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  1. What site did you use to host the image tho?
  2. I have 2x lyn sin and I'm very happy, I don't see why Yuns should have it, they look too delicated and fragile, even Gons would be better suit for this petition. Also between jin sin and lyn sin, lyn sin forever!
  3. No one needs this, no thank you, instead fix blade dancer 😘
  4. Will not discourage you if I say first days of patch I had two rows in my inventory of rings and earrings, none for my class ofc.
  5. 7/7 is impossible, you have to do dragon and pvp which unreliable for 99% of popuplation. Thanks for those 4750 points they added are the same as 21 days of 7 daily quest +50 extra points for level 1 CSC, at least according to my math. TL;DR if you want to do soulboost for the days they're left, you can do whole train of dungeons, ignore how much daily challenge you have, and do 21 eva, mao and hong, that should save you, god bless ncwest for such awesome game, don't you think?
  6. here not counting as well but easily 5000 to 10.000 runs done since dungeon came out. Piece #7 is still not good, and almost never drops (maybe once every 15 days?) on stage5 which is what people play, sadly. On the other hand was extremely lucky with my #8 and after it dropped couple of times I got it perfect, but could be now saying im still missing #8 too due to this really bad rng system. Stats couldn't be rolled on shields? We asked for this decades now
  7. Current Soulboost offers 5x Snowspire Weapon Evolution Stone, menatime 6 of them are needed to go Silversteel Weapon Stage3 to Silversteel Weapon Stage 9, when SoulBoost was introduced there was 6 of this stones, now only 5 because mostlikely with the level 33 change to garnet/obsidian something was screwed over. Guess who didn't care at all and who pays for the error, the playerbase as usual. Congratulations again.
  8. ring and earring was relatively fine for me, however gloves took around 30 trys to get the stat I wanted and necklace 20 or so, I wouldn't call this a good system regardless if I was lucky or not, because anyway can be the non-lucky person one day
  9. It only had to be delayed by 1 whole month and now that we are couple weeks away from its end (and already 15 days of over extension) you guys fix it. Congratulations
  10. Explain yourselves, we are paying each month for his game yet we don't know what is the direction of the same. Merchant unavailable, guildstones unavailable, what is going on? Why all this lack of transparency? Why previous post from a well known gunner was deleted? Do you guys like in here treating your customers like if they were childs to express themselves, but adults to pay? Something has to change or you will kill this industry with your attitudes.
  11. Because a bunch of groups could do it, doesn't mean for a MAJORITY of players its doable, its just unacceptable this stones drop only from 6 11 and 13, period My group tried S10 and we're also well geared, over 4200 AP here, and have someone with 4600 etc, all have good gear and we couldn't finish S10 by a bit, not to mention S11 and S13 are gonna be impossible for us, even with said stats.
  12. absolotely right no comment, will soon cancel my subscription, each step this company takes is another mistake over and over
  13. 11 and 13 are impossible to clear without this guildstone, even for the whalest of the server. We need a Hotfix addressed for this.
  14. And why none warned us? Why there are no in-game guides made in english at least from NCWest?
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