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  1. lawl.. ya'll realize it's been 2 (3 if prem) for the longest time right? this was the 1st time it was 3/4 and ur whining about it goin back to normal now?
  2. like seriously i had a bunch saved up for buying oils/packs over the next few weeks like i usually do w/ event currency and now... i can't so now i have a bunch that're just collecting dust @Hime can we get an explaination?
  3. what i wanna know is why in the world can we not redeem armorer's remnants? esp considering they're still supposed to be redeemable till november 9th
  4. it was a pain to find decent groups for it BEFORE UE4 and now even the 1 st boss has 11 billion hp now? ur avg group can't pull that off in my experience...
  5. ...boss? i assume the TC is referring to pvp.. probably wind archers
  6. yea.. i can't play at all cuz it makes my pc crash now w/ critical process died or unexpected store exception (and once kernal data inpage) errors.. so now i got 4 or 5 months of premium just ticking down while i can't play due to.. whatever nc does to their games sometimes that my pc doens't like
  7. ok i'm legit furious right now.. now i'm back to unexpected store exception and/or critical process died.. so reinstallin the launcher AND the game has done nothing... i was so looking forward to this update just for this to ruin it for me completely
  8. gonna try reinstalling the client on a dif drive.. cuz the launcher seems to be the correct version and all after a reinstall of it
  9. and do what exactly? i'd imagine i have the launcher installed given that i need it to even try to open the game
  10. tried that still critical process died
  11. that's the version it is mind u opening the launcher's fine.. trying to play gives me that error
  12. it ONLY happens w/ aion and now this my computer never crashes doing anything else lineage 2 used to do it too then outta nowhere it started working again
  13. reinstalled launcher and instead of critical store exception it's still bsoding me with the error "critical process died"
  14. same... come on NC 1st aion blue screens my pc and now this game does too? makes me want a refund for my revival package.. which sucks cuz i was looking forward to this
  15. um they've always been? or at least have for the last few events now
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