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  1. Easy mode. Really?

    didnt ncw say there was a bug, and they will lower the difficulty? i may be wrong.
  2. The game is a load of garbage

    We are still getting content updates only because chinese are still paying for this game, otherwise BnS would have gone out of biz a long time ago. NA/EU BnS server is probably contributing less than 1% of total NC revenue. NCW really should chew on that. If i am the Korean NC boss, i would have fired all NCW staffs a long time ago. It is a miracle that BNS staffs still have jobs.
  3. Ideas to improve game

    The only way to save NCW is to hire me as your CEO, and I promise that I will fire all the incompetents immediately, which is like half of the company.
  4. The game is a load of garbage

    NCW has no freaking clue how to manage and run a game. Time to sell itself to 10 cent. 10 cent will make us swipe, but at least it is professional, and actually understands the game.
  5. I will get an infraction point for saying this...

    Wut are you talking about???
  6. I will get an infraction point for saying this...

    Have you ever salvaged an octa (that takes 50 powders to put together) for 8 powders? what was the last time you even got an octa (besides trove)? come on.
  7. I will get an infraction point for saying this...

    If you wonder how should price behave where is no supply? i have a perfect example. A few days ago, i found 100 completely useless return to jade stone charm, and i sold them 1.5g each in F5. These were like 1 silver before, and price skyrocketed because the supply is cut off. As you know, these return charms are completely useless and no demand. So you can imagine how much gem powder should be worth when there is truly no supply, but only massive demand.
  8. Are GMs selling Gem Powder for real money? Hear me out: 1. There is close to ZERO SUPPLY of gem powder, but MASSIVE MASSIVE demand for it, yet it is only 15g each in F5. Where on earth do these gem powders come from? 2. Please do not tell me trove as a supply source. Every time gem powder/frag shows up in trove, it is inevitablly accompanied with much more valuable items, most likely Gems. Just ask yourself, have you ever bought any gem powder/frag from trove? 3. The only other source is to trade 25 solar energy for 1 powder. To get 1 top tier gem, you will need close to 120+ gem frags, that is 4000 solar energies, or 3 years of farming. Personally i never used any of my solar energy except for badges. Yet, there is ample supply of gem powder in F5. Where on earth do they come from? Lineage 2 GM has a long history of selling adena for real money and pocketing it (for those who do not know, every mob in lineage 2 drops like 25 adena, but every weapon cost 200 billion adena. You literarily have to kill 10 billion mobs for get enough adena to buy a weapon, unless you buy from GM. GM put farmers out of business because farmers could not kill 10 billion mobs). That was why L2 died. Seems that those GM moved to BNS.
  9. 1. stage 7 shadowforge breakthrough offer is moon hunter weapon. However, moon refuge npc only sell "murk drake" weapon, and does not sell moon hunter. Are they the same? 2. does any npc sell rukesh weapon? or is it a farm only? will it drop more frequently from hard mode? i ran like 20x (17x easy, 3x hard), 0 drop. thanks.
  10. rancor and ferocity?
  11. which one is better? the concensus is prophecy... i guess the only target audiance for thronebreaker neck is lazy alts who do not want to farm prophecy?
  12. BnS is taking 50gb space on my SSD

    yeah. i kind of figured. the only solution is to buy a bigger ssd.
  13. does archer update give...

    lv 60 tix and character slot expansion?
  14. Is it really necessary? what can i delete to shrink the size of this game? out of the 50gb, 37gb is located in the "cookedpc" folder. thx.
  15. to upgrade an undefined TT ring, there are two choices, make a blue crux (salvage max lvl BT ring) or pay for the upgrade cost. It seems it cost less to make a blue crux. you thought?