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  1. Some would say the game is slowly dying on itself. I claim NCSoft is in a hurry and wants to speed up the process with such patches. xD
  2. Same with speedhacking. its not. Agree. I know a lot of friends quitting the game because of that in the past.
  3. An XML cheat. Right. wl is only "broken" because they use globalcooldown hacks and other game changes NCsoft are ignoring since ages. Same with gunner and some other classes that also abuse this. But who cares NC.. right? right?
  4. Hello, yesterday I was looking through the patch notes and realized that a few things in them can't be right. For example, the damage buff of the strategy cards. In my opinion the following changes are not coming on wednesday, because they are already integrated in our current client. Website say this for wednesday patch: Typo here (i guess): It should be "7200% additional attack power damage" instead of "7.2%". Thats why i made some tests. Yesterday the game showed me this: and
  5. Sure i do. If you decide to go the "mosty gone default way with default settings" by pressing LFP it is YOUR decission. You decide to start looking for party with the selected options. You dont want to use it? Then decide to not use it by deselecting it. i always use the said option on several chars and dont have long waiting times. Joining a dungeon "IN PROGRESS" and complaining about not getting dungeon relevant things is simply nonsense. If people INSIDE the dungeon would care about this they would stop DPS. And if not they dont care. And if you decide to ignore
  6. Ehm... no. Its definitely not impossible or difficult to do this. And it's no secret that some known people (and more!) abuse every single ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ in this game that is worth for them. Gaining exp over time on this way is pretty easy. Also because our "beloved" publisher dont gave us a working anticheat. Visit the area in front of the entry and see how much people and especially who is dying there. With some people, you can set the clock by when they show up dead outside, get back up and run back in. And then you also see how this people do it. Tru
  7. There is no need to "fix" it. You yourself have decided to join such groups as well. Just open your 👀
  8. They told us in the beginning of bns why they dont implement this feature after people asked for it.
  9. They didn't. Unless you consider a removed background image during the loading screen in a developer build to be "proof". And this could be done at that time without a tool, by not having the loading.pkg file. Again... in a developer build!! So no proof for that. They've never used such a tool. I always hear people saying this but no one can proof it. I saw the stream myself and there was no 3rd party tool at all.
  10. trust me bns have a lot of problems. i am far away from saying that bns is near a normal "release state" compared to other games. And the game is already many years old. Many problems were added since UE4 release which were no problem in UE3. The graphical issues alone would fill this forum side. xD Its not a total mess but far away from being free of errors. True. Lets hope you get some help on your issues. 🙂
  11. 5 to (max) 10 seconds for me. insignificant in my opinion. No joke but i had zero differences in FPS when we got the patch on wednesday. The opposite was the case. It was more stable for me and some (only some!) stutters went away. No one i know in B&S had your described problems after the patch. Not a single person. Fullscreen issues on ALT tabbing and F5 (not available): yes. But that's it. I also use the standard client and have zero problems except F5 not loading and a few seconds longer at startup. And let's be honest: the few seconds a
  12. if you had no advantage from it, then you wouldn't do it and your statement confirms that it is an advantage. 😉 CODE OF CONDUCT 9. You may not modify or copy any part of our Services (including our Games and websites). I believe that this is 100% understandable and therefore definitely not a gray area. it is forbidden. "Advantage" is everything that makes it easier for you compared to other people who dont have this also and respect/accept the rules. Many people are calling class skill edits "quality of life" but its pure cheating.
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