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  1. why would you play with high settings in BM raid if it gives you problems IA and ET you still need to buy charms and food for, IA just recently came out with it so won't happen too fast for BM
  2. got both Ruby and Amethyst from Primeweald, Ruby on 2 chars from Ebon Moon Refuge gave me Ruby as well the time they were the highest free obtainable gems
  3. that automated system Hime talks about really does not work, so probably never turned on when 10 people stand on same spots thru out Primeweald it surely would have triggered it
  4. lol rly SamSalaBim, thats all you have to say about it? has nothing to do with mobo, cpu, gpu, to put event dungeon in Mushin was a really bad move
  5. the question still is: did you kill boss at stg10 cause if you didn't you will be stg9 ranking
  6. 5+ into event, still only 1 channel
  7. yea, the only thing account bound is the necklace nobody wants and needs from ET
  8. I guess for them its dead content, that we worked our ***** off to upgrade them to stg10 doesn't matter to them tried support for it, they just refer to website, that page doesn't tell you anything but "certain accessories" I guess its just use GC non upgradeable accessories until you have enough gold to get IA which isn't spec reliable you can't do it over again cause theres no more upgradeable GC accessories
  9. the devs don't listen to our GMs thats for sure
  10. @Hime 3+ days in to it, still only 1 channel, still people standing on top of each other to get at least, if lucky, 1 mob killed so where is the automated system? maybe should turn it on for it to work
  11. Mushin even crashes my chars on 64-bit client, to put event dungeon there is a stupid move I never crash in raid when using 32-bit so not quite true Azaethal the Reaver Emblem yea lol well..... had my share of conversation with support, sorry to say still no really good explanation why suddenly Celestial acc are taken out of the equation
  12. I was told from support that the Celestial accessories only get from new boxes (hideous stg5 stat gear) 3rd spec stat even thou there is Reaver Emblem in Dragon Express (which they say can be used on certain raid accessories) I am thinking hmmm what accessories Celestial can be changed, Silversteel need no change cause they are not spec reliant aka they have all specs in stats I was told to go to website to check what could be changed, exactly the same phrase comes up "certain raid accessories" on request they pls explain what accessories Reaver Emblem works no answer yet
  13. they don't steal your money, you give it willingly they didn't remove the moonlit souls from just affected players they removed them from system, which means they don't know if you had or not
  14. no, I could change fm and summ to 3rd spec TT the bracelet now works
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