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  1. wings and weapon upgrade mats (hearts, souls, steel) are also bound to acc for BT, VT and TT, and have been for a very long time.
  2. Can't you just get your alts carried in raids that already carry you? Bigger issues happening at the moment than obsolete raids requiring you to do the raid on char you want to actually gear up.
  3. don't worry guys, they gave us 10 honing oils and an orb of ascension, everything is fine now
  4. Prosperity coins are still in dragon express despite not being mentioned in patch notes and apparently don't drop anywhere. Accidental switch up?
  5. Oi Sunshine, you meant to remove Prosperity coins (the mystery yellow thing that wasn't mentioned in patch notes and doesn't drop in-game), but accidentally yeeted CTA currency (redish-yellowish flamey thing we were meant to have in game for another month). Right? Riiiiight? You'll fix it, riiiight?
  6. Sure, there were no soul badges, but then again, we also had an actually nice skill tree that was fully customizable. Can I have that back instead of the nonsense that awakening brought, forcing exactly 1 playstyle for all of pve?
  7. That only kills in hardmode. In normal you can stay on boss, but it doesn't really mean much, since boss is invulnerable for majority of that aoe's casting time. edit: nevermind, you said it already, mixed up usernames cuz of pictures
  8. This shows a profound ignorance about economic differences not just in the world, but also within regions covered by these servers.
  9. As you pointed out with F9 and ranking rewards, the whole issue comes down to F9 taking NCoin and converting it into HMC instead, making HMC the "I didn't pay money for this" currency instead of "nobody paid money for this" currency. And since players that don't pay for the game (but whose existence is necessary for paying people to enjoy the game) aren't worth anything, don't expect a change.
  10. So just to be perfectly clear: you are aware that trove gives items (imperial core and cores older than it) that are literally not usable in game?
  11. Literally couldn't relog for 30 minutes this time.
  12. Had it last week, too, but it didn't last 30 min.. it was only 10 that time
  13. Another EU only problem? Oh wow, not only do we get maintenance in middle of the day, but then they migrate our server to a sack of moldy potatoes. Wow. Impressive. Meanwhile, buy revival packs everybody!
  14. and half of the time not being able to connect char around Koldrak time, on a fresh login, in case people didn't mention just stays as "Connecting..." for 5 min
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