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  1. Hello so i mis-read the end date thought it was June 10th not July 10th, so I've re-done alot. Please use the new image thank you! 😄
  2. I'm not looking to start an argument, just pointing out how ridiculous it and difficult it is. TBH i'd be happier if they just nerfed the drop rate by 75% but guarantee the drop being for your own class then this bs. Yea won't lie that also sucked but at least you knew that after getting your gear piece it'd be for your class. I'd be fine if they either: A: Add a NPC to exchange gear for your class B: Add tokens like they did for the previous accessories C; Keep as is, but allow the accessories to start dropping as of stage 3 or 4 to give more people a chance to far
  3. Character Name: Mlém Server: NA-Yura Brief description of your loading screen art: A small Lyn, with a radiant & blazing passion.
  4. This is a joke right?? In a RNG heavy based game not only is it crazy hard to get a gear drop for your class now you have to add on the RNG chance of getting other classes gear, making it even harder to get gear for your own class?????? Why the hell would this be a feature. You need to get to stage 6 to have a chance of getting the gear drop where the boss has 81 billion HP, resulting in needing a high AP party, on top of that the RNG is garbage just for any type of gear drop, but now your going to add an additional RNG chance of hoping you get gear for your own class??? This is a
  5. Hello with the newest patch today I am unable to complete the newest storyline as I get an error as if chapter 2 advising of a package load error GW_SeongDo_A_PointCam. ive tried verifying files with no fix. I can attach a pic if needed. thank you for any help!
  6. For anyone else having this issue this is a reply from Support to fix the issue, Tested it myself and things work again! Hello, As a workaround for the issue you are encountering, please follow the steps below. 1. Delete "0028826.upk" file stored in this directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\BnS\contents\Local\NCWEST\ENGLISH\CookedPC 2. Login to the Launcher. 3. Start the game without performing a file scan. Once done, the issue should be resolved. If you have other questions, please let us know. Regards, @mods if this is not allowed, feel free to rem
  7. Just wanna add that myself and my friend are also having this issue, Got to the point that we cant even log into our characters now due to insta crash error on loading screen. We sent tickets and hopefully it's fixed soon. :x Edit: I tried the game in French (i cant read French xD) and i was able to log in a do the quest so as @oOkyo mentioned seems to be an issue with the English files.
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