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  1. If i use 2 same psyches, are results stackable, or will one replace another? thanks.
  2. wheel of fate items lists

    stop wasting your life on that wheel. time to move on!
  3. REMOVE the cost of mailing gems

    Gold is not the issue. My main wears expensive gems, and all my alts are rocking w. TB3 and Mushin octas, lmao, which is not too bad because i seen lots of TB with no gem at all, lol. However, gold is only the secondary reason i do not transfer gems. The main reason is because i do not want to waste 5 minutes to get through 3 loading screens. Guess what, when you need to transfer back, 5 more minutes and 3 more loading screens.
  4. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    You crybabies have no idea how economies works. NC has 2 choices: 1. let gold depreciate at the current pace and become worthless. 2. Gold nerf, and increase the value of in game currency. Choice 1 is simply infeasible, as you seen in zibabuwee and venezula, when the currency becomes worthless, the economy simply stops functioning. No one will spend real money because everything in game is worthless. Lets use trove key as an example, and take a look the following 3 scenarios based on 1 trove key = 49 NC coins: scenario 1: at the 3:1 pre-gold-nerf ratio , nc will have to give out items worth at least 150g to entice ppl to trove. scenario 2: if the gold ratio becomes 1:1 after the gold nerf, nc will only have to give out 50g worth of items. scenario 3: if the gold ratio depreciates to 10:1, NC will have to give out PTS Oil for every key, otherwise NO ONE WOULD TROVE ! If nC gives out oil for every key, people swipe will have hundreds of oil, and FTP people will have nothing. This game will become completely unplayable. Overwhelming majority of ppl complaining about gold nerf are FTP players, and you guys have no idea what you are asking for. If nc really let gold depreciate, I will crush you with my AMEX, lol. Do you get it? at the most exteme scearnio, every dollar I spend will become 10000000 gold, and will take you millions of hours to farm. sigh.... why am i even explaining this to you...most of you will probably never get it. If it makes you guys happy, i am all for depreicating gold.
  5. over 5000 keys 0 penta gems

    What a cry baby. For every 300 keys you trove, you get a TRADABLE psyche worth 10k, plus a bunch of freebies, which almost paid for keys all by themselves, and you still want penta. Talking about fake news.
  6. Naryu coins should be faster to get

    yeah, it is kind of silly. 1. these crystals are meant to help noobies, yet they are bottled necked at this silly item. Just remove it. 2. dear newbies, unless you are crafting premium transformation stone, please do not craft these transformation crystals because they are way more expensive to craft than regular transformation stones。
  7. well, you know this is coming. Just like zimbabuwee and venezuela, NC cannot afford to devalue its currency to oblivian, otherwise no one will trove or spend money, so gold supply has to be cut, just a matter of when. If you still do not get the economics, read my post on 06/14. Jonjon is wrong: whales have no gold, whales buy gold. Farmers have gold. Whales and farmers are two completely different concepts. Yes, the biggest winner of this gold nerf is farmers.
  8. The Carry Function

    Dude, although i am for your idea of a carry system, you got the essence completely worng: “carried” do not just get fewer items, they gotta pay good money to the "carriers"! Otherwise everyone will be standing at the door. If there is no negative incentive to "carried", I will watch tv all day, wait at the entrance, and let other people carry me, and collect whatever minimum i can earn, and get my 100 runs.
  9. Mismanagement

    i forgot to mention that the biggest benefiary of the early annoucement is: FARMERS, the parasite of the game.
  10. Mismanagement

    NC management team, read and learn! ===================================== So, gold supply will be nerfed next week. I am fine with it. However, the announcement came way too early. Instead of announcing it 24 hrs before the reset like what NC has done in the past, it was announced a whole week too early. Because of the early announcement, it gave smart people (mostly whales and hard cores) like me a chance to game the system: I sold all my mats and took all my gold listings off F9. I amassed about 60k gold in the past 72 hours, and the value of my gold will be more than doubled next week. It is a serious mismanagement on part of NC West, and it transfers wealth from noobs to smart people like me. You may wonder if i am a major beneficiary of NC's mismanagement, why am i here to complain? Because uneven/unfair distribution of wealth hurts me since i will be bidding items against fellow whales/smart people, and discourages new players to come. I rather prefer a fair and balanced economic system. This utter mismanagent is defnitely due to the uncontrolled outflow of NC human resources. Good people left NC, clueless people stayed.
  11. Did NC ban WTFast?

    A few days during raid, eveyrone on WTFast was suddenly dc. After that, I simply cannot connec to the game if i use wtfast. Is wtfast banned?
  12. BnS TV

    can you share the link on twitch? thx. I just watched the video on youtube. but the entire twitch channel is gone.
  13. BnS TV

    Did NC West delete its official channel from twitch?
  14. Cute BnS Game

  15. Cute BnS Game

    a while ago i saw a trailer of a cute bns 3d game, may be it was a mobile strategy game, i wonder what is the progress of that? i have 0 interest in a mobile game similar to pc bns. mobile lineage was also a disaster, imo.