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  1. So from weeklies etc. I have been collecting sacred vials for over a year, average of like 4 sacred vials per week and today I wasted 480 sacred vials trying to upgrade my soul from +14 to +15 and I wasn't able to even upgrade it ONCE. We already had an issue before this with accessories having average upgrade cost around 250k gold from scratch to +20 neither did the gold issue really get fixed yet on top of it and now we get this patch with soul/pet upgrades where it costs 8000 oils like Shiro mentioned on average to max soul from 0 to 20, with current market prices that's 6,120,000 gold~ thi
  2. Do you have any of the key fragments? I know I only had those not the whole keys themselves.
  3. Last time we had something similiar related to an item soul iirc? But doubt it's that this time although could it be some event currency for example?
  4. +1 now we even got new solo dungeon that gives us good amount of runes, but fusing them also eats a lot of gold we really need some better gold sources and good example for that would be kaebi village in KR.
  5. Fixing multi client wouldn't stop them from wintrading, because they can do it with their friends still. They're also creating dozens of characters with free vouchers etc. and benefit from it even more, that's why they should just remove hongmoon coins from season rewards in pvp ladders as far as I know other regions don't even have HM coins in their pvp ladders, but we still do for some reason. That would be at least easiest fix now, then there wouldn't be any reason for wintraders to wintrade if they don't benefit from it and to keep PvP alive they should just updated the PVP sho
  6. Hongmoon coins should just be removed from arena and battlegrounds like they are in other regions as well, and zen beans/battle points shops should be updated to give more valuable stuff than it currently does which would give people reason to not stop doing pvp completely.
  7. Yeah that sounds like a great idea aswell! But after lyn assassin.
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