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  1. Tailor Shop

    and please gives the real black not dark grey not very dark grey black Please, give us black.
  2. H0 2nd boss

    And reset charms are a thing in case of an emergency. Kinda wasteful in easy mode, though.
  3. My dude, newest pvp bracelet is from Outlaw Island. Newest. Let that sink in, and construct NC apologetics starting from there. Thanks.
  4. The main problem here is that gold is useless in game outside of trove. It's not 'rare', there are almost no gold sinks in regular upgrades. It's only normal that F5 and F9 prices explode, when you can't do anything with gold. Take any upgrade for example. Thornbreaker 3 -> 4 takes 30 roses, which is on average 6 weeks. You get enough gold for the breakthrough cost (did ya notice those even existed?) in a day or less. F5 hasn't gotten more expensive, it's just that gold has gotten more worthless. Same is true for F9. Solution? None possible with current upgrade model.
  5. Arena choppy lag after 3+ games

    Having same issue.. it's a rather nasty surprise whenever it first starts happening, and I use TD, just to end up CCing myself for 2 seconds as a result.
  6. Hunter's Refuge event need a change!

    It's not a pvp event. It's a pve event in glorified Panda Village that has a player cap of 1% of the population that's excluded more players than the Bloody Valentine event.
  7. NC didn't ruined this event. We did

    "NC didn't ruined this event. We did" - nice of you to acknowledge it's your fault somehow, since I never even got to see the inside of refuge, so don't you dare use the all-econmpassing "we". It's disrespectful to the 95% who have only ever had the opportunity to see event on streams.
  8. How to get refund on the hunters orb?
  9. No one Rezzing

    Players being useless and toxic at the same time is the reason I started quitting those parties mid way and just soloing "lower" (TSM-down minus HH) dungeons. On some days I don't even bother looking for leeches to carry, especially if it's dungeons from where I still need psyches. Ressing is a thing of past, after being burned too many times for trying to be helpful.
  10. No one Rezzing

    Sorry, I've already farmed all of the res and chi recovery achievements on my main.
  11. The point of the thrall is to CC the warlock if he accidentally presses tab, because the class is so OP otherwise.
  12. What is the standard AP?

    Unless you're mastercard, I'd expect you to have a sufficient burst for DST with a class that's renown for a broken burst to begin with... considering that I can do 25% of boss HP before enrage on my wheelchair neglected class, while playing an even more neglected spec. And Besides, obtaining and upping a Hong bracelet implies you like your alt enough to play it on a semi-regular basis, and probably know how to press buttons efficiently enough. Even if you do half of my miserable dps within 12 seconds, on average it should still be just enough to clear, as long as the rest of the party is in mid to high TTs. However, if I saw a party of 5 low-VT alts, I'd casually leave. Context matters.
  13. The grand opening of...

    Bns players: How do I use this item??? Item tooltip: Drops from X, used for Y that drops from Z. also Bns players: Game too hard, nerf pls. Of course they still manage to die. If reading is too hard, how do you expect them to know what an iframe is?
  14. The issue with those was not that they're separate dungeons, but that they are either buggy as hell, and keep you dancing in circles forever, even when bosses hit 1 HP, or time waste that comes from people AFKing at entrance. Another issue was that vast majority of event dungeons had a daily lockout, despite dynamic quest giving nothing but a useless food item and about 10k xp (which could easily be moved to daily quest that usually gives event currency so that lvl 2-10 characters don't abuse it ((omegaLOL)).). Why would that matter? Because every time someone leaves, dungeon is either 15% slower, or more people leave, and it's impossible to recruit the missing player, since usually normal people don't want to be trapped in event dungeon that gets completed while they're in a loading screen. Or take the banshee dungeon for example. Some people care about actually completing it, while some might not, and just afk while most waves get missed. And instead of fixing these issues (most of them rather simple to avoid, really), NC buries their heads in the sand and give random amount of DC to complete while continuously putting more difficult dungeons into the rotation, and now forcing hard modes instead of giving free choice of dungeon mode.
  15. End of the game or Just End?

    If MMOs are the opposite of what you enjoy (cooperating with people over many months to achieve common goals and progressing slowly), then why come here to whine about how it doesn't fit what you personally like in a game, instead of just playing Solitaire or Skyrim or whatever actually fits you?