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  1. i upgrade to ultimate and... i lose boss atk and the boss atk proc and... don't get it back till the omega stage which would cost me a fortune
  2. like i get the other 3 since if u use them prior to rampage u can do the combo.. but using twin palm prior to rampage appears to do nothing... which has me confused w/ the glory badge since it says it gives an extra 7 titan ire after using twin palm rampage
  3. think for a second what ur saying here.. that some1 if they don't wanna pvp for moonstone crystals that they should drop REAL MONEY (nearly 2 1/2$ worth) for 20 crystals now if this were 20 packs of 5 crystals each? maybe but for singles doing that is just plain silly and it just serves to highlight my point more
  4. yea i keep hearing ppl say "hay just go pvp i get tons from that" the issue is.. some ppl are bad at pvp.. some ppl HATE pvp and then there'sd the fact at least last i checked u get practically nothing if u lose meaning it can take ages to save up if ur not very good
  5. there's no way in hell providing the orb entitles u to winter mane's loot... u don't need the orb to spawn him also prior to the awakening patch ppl never tried to pull this garbage so.. yea
  6. i'm starting to run desperately low on these compared to all other bound materials and i get so few from the daily challenges and such to the point that my progress is gonna be halted due to how rare these are compared to the other 3 there needs to be somethin like buyable packs from say... moon refuge X amt of those buds for like a 10 moonstone crystal bundle or 30 soulstone or.. something like that
  7. so doin cold storage for the daily challenge and it took me awhile to load in.... in this time the other ppl in the group decided to not wait and killed winter mane b4 i finsihed loading in... which ate my lockout but didn't give me quest credit.. that makes no damn sense and i shouldn't need to use a reset token to fix somethin like this
  8. when's that supposed to be a thing?
  9. u say that yet VT/temple isn't a new raid anymore so..
  10. so i got an alt i want to get the hive shield set for.. i have the wings to buy them but they're on a dif char and at 1.35g per wing it would literally cost me 3 or 400 gold to mail those wings.... this game has enuf gold sinks to the point where we REALLY don't need these stupid high mailing costs
  11. I thought wardens were supposed to be tanks

    well i've had a number of groups get a bug up their butt if i'm the only warden and i don't wanna tank.. to the point ppl will leave so.. yea i guess they are tanks
  12. [NEWS] October 17 Patch Note Preview

    yea.. what are they thinking? atm i'm sitting on like 20 soulstones and 800 soulstone crystals compared to about 450 sacred orbs and 3k+ sacred crystals yet they add a HUGE amt of soulstone crystals to upgrading the BT accessories? unless we see a drastic increase in availability on soulstones and SS crystals this is gonna screw the economy hard
  13. here i am sitting at riftwalk stage 7 still trying to get the weapon boxes out of SSM and HH w/ no luck at all.. and i'm hearing of ppl in faction chat who've run the dungeons dozens of times for their weapon so there's gotta be something wrong w/ this scenario...
  14. like 80% of the groups i get for it when it's on the DC don't bring an orb so i'm forced to use mine (which i usually save for cold storage) ppl are content to twiddle their thumbs till some1 else coughs up an orb instead of bringing their own
  15. i haven't succeeded on transmuting one in like 2 months it's getting very tiresome.. i'd buy em myself if they didn't cost almost 400g a pop for the love of god can we just remove the fail rate already or at least add a 2nd recipe that can't fail that requires more mats