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  1. @Hime can we get some confirmation on what's up with previously transmuted pet gems becoming character bound?
  2. Heptagonal Diamond/Garnet/Obsidian Pet Gem and the ones in the current transmute menu have the same name
  3. the thing is i know for a fact i transmuted the diamond garnet and obsidian via the transmute menu and it doesn't look like they changed the mats or anything they even have the same name
  4. they used to be account bound despite the ridiculous mail expense but that's not the point of the topic.. but now those very same gems are chara bound and i can't mail em
  5. it's supposed to be active atm yea? cuz it refused to open for me
  6. the quesiton would be if those optimizations would let me even run the 32 bit client cuz as i mentioned it makes my computer blue screen
  7. was tryin to run it on 32 bit so i can get better performance in raids since i get maybe 25-30 fps AT BEST with me hiding other players on the 64 bit client but.. i guess that's out the window cuz it's impossible to launch
  8. why can archer get 1 of the fused badges that requires liberty out of it when no one else can? it's bad enuf getting the 70 liberty tokens currently costs a small fortune while we wait for NC to finally put it in the energy store but to find this out is a slap in the face
  9. because they only do cost reductions when a new tier of gems is introduced.. or at least that's how they've done it in the past
  10. yes.. the ONGOING story aka the current story arc like how 1-4's an arc... that doesn't mean they won't do a new story arc settle down w/ the gloom&doom buddy
  11. too bad the 32 bit client is hilariously crash prone
  12. *sigh* this is NOT how u combat inflation.. u need to increase the supply on materials and resources.. not just gut gold intake
  13. i've been tryin to rearrange my characters and change a few things w/ my chatlog yet everytime i logout/quit the game these settings revert edit: forgot to mention this started around the time this past trove ended
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