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  1. Localization & Translation Error List

    Unity stone set effects: some of the higher-end set effects incorrectly display "Attack Power" twice, when one of them (with the bigger number modifier) is actually meant to be "Mystic" Seems to break somewhere in the 2200s
  2. Last season was mixed, so it's understandable why we were given Classic (ie. OLD / soon expired) tokens, but current season reward listing also features CLASSIC instead of new Alpha Emblems. Fix pls. <3
  3. Premium membership 30/90 for Market

    The need to go to unofficial servers for this kind of thing is disgraceful.
  4. Liberty Token Issue

    Really? I wasn't aware that Liberty-fusables were in that chest. Which badge did you unfuse to obtain it?
  5. The new Call to Arms is a bit...

    Delete fishing. Just do it. Never bring it up as a requirement for an event ever again. People will grow to hate you less than they would otherwise. Just do it.
  6. Event Weapon Golden Oceanic Chest

    Having the same issue. Golden Oceanic weapon doesn't seem to have a place in F3 at all.
  7. As someone who just recently did a pre-story gear CoS personal challenge on a wheelchair class, I find your complaint to be invalid. Learn how the game works, how your class functions, and what boss requires you to do. oh, and, the place you're looking for is Den of the Ancients, right next to Circle of Sundering, but if you can't pass Dochun, don't even think about Den.
  8. I feel it is important to repeat this: THERE WAS NO SOULSTONE EXPLOIT!
  9. Returning after 3 years

    When in doubt, do quests that are: - yellow (story, gives gear, unlocks all the areas, etc) - orange (unlocks raids) - purple (other than windwalking, there's also awakening quest, without which no classes are really playable anymore, and you can actually get some very limited control over your skills) When you run out of those... I don't even know what we're doing, really.
  10. I wasn't trying to imply that.
  11. It's called a 'cliffhanger' and it's used to build suspense in drama.
  12. See! Exactly what I was talking about just a few posts up. Did ya see a TYPHOON coming into play with the Moontide Saga? Not likely! Unexpected stuff quota of the week is filled. Can't wait for next week's update.
  13. Yes, but, consider that this is the most exciting time we've had in a loooong time. Every week there is potential for something entirely unexpected to happen that will catch everyone off guard and light the skies ablaze, since the 'event' was published on the forum. When you stop caring about the state of the game, it becomes truly fascinating and entertaining to follow the development... kinda like a drama series. Just consider it a different form of entertainment from what it was originally intended as. Drama series instead of a MMORPG. Stay positive, and remember that we're all just human - the players affected, as well as support that is dealing with this unprecedented situation. Whatever happens, at least we had entertainment to keep us occupied with the lockdown and its aftermath, which is all we could ask for. Many also got good practice writing requests / complaints to support, which is a skill that also translates to real life (even if all you get is bot responses). Appreciate the positives, regardless of what they are mixed in with. Love you all, your fellow soulburn slave
  14. Does anyone actually care?

    Assuming things instead of reading the item description that pops up every time you put your mouse over the lamp is entirely on you. How more clearly can it get when it's literally there every time you open a lamp?
  15. Marketplace

    Saturday evening, and listings are still bugged.