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  1. I was told by support that the new Mythical version of Poh soul shield is not above "Thornbreaker" in quality. My impression of them is that they just look up answers in a wiki, they don't play the game, they don't have any knowledge about the game or what certain terms or phrases mean. Just a Solution Wiki and nothing else. It's sad and frustrating that the playersbase knows more about the ins and outs of the actual game than the people you write to for help with ingame issues, Just depressing that we can not trust support to.. actually support
  2. When i changed from Destroyer to SF I clicked exchange on like 93 weapons. But imagine my shock when i had like 50 (Estimation, I did not count) axes still in the wardrobe Such as Urban legend, The Founder pack weap from 2016 and more were not changeable. Now weapon Visuals does not really matter for SF, so this is not an issue for me, and i rather keep them as axes any way so i can look at them like a museum still :D. But if i had switched to something where Weapon visual is more noticeable this might've been very frustrating.
  3. Check your insignia page and make sure you do not have the "Unlucky" special insignia equipted. That one takes away your ability to crit when an enemy hits you.
  4. UE 3 for comparison UE 3 Playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGWAuK6_6ib3PeXO5pOC7XpRyz2szmzGH
  5. UE 4 Playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGWAuK6_6ib118OnSnn59Si4y3uo2Dfot
  6. Have you discussed this with the warlocks on the academy discord? When i've asked stuff in the destroyer section of the discord those players are always very helpful.
  7. Trove is still sheet, Still not updated and still treats 1 Sanctum core as a Two star "Crit". We have not had any use for Cores in so long at this point. Why not just update the loot in the trove.. Why keep having the same useless crap. I miss the old troves, Back in TT days when you could get 20+ of the raid weap material within 300 keys. Nowdays.. it's just bad and it has been bad for the past 6 or so troves, It's maddening how much they've ruined this thing.
  8. All my crits from this trove (350 keys)
  9. It's not "missing" due to any bugg or problem. It is removed by choice. The KR version does not have it back either. It is gone.
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