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  1. Im not sure if you are aware but the 2nd season of Soul Boost that nc delayed for a month is starting 2 weeks later, if you are going to share new info or new bug fixes will be applied next week, that means people will have only 1 week left to complete it. Please, for the love of god, do NOT delay 2nd season of Soul Boost for the 2nd time.
  2. For weapon, did you remove amulets too? You need to remove both gems and amulets to augment/evolve/lvl weapon. For transforming to Dire Wolf, it has a cool down of 1 minute, so are you not able to turn into one even after 1 minute passes after transforming to it once, or are you trying to transform into it again before 1 minute passes? I dont know about other classes so no comment on them.
  3. @Green Storm this bug exists since mid February, over 4 months passed, and its still not fixed, any update with it?
  4. It is extremely weird and detached to suggest one time only first time clear rewards as a solution to how to farm something, not once but twice. You also told us that sterling scales can be get from stage 19 first time clear reward when thread was about they cant be farmed. Addition to rewards being one time only, are you also even aware how many characters so far managed to clear up to what floor among the floors you mentioned? Are you aware how much time or irl money required to be spent to get enough gear to clear each of these floors?
  5. Does this include the reward for clearing stage 8 for the first time, or does that still give random weapon?
  6. This is what makes 0 sense to me too, if they weren't caring about the game or they were lazy, they wouldn't go out of their way to remove stuff, because even nerfing some rewards by only changing numbers takes slightly more effort than just copy pasting the patches KR got. Someone intentionally making changes to the patches to make them worse and spend time on it, and i cant think of any reason for them to do it, why would someone intentionally put effort into changing patches to make it worse instead of just copy paste them which would take less effort for them? It makes no sense. Player amo
  7. I explained this in my post in this thread, but gold issue isn't fixed, the "solution" provided to us does not give us the gold we need, it gives far less, I hope by saying that "we started by addressing the gold income issue" you and the team are not thinking that this issue is fixed and moving on to work on new problems. Again i explained this in same post, but in the case of your way of "addressing the gold income issue" a solution wasn't designed, instead of designing it, something already designed and implemented in KR got copy pasted to us, only change done to it wa
  8. In case anyone curious about the math but unable to make calculations, the case for doing floor 20 with no mech damage: In floor 20 boss has 910 billion hp Boss enrage timer is 10min 30sec, which is 630 seconds 910 billion hp divided by 630 seconds, equals to 1444 million dps A party can have max 4 players On average each party member should keep 361 million dps at the end of the fight
  9. https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en-us/news/article/7160/soul-resurgence-patch-notes January 18, 2022 PATCH NOTES Soul Resurgence is Now Live! Skills Full details will be available later. https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en-us/news/article/7552/unchained-chaos-patch-notes March 11, 2022 PATCH NOTES Unchained Chaos: Patch Notes Item updates Insignia This information is coming soon. https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en-us/news/article/8042/new-empires-patch-notes May 10, 2022 PATCH NOTE
  10. I do not and cannot understand why and how several problems exist in our region: 1) Game design for EU/NA servers This was explained in a video i cant find, but video games are made from a cycle of "challenge" and "reward". You do something challenging, you get rewarded for it, and you feel good. In the case of BnS this cycle goes as: you grind dungeons or pvp(in the past) or dailies, you get rewarded gold and material, you use these rewards to upgrade your items, and unlock new dungeon in the old system/higher floors in new system and this feels good.
  11. Hello Green Storm, Until last update starling scales, which was needed to upgrade hearths, were able to be farmed from aerodrome and substratum in floor 41 and above with around 1% chance, requiring thousands of runs just to make a single upgrade, which was already seriously awful and preventing pretty much everyone from upgrading their hearths. In last update both of these methods got removed and no other way to farm them is added to the game, other than the rng loot boxes in hongmoon store, is it intentional that hearth upgrades are forced to be only done by spending
  12. If NC says it will take 10 hours but open servers early less people would be annoyed. Yesterday when we saw that todays maintenance will take only 5.5 hours, despite today we will have an update, all of us knew it was gonna get delayed, and it did, twice. What is frustrating the most for me is how much self-awareness NC is lacking, are they not aware that every maintenance gets delayed every single week, and its especially worse when there is an update? It seems they are not and considering for how long this has been going on it feels like they will never notice it.
  13. Based on how they added loot box like gold boxes to f10, similar gold boxes to premium part of the master pass, gold to premium part of the battle pass, I think yes, they heard. But it seems they either heard us wrong, or took our feedback as a business advice for how to make better profit. But hey, lets not jump to conclusions, lets hope that they are going to give us a Kaebi Village with proper gold rewards, after all, the low gold income issue was first brought on Feb 12, and they are going to give us Kaebi on 11th May, meaning it took them 3 months to bring this change, so they
  14. Saw that the kill counter increases when I did the floors I mentioned, this is how I know it, its just that the description is missing.
  15. That achievement is for killing them 50 times each in floors above 50 (not sure if 50 included).
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