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  1. My warden always gets knocked back by Hexi Lexi's shadow attack, what do I do? I can use Q, but it will leave team mates vulnerable. If I block, I cannot dps. thanks.
  2. how do i transmute stella stones to prized stella stones? In transmute mode, I used both yellow and orange stones, neither works.
  3. It seems everyone in 6v6 can do perma-iframe except me? why is that? i have a gunner and a warden. My gunner only has a 5 sec ifram, and warden has 0 iframe but meaty. thanks.
  4. I got some etching stones from trove, and i still have not used them. Someone told me there is a bug, or something wrong with these etching stones, and i should wait before using them. Is it true? thanks.
  5. thanks. First ten game per day, or per season, or per week?
  6. I only earned a grand total 70 points for a 3 win streak. How on earth is this score calculated? most nights I get 70+ points for 1 win, some nights, i get almost nothing regardless how many kills i got. The only pattern i can see is that in nights I get 70+ points for every win, i would always get a lot of points for wins. And in nights like tonight, i can keep pile up wins and get nothing.
  7. 1. why is it sometimes i get 70+ points for a 6v6 win and sometimes only 20 points? 2. does ap matter in 6v6, do i need to wear diamond? thanks
  8. That was one of the best event. although not by design.
  9. or NC, you can teach everyone how to use it. I would prefer that.
  10. are these hearts/soul upgradable? thanks
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