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  1. Résolution du problème d’obtention de Cohésion après le niveau 150. Une récompense de 50g a été ajouté pour la complétion de 2, 4 et 5 Défis hebdomadaires. Un total de 150g peut être obtenu.
  2. how to get premium

    Hello, Could you contact our Support team with all relevant info ? They'll help you find a solution. https://support.bladeandsoul.com/
  3. mise à jour

    Bonjour, Le doublage a malheureusement été retardé par la crise sanitaire. Nous sommes désolés du désagrément.
  4. Can't press confirm

    Hi MelyBB, Please feel free to contact Support about this issue: https://support.bladeandsoul.com/
  5. Pack de Costume des ténèbres

    Bonjour, As-tu été voir dans ton compte sur le site, section code ?
  6. i need help !

    Hello, Please feel free to contact Support. They'll help you troubleshoot the issue: https://support.bladeandsoul.com/
  7. Why do I encounter these installation problems?

    Hello, Best would be to contact Support about it. Make sure to include any relevant detail. https://support.bladeandsoul.com/
  8. NClauncher 2 installer not working??

    You can also contact Support directly at support@bladeandsoul.com if the online form doesn't work for you.
  9. Returning Player Guide

    Hello, You might find this topic useful:
  10. Feels good being a GM (Weird BUG)

    Hello, Is the issue still there for you ? You can contact Support about it if that's the case. https://support.bladeandsoul.com/
  11. Lyn Character Model Bugged

    Hello, We encourage you to reach Support about this issue. They should be able to help you. https://support.bladeandsoul.com/
  12. Disconnected from server

    Hey guys, did you contact Support about it ? You may do so here: https://support.bladeandsoul.com/
  13. BNS crash Report

    Hello everyone, First and foremost, did you contact Support about this issue ? https://support.bladeandsoul.com/ You may also write to support@bladeandsoul.com Just in case, you may want to give the client's Repair option a try. Cheers ~
  14. Looking For Clan

    Yura is North America, Jinsoyun is Europe.
  15. Looking For Clan

    Hiya, I moved your topic to the server dedicated sub-forums which is where those kind of topics belong. Assumed you were on Yura but let me know if you play on Jinsoyun instead and I'll move it again.