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  1. If i write to support trove sucks do i get hm coins ?

    I also have MANY screenshots. xD People abuse this since first trove and NCWe$t dont care. I help you to translate that: We dont care and hope you dont ask more of this questions because if you do we will tell you this: "However, please understand that privacy concerns prevent us from discussing our methods or the results of our findings. Thank you for your time and understanding." Which means: We still dont care... no matter how much you try. (The last years prove it more than enough)
  2. He dont appeared from december 12th until this patch. They brought it back. So no wonder he appears now. :) No one saw him in this time. NO one (Only Grimoir claims to have seen him, but can't/want prove it.).^^ Thats the reason why this topic was made.
  3. He dont appeared from december 12th until this patch. They brought it back. So no wonder he appears now. :) (thats the reason why this topic was made^^)
  4. NOW... when they brought it back you made a screenshot? xD really? I swear to god i made bets with others that you would do that and you haven't disappointed me. By the way, a valid screenshot would be something with the ingame shown date and time like this: (What he had was not important) Everyone knows that he is back after THIS patch. He was away and you were the only person i know who said it was still existing from december to this patch. And there is STILL no proof that he existed in that said time. So just admit you were wrong. ;)
  5. Europe server crash

    i am still ingame and did several dungeons. :)
  6. Memory Leak

    The game always had a memory leak issue. Its typical for this crap programmed client. Mine looks nearly identical .... :/
  7. Its on the PVP soulshield so i counts on PVP.......
  8. Neither in F2 nor under "P" there is no additional % of damage reduction. -.- I hope thats not intended because just -884 dmg reduction (on every hit) would be a BIG joke imo.
  9. New Event - You just don't care enough

    If they don't stop throwing tons of gold into the game like they did with HR (and they won't!), that won't change.
  10. Roses account bound?

    No. Why? its simple: No new raid.^^
  11. Where is skill update?

    I thought the same and now i am waiting for the next "misscommunication" excuse.^^ Or is it like the GREAT UE4 update they talked about in the producer letter where the most people thought it is our current client version converted to the UE4 engine: "Speaking of 4, the topic that’s been on everyone’s mind since it was announced—the Unreal Engine 4 update. Korea has announced they are launching their Frontier World at the end of February, and we can’t wait to see how players react to this new take on the Blade & Soul world." and in the end it was just a mobile game port with an unoptimized UE4 engine. xD Imo we should stop taking them serious. They dont care about balance and they dont care about other issues anymore. It seems to me that they deliberately formulate everything so that in the end you can interpret it one way or another.
  12. Disappointment in skill update patch

    Not only gunner have this bug. Many iframes are bugged (like "SS" or shields) on some classes. I dont play gunner and have the same issue on my class.
  13. Disappointment in skill update patch

    No. And not one single skill i reported which is bugged on my class ( 6 MONTHS ago already !!! ) is fixed. xD I am also very disappointed about this "skill update"... no balance changes... no important fixes... On top of that i want to say that A LOT of this called "changes" they want to make tomorrow are already implemented in our current version which make this "update" even more "stupid". xD Small example: he removed everything which is already available in our client....
  14. And now we know that there is a set bonus for 4 and 5 pieces of our CURRENT PVP set but we are not able to get it because the guys from NC dont want to say why they dont want to give us the bracelet and/or the glove... awesome work.^^ Not to mention that the "+6500 recovery" in the picture is wrong..
  15. B&S and balance . ok jokes aside... i mean... cmon.. we all know they dont care about balance. And IF this should be a try to "balance" something (which i hope this is not the case here!) they only show us again that they dont have a clue about what they are doing. There is no reason to not bring it. its the newest pvp bracelet and intended to be here for PVP and for the set bonus. And again... no sense. This new items are for a complete new set with new set bonuses. Even KR have no new bracelet for the new set afaik. So we would still have the outlaw island bracelet only. which is already very very old. And in the end we would have 2 incomplete sets how @Shekinah already said. That would make even lesser sense tbh. They already said that there is no stream and the patch notes are always incomplete. Thats why they have to talk to us about that topic. You saw this? This is OUR client btw.... So in your opinion its ok to not having the set complete? And for what are this "set effects" for 4 and 5 pieces? It is intended to get the full set. Again... we would have 2 incomplete sets which makes no sense at all. Until now we got ALL sets from KR because they are a basic part of the game. There is no sense to not bring it.