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  1. Moon refuge - content outdated on launch

    I was quite shocked when i went to the vendor and saw all the very old things you could buy there. But i guess it's a zone for new players to progress without F8 or raids i guess.
  2. All my crits from 350 keys.

    Imgur https://imgur.com/a/TsONRW4
  3. a lil feedback

    There is nothing to do about it tho. If someone tries to help new players and post those dragon bone items for like a few coppers then someone will just buy them all to re-list them at 1g or more. There's a lot of greedy people in this game. Just ask in the faction chat if someone can send you 1 for free and people probably would
  4. What exactly will happen to Frozen orbs and black rose feathers? Will they be converted to new items? or will they just disappear in coppers?
  5. How much are you buffing Cold storage and heavens mandate? Will they still be soloable by geared characters? Or Will they have the same health as something like Brood chamber?
  6. Can i use seraph sword as a skin?

    That Seraph skin was in a trove a long long time ago and has since then not been available, Who knows if they ever release it again.
  7. Can i use seraph sword as a skin?

    You can look at it in the showroom, there is a weapon skin called searph. But you can not use the upgradable version as an appearence change.
  8. Requirement for accesory switch

    It all depends on the rest of your gear tbh. If you have aransu + VT badge + VT SS that's pretty much minimum that i'd consider "VT Gear" Since i mean.. Back when VT was new (August 2017) we had Raven 9, BT SS and stage 10 of BT acessories and stage 10 Sanctum bracelet, oath neck and destiny ring the first time we did it, and i woulden't call us "VT gear" without having any VT gear so to say
  9. request to merge servers

    Everyone is playing Cerulean on the NA servers (both of them) So just switch faction. No need for server change or merge
  10. Virgin Killer outfit censored?

    It looks like this in KR as well, When people say "Censored" They mean compared to what "Virgin killer sweater" looks like in Fan art or Real life. Just google it or something for reference pictures xD
  11. Weapon needed to upgrade dawnforged doesnt exist

    And Premium transformation stones costs 300g each.. and look how many of those you need for the raven & Aransu path.
  12. Cutting Edge Set

    A bit, i mean i would like to get a box for a future KFM if i ever make one. But on all my characters that are actully 55 i just did the quests until i got the weap for them.
  13. PvE/Raid Necklaces

    VT is Old neck. Prophecy is new neck. New stuff is better than old stuff. Just think of Prophecy as TT Quality acessory and it makes more sense that it's better. ET and Prophecy are on the same "Tier" of "New-ness" I guess so that's why they are similar in strength.