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  1. who says they are wintrading, people work different times, they are unemployed or w/e the reason is to play at that time
  2. you really thing Nc would make the efford to do that? fishing has a meaning as in get materials
  3. I always get answer within 2 days
  4. check in f10 every update, find a rng box for outfits that give designer thread when salvaged, nobody got those for free
  5. most of the players you see in f11 have played this game since start, you cannot expect to get bis gear for just playing a while, it takes time and efford to get geared 390 sacred vials is to get to top soul probably, we didn't get there in a hurry and neither will you new players get so much gear for free, gear we had to work for over the years we've played
  6. I think those soulshields only come up after raid has been for a while
  7. depends what spec you are on, all the purple quests are to be done on 1st spec if I remember right
  8. the answer you will get from support is: "working as intended"
  9. we've noticed you don't want to use your brain, easy mode isn't like weekly pug raid, either start learning or be without it
  10. we will get more and more rng, theres nothing we can do about, just accept the fact
  11. why would it be zero reason, alot of players are at 210 so their unity points go wasted new players aren't that high, but then again, we've worked hard to go that far, so why should we suffer?
  12. @HimeI hope you will look at the current f8 bug soon, when people in same party see 3 different postings (for each char we saw different recruites on left side) not seeing our own post, the zone post under recruit messages can't be accessed cause wrong format of posting what ever that means it is already difficult to recruit for parties, don't make it even more difficult for people to finish CtA event
  13. the stg1 grand celestial box gave weapon stg1, why wouldn't it continue give 1 upgrade in each box?
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