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  1. Right now have huge lag in eu servers cant even enter dungeon. @Hime
  2. Is there any chance that you can add ethereal vials with login rewards in the next event ? Please @Hime its really hard to get from hard mode dungeons 🙂 ...
  3. yeah but clan bonus is gone !
  4. What is going on i was in dungeon then dc. Any info please @Hime
  5. ohh its working now thank you 🙂
  6. F10 hm coin tab is not working. Can you please fix it ?.@Hime
  7. Today's Specials says "preparing the item" but nothing happen. i think its broken. @Hime
  8. After new patch its gone i think cause about big patch. After next maint i hope they add 2nd channel back... :). 1 is not really enough.
  9. interesting i really dont know this. i open 120 key yesterday but i open them 5 by 5. So i dont know its working or not :S.
  10. i opened 56 keys and my bonus setting is gone. Trove just resetted and i cant get bonus. any news about who bought key? @Hime ?
  11. Other troves when it was broken we get our keys back! i hope they will send our keys back as compansation.
  12. Hello, i think trove is broken i cant see the bonus settings! Can we get back our keys? @Hime Thank you
  13. i %100 agree with Shiro. We need more playerbase friendly stuff or game will die. Maybe dead allready but we need to help with good ideas to bring this game live again!
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