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  1. It's the Korean boomer developer mentality. They were taught wrong things at school and are completely out of touch with gamers nowadays. Bns is not the only Korean-ported game who makes it way worse for the western version. They were taught this bs that westerners are "more competitive" but they got it wrong in the sense that, they want endless gear gap and NOBODY should reach the top, so the "competition" is about who gears up more instead of actual skill. That's also why, since the beginning of BnS, we need more exp for our HM levels than kr. In reality t
  2. Couldn't have said it better. If it was not RNG, I wouldn't mind even a much higher cost than previous souls (they were usually under 200 vials each tier), let's say 600 vials from 13 to 20, would still be reasonable (no rng) But now, you have this rng system to hide the fact you need about 3k sacred oils to max soul and roll good stats on it. If what NCSoft aimed for, is only lucky people to continue playing (that need far less than thousands cuz lucky), then you achieved it, but don't be surprised while everyone else leaves in frustration. Anyway yes the d
  3. I'm someone who has been playing this game since day 1. Actually even from headstart and Closed Beta. I have never seen something even close to as ridiculous as this patch in this whole game's lifespan. I made another thread about my issues with this patch: https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/253568-upcoming-upgrade-costs-are-absolutely-insane/ Sure, there were a lot of shitstorm patches in the past. Talisman release patch, needing 350 pet packs (due to multiple tiers) had a LOT of cries, but that's baby numbers compared to this patch, which needs literally THOUS
  4. Since we copy paste KR while having 1/10 income sources, you guys ready for Heart next patch? 1 sterling scale is 2000 gold now, but I imagine it will go even higher
  5. I'm not blaming Green Storm, but the devs of course.
  6. You are absolutely out of your minds this time. The costs are beyond insane. We are LITERALLY getting all the gold costs, sacred oil costs, pet pod costs, and so on that KR has. Until now, we always had less, for a good reason, KR has INFLATED gold AND oils, they get a LOT more from quests and even oils from daily challenge etc. A premium transformation stone is over 5k gold on KR, here it's under 500g. This should clearly tell you the gold source difference and inflation. And yet, we get literally the EXACT SAME costs of gold on upgrades. A weapon try to upgrade, with
  7. Not everything is an xml, this is just a memory edit.
  8. I know, it's still stupid, solo dungeons with auto combat the most dumb idea I've seen, why not just click to enter, it checks your gear and gives rewards then? Sounds stupid? Well that's what auto combating those solo dungeons is. Like, what's the point to play the game with auto combat being an actual feature? I hate it and wish it never got added. How about reduce the grind to compensate for no auto combat and remove it -.-
  9. Just remove auto combat from the game and you stop almost all botting. This dumb feature isn't even fun, nobody will miss Primeweald
  10. Ethereal Vials and Sterling Scale Fragments. If you're going to be this stingy with their drop rates in game, and obviously make it so you need cash shop to progress any upgrades regarding those, at least add them more often to daily specials? And maybe cheaper, especially ethereal vials, their price is a bit insane
  11. Oh, that's what you meant that it's literally perma there, I didn't know my bad. Didn't mean to troll sorry
  12. So what exactly is meme about my post? You literally proved my point Even a quick google managed to prove it further: https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/atq2jw/daily_deal_23rd_feb_ft_scarlet_shadow_outfit/
  13. Scarlet Shadow, don't remember it being exclusive I think it even was in daily deals years ago
  14. That transmute is for rerolling the stats on your AWAKENED Mythical stones. It works properly. Prized Radiance Stone box gives an Awakened Mythical stone (highest tier), so you use that same type of stone + 25 vials to get a box back (so new rng stat chance)
  15. Lmao. They are documented in KR patch notes. You are cute though, expecting west patch notes to be full / correct and you relying on them xD When they're half the time wrong and the other half missing parts.
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