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  1. LF BB 2.6k+ IA Raid

    Hello, we are looking for a KFM/SIN, who supports our Team for Iron Arc, the new Raid. The requirement is you have decent gear and obtain round about 2.6k AP. We kill Boss 1 safe and still progressing Boss 2. In our Raid we bid on accs, weapon, costume, but distribute the soul shields fairly. There is no clan bond needed. If you are interested, just send a short message to me Nialen ingame so we can discuss further details privately. Best regards, Nialen
  2. pet gem bundle experience

    With my post I just wanted to share my experience with you, I did not want pity or anything like that. Just wanted to show you what the chances really look like. In addition, the support asked me to post it on forum because they don't seem to be able to do anything.
  3. pet gem bundle experience

    I have 2880 unity set bonus...dont need to buy unity stones Hmm, just a jelous and toxic player, i guess? if the support and developer continue this strategy, maybe i wont buy anymore. that's exactly what I meant by useless
  4. Hello there, Just want to let you know that the ulitmate pet gem bundle, the pet gem bundle and the treasured pet gem bundle are totally trash. I opened 3x ultimate pet gem bundle, 24x Pet Gem bundle and 2 treasured Pet Gem Bundle and didn´t receive any good pet gems. First of all you will receive 50 % heptagonal and 50 % triangle and no square.. then 50 % are pvp pet gems wich are totally uselees. So if there is someone who thinking about buying it, dont do it. You will be dissappointed and support tells you that it works as intended. Best regards, Nialen
  5. Liebes Blade and Soul-Team, es ergibt keinen Sinn Ranglistenbelohnungen zu verteilen, wenn die besagt Rangliste völlig kaputt ist: Danke für Nichts!
  6. Hey all, i want to discuss, that the unity exp should not be limited per day, because most ppl cant play every day, need to work, want to spent some time in rl or for other reasons. The cap should be limited per weeek or month. What you also could do, if you do not reach the limit on a day, you can farm the rest the next day or the day after tomorrow. Regards, Nialen
  7. Hi Blade-and-Soul-Team, ich habe gestern 1800 Truhen geöffnet und ich habe die Dreieckigen Juwelen vermißt, die in eurem Twitch-Kanal so sehr angepriesen wurden. Seid ihr sicher, dass die Chance Verhältnismäßig ist oder habt ihr euch einen kleinen Streich erlaubt? Wie wäre es in Zukunft mit einer realistischen Wahrscheinlichkeit und, ich hoffe ich stoße damit nicht auf Gegenwind, mit einer für alle einsehbaren Wahrscheinlichkeit? Dann können die Spieler sich etwas mehr mit der Wahrscheinlichkeit auseinander setzen und ihr könntet damit Vertrauen schaffen. Der Support versicherte mir nebulös, dass die Kisten so funktionieren wie gedacht, was wieder viel Interpretationsspielraum zuläßt. (,,The Grand Phantasmic Sacrophagus [...]work as intended") Liebe Grüße, Nialen
  8. Connection Problems

    To help us troubleshoot the problem you are having, please click "Send" to send us information about your system: << OS >> OS Version : Unknown Windows Version ServicePack : none Major Minor Build Version : 6.2.9200 << System >> 64bit OS Page Size : 4096 B Active Processor Mask : 255 Number Of Processor : 8 Processor Type : 8664 Processor Level : 6 Processor Revision : 40457 Processor Speed : 4200 MHz << Memory >> 7% of memory in use. Total Physical Memory : 2047 MB Avail Physical Memory : 2047 MB Total Paging File : 4095 MB Avail Paging File : 4095 MB Total User Address Space : 2047 MB Avail User Address Space : 1951 MB << Disk Storage >> Drive Name : C:\ Volume Name : Total Byte : 194.82 GB Used Byte : 147.34 GB Available Byte : 47.48 GB << Dns Query >> Update Server (1) Name : Address : (2) Name : Address : (3) Name : Address : Repository Server (1) Name : Address : (2) Name : Address : (3) Name : Address : DNS Server Address: Mask : << FileInfoFile Hash Value >> File Name : Hash Value : cb2f05b007bf0cb1c64153cc5b5f2bc5d7aa05cb File Name : FileInfoMap_BnS_82.dat Hash Value : e3987c77c40085f8c2b96c13937365afb6bb3201 << Error Message >> [Update Error] Could not connect to the update server. Please restart the Launcher. If this problem persists, contact Customer Support at htt
  9. New golden lotus whalevent

    These boxes do not pay off at all. The chances decreased in connection to the last boxes an their chances to get oils. Nobody will spend so much money on it. All who do it will be disappointed. That's the way it happened to me. I don´t believe that even anyone with lots of money will invest so much like in trove or last box event. That would be simply wasteful. This event is defenitely not for whales, cause i am a whale.
  10. Die Dropprate ist wirklich fürn *****. Ich habe glaube ich 1000 Kisten gekauft und habe nur mist rausbekommen. Von den heiligen Essenzen will ich gar nicht erst reden. Diese Kisten sind wirklich die schlechtesten, die ich jemals gekauft habe, gerade wenn man bedenkt, dass 50 Stück 5560 Ncoins (~70 €) kosten. Ich kann davon nur abraten die Dinger zu kaufen, das ist reine Kundenverarsche und Geldverschwendung