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  1. Hello@Hime , Do we get with the next patch finally Dragon Spire weapon stage 9? Also bound to account elder scales? Thank you in advance
  2. Hello@Hime, Nothing happened since you informed about key refunds. Those who affected Wednesday about the crit meter bugs, also need key refund because it's unfair when you using hundreds of keys and got guaranteed crap insted of guaranteed 2-3 star rewards. Kindly waiting your next step.
  3. This trove every time getting worse and worse ! Old content rewards inside and cosmetic items in 3 start crits? this was the last time I played trove. Next time should implement separate keys for example cosmetic keys, old content keys, and whale keys because there are too many rewards and too rare that you can get what you want thx.
  4. As title says, there Will be no event(s) from tomorrow? ( Treasure pot and hongsils key thing are not events btw). Ty for answers.
  5. No cost reduction to Thornbreaker? thats scandalous! Please rethink about that because that would be logical and with every new tier you always adjusting the raid path.
  6. Premium members want brilliant venture token x1 for daily dash round complete reward and 1x sparkling venture token in surprize prize. there is no sense of daily 15 hongmoon coins.
  7. Dude, when playerbase was 100x higher there was a lot of higher chance to get rare items! Your logic is nonsense
  8. Hello all, I've been experiencing a very frustrating thing, that's more than half year ago NCWEST released hongmoon pentagonal gems, and since 2 RNG box and 1 trove, there was 0,0001% of players got a single pentagonal gem from trove, from the 60 oils crit!!! I've been following NCWEST's release strategy since years, and i can say when a new gem came out, it was avaiable at that moment from RNG boxes or trove! Since we have wait a lot time for penta came out, you can only transmute them because there is no other real way to get them. Also the lower tier square ones are extremely rare( i
  9. Currently experiencing huge server respond time issues on Jinsoyun. Please check it!
  10. Thanks Nialen for sharing your experiences. I also very unsatisfied due i bought the 6 pet gem pack 2mins after server start after maintenance, and i got 6 hepta pet gems, and 4 duelers from RNG box. I supposed that it's have the same system like Hongmoon gem selection chests. They did not inform us about the gem rates are close to 0% regarding higher tiers. Also they didn't inform us regarding you will get RNG box after RNG box. Good job of spending 100€ on thing you didn't really needed. Support didn't deal with me. It's working as intended and they give no refunds even NCSOFT didn't
  11. Hello everyone, I think the topic name says a lot about solving the Elder scale missing problem...There is too many scales need to our upgrades and right now there is too low income oppurtunity. Please make ways to craft the scales just like Onyx and etc scales!
  12. 110 vial from true tiger to true brightwill. LEL expected more reductions....
  13. Hello, I'm curious about where is the Producer's letter you promised very soon in the last preview... just can't imagine which part is so difficult to NCWest in communicating with community. RU/KR/CHN got the 2020/1 plan, only EU/NA don't get it....as always.. @Cyan @Hime please try to push Nico about it. Thanks
  14. Hello NC employee's At really first, i need an explanation why did you change the player limit at Hunter's refuge map from 300 to 50, and now to 200, when you originally stated 300 at patch notes. Secondly, I recommend that make additional channels to this map( 3-5 total),but don't give chance to change between channels!! Because there are many people who want to participate in this event, but after the loading screen ends, only can see many many people standing in front of the gate!! There are guilds who killing the non guild members and recruiting their people from outside, ergo af
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