgrade. After i finish my dailies, i auto fish, then come to forum to poke fun. Genuine honest players with purest hearts: become corrupted by gold and revealing dresses, and devolve into chickens. Hypocrites: Initially do not go to bamboo village, but farming soul stones like mad, making good money, then come to forum to trash talk. After reading all the posts, start to raid bamboo village npc like no tomorrow in order to make up lost time. Noobs and dummies: Initially do not know how to participate. They come to forum to read GM sunshine's detailed event guide. In order to ensure everyone gets to participate, the special event is now week long. NC west employees: busy writing resumes, lol. probably covering up the latest employer info.
  7. I have 40,000 XP Charms

    I am not kidding. NC dev please do something to improve the quality of life. If i click 40,000 times my fingers will fall off.
  8. Best 2020 Cosmetic Event. Thank you very much.

    keep it up and those japanese girls will return too. Sum 3rd spec will help.
  9. Did they secretly nerf merchant spawn?

    dude, sacred orb priced dropped from 3 to 1 gold. What nerfing? I bought 400 orbs from the merchant of scam, but now i cannot sell them in F5. Because if i sell in F5, i will lose 10%.
  10. For the 1st Time in a long time, 99% of the BNS gaming community is happy! Economy is booming, concurrent user number at 3 year high, gamer moral sky high, old players are returning in droves, time staying online doubled, F9 is functioning again (somewhat), pvp arena packed to the gill. From whales to shrimps everyone is smiling, celebrating, and patting each other's back, and I even heard K Sensei (not a real player name) who quitted game and stop making youtube guides was spotted in Bamboo village peddling pets. I just want congrat NC West for its biggest success in five years. This should be a recurring event before every quarterly earning report, so you can show your investors that BNS is the biggest mmorpg.
  11. In light of recent events - solution discussion

    fire all nc west employees to ensure it does not happen again. then pretend nothing happened in game. we are customers, customers are gods, lmao
  12. Maybe We are all wrong ,NC may mean to do this

    Great event, me like, thumbs up !
  13. Soulstone Prices

    5 is cheap. i sold mine @ 6g each ! It is gonna be 10 tomorrow. Just like bitcoins !
  14. Soulstone Prices

    someone did not get the memo, wink wink
  15. Goodbye Blade and Soul

    Only if you had enough love for giant oily gon legs, and cute lyn feet pic, like the rest of us, you would have stayed lol