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  1. A plea if NCsoft is going to stop developing for this game...

    yes.. the ONGOING story aka the current story arc like how 1-4's an arc... that doesn't mean they won't do a new story arc settle down w/ the gloom&doom buddy
  2. Game is in an unplayable state

    too bad the 32 bit client is hilariously crash prone
  3. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    *sigh* this is NOT how u combat inflation.. u need to increase the supply on materials and resources.. not just gut gold intake
  4. i've been tryin to rearrange my characters and change a few things w/ my chatlog yet everytime i logout/quit the game these settings revert edit: forgot to mention this started around the time this past trove ended
  5. Give us 5 Ebon Realm Remnant pls :)

    honestly i got lucky pretty close to the entrance and got my 250 in about an hr and a half or so
  6. it's called a money sink mmos tend to have them to try and take currency out of rotation so to speak
  7. support times

    yea.. i sent a ticket in wednesday.. still no response and this waiting is blocking my ability to progress the event box
  8. i messed up on a run of skybreak just now forgetting to complete the dynamic quests which has subsequently halted my ability to continue the event for an entire week.. i'd reset it but i can't find where to get more considering F10 only sells the resets for mandate and storage
  9. Outfits in f10

    still waiting for the return of that sailor outfit and it's variant i forget the name offhand it hasn't shown up on f10 in like 2 yrs
  10. New Player Experience

    cept u can get resolution stones u trade trans stones for em via the dragon express.. that'll revert back to normal once the trade in period for the currency ends
  11. either just flat out doesn't give bonuses till 60 or can be toggled at will.. it's silly how much it just trivializes this game even more.. i mean the lvling process is already not terribly challenging (but not an utter cakewalk either) but when i have over 30k HP at lvl 1 due to my unity bonuses is a little silly
  12. i upgrade to ultimate and... i lose boss atk and the boss atk proc and... don't get it back till the omega stage which would cost me a fortune
  13. like i get the other 3 since if u use them prior to rampage u can do the combo.. but using twin palm prior to rampage appears to do nothing... which has me confused w/ the glory badge since it says it gives an extra 7 titan ire after using twin palm rampage
  14. think for a second what ur saying here.. that some1 if they don't wanna pvp for moonstone crystals that they should drop REAL MONEY (nearly 2 1/2$ worth) for 20 crystals now if this were 20 packs of 5 crystals each? maybe but for singles doing that is just plain silly and it just serves to highlight my point more
  15. yea i keep hearing ppl say "hay just go pvp i get tons from that" the issue is.. some ppl are bad at pvp.. some ppl HATE pvp and then there'sd the fact at least last i checked u get practically nothing if u lose meaning it can take ages to save up if ur not very good