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  1. Remember when dungeons regularly dropped things we needed? Remember when loot wasn't only a quarter of a scale on last boss only? Remember when dps didn't increase exponentially every other month? Remember when we didn't have 50 different rng procs on items? I digress. It's only ever getting worse, get used to it. They don't care. It's not a game, it's addiction with a job where employee is the one paying the salary. Have a nice day! o/
  2. The dungeon would be perfectly fine if first two bosses had actual loot like in the days when Sanctum was actually relevant for the first time, with more creative loot like chest fragments and keys that were actually worth bidding on. The biggest problem with it now is that it's old design dungeon with modern loot distribution. And don't tell me it's hard to learn, when the dungeons is literally from the golden age era that actually had engaged player base making proper detailed guides on YouTube that explained everything. Fix the loot and it's fine.
  3. A huge fail? Did you manage to miss a whole year of being unable to sell gold at all, continuously posting it at 1:1 for 48 hours at various intervals praying that yours happens to come to the top of the list when once in a blue moon someone buys gold from there instead of doing what sensible people do and trade items on black market instead, for a much better ratio? At least now people can actually sell their gold safely for a change for a ratio that is a lot closer to the real although unofficial gold/NCoin prices.
  4. The 1 HMC option is missing from F10. only 1 NCoin option is available. Oops?
  5. No, on ET boss 2, since the only "instant wipe" is after failed lines block and CC, if purple zones still remain death zones, you need to do majority of mechanics in order for party to not run out of safe zones.
  6. if I buy boxes for HMC, and first put them into my own inventory, can I still mail them to others, or do boxes from store need to be gifted through NCoin give option only?
  7. @Hime One more thing. Is total number of boxes counted, or number of unique people we sent them to? Is sending 10 boxes to 5 people each same as sending 50 boxes to 50 different people? How about 1 person?
  8. Getting AFK check has nothing to do with level, last time I checked, and everything to do with not meeting minimum requirements for participation (ie. capturing an objective, or doing a total of 60k dmg, which is maybe 15% of someone's health bar). If you can't do 60k dmg in a 6v6 instance where average player has far more than that, mayyyybe you shouldn't be going there just yet.
  9. Unity stone set effects: some of the higher-end set effects incorrectly display "Attack Power" twice, when one of them (with the bigger number modifier) is actually meant to be "Mystic" Seems to break somewhere in the 2200s
  10. Last season was mixed, so it's understandable why we were given Classic (ie. OLD / soon expired) tokens, but current season reward listing also features CLASSIC instead of new Alpha Emblems. Fix pls. <3
  11. The need to go to unofficial servers for this kind of thing is disgraceful.
  12. Really? I wasn't aware that Liberty-fusables were in that chest. Which badge did you unfuse to obtain it?
  13. Delete fishing. Just do it. Never bring it up as a requirement for an event ever again. People will grow to hate you less than they would otherwise. Just do it.
  14. Having the same issue. Golden Oceanic weapon doesn't seem to have a place in F3 at all.
  15. As someone who just recently did a pre-story gear CoS personal challenge on a wheelchair class, I find your complaint to be invalid. Learn how the game works, how your class functions, and what boss requires you to do. oh, and, the place you're looking for is Den of the Ancients, right next to Circle of Sundering, but if you can't pass Dochun, don't even think about Den.
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