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  1. Trove opening

    Probably the worst trove ever :D I have no idea why they keep making the trove worse and worse.. I miss the troves where i actully wanted to buy more keys because those felt worthwhile to do.. But this one.. they really ruined trove as well..
  2. Shining Summer Opening (150 Boxes)

    A few boxes ago NCsoft decided to remove Pet pods and Sacred vials from the "Box currency" tab, So nowdays i only open a few boxes for the video, While in the past when i could buy vials for the box currency i bought a lot more each event (I remember a box near Warden release where i got over 200 oils from the box currency) At one point i opened 750 boxes in one event :) This video ----------------> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmsrBOrHOVs But since they removed the vials from the currency tab i'm never gonna buy that many boxes at the same time again.
  3. 50 weekly challenge box Opening

    Thanks for the bump.
  4. Hey, So i recently noticed that my act 10 video had 2 "Copyright claims" from NCsoft.. Each being for 2 different songs that played for like 2 min at different parts of the 1hr 30 min video.. I like recording for this game.. so can you please either not put copy right music in the game or don't search youtube to try and shutdown the people making content for your game. I don't have monetization active on my channel either, i just record videos for fun. At least one of my cutscene videos got hit by this as well, Dono why you guys @Hime is doing this, but some explonation/reasoning would be appriciated.
  5. Tropical trove 2020

    Imgur https://imgur.com/a/KBMpVIe
  6. Stonescale Passage Cutscene

    and also full playlist if there are any other cutscenes you wanna re-watch https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGWAuK6_6ib3PeXO5pOC7XpRyz2szmzGH
  7. Like Kili is saying, Don't asia have it's own servers that more fit your time zones?
  8. Grand Master's Cache (200)

    Imgur https://i.imgur.com/LHjyX3w.png
  9. This was a long time ago tho, But it was the first thing that i thought of when i read the thread title. Since i had the gear to pretty much solo the first mini-boss guy in Snowjade fortress, I jumped in and pulled him, But got instant kicked from doing that. The guy diden't respond when i asked why he kicked me tho, So i never found out why he reacted like that to me pulling that Mini-boss