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  1. I agree as long as, like I said, we don't get an intrusive anti cheat, like the first GameGuard was. Xigncode was fine, but anti cheats should NEVER interact with your PC outside the game. If the anti cheat stops game if it detects Cheat Engine or memory editing on the game, then that's fine, but not more than that. And most of all we need active support MODERATION. Anti cheat will barely solve anything if you don't start properly checking logs of reports.
  2. wardenlynftw has a point though about the double standards of this community, that cheating is fine as long as it's cheats you do yourself, only otherwise cheating bad! Not related to something an anti-cheat can solve but, imagine if there was a petition to get active support to ban all account & gold buying/selling and how many people would get mad on that, mostly people that want an anti cheat here so badly might I add, the irony.
  3. Imagine playing this game without addons these days. And besides, depending on anti cheat, it can make people quit too. The first GG we had was literally shutting down all my sandboxed applications (like web browser) so it was impossible to play with it for me, the XignCode we had was fine though. GG in PSO2 is also fine and not as intrusive. So yeah no, I'd rather have no anti cheat than risk to actually have to be forced to quit depending on what we get. Also file modification has nothing to do with anti cheat either it just stops memory editing.
  4. Any plans to remove the Venture Tokens from PvP season rewards with UE4 and replace them with something not tradeable, such as Pet Packs or Sacred Vials? The venture tokens are the main reason people are wintrading, because they can be used to buy stuff like Gem Powders that are tradeable, so they sell those for gold and then the gold for real money.
  5. Daily deals are bugged for Hongmoon Coins for 3 days now... what's going on? Can you look into it? NCoin tab works fine edit: it says "Preparing the item..." forever
  6. I dunno what's your point, I never mentioned the fact they get a lot more oils than us because as you said, they also have rng upgrades with them. So instead of comparing apples to oranges (limited oils but 100% success, vs plentiful oils but rng chance), I just skipped that. I compared instead 4 points that are OBJECTIVELY way worse for us, why you don't reply to that instead? Point (2) of yours is also complete bullshit, your generic white knighting won't work for me or you talking out of your rear about KR, when I know it very well. Tell me what is more grindy t
  7. I don't understand what's wrong with NCWest, usually NA and EU prefer LESS grind and p2w than KR versions and here it's the opposite. 1. Trove Mystic Psyches - being exclusive to 300 keys bonus on trove is a joke. The drop rate is so low in dungeons it might as well not even exist. In KR, they are in daily deals, other bundles and you can even CRAFT them. And yes this was true since they were released ages ago. 2. Mythical ring and earring requiring 5 fusion stones per try (like weapon and soul etc) - is this a joke? In KR, those normal accessories only need 1 fusion st
  8. There is already such a check, thing is it gets bypassed. Everything client side can be bypassed, anti cheats can be cracked and so on. The only proper way to have a hack free online game is to NEVER trust the client. NCsoft obviously for some reason have no server side check for some classes GCD, or even skill conditions. That's the problem, not people modding. The 1 shot hack some weeks ago for example, was nothing special, just adding a NPC skill to your skill bar, the problem was server not having conditions on its cast so client was like "use this npc 1 shot skill, totall
  9. See I agree with most of your post except this part. Just because you don't care about pve doesn't mean nobody does. On top of that big cheats in pve (like the 1 shot abuse some weeks ago) ruin NC's profits so they actually care more about it than pvp. This is not about Darksma because I don't think what he did deserves perma as first offense, he should have got 3 days like most. But I'm really tired of this excuse mentality "cheating is fine if it's PvE only"
  10. GCD has nothing to do with ping. It's literally lowering a mini-cooldown giving more DPS on most classes that don't animation lock you. It's like lowering a cooldown of a skill but on a lesser scale. High ping users always justify how they should be allowed to GCD because it makes their dps on par with low ping users. Except those low ping users can also GCD abuse for even more dps 🙂 If you have high ping you will never do as much dps as low ping users, get over it.
  11. This logic is so stupid and I'm tired of it. Majority of players don't even give a crap about pvp, and just because you do doesn't mean that's the only place balance should matter. Some whales spend thousands of dollars to get 5-10% damage increase, while another gets free 50% just by being proper class. Very fair and motivating to spend more.
  12. Ok listen you can't be serious. I thought it dies during smashing, but how you say it makes me think it dies when smash phase is over. You realize if you smash that bar and fill it up, Koldrak loses 10% HP? It's part of mechanics. If Koldrak enters spacebar phase with 10% hp or less, HE WILL DIE. Doesn't matter if you tell ppl not to smash, some will, get over it. There's tons of cheats in this game but nobody's gonna bother about a stupid koldrak
  13. Maybe an archer put fireworks before that so they can get last kill double loot? The one shot exploit was fixed weeks ago, you know...
  14. Can you seriously stop with this Koldrak nonsense, nobody is XMLing for that stupid Koldrak. I bet it's just some max gears bursting it down during camera "cinematic", you realize you can still attack right?
  15. Sad they don't even care to reply or forward this @Rynarahelp
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