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  1. 3 has been confirmed to be intentional for whatever reason.
  2. Critical Damage is still important, though its importance does decline in the end game.
  3. I'm sorry, but that seems like the worst design possible. Why are those that did the story in advance getting punished effectively, even if it is very slight? You're basically telling players that did something when it launched they have to wait a week before they can progress Soul Boost to Stage 2, but new players or those that didn't do it can do the same in two days.
  4. It does seem like a few bugs slipped though the cracks though. Five of the objectives in the attached screenshot do not mark themselves as complete if you did them BEFORE Soul Boost Season 2 launched...but you can't do them again because they're story quests. https://imgur.com/aG8wGVd
  5. To be fair, Season 1 wasn't bugged initially either...though parts of it were poorly translated. Missing items is true, but it was never bugged, that's how KR intended it to be for us because they forgot we don't have the 'awakened' stages of some items anymore. KR just skips from Stage 5 of a thing to the 'True' stage. The bugs came later when they not only reverted the change to make it so we could actually complete it, but also making it impossible to complete since almost no one could do 7 Daily Challenges.
  6. No it's not. I just did it 30 minutes ago no problem.
  7. The thing is, even with all of our input there are many that feel that since you're not playing the game (or at least seems like it) it can be difficult to grasp the issues at hand. Yet as a very busy person myself, I do get that there more then likely isn't enough time for you to sit down and play Blade and Soul as a 'normal player'. Even a full run though all dungeons in Cross Server/F8 can take a couple hours if the party is inexperienced or not well geared. I think that's part of why some players hope you'll start doing update streams again like Hime used to...they want to see
  8. News posts about the Battle Pass and the new dungeon are up, but where's the info on Soul Boost Season 2? Surely that should be made available ASAP...
  9. Thinking about it, I'm not even sure why they bothered to update the True Skystealer Ring. As far as I am aware, no one in Yura (NA) owns one, and only a single one exists in Jinsoyun (EU). And from what I've heard in other communities, only one or two exist on the KR server. Does the rarest item in the game really need an adjustment like this?
  10. This feels machine translated. Best I can parse is they're upset at the drop rate, a common complaint...but not one likely to be resolved any time soon.
  11. They can't delete things like that, it would break the game for those that own those things and possibly make it impossible to get replacements. Plus many old soul shields have achievements for equipping all eight pieces. People already get mad when they disable an achievement or two, imagine how upset they'll get if dozens are removed without cause.
  12. I literally linked a thread made by Green Storm with the info you asked for. That is the news, that next season will be better. As for the specifics of the season itself, I suspect we'll get a news page soon with the details of what we can get. We don't want them making last minute changes to the game anyways to fix the issues with this current season because we've already seen it breaks more then it fixes. The rewards should be similar anyways so missing what's left of Season One isn't a big deal. If you're ignoring the info from others because they're not Green Storm directly lin
  13. Indeed. While I was among the doubters and perhaps slightly rude initially it is clear that there is now solid dedication to listening to the players and making reasonable changes over time. I imagine not everything we suggest can or will make it, but if even 20% of what we suggest overall gets a response we're well on the way to seeing a much better game. Speaking changes, I am of a mixed opinion on the costs for Skystealer stuff, but from what I'm seeing in various Discord communities is that at the higher end it is likely cheaper overall then facing the RNG for reaching +20.
  14. Without modifications to gear progression newer players would not stand a chance of catching up, but what exactly do you have a problem with? This thread outlined several changes, are you upset at all of them?
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