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  1. Enough is Enough

    For the 150g (now) you have to do 5 quests in ~15mins per charakter (depending on group!). People do that on as much as possible characters every week. Later you have to do 2xTT+2xET+1xIA (~15mins) +2 additional quests for the same 150g as before. Which is taking much longer overall compared to now if you want the 150g. So if you compare the effort for the current gold with the later one, it is a nerf.
  2. Thank you Gunslinger is useless in 6v6

    Warlock V heal (the 10%) in PVP is a joke and only shoot in one direction. You also need to hit the enemy which is not possible when he air you from behind (what he should do!). The warlock sanctum (pink "C") on ice dont have any damage reduction thats why a good warlock always use the green one for heal+dmg reduction in PVP no matter if he play frost or shadow. The sanctum also dont count in air combos and the buff from it disappear from so many other skills what people abuse since ever. Sanctum is a bugged **** skill NC dont want to fix/optimize.
  3. Enough is Enough

    With 2 BIG disadvantages: RNG and harder for non casher. But thats nothing new in this game... it gets worse from time to time. To be honest: I really hope they dont give us this stupid rng system and change it last second. But its NC.. we already saw a lot bad things and it seems they like it to make people angry.
  4. Enough is Enough

    It seems they also think about changing this: weekly challenge: 2 > 4 > 6 > 7 25g > 25g > 50g > 50g 10k > 10k > 10k > 30k (unity) Which is (compared to how people actually do weekly quests!) a nerf. So you have to do 7 instead of 5 quests for the same gold. But you need more time.
  5. Enough is Enough

    @Puril OR do you need more pet gems (next update)??
  6. Enough is Enough

    And if nothing changes by then, it will be RNG. Yeath. But its not like they are already far ahead. You already cant reach the same state without $$$. :( Sad.. really sad.
  7. Enough is Enough

    Because of the unfair advantage... maybe?^^ Its not only pay OR play. Many players play AND pay. Thats the difference AND the advantage here. EDIT: P2W usually also destroys the economy of a game and is unfair to the rest of the players. And B&S is the perfect example here. Unity/Gems/HM scrolls are only a few examples. And on the 22nd july patch (when the ancient system comes) i could swear the P2W gets even more "aggressive".
  8. I see that as an improvement to be honest. Lesser gear for the money = lesser P2W. :) I totally agree with this!
  9. Enough is Enough

    A very very very long "bit" :P EU and NA. Now you know it. ;)
  10. Few questions.

    To be honest: We dont really need it. :P I would want to know that too. :O Serious answer: They ignore it like they do with other things for example speedhacks or so. I mean they removed the anticheat from the game and any other protection. That alone should show you how much they care about things like that. B&S EU/NA is the only region without any protection (afaik). Even B&S RU have GM's and an anticheat and they also punish people for abusing stuff like XML editing and other things. And like you said... wintrading... boosting and other things getting ignored as long as you paid enough money. Even people who used bots in mushin tower got unbanned a day after they got "punished" for abusing this. "It seems like this company want to tell you: Do what ever you want as long as you pay enough to us" Sad but it seem so.
  11. Enough is Enoughó Rhetorical question: How much months/years you would need to reach that WITHOUT spending money? Of course only if we don't get anything new by then, which is not the case! At the rate the game is progressing and how much stuff is added, no one without money will ever reach the same gear like this guys (just an example!). "u can either farm or swipe" - That time is long gone. xD Perfect Ui... i dont think we play the same game here. Everyone have these issues with the UI and the FPS. Its nothing new. It exists since first day. The 64bit client performance is worse than the 32bit one. The "all cores" things is useless because the game already use the maximum number of cores it can & want to use. The BEST would be if they would optimize the damage calculations of all this "xxx% more then and xxx% more then" things in group fights. This and the net code are the real performance killers. Oh and btw: These "optimizations" of players have both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is, it currently helps people. But at the same time it is also a disadvantage. These "optimizations" take away a lot of pressure from the developers, because less people complain while NC$oft continues to get money. Good for NC... bad for B&S and us. Just because a company wants to make money does not justify the Pay2win aspect. Other games do very well without P2W and get far more money than B&S.^^ This kind of moneymaking has cost B&S a LOT of players. All potential customers. So much feedback get & got ignored. This company dont deserve the potential of B&S and the community who still want to play B&S!
  12. over 5000 keys 0 penta gems

    Since the day of the first treasure trove people complain about: the -> RNG <- rates.... the content itself... the P2W factor... and many other things... It CAN'T be that worse if people still spend thousands and thousands of keys every trove. Again and again. There must be some advantage (=reason) for them spending that much into it (p2w btw^^). And they seem to be getting it, or they wouldn't be doing it. RNG is RNG. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. It was never different! ;)
  13. People on known discords already found a way to bypass the new encryption. There are already ways to apply the addons no matter what encryption they put into. And the players go further too. Much more stuff got implemented to edit the game more than before. So what NC does in KR is already useless. Just saying. So nothing changes. NOTHING. sadly... I mean for the speedhack problem there are so much WORKING solutions available.... even private servers from other games have simple but WORKING mechanics like this one: (This one can be enabled/disabled through a simple web interface xD) But you have to care about your game @Hime @NCWEST right? And you show us that you dont do it (how it seems)..... Otherwise you wouldn't ignore everything that happens. To the people who dont see it: Sure most people dont see it because this cheating "players" use it when they solo things and/or are with other peoples who dont report them... just because you dont saw it daily it doesnt mean that it doesn't exist. It exists. Same with XML edits.
  14. i read your comment before but my opinion stay the same in this case. people that time complained a lot and most of them had no clue where the issues came from. It wasn't the anticheatsystem. The patches made the game worse. My sentence was meant in general. I dont ignored your comment. I just dont understand why NC disabled the system instead of just giving us another one without leaving the game unprotected. That was the point. honestly? I could say exactly the same thing to you. I see the bigger picture and i see people do it more and more now and i wish NC would finally stop ignoring it and stop people until it comes to your said 90%. Because a LOT of people already use this kind of cheats (speedhack etc) every day. But hey.. i am just too stubborn because i dont see it like you right? (rhetorical question!) Thats why its called discussion. The big picture is: Letting a game unprotected let people cheat. Every publisher who cares about his game know that. Just NC dont care about it how it seems and the players who cheat dont stop because of that. I am just waiting for the announce that we get a new publisher in the near future. That would be a reason why they dont care at the moment.
  15. i know how they hated it. xD i saw how the same people that now are cheating complained about a program that prevented them from cheating. IF i would cheat i would also complain about a software that prevents me from cheating. imo: why not using something that worked in the past. ;) oh right.. it could prevent people from cheating. people always complain about the game performance. for me the anticheatsystem NEVER had any impact in performance. The game itself and his patches made the game more and more worse over the time. Even KR have GG and i see no one complaining about performance issues... why? because the game itself runs "good" (not perfect) for them. Most of the people edit their registery without knowing what they do.. use "tuning" tips that hurt the performance more than it helps and wonder why it gets more worse. Sure the game optimization is bad but the anticheatsystem had nearly no until no impact on it. The performance issue is just a try to hide the fact that many people were angry that they wasn't able to cheat anymore. No one at NC play the game itself so players need to take action and should show them whats wrong in this game. Thats why i made this thread. I can't understand how the publisher could care so little about this.