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  1. It will be explained once it appears on our version, They do streams before updates, when it comes you will be able to see what it's like on that stream or if you just watch some videos/stream from KR once they get it.
  2. My question is.. why are you asking about a feature that we haven't even gotten yet?
  3. New RNG outfit boxes

    I was asking in the chat if we were getting new boxes. But they never awnsered, so i just assumed not. Also, brett was using the new 2019 swimsuit on the warden, kind of a bummer that they diden't go over that one either.
  4. psyche drop rate

    Did HM train everyday Mines-Brood for at least 2 months until i had at least 4-5 psyches on all the items. Sandstorm dropped like crazy and it was the first thing i maxxed out, Had to do like 20 shadowmoor before the first psyche even dropped, Ransacked treasury was the last to max tho, after like 3 psyches (Those 3 dropped pretty fast) it just stopped dropping completly and i managed to get all Psyches i needed from Shadowmoor before the 4th dropped from RT.
  5. Now i wish cores were tradable, I have like 3000 Imperial cores. Would be nice if i could just give them to people who need em more.
  6. Unity

    I play destroyer, reaper destroyer. I can never play this game competitive because my class is bad for dps in the current state of the game and when put in a grp with high geared BM, Warden or summoner I will never be able to keep up.. So unless you play BM, summoner or warden, Why even try to keep up with other people? as you will always lose out to those 3 classes.
  7. 3rd Spec Release order?

    Why do people believe every single rumor they hear on the internet..? Just because someone posts "3rd spec release order" on reddit does not mean it should be taken as facts :D and considering the guy who posted it got downvoted a lot.. it should probably be seen as false then. Another guy also said that this was just a poster for the awakening patch that KR got back in september.
  8. Tropical Treasure Trove 350 Key Results

    He said "Appart from the Guaranteed crits" Edit: Well RiP.. I somehow managed to post at the exact same time as Spades.
  9. Tropical Treasure Trove 350 Key Results

    If you look at the screenshots i posted. There is no crit (outside of the Guaranteed crits) Between Key 197 and key 134, So that's almost 70 keys without crit.. Tho i dono if 150 without crit is possible, you gotta be very very unlucky then.
  10. Tropical Treasure Trove 350 Key Results

    Imgur https://imgur.com/a/wgcaCXN with all the crits as screenshots
  11. The Human side of BnS .....

    Back during launch it took me like a month to get to max level, Which was only 45 back then, Because i did look around and get distracted A LOT, But that was back then and the speed of the game has changed since then. Well, Imo it's a must to get to know people and find static grps for raids, Trains or Multi farms of the new place. Also "Grinding will get boring" is not really true unless you are one of those with Low attention span that have to have a new thing or a new excitement all the time. This past Saturday i did something like a 10-ish hour multi of the new place (50 runs or so) Not really something i will do again since i have the belt now, which was the goal and point of the farm.
  12. There are 3 bosses to kill, i'm sure one of them is up for you to kill. Otherwise just wait the 2 minutes :D
  13. All my Crits from 350 keys
  14. Opening way too many boxes

    It's not gambling. The 10 moonrise orb is a Guaranteed drop from each box, Thus no gambling involved. If it's outfits that you are after then to get the shadow ninja outfit (120 orbs) then you are guaranteed that outfit in 12 boxes, No gambling involved. It's the same as if you were to buy the outfit from Daily deal or the store. Each box is 139 NCOIN so 12 is 1668 NCoin which is pretty normal for such an outfit.