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  1. my fire gunner needs a legacy badge. legacy badge is made of primal force and transcendence badges. I am too lazy to farm 15k peaches for transcendence badges. Is there any other way to make another legendary badge, and swap at mushin?
  2. Are all Legendary Mystic Badges Exchangable?

    even different for different class? like melee badge and range badge?
  3. Are all Legendary Mystic Badges Exchangable now? thx
  4. Ice Warden (guardian) skill enhancement

    I used hm secrete technique books, so in "U", my skills are enhanced. But where do i go to "claim the points"?
  5. Ice Warden (guardian) skill enhancement

    Sorry, i am a dummy, what do you mean by 15 points? how do i get that 15 points? where do i see it? thx
  6. New class Archer. LOOKS GOOD! :O

    now all we need is lancer to start the holy grail war.
  7. Ice Warden (guardian) skill enhancement

    any other skill? do you know what book should i buy? thanks
  8. For ice warden, what skills do i need to enhance with hm secrete technique books and pallets and etc? thx
  9. Fury Token and badge exchange

    I figured it out.
  10. Hongmoon pallet, chilling flame elixir & etc

    thank you very much. So instead of unlocking skills, these old items help to enhance skills?
  11. Hongmoon pallet, chilling flame elixir & etc

    how do i do that? i do not see any talent point... does it have anything to do with hm pallet and chilling flame elixir?
  12. Hongmoon pallet, chilling flame elixir & etc

    I am still confused..... do you mean HM points in P? what does it have to do with chilling flame and hm pallets?
  13. Fury Token and badge exchange

    I saw Fury token price tanked in F5, so i asked around why. someone said we can now exchange badge now, how do I do that? thx
  14. I made a new Warden with the lvl 60 ticket. Do i need to unlock any skill with the old HM pallet, chilling flame elixir, and etc... ? thanks.
  15. Yehoran's glove

    i got the drop. thanks