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  1. Because it has soooo much potential to not be trash and be awesome, but making nothing rewarding and everything punishing is not the way to do that.
  2. Alts' mailbox is a commonly used tertiary storage.
  3. IIRC the yeeted dungeons are The Shadowmoor, Dreamsong Theater, Warped Citadel, Halcyon Hills, Hangar 0 and Naryu Sanctum. I might be forgetting one or two. The rest still work, including the previous F8 rotation, which is only accessible from the map at the moment. That being said, "good" drops were always super rare, and farming something specific can still take hundreds of runs despite the content being outdated for 3 years.
  4. I guess you also don't (try to) upgrade a lot.
  5. First three items are good, don't touch them. All soulshields are outdated and useless, replacing them with soulshields from Serpent's Den and non-RNG Poharan & True Poharan (with achievements of appropriate stages to unlock, as was the case with all previous raid soulshields) is all the updating it needs. Obsidians have been mentioned in this topic a lot, and IMO those should be related to solar energies, and not be a premium-only feature.
  6. IIRC the universal solution for differences between patch notes and game updates was to fix the patch notes. I have a feeling this one will be the same.
  7. You can get those by fishing during this event. 10/week
  8. Who cares, looks like there's nothing coming past 210 anyway, so why rush.. you'll inevitably hit the limit someday and then you'll get 0 unity ever again
  9. It seems to be a quest with weekly lockout, but it does not appear to count towards weekly challenge. (Yes, I just looked right now, because I assume it was a free weekly quest for bots, but nope) That being said, not only does it appear to be a massive waste of time to camp the bosses, but it really gives nothing at all, not even weekly progression. Which is.. interesting. It's not even in soulboost, and can't see it in battle pass either (I've only unlocked 5th page so far). Curious. Just ignore it entirely, I guess.
  10. I still use a lot of them for challenger tokens to be able to fuse new psyches. I don't see how you can have "nothing to spend them on", unless you already had a massive stash of tokens from before.
  11. Warlock scourge has had this funny thing for very many months where every single skill that describes ghost soul effect talks about +20$ damage reduction, which almost sounds like a deposit in a rented apartment. I am guessing that it actually means % and not dollah. Since you're fixing things, might as well report this. (no clue about whether the actual number values are correct, btw)
  12. The short answer for the silversteel upgrade is get it yourself. At least that's what the answer is for now.
  13. Healing totems are my favorite out of all the random totems and cc aoes that can spawn in demonsbane, as they are 100% under player control. However, RIP pugging demonsbane this season, that's just how things are.
  14. It is highly suspicious that before that particular reward, soulboost gives materials needed to upgrade thornbreaker, and after it gives materials needed to upgrade silversteel, but the middle step is just not there. This looks like KR just forgot to modify our upgrade cost from TB9->IA3, because this is where the otherwise coherent story breaks up. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with letting people experience a little bit of material gathering, especially since during this even you can literally fish for PTS, and there's no harm in crafting your own empyrean stones.
  15. 60/day per character is miserably low. At least make them bound to account and not so rare. Maybe give them every run of purple dungeons as guaranteed drops?
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