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  1. Jinsoyun server lag

    Currently experiencing huge server respond time issues on Jinsoyun. Please check it!
  2. pet gem bundle experience

    Thanks Nialen for sharing your experiences. I also very unsatisfied due i bought the 6 pet gem pack 2mins after server start after maintenance, and i got 6 hepta pet gems, and 4 duelers from RNG box. I supposed that it's have the same system like Hongmoon gem selection chests. They did not inform us about the gem rates are close to 0% regarding higher tiers. Also they didn't inform us regarding you will get RNG box after RNG box. Good job of spending 100€ on thing you didn't really needed. Support didn't deal with me. It's working as intended and they give no refunds even NCSOFT didn't informed you in every part of their product. In my eyes, they were cheated me.
  3. Hello everyone, I think the topic name says a lot about solving the Elder scale missing problem...There is too many scales need to our upgrades and right now there is too low income oppurtunity. Please make ways to craft the scales just like Onyx and etc scales!
  4. Soul cost adjustments?

    110 vial from true tiger to true brightwill. LEL expected more reductions....
  5. Where is Producer's letter?

    Hello, I'm curious about where is the Producer's letter you promised very soon in the last preview... just can't imagine which part is so difficult to NCWest in communicating with community. RU/KR/CHN got the 2020/1 plan, only EU/NA don't get always.. @Cyan @Hime please try to push Nico about it. Thanks
  6. Hello NC employee's At really first, i need an explanation why did you change the player limit at Hunter's refuge map from 300 to 50, and now to 200, when you originally stated 300 at patch notes. Secondly, I recommend that make additional channels to this map( 3-5 total),but don't give chance to change between channels!! Because there are many people who want to participate in this event, but after the loading screen ends, only can see many many people standing in front of the gate!! There are guilds who killing the non guild members and recruiting their people from outside, ergo after the event started shortly, the playerbase not changing inside, because members dont kill each other!! In this case, the same playerbase ( all of ~2%) can take part the event every day! You think it's fair? Give opportunity to higher number of playerbase! There are many people who have slower PC, or not endgame PVP gear guild.... Hoping you will think about it before event ends. Thanks
  7. Santa claus bankrupt,Christmas gifts NOT in 2k19

    Im shocked what happens to different regions. We only get tomorrow NO WORTH DEALS , not discounted gifts. Every time make us feel idiot fools buying worthless things expensive .
  8. Talisman Cost Adjustment and Crafting Changes Coming

    Thank you for the information @Cyan! Could we know something about Hongsil's Table Treasure? How it will work? rewards? prices?
  9. Greetings to NCSOFT employee's! I regret to say to you by the name of all Force Master users that you nerfed the Force Master with the awakened patch far far down from other classes in PvP. I have spoken with many FM-s from the top 30( im also top23 right now) EU BG players and we are all shocked by theese skill changes: Fire Spec: -deleted blocker impact, it means we are dangerously unsheltered against melee attacks... can you imagine that?? -KD skill inserted to frost stance. that's make FM take more time to switch from fire to frost stance to use KD skill, it looses too much valuable time when attacking. -Asteroid nad fire dance have 2 sec !!!CASTING!!!! time. Are you kidding us? While FM start to cast a spell, three players going to CC and instant kill it. There is no reason for use theese skills while have casting time on them. For real, tell a single class which have casting time on main damaging skills? ONLY FM! And i saw videos from other country server that awakened FM can move and combat during casting asteroid skill..... Recommendation: -implement block impact to fire talent -delete casting time from Asteroid, Flame Dance Frost spec: -The main problem that there is absolutely no DMG dealt in this specialization. Wardens can deal easily deal 5-6 million DMG per one round, while FM 1-2M. Painfully unfair!!! -Cast time on Frost Tornado and Ice Comet. I told what the problem about this on the bottom. Recommendation: -increase the DMG deal of frost attack skills -delete casting time from Frost Tornado, Ice Comet. We all hope that you can feel that it's very huge problem that will/already makes/maked many FM mains leave the game. I,/we have years a lot of invested time and real money for high PvP gear and right now for us the PvP unenjoyable. I belive that together we can restore FM power again to PvP. If you have questions, about further experiments, please let me know. Waiting for the kindly reply of moderator or CoMa about this situation. FM population
  10. Massive DC

    Got disconnected during HH final boss fight, now tells me server is under maintenance. i hope you can reset Jinsoyun as quickly as possible.
  11. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    Thank you NCSoft you screwed us up again. Another precedent that you don't thinking how many people make you angry with your misinformations. I buyed a TONS of radiant energy from market 15-17G and buyed from hongmoon store for 30!!!Ncoin..... 2 Ncoin / 1 G ==> 15G / Radiant...can you thinking??!!! Personally I lost about a thousand gold of your " last minute sorry for change".... but another players???? we speaking about total ten thousands of radiant energyes ingame.... ten thousands *6-7G for screwing up is unbelievable from you..... If you can decide at the last minute , i demand that give the players back the TRUE VALUE of the radiant energyes which was 15-17G before your "last minute change", this is the MINIMUM after you misinform us with lies!!! Most of people are expected to change HM gems and mostly concentrated about radiants.... If it will be not happen, im surely out of this game. I don't want to play NCLIE$oft screwing games anymore. Thanks for understanding. I hope it will not impact you.
  12. Suggestion about evolved stones

    Do you think it would be so easy? Then you did not truly thinked it. You need 25 Evolved Stones + 10? Elysian Orbs + 1 Demon Spirit Stone to craft 1 Oil. And you need around 120 of them to max it, but minimum 35 to get an useful stage. It takes around months to upgrade it..... Really, it's very easy....and now it would be taking many years to upgrade it. And now we are behind of whales many
  13. Suggestion about evolved stones

    Greetings to everyone, I don't understand, why do you need to the Evolved Stones be implemented at Zaiwei, Grimhorn,(Beastbog Bay-Lee chest have 100% change to give Evo stones 1-3)......theese are timed-out places for endgame players and there is absolutely no reason to go there! I have only been once at Grimhorn, to change my wep chest which needed to Baleful stage3, lol. By the way, I'm also experienced that normal treasure troves (from harvest, beastbog, plog sanctum) have almost 0% chance to give Evolved stone... However, I have idea which places can be best solutions. In my opinion, going to timed- out places to get something is very pathetic. Why not input this material to current player centrals of the game? To Solo players: 1. - ToI - Higher the loot, higher the change to get 1 Evolved Stone. 2. - Mushin Tower 19-20. Yunsang should be reward us haha. Normally 1 Stone, rare chance to get 5 stone, like moonstone bundles at Naksun. It would be cool! Team play/ PvP: 1. - I loved Celestial event! There were about hundred players on every channel that time. My idea is, insert Evolved stones to Celestial pouches! 1 stone in 1 pouch, 50% chance to get it. Also from trader merchant if you make it tradeable for 1000-1500peaches, Im 100% sure, a lot of people will go there to make quests and farm bosses. So, it would be plus one reason, to farm peaches! 2. - Those who farm from PvP, make tradeable Evolved Stone from Zen Beans/ Battleground Points. For Example 1000BG point/ 1500 Zen Beans for it. I hope that theese words will make sense to community/Dev team, and if some points of theese come true, that will make many players happier and this will start a real way to upgrade souls, not only from hongmoon store boxes, and rarely from events.