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  1. Hey. Got 1200 cores that i could use to gear up alts. If i could just send them over 😄 @Hime
  2. Hey @Hime we had a discussion about this like a year ago here But now when i uploaded a video for act 1 there is again.. 3 claims on that video. Just find it weird, But now it's not NCsound but another company.
  3. Imgur album with most of the crits Tho imgur only uploaded like 77 out of 100 pictures, it was just bugging. https://imgur.com/a/K0p3bH5
  4. Seems like you were just expecting a bit too much. But i also noticed that a lot of things are still low texture mush but other things also look a lot better now. It's just small things here and there i noticed. I never expected this to turn into the same high graphics as Black desert, But to just fix the combat performance, which for me, it did. I am very happy with how it turned out.
  5. It would've been nice if you just geared up some characters and went to run some dungeons or raids. Showing actual combat, not just standing around 🙂 People wanted to see how the UE4 perform in action.
  6. Well, that's a bummer, don't really have enough space on the SSD where i currently have BnS and if i download it on the HDD there would be longer loading screens.. I guess i could uninstall UE3 from the SSD, install it on the HDD then do the Pre-download to the SSD. But much hazzle.
  7. Hey Does the UE4 Pre-download just replace files from the UE3 folder or is the UE4 a whole new thing? Like would i need storage for both UE3 and Pre-download at the same time?
  8. Feels like Yura's hair would be profitable to just add to the permanent section of the store.
  9. The screenshot is from ingame shop, so nothing happens if you press F5.
  10. Nah, the different amount options just do not appear like they ususally do.
  11. When this question pops up on reddit i ususally tell them at least 100 GB free, as it needs double of the folder while downloading for some reason. and the folder is usually 50-60 Gigs after you have downloaded and played for a while
  12. Hey. So tried to recharge in order to get the new 2021 swimsuits and i'm met with this screen Is NCoin purchase disabled currently somehow? @Hime
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