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  1. Still asking

    lol, Ago a moment reading this i felt something moving my pants, was not someone of my dogs and not a tangled cable (seriously). I have to find that spot to end this curse (joking but i will find it anyway). :v Edit: I found it :D
  2. The legends were true

    I already have all these cosmetics, except Spirit Veil, but thanks anyway, and GL for others, collect them will be fun :v.
  3. no complete storyline?

  4. How often are classes rebalanced?

    Never, Blade Cancer is always OP.
  5. Please Nerf Blade Dancers in Arena

    Yeah, I'm waiting a nerf for BD since the start, but not even in KR is nerfed, this is wrong. And you're right, if I play an OP class, an OP archetype or an OP play style etc depending of game, if I know it's OP I will defend it because I know is OP and I don't want a nerf.
  6. WL class is a bad pvp class

    Good joke :v, now delete this post.
  7. About that MxM outfit

    This sucks, I thought the costume was only for Jin and Yun and I did nothing of the event, now it turns out that it is also for Gon. They should have said it in the post.
  8. And the fix?, they are OP still, in the last skill modification they don't were nerfed, only skill fixes that can help they, in other words they were buffed. Meanwhile Destroyer still have bugs, when you launch someone to the air he appears meters away of you, the Grab sometimes not work, and F for stepback dont work too, i can see the icon in the screen while i press F multiple times.
  9. Yeah, BD is the most op class and the GMs do nothing.
  10. Want balance ?

    Fix already the Warlock and Blade Dancer! They are op af. It's frustrating play versus they and know you don't have chance of win. Worst if you play vs they multiple times in Arena, only lose ranking and time, and they get free wins. it's stupid. Sure the GMs play these 2 classes and that's why WL and GD are op.
  11. Want balance ?

    Then when the Blade Cancer grab without cc/inmunity/always escape (and many more) and Warlock air combo/dragon helix macro will be fixed?
  12. Pvp now..

    Warlock, the air-kill combo effortless, infinity dragon helix, and the sb are excellent for non-strategic and free win in any pvp. Yes, this is a complaint.
  13. Want balance ?

    You are right, except assasin, he is fine by now. Warlocks are killing the arena fun with their infinite Dragon Helix and the air combo. Also BC with their stupid grab that does 16% of damage up to 3 times in a battle and with effort, and too being unvulnerable almost all time.