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  1. The patch really screwed up the game and the low lvl gear and weapons are no match in trying to lvl up in any sense of the word. Circle of sundering is really messed up for my characters; hard to get in, Yonkai; I can't see the Bomb anymore, and if any of my characters make it to Master Hong .... he is totally invulnerable to any attack; they can't even inflict paper cut damage to him. Sanctum of Masters every time a Boss shows up my character takes an automatic 3/4 to 9/10th health hit .... how the heck are you suppose to survive. Not to mention the auto track/ fire and forget firebal
  2. Talk to who .... "SUPPORT" ? according to them they can't do anything because they aren't allowed to; all they say is go to Forum. My opinion of the Forum as for use by the DEVs and Corporation that runs BnS is that all it is for is FILE 13. FILE 13 basically you gather all issues, problems , suggestions into 1 place then forget about them so the Powers that Be never have to deal with them. I truly want to know has any issue that the people who play BnS has ever been dealt with by the Devs or the Corporation to anyones' satisfaction? Have they ever responded at all with anything real? This
  3. they just want to drive everyone away and they are going to. they jump up the price and make it almost impossible to advance unless you're rich and they destroy the dungeons we were using to play their games. The accessories that were available in AD and SUB will most likely be "DEAD ENDED" (meaning if they could be evolved to stage 10 and better they won't be anymore; That has always been their practice when they upgrade the game.
  4. I picked the Soul Fighter out of every other Class because I like Healers .... the summoner aside. Over the course of years playing my SF and testing the different specs to see which is a more vialble type .... I have constantly been struggling to get my DPS up to a respectable and stable level. I have shifted talents and skill points to see which would be more stable. Currently I'm testing the 3rd spec out and I'm at a loss of how I'm doing worse .... I upgrade my gear as I can ... I finally after what seemed an eternity made it to 60th HM 24 but still my DPS is erratic and has dropped.
  5. Truly I am not that impressed with the 3rd spec at all in either PvE or PvP
  6. I went to the Admirals' Ship but was blocked from entering with the red enterance screen.
  7. As per always support on any issue tells me I have to use the forum .... so here goes. I have a character named Nilsa Rhu, who is a Warden and can not proceed in her quest because the for some reason my character can not talk to the NPC she needs to to continue. This is the info I gave Support to help me: Act VII: Shattered Empire / just completed Chapter XI: the Grand Enchantress ( which ends with Nilsa Rhu beating Sohas' Father, Getting beat by Zulia and having Jinsoyun soul taken.) / the next chapter Chapter XII: Soul Searching ( is where Nilsa is suppose to talk with Bunyang about
  8. It's not down the drain ... it's in their pockets where they want it to be
  9. I don't mind the number of spins we get ... what i do mind is how blatantly the spins appear to be how shall we say .... rigged.
  10. I gave up on FM and deleted her as she became pretty much useless.
  11. Yes the West killed or is more in the process of killing BnS .... I honestly wonder why the Koreans who originally developed the game is letting it die at the hands of NCSOFT and not kicking them in thier corporate butts to make Blade and Soul work.
  12. Since playing Blade and Soul since it came to NA and being in pretty much all of its' Events I can Honestly rate this Event as "The WORST ONE EVER" . congratualtions on sinking to a new low
  13. over 10 1/2 hour and still they can't make it work ..... so don't count on them to get it up and actually running
  14. i don't know who writes their story line but they should stop the drugs ... go into re-hab and then learn how to write a believeable story line .... Point Crickett can use that nice teleport circle to go anywhere ... yet the Kids just had to die because they couldn't get to safety .... well gee .... all Cricket had to do was use the circle to leave and go home .... but nope gotta kill the kids.
  15. i've been on since it came on line in north america .... Bottom Line NCwest/Ncsoft are Greedy and as long as people show up to play and give them money .... they don't give a damn. Their so called support is a joke beyond any thing i have ever seen ....
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