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  1. Performance is good since UE4. Gear Balance is much better since Behemoth Buff (3M HP and some other stats), but was implemented at the same time when rewards got removed.
  2. All the game modes are allready there, we just need some useful rewards for it. Korea for example has weekly chests for zen beans and battlepoints. There are more than enough players here who wanna play PvP, but this game is so grind heavy, that we need some good rewards for it. So please add some useful stuff like Sacred Vials, Sterling Scales, Pet Pods, Starcross Fragments or what ever.
  3. Thanks for sharing my opinion ❤️
  4. Blade and Soul has one of the greatest PvP gameplay in all MMOs, but since all rewards are cancelled, noone plays it. I really miss it to play some battlegrounds or arena, and there are many people who miss it too. It would be pretty easy to make this game mode alive. Last week, where arena was needed for Sould Boost 7 daily challenge, it was pretty alive for a short time, even tag team via random queue was avaiable. Obviously we need some good rewards for weekly and seoson rewards. It should be something account bound, which is not tradable for gold, so gold sellers d
  5. You only need to check Mao Ladders to see how unfair IA 6 weapons are. The new DPS heavy challenge mode will be even more crazy. If you wana incresae IA Weapon ores, put those 55 on Stage 7 to 9 and noone will complain. Stay to your mistake and dont punish us, please.
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