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  1. Even ONE MONTH later the german patchnotes from UE4 release still have no skill balance notes. 😂 Soon™
  2. Your ping is shown so low because it only shows the ping from you to the server. And only that way. In UE3 it showed the whole way, so also back to you + hardware delays. Your ping in B&S has not changed. Same here.
  3. Since the patch on wednesday i've had extreme FPS drops when hovering over items in inventory and the vault. This goes down to the single digits with screen freezes. In general, the interface and the animations have become much more jerky. And no there is no FTH active and no entry nothing. I changed no driver or anything. Really strange.
  4. Yeah really really slow. And the chance you get no bot/script answer is 0.000000001%. I have the same issue and the support told me "repair your client" and also gave me a guide for it... idk what to say tbh. And I just thought the game was trolling me. I always repair the client before and after an update.
  5. It seems you have already given yourself the answer.
  6. Maybe you have to pay for the publisher's answers as well now. I wouldn't be surprised to be honest.
  7. You're right. But also the vials... etherial vials are nearly "non-existent" in the game compared to the vials you need to upgrade your stuff which have an RNG upgrade mechanic in addition... (in general not @chicken)... and no i dont want to hear "buy it from F5"... in a good and healthy managed game the item should be obtainable ingame in an acceptable rate which is BY FAR not the case here. And thats not the only item where the item itself is limited and where the main source is F10... If you're not going to give us enough of it ingame (which is already bad enou
  8. This company... this logic... NCWest: also NCWest: INTENDED P2W OFFER. 🤮 It IS p2w because the 2x psyches you can get with/from the bundle (up to 10x psyches in total if you would buy all 5 bundles) are not obtainable ingame... neither of dungeons, quests, raids, events, ... nowhere! (Just for comparison) We had this 3 months ago in March '21: How times change right? @Hime
  9. @Hime Please dont do it! The last time we had the vials in the login rewars many players already abused it with a huge amount of multiaccounts. But Hioot is right with the hardmode part. The game offers way too less ways to obtain vials. I mean... you know it (or should know it) and we know it. Would be nice if this would change.
  10. It just won't do any good if you see it but don't do anything about it. I doubt that you can see it. There are way too many things I see every day in B&S that make me doubt that. Some examples? Ok. Lets start: People use speedhacks with cheatengine every day in dungeons and your tools dont take action against it... People use skills like the often reported jumpskill EVERY DAY... People (even if they get reported for multiclients) can run 10 clients daily without getting detected and punished... People manipulate global cooldowns of their skills,
  11. sorry but thats totally wrong... in my case (and i am also speaking for the people who played with me in the said time) there was 0 difference after they deleted the anticheat. People cried about the performance because they didnt knew the issues which had caused the decrease in FPS. Today we know it better. Thats a lie. Sorry but no anticheat system have that much impact on a game. Same for B&S. Now we know one of the big issues why the game runs very bad and "eats" a lot of performance (the text). I am so glad to see that you read what i wrote. (caut
  12. It IS an exploit/abuse... NCSoft tried to fix it several times in KR to prevent people from abusing it. Unfortunately, they couldn't seem to fix it 100% which is the reason why people abuse it at the moment. But back to the topic: YES. B&S needs an anticheat AND a publisher who finally care more about this topic. EU/NA are the regions which are full of cheaters compared to other regions. Speedhacks, flyhacks, jumphacks, ladder/rank manipulation, abusing multiclients for raids/dungeons... and so on... All this cheats are also abused in rankings... how
  13. 2 weeks later.. still 1 channel. (Correct me if i am wrong but i dont saw more than one channel until now.)
  14. Du hast wohl schon seit Ewigkeiten den Shop nicht mehr geöffnet oder? Denn wenn du es getan hättest, hättest du auch gesehen, dass es definitiv mehr als genug Items für Echtgeld gibt, die deine "Figur" stärken. Und das seit einer Weile schon. Du erreichst mit Echtgeld einen Gearstand, den andere Spieler (ohne Geld) nicht mehr aufholen können. Aber das wüsstest du, wenn du nicht selbst Halbwissen verbreiten würdest, ..... ... wie du es hier Anderen vorwirfst, was ich im Übrigen sehr arrogant finde. Dankbar? Für was dankbar? Diese
  15. For the 150g (now) you have to do 5 quests in ~15mins per charakter (depending on group!). People do that on as much as possible characters every week. Later you have to do 2xTT+2xET+1xIA (~15mins) +2 additional quests for the same 150g as before. Which is taking much longer overall compared to now if you want the 150g. So if you compare the effort for the current gold with the later one, it is a nerf.
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