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  1. It's not down the drain ... it's in their pockets where they want it to be
  2. I don't mind the number of spins we get ... what i do mind is how blatantly the spins appear to be how shall we say .... rigged.
  3. I gave up on FM and deleted her as she became pretty much useless.
  4. Yes the West killed or is more in the process of killing BnS .... I honestly wonder why the Koreans who originally developed the game is letting it die at the hands of NCSOFT and not kicking them in thier corporate butts to make Blade and Soul work.
  5. Since playing Blade and Soul since it came to NA and being in pretty much all of its' Events I can Honestly rate this Event as "The WORST ONE EVER" . congratualtions on sinking to a new low
  6. over 10 1/2 hour and still they can't make it work ..... so don't count on them to get it up and actually running
  7. i don't know who writes their story line but they should stop the drugs ... go into re-hab and then learn how to write a believeable story line .... Point Crickett can use that nice teleport circle to go anywhere ... yet the Kids just had to die because they couldn't get to safety .... well gee .... all Cricket had to do was use the circle to leave and go home .... but nope gotta kill the kids.
  8. i've been on since it came on line in north america .... Bottom Line NCwest/Ncsoft are Greedy and as long as people show up to play and give them money .... they don't give a damn. Their so called support is a joke beyond any thing i have ever seen ....
  9. it's simple .... The people are running the troves like a Carnival with their events and troves rigged to make them the most money and the players loose well over 90% .... it's the seduction of being maybe i can get one if i go once more ..... Bottom line they are the Carney Hucksters with promises of possibility and the players are the "RUBES" playing a trove that is rigged against you.
  10. Dear Devs and the People who make the decisions of what goes on in the game... I have quite a few issues i have brought to Support and been basically ignored and told to bring up in Forum. Okies i will bring up one issue ..... When you stream lined the game to get basically to start at 60th level you basically made practically ever piece of treasure from 1st lvl -55th lvl useless save for collecting copper pieces. You dead ended Destiny ring, Immortality Earring, Oath Necklace, and the Eternity Belt; plus you eradicated the existence of the Bracelet that went with this set. It is for all
  11. The event suxs ... nothing good to say about it
  12. It is abundantly clear that you are only out to make money at the expense of the people who play Blade and Soul. You do it thru your Events, expansions, nerfing items,dungeons, upgrades,Store... etc..ect..etc . So here's what you should do since money is your GOD; just offer for the NCSoft version of a amazing deal ... for 1000 dollars you can get the maxed out character class of your choice and skip all the crap you are pulling. You'll make your money ... grab it and run; players can do the final scene whenever you decide to do ... Then everyone can move on . you to your next pro
  13. Of course they hate F2P because bottom line you don't make them money and that's all they want
  14. You can name all the troubles and problems the games have BOTTOM LINE ... NCSoft is just in it for the quick buck .... they don't give a damn about us... our thoughts... our concerns...our suggestions. They just want money ... fast. Well NCSoft here is a suggestion .... just skip all this stuff .... just offer for 1000 dollars for a fully maxed out character (gear,weapons, gems ..ect) do the final fight sequence .... grab your money and let players that actually wanted to play a good fantasy MMORPG a chance to go and find one .... because as of now you aren't it.
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