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  1. if you have a character you feel can't lfp in f8, gear up before you do then Idm people having lower gear, but at least show you are willing to gear up
  2. people just see what they want to see: oh no more 4 spins? why? I have to complain about it!!!
  3. its 400 remnants for a key thou
  4. omg rly, defending NcSoft by stating the obvious? 🤣
  5. well, the cc's kd's can easily be avoided by iframes, maybe go f12 and check out the training so you better understand what happens and what is Murderer, there is no class called like that in blade and soul
  6. I asked why not open when they got it from dungeon, you can't open any more I know that the CtA I didn't know was effecting that pot too thou, mb
  7. those psyches are like all other psyches a lucky drop
  8. why not open them and use everything once you had them why should support give back gold you choose to use on loot
  9. lol nice try, its a game, its free stuff, they choose what to do with it
  10. he is not forced to play anything, he chooses play bns and whine about everything, boss hp is good, alts ofc need to get geared eventually to do any content cause the higher the starting gear is the higher the dungeon difficulty gets
  11. lol I see those complains every day in faction chat, whine this whine that, its an MMO, you have ton of fun stuff you can do if you don't see the fun in a game just leave
  12. easy mode dungeons people just lfp, I do that all the time anyways, I don't care about their gear (if its not raven gear, some just don't care to gear up with story gear), TC is tricky with boss1 having short enrage time, if you are joining with low gear ofc you will need do at least one phase (most players don't care to learn cause high gears are "carry") if you don't care listen and learn I don't carry, its that simple
  13. its not the Ryzen CPU thats for sure, I have one and my game works just fine, 100 fps in non crowded areas and 60 fps in crowded, thats a whole lot more than the 10 fps in UE3 in dungeons and raids my fps is at steady 60
  14. Ajanara wasn't over crowded yesterday so I guess the 50+ didn't show up
  15. why in an MMO you want dungeons be soloable, its a multiplayer game, even if I could solo most of it in UE3 I never did cause I wanted new players have a chance to experience those dungeons turns out thou, most of those players didn't want to learn any mechanics (some were still needed), a free carry was all they saw when they saw my ap the ones listening and doing stuff I welcome to my runs with open arms
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