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  1. Also, I guess gunner can counter, and also have passive block? Does parry have anything to do with gunner, warden, sum, or astro?
  2. i don't have p2w for eng game stuffs. but now ppl cannot upgrade the most basic heart.
  3. it would cost 80 scales just to upgrade to resolute heart. It is like 200k gold. And resolute heart is complete garbage anyway. NC, change it back to oil now, increase drop rate, or put scales in F10
  4. I am looking at the wheel now. It is beyond PATHETIC, populated with all kinds of worthless CRAPS. There is absolutely nothing to look forward to besides that blue ore box. NCW, where are all the pet pods, vial, pets, and fusion stones? WT.
  5. the game client keeps crushing after today's maintainance, and i cannot log on at all. error code 4046. anyone else have this problem?
  6. I remember NC published a spreadsheet of updated break skill for every class but i cannot find it any more. Can anyone provide it? thanks.
  7. I am not complaining. I will just use them to make a large number of xp charms. but it hurts the economy over all. similar to the jade village custom event.
  8. NCW, are you serious? or are you trying to f... those who are selling at 40g each right now?
  9. Any one has an updated Unity guide? everything on google finishes at unity point 2940. I just hit 3k ( i know it is not high), and don't know what to do next. thanks.
  10. After UE4, I moved back to legacy badge from paragon because 2 extra sec of bullet storm gave more dps. Any other soul badge offers 2 second bullet storm ( + any other benefit) ? thanks.
  11. will it complete IA and serpent side quests?
  12. 1. If i use a lvl 60 ticket, will the character finish IA and serpent side quests? as well as main story line? 2. Can I boost a lvl 30 warehouse character to lvl 60 with this ticket? thanks.
  13. Just returned to game. Do i have to do it 4x on the same toon or can i do it 4x on 4 different toons in one day? thanks.
  14. My earth sum has undying and wildborn badge, but 3rd spec requires an Exhilaration badge. Can i swap my old badge into Exhilaration badge? Thanks. In the "manage equipment" tab, i can swap my old badges to a bunch of other useless badges, but not Exhilaration badge.
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