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  1. server disconnection

    lol appears to have been resolved by now, yea right, this has been going on for at least 2 years on and off
  2. SO fm killing bg like gunner did.

    why do some people automatically say players cheat when they get defeated?
  3. Can we get more options for weeklies?

    I mean, if you don't have time to do 7 weeklies on "all alts" maybe consider not to have so many chars or do dailies on some of them? I have 6 chars which is few in this game, I only do some weeklies on 2 of them and full weeklies on main. The weekly dungeon quests are supposed to be done during week, No problem there or is it? Problem solved
  4. Stream

    where is EU/NA stream for new system, items and event? seems every area getting it exept us good job, very good job
  5. that seems to be every time EU server crashes, NA never does same time
  6. What everyone's thinking?

    @Imoutomaster, I am very sure we don't get any Ascension orb fragments from dailies any more, so still having those quests for dailies (at least Heavens Mandate) will soon be impossible to finish
  7. Good Job

    theres one more problem, before you could go pve weap all the way to highest, now you need to switch over to GC weapon before you can switch over to lionroar3 my summoner doesn't use raid weapon so it was a good thing to go pve all the way. now I need GC weap mat + 8 pts? wow good job
  8. temple of eluvium is impossible to find and do.

    I've seen the 2k requirement too, the thing is, he gets in high geared people, then switches to undergeared alt and gets carried :-P
  9. Patchnotes

    Same, wanted to see if its worth doing the dailies in the morning, only taking 3/5/7 reward after maintenance
  10. Armory chest(s) - missing stuff!

    oh but we should be greatful they at least gave us 10 for free, thats 50g saved yay
  11. From bad to worse

    in a 6-man party you wipe? not seen this ever, nor CS nor HM
  12. New event

    well my alts are beyond TT so alt can't use it either. I don't even have 7 wins on my main lol. When I was new to this game (4 years ago) I tried 1v1, but that time there was alot of bots in game so that was no fun, never touched pvp after that
  13. New event

    well I have all TT acc and weapon, I don't pvp so that stage won't be opened. good thing the necklace is in first box. Still for a new player it will be a struggle to open all stages. As for the community keeping it civilized ehmmmm no comment
  14. New event

    Seriously, low lvl players need to kill Mao twice to get the material to open jackpot for TT weap/acc? People that can do that and TT/ET don't need the stuff thats available in jackpot. The said player can't enjoy anything else available for event token, cause he will need those to get TT/ET remenant to open the last stages. then he needs 350 gold to get the bait for the 50k pearls needed. Not to talk about pvp remenants when pvp area is open only certain hours a day. I was looking forward to that jackpot, it did give some good stuff when it still was free to open (without keys) now if I want to be able to open it I will need to do that on my main char that don't need that stuff any more. Ebon Realm will be swamped with pvp players again (or clans that decide on wich channel will be their own) 10 000 blooms for wings will be unreachable for everyone else. Put auto-hunt to the equation the players in those clans + their alts will have more obsidians/garnets then needed and brag about how many players come into that area and get killed at entrance. Hunters Refuge replay