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  1. Why isn't this in Known Issues it needs to be fixed fast -.-
  2. Bronze and Silver abuse in 6v6

    Or just make it if the gap is over 100, the rating calculation at end is counted as if the lower rated member is only -100 and not -300 or something stupid (if bronze abuse)
  3. 3rd spec and accessories

    What about Mystic Badges from Temple of Succession?
  4. Can we just ban Sins from Battle royal

    You can use the purple item Sky Jump thing during aerial / air web, so just use it when bomb about to go off on you easy iframe.
  5. Den of Ancients Guide

    Hello, made a guide for the new solo dungeon since I didn't see any English ones. Hope you find it useful o/
  6. Yeah that's true, Lyn warden makes no sense lore-wise as well, neither does Lyn gunner, since all Lyns are spiritual (hence why BD has phantom grip), so only WL, summoner, FM and BD fit them.
  7. ofc I complain when we're the only region with special snowflake treatment because of some crybabies. You can even read the dev letter it clearly says because of "player feedback". It is YOUR (the complainers) fault we get it so delayed, and you expect me to be silent? You started it, if you never cried about it we would be a normal region like all others. I wish ncwest actually did NOT listen to players at this point.
  8. You guys are wrong about them wanting difficult content too. If they wanted that, we wouldn't have got the TT nerfs so fast compared to KR. They actually want braindead content so whales can clear it (there were lots of them complaining TT is too hard) and not risk them quitting. Same with HM dungeon nerfs too, we got the nerfs from KR even before pirate ship while it was a patch meant to nerf "old" content in KR (with Hatchery patch)
  9. Still waiting for actual bugs listed. Knockback during sheath was fixed. Shadow gunner blocking CC during tab fixed. What else? In that link it doesn't say anything about bugs, it says "additional balance changes and adjustments made over the coming months when we release that content." So in short, it's because of a few crybabies who can't stand that their class / build is weaker after patch. Why delay because of them when over all the years in this game there was always some weak builds and classes? Nothing is changed with awakening except wheel turns for some classes.
  10. Another generic exaggerated post without a single argument or actual bug listed. KR is not the only region with awakening either, so anyone who just talks about KR is stuck in the past months and follows the "awakening broken" train with no logical thoughts. The other day I saw a SF complaining they don't have the free brainless ground game anymore (on a server with awakening), if you think that's bad and a "bug" then dunno what to say. And majority of complaints are on similar ridiculous level as that.
  11. Can you guys stop jumping on this "full of game breaking bugs" bandwagon rumor and exaggerating? Most of the critical bugs were already fixed long ago. There's a few minor bugs left, on the scale of the kind of bugs we ALREADY HAVE. Awakening patch was released on all regions except us and RU, even new regions like VN that have no soul badges yet. The game is very much playable with it on every region, KR CN etc, what exactly is gamebreaking about it? People still do PvE, cleared most recent raid, do a lot of PvP (there's even someone diamond in whirlwind valley, that's how active it is), there's nothing unplayable about awakening at all. Crying about FM one shotting with some new skill doesn't make the game broken. You act like Warden is not ridiculous in arena as it is right now. You just play around it, it's not like that skill crashes your game And I heard destro EON badge was fixed in 6v6 with this patch, yeah sooooo many bugs that we even have old ones fixed.
  13. According to the patch notes for tomorrow, ToI will end on 13th March, so that's the planned specialization release date. This is a bit insane. Every other region (except RU since they're on same timeline and patches as NA/EU) got the reworks already, including much newer regions like VN. The class spec patch is a big hype for many ppl, and the reason they still play the game. Why do we have to be this bad of a region to get it delayed so much, literally the only region special snowflake? I don't care that some ppl cry about the new playstyle of their class, the rework is gonna come sooner or later anyway. So those ppl either accept it or reroll or quit. Don't stall the game for no reason for the rest of us just because of a few complainers.
  14. Bg changes

    Ranks below gold shouldn't even get moonstone boxes at all. You want to farm gold in 6v6 by leeching with 0 gear, and expecting to get carried, while ruining other ppl's games. Everyone hates people like that the most. This is best change ever hopefully no more moonstone farming trolls in pve gear go 6v6 now. What you selfish ppl do is basically same as queing for a dungeon and going afk while leeching last boss loot, how would you feel if someone did that to you? "But I need my gold, so pls carry me and gimme loot ty"
  15. This is about weapon skin not outfits. They re-release outfits a LOT compared to weapon skins and I think it's stupid, also it doesn't have to be one or the other. Why won't they just release old weapon skins more often? More sales and money for them as well.