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  1. you mean Golden Deva you go near the lions, make them wake up, kill them, get orb to put into lantern either side of Deva
  2. you had your perfect 8 set after 48 hours, yet it is not rushing the dungeon and being done? hmmm paradox
  3. we have auto-combat activated in Sanctum of Masters but Aero and Basin is riddled with bots
  4. competitive clans don't always post in the search window, most of them taking members they see in dungeons or any other content social clans give you some discount on things so join one even if people don't show online
  5. most people just run thru and finish story to get to lvl60 to get gear needed to start farming better gear soulboost helps alot too the clans you refer to are social clans probably
  6. took ages for that to happen, so will take ages now too
  7. you can transmute Grand Celestial stones to weapon, the last part of story gives upgrade material for that weapon
  8. thank you for the efford you put in to this, indeed some packages arrived today
  9. I can login to every alt, my main is login error got a good ammount of peaches on it thou had keys on alts but as I said could login to those
  10. recruit your ap lvl, do mechanics, takes time but you can do it
  11. not much, just do mechanics, I think the current soul boost gear is more than enough
  12. Wolfengel is not just doing F11 and yes I know he didn't get a smack (1 ring on all chars) we know that the drop chances are higher at higher lvls dw
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