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    Don't know and don't care which bowless design is yours, you didn't get my vote because the razor is ugly (in both pics that don't include a bow), not because you failed to include the bow. Don't be so presumptive.
  2. Where the sunfire boxes at?

    I desire this information, too.
  3. Considering that it happens in area that's unlocked in act IX, it's safe to assume that at least act IX needs to be completed first.
  4. Good job at missing the point entirely.
  5. I am aware of how iframes works, and Z is literally the only one that doesn't force me to stop dps. Do you honestly see no difference between constantly interrupting dps to iframe/block/dodge and sitting on emberstomp for 12 seconds uninterrupted?
  6. You're missing a bigger issue, and that is - this event disadvantages classes that weren't designed for environment where *every* attack gives CC. I've noticed a very different drop in dps between my WL whose run is doomed after eating two AoEs and my destro that just resists everything and does as well as the parse. Tired of classist events and solo dungeons that punish ranged players. If it's a dps check, then make range tanking possible without disadvantaging non-tanky non-mobile classes, and if it's about mech and timing, then keep the dps req low.
  7. Luncher switching server

    I use English language for client (dunno about OP, just experiencing similar issue at times).. it doesn't happen frequently, and not always after maintenance, but sometimes it does seem to be tied to it.
  8. Luncher switching server

    Nah, most of the time it's whatever the last selection was, but then it randomly switches to NA (and it's not even tied to maintenance schedule). First time it happened it almost gave me a heart-attack, but in general it's just an inconvenience because launching BnS twice and not getting younger are an unfortunate combination of reality.
  9. suggestions bc there’s never enough

    I got one, too. Suicide button in ToI. Whenever I see a sin, I have to beg it to kill me. It won't even do it on its own, and I'm never getting those 3 min of my life back.
  10. Can we shorten bid timer to 10sec or less?

    It's funny, because purple items are 15s, while blue (usually entirely worthless) items are 20s
  11. Does it even matter anymore, if stage 4 doesn't drop anything, and only allows purchase of cosmetics?
  12. If I was allowed to farm all of the event vials on main, I'd start deleting my alts right now. Proposition makes less sense than removing the limit on the amount of event currency obtainable.
  13. It's disheartening that I'll have to switch spec to the one I don't like if I want to participate in the event since my gear is fairly high, but I'm frost WL at heart, and the dmg is just bad.. really dislike shadow, but I doubt there's anything I can upgrade that will allow me to get my damage high enough, other than shadow badge and switch of gear. Very sad.
  14. Slashimi Armor

    if you can't push t o 40% right away, then hold your dps between 70% and 60%.
  15. TT Ring & Earing cost decrease

    Are youexpected to get max soul and heart on day one? I doubt anyone is giving you trouble in F8 for not having True Brightspark and True Champion's. Should we also install "click here to win" button?