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  1. The grand opening of...

    Bns players: How do I use this item??? Item tooltip: Drops from X, used for Y that drops from Z. also Bns players: Game too hard, nerf pls. Of course they still manage to die. If reading is too hard, how do you expect them to know what an iframe is?
  2. The issue with those was not that they're separate dungeons, but that they are either buggy as hell, and keep you dancing in circles forever, even when bosses hit 1 HP, or time waste that comes from people AFKing at entrance. Another issue was that vast majority of event dungeons had a daily lockout, despite dynamic quest giving nothing but a useless food item and about 10k xp (which could easily be moved to daily quest that usually gives event currency so that lvl 2-10 characters don't abuse it ((omegaLOL)).). Why would that matter? Because every time someone leaves, dungeon is either 15% slower, or more people leave, and it's impossible to recruit the missing player, since usually normal people don't want to be trapped in event dungeon that gets completed while they're in a loading screen. Or take the banshee dungeon for example. Some people care about actually completing it, while some might not, and just afk while most waves get missed. And instead of fixing these issues (most of them rather simple to avoid, really), NC buries their heads in the sand and give random amount of DC to complete while continuously putting more difficult dungeons into the rotation, and now forcing hard modes instead of giving free choice of dungeon mode.
  3. End of the game or Just End?

    If MMOs are the opposite of what you enjoy (cooperating with people over many months to achieve common goals and progressing slowly), then why come here to whine about how it doesn't fit what you personally like in a game, instead of just playing Solitaire or Skyrim or whatever actually fits you?
  4. Cathedra Cliffs EM loot bug

    whole scale is not listed as easy mode reward, when you look into dungeon description it's not a bug, it's simply not meant to drop it
  5. Why the game isnt new player friendly

    It's literally handing out free raven (raid gear, btw, I used to actually farm for it) from storyline.
  6. Bring Back Stomach of Iron?

    all I see is "give free stats to my alts" What do you think unity rank is? and I'm not talking about stones, just the free raw stats that weren't earned on that particular character.
  7. How long does it take to reach this....

    Counting event currency is huge help. Judging from average Throne of Oblivion run, majority of the player base can't even count to 4 on their own, so doing the math on event currency is greatly appreciated.
  8. Now imagine having all of those items actually properly tradable instead of having a MMORPG that does its best to act like a single player game.
  9. Please stop buffing old content

    game makes you skip mushin 1-15 and throws you directly into 16 -> "concerned" players still whine about skipped and all but removed content becoming relevant for one event sure, do go on
  10. Dynamic quests "Fall of the Machines" from Hall of the Keeper rewards "Expired" Barrier Keeper's Treasure chest. The same way, dynamic quest in Hall of the Templar rewards equally "Expired" Templar's Treasure chest, as well.
  11. It's dumb to punish people who want to help their friends with training when they know they are not likely to clear, just because 0.01% of ultra whales might consider abusing it.
  12. Merge factions please...

    What's the point of keeping factions, when newest faction content was when SILVERFROST was *new*? It's clearly a project that was abandoned literal YEARS ago, and has been nothing but inconvenience from the perspective of forming parties ever since. Just delete it, and make clans faction-neutral.
  13. Fixing The Block List

    This! And a note with space for a few words so that I know why I blocked someone.
  14. Distortion Warlock (Soul Badge)

    Outdated since awakening (and made obsolete by 1st talent). Magnum first, then fuse with pink badge. Out of the old fused ones, colossus is best. Even better, don't play distortion.
  15. Play in Polish

    No offense to your particular version of a particular subgroup of a particular branch of Slavic languages, but I'd rather not have to download language pack for every language under the sun. German and French alone are causing enough bloating as it is.