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  1. There was a relatively recent thread dealing with RX5700 series:
  2. Needed Changes for Way of the Spinning Storm

    Hey again guys, This is unrelated to Rolling Typhoon skill. Also, this is not a bug. NPC is in animation lock before it can be killed. Other NPCs like Naksun also do this. NPC can be killed after animation ends. This is unrelated to Rolling Typhoon skill. Dreamsong Theater - Kamahage case occurs when Boss mechanic HP threshold passes while the Boss is in animation lock for tanker range check. If the Tanker goes too far away from the boss, the boss will do a tanker range check and will then phantom grips the tanker. If the Boss passes certain HP threshold during phantom grip animation, HP mechanics will not be triggered. The Brood Chamber - Nacha case could indeed be reproduced by QA though and has been added to Known Issues.
  3. Bonjour, S'il s'agit bien du Chapitre 1 de l'Acte 11, c'est que vous avez atteint la fin de l'histoire actuellement disponible. :)
  4. Needed Changes for Way of the Spinning Storm

    Hey guys, This issue could be reproduced by QA and has been added to Known Issues. Those issues could not be reproduced and would necessitate more info on gear, target and conditions. This could not be reproduced by QA. It was actually observed that Wind Charge does indeed process even if target evades. Those issues could not be reproduced by QA. Feedback was duly noted and will be forwarded to Devs. Cheers ~
  5. [Jinsoyun] Login Issues

    Issue seems to be resolved. :)
  6. [Jinsoyun] Login Issues

    Hi everyone, This is indeed an ongoing issue that is currently being looked into. We'll keep you updated on the issue here and on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BladeAndSoulOps
  7. Hello ganga2016, Are you on a VPN ? If that doesn't help, please consider contacting Support: https://support.bladeandsoul.com/hc/
  8. the game won't download -.- help please?

    Hi Kayato00, We advice contacting Support to troubleshoot the issue with them: https://support.bladeandsoul.com/hc/ However, reviewing those topics might also help you:
  9. Bonjour, Je me suis permis de fusionner ces deux sujets qui semblent traiter du même problème. Malgré mes recherches je n'ai pu trouver aucun problème équivalent côté Anglophone. Merci de nous dire si le problème persiste. Vous pouvez également contacter l'Assistance en leur décrivant le problème en détail: https://support.bladeandsoul.com/hc/fr
  10. Daily Log in Rewards

  11. Daily Log in Rewards

    Hi nice23, If you left click on an entry in your received item list, you can then right click on the attached items at the bottom right of the window to send them to your inventory.
  12. Warlock Bugs

    Hey everyone, About: All screenshots have been forwarded but QA could still not reliably reproduce the issue. However, a tracker was added including the screenshots for further investigation. Thanks again for the detailed reports.
  13. Dawnforged, Riftwalk, ...what?!

    Hi Niriko, Lots have changed indeed since Hongmoon weapons. I took the liberty of moving your topic here where it should get more visibility from fellow players to help you catching up. Let me know if you want it back to the Summoner specific forum though. ^^
  14. Débloquer le Havre de Lune ?

    Bonjour, vous devriez recevoir la quête automatiquement en progressant dans l'histoire. Concentrez vous sur les quêtes jaunes, violettes et oranges. Si vous avez assez progressé dans vos quêtes principales, vous devriez recevoir la quête en question au niveau HM13.