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  1. reporting the problem is all he can do.. it's up to NC to actually give us a fix
  2. i assume TC means the pack they just released which is just a few unity stones rep/xp charms and transmutation crystals
  3. yes please... there's been many times where i either dc or just flat out don't pay attention and leave w/o turning in
  4. so they're finally fixing it? yea.. i hope they compensate *checks notes* stillll no fix for the missing PTS and such eh? for the love of ...
  5. still don't see the missing materials on soul boost on the list of known issues gettign to the point where i'm debating dipping into my own materials to finish my ring/earring/weapon..
  6. yea u need to complete the quest legacy of the hongmoon or somethin like that to unlock it
  7. we're supposed to get stage 10 silversteel accs and 6 or so weapon but we're not given all the premium transmutation stones and empyrean spirit stones required to do this.. are we expected to use our own materials or something? it's especially glaring cuz the stage that gives the silversteel weapon material box gives us premium transmutation crystals instead of stones
  8. i get the feeling if they do this this it won't retroactively apply to ppl who are already past the given levels on the soul boost
  9. jesus christ another 4 hours?
  10. tell that to gameforge's tera where i have to spend 20+ minutes repairing the install every damn time i boot it up
  11. yea i've noticed that in the past but i've never seen that big of a difference b4
  12. GC for example only gives about 16-22% to respecitve skills for the 8 pc while that's roughly 70-180% or so to other spec skills if i changed spec.. is it a case of divine hand having high base skill dmg and as such the SS gives a smaller bonus? or is it some weird oversight
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