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  1. in the last month my game crashes at least twice a day, I think I've wasted at least 3 orbs for heavens mandate, cause game crash right after I use it.
  2. Hi there, welcome back to the game I would advice you to do the yellow story quest, you will get most of the things you need (weapon accessories etc) do the purple quests, the orange quests up until raids, Temple of Eluvium, if you haven't done it before and Nightfall Sanctuary are one time solo quests to get the orange quest all done. you will be lvl 60 in no time have fun 😊
  3. lets make a list and send to devs/mods
  4. How come Hive queens heart still cost 1g/each to send to alts? those are outdated a long time ago, same with grand celestial steel, those are 3g/each by now the cost for Hqh should be silvers and maybe the gcs 1g
  5. that doesn't make area less laggy luzt, more channels we won't see either cause after a while people will stop farming in there cause of all problems
  6. well, some of them are some aren't, its BnS logic what else can I say that the transmute stopped was pretty obvious already, why wait until "last redeemable day" NA didn't have a chance to transmute either if they waited until after mainenance
  7. I have 7 characters that are finished with story and all the surrounding stuff. never seen a blue windstride, sorry
  8. I've never heard of a blue windstride, where you find that?
  9. the good stuff for event has been taken off for a while right after event ends. if you have so many token why not start using them right before event end. we probably got the extended maintenance cause EU would have had advantage over NA yet again. so before this event ends be sure to do everything in advance so you don't get stuck. we probably will get another extended maintenance at every event end, just get used to it
  10. I started to take screenshots of those and send to support. Its like that in EU as well, as soon as I see a char standing still in dungeon I just leave, not going to support their habbit of abusing the system
  11. I agree with Grimoir, a game is ment to be played, not just giving end game gear so new players don't know what they are doing joining most end game stuff. I've been playing this game for almost 5 years now, its shocking how much new players get, we needed to work for our gear and had much fun doing that. As for event, let NcSoft surprise us, I mean it can't be worse then anything else we had.
  12. if you click on to see the whole loot you can get the window to go back to normal position, thou its a bug so next loot will be same
  13. Well, NA doesn't have that opportunity, why are you even still whining about it. we had it at so many events so maybe they decided enough is enough. NA didn't get extra H letter so it equals out?
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