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  1. You don't want to play BG or make it alive all you want is to get your HM coin farm from abusing multi clienting on 50 accounts in 6v6 so no thanks. God bless this patch.
  2. I farm 180 mil exp per hour at floor 71, legit and manual, but I only do it 1-2 hours per day so I don't burn out. I am all for doing something against the bots who farm for hours and hours, but if they reduce the EXP like they did in Spectral Shrine I'm gonna be upset af
  3. No majority of them wouldn't cheat without rewards. Even if a few still do, at best 1/10 of what do now. And besides, even if some still do, you can just laugh about their sad life instead of actually getting tilted because they mess up your rewards.
  4. Even the best Anti cheat won't do A THING against wintrading, inting, killing game to avoid rating loss, and other such PvP abuses.
  5. +1 this needs to happen, remove venture tokens from pvp season rewards and replace with something untradeable (people use hm coins to buy tradeable things from f10) PvP has just been a hm coin abuse show for ages now, and it's even moving in 6v6, with people multi client wintrading on multiple accounts for hm coins, since they made alt account army with your free level 60 vouchers.
  6. After next balance patch the current 4-3 spec will be nerfed by 30% so you will want to play with "Master Splinter" (4-2) instead, and the LMB skill there will be buffed and used to extend Splinter duration.
  7. You are literally hopeless. What part of it is an enrage and not supposed to be iframe-able you don't understand? SOMETIMES you iframe it with X because IT's A BUG. Do you know what a bug is? No probably not nvm. Literally clueless. Just keep crying for something that will never change, or at best make you not able to iframe it ever with your X if the bug is fixed, kinda ironic. And yes you're a complete newbie so learn the game before talking crap and acting mighty. You literally didn't know that attack is an enrage, why am I even replying to you when you can't even re
  8. Cool, how about we put a useful skill on KFM Ascension Stones too first? Be grateful you have Decimator on them. Almost if not every class has a useless skill on some item.
  9. No thanks the time restrictions for 6v6 is fine, don't want more wintraders at 6 AM
  10. You sound like those newbies I see with Thornbreaker weapon / CTA gear and because of full skystealer accessories they think they're some hot dps. This game doesn't work like that and dps gets increased a little bit from EVERYTHING and it adds up. Probably your compound sucks, your unity sucks, your enhancement levels suck, you don't have latest raid soulshields and so on. If they nerf the HP you may clear 51 but others will do 61-71 and you will want that too. Just get over the fact your dps is far lower than others.
  11. Not worth bothering with a newbie dummy like you after reading this who clearly doesn't know mechs or enrages of dungeons. Yes I said sometimes X iframe can work on that, because it's a bug idk. Only X works. Try with Q/E or bubble or anything IT WILL NEVER WORK. It's an enrage and NOT supposed to be iframeable. And you're crying your X sometimes doesn't work when you should even be glad it works sometimes in the first place due to bug. Get over it and l2p. Oh yeah and for the record newbie, enrages happen in easy/normal too, they do like 30% and 70% of your HP respecti
  12. Reading your complaints about iframes is cringe and full of misinformation. KFM C is 4 hits not 5, and needs target too. KFM q/e is 15 sec cd. Not all classes have bubble braindead easy mode either. And the 3 hit AoE that stuns you in CC are you kidding? It is ENRAGE for failing mechs and is NOT iframeable, kfm C has same thing sometimes it resists for some reason, but you're not even supposed to resist it. The animation locks, decimator moving you and overall clunkiness are valid complains but not iframes, just get good.
  13. Are you sure? Would you mind sending a screenshot of it, because it salvages to Fabric and none of the in-game dropped outfits do so I'm kinda skeptical
  14. Are you sure it even drops there? Support said it doesn't.
  15. Exactly, this Eva exp nerf literally kills any way for LEGIT players to farm exp, so now to level up you HAVE to bot moon refuge, or stuck forever. How about you nerf Easy mode only since it was the one botted most? Imagine nerfing HARD MODE even, that no bot could do. KR is generous to their players with Eva and Mythical dungeons giving massive exp and etc, even though their hm levels are easier to get too. You know, it acts more like a game, rewarding you for playing it. West is a joke, with some walls that are just impossible to pass, and hm level 40 is a
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