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  1. Do i have to stand at a specific location when i use rez charms in these two dungeons? thanks. anything else need to beware of? thanks.
  2. also, i bet revenue from this trove is probably half of previous troves for 2 reasons: 1. nc were selling keys for HM coins instead of NC coins. I found that decision interesting. 2. gold is totally worthless now, so no one would sell keys for gold. Those who were selling were asking for rediculous amount of gold. I do not blame them. Cuz gold is so worthless and sinking fast everyday, i do not want to sell keys at any gold price. I found those FTP players and NC management laughable. Don't get me wrong. I completely support the decision to restore previous gold drop rat
  3. This trove is a total scam. Can we get a refund? Even G M broadcasted in game that trove rate was total garbage (screenshot attached), nc had to improve the odds. Things were so bad, it was broadcast in both english and spanish, lmao. Can we all get a refund or additional key compensation?
  4. anyone got a commission table for F5 fees? thanks.
  5. so i give a box to my alt, and my alt hand it back... what happens next? both of my toons get a huge reward next wed? I am going to reserve my comment about this event...
  6. korea has a vote kick button, russia has a kick botton, china has a kick botton, and it has been proven that people do not abuse the “kick” function. please let NA kick afkers.
  7. i made an light warden, and i am pretty new to pvp. What skills do i choose in those 3 skill columns for pvp? thanks.
  8. i made an light warden, and i am pretty new to pvp. What skills do i choose in those 3 skill columns for pvp? thanks.
  9. can i transfer it to another toon on the same account? or seal it then transfer? thanks.
  10. cuz you are too whale, and kill the dragon in 15 sec. NC cannot let you kill the dragon 15 times with your 15 toons in 1 time slot.
  11. I see ppl with +10 weapons. Obviously their fusion stones are not farmed from Nakyra. Thanks. I was told They are farmed from BG, but not sure how. thanks.
  12. someone just offered me 90 silver per for the 400 sacred orbs I bought from merchant of scam for 1g each... can i get a refund? merchant of scam wins again!
  13. Fashion aficionado: get all the pretty dresses although all over two years old Farmers and FTP: busy salvaging to make 9g a pet. Chickens: ask around, look around, then jump into the action. Pvper: biggest winner. Returning players: some come back permanently. Others come to sell soul stone and buy dresses, but it is a great incentive to come back either now or later. Me: i go on with my daily stuff. buying pets for 9g and soul stone for 5g, leveling all up all my toons. when i have time, i buy low sell high soul stones to financ
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