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  1. Opening way too many boxes

    It's not gambling. The 10 moonrise orb is a Guaranteed drop from each box, Thus no gambling involved. If it's outfits that you are after then to get the shadow ninja outfit (120 orbs) then you are guaranteed that outfit in 12 boxes, No gambling involved. It's the same as if you were to buy the outfit from Daily deal or the store. Each box is 139 NCOIN so 12 is 1668 NCoin which is pretty normal for such an outfit.
  2. Opening way too many boxes

    Sorry, I misunderstood your message i guess
  3. Opening way too many boxes

    Belgium has rules that prevent them from showing that content to you. Blame your goverment not NCsoft.
  4. Opening way too many boxes

    No complaints tbh. I just smile at how different the title is from the actual First post now. Considering his original title was "Don't buy boxes" and it was changed to "opening too many boxes"
  5. Opening way too many boxes

    I find it very weird, How the mods merged the threads, But is using the thread title i did, But using "heartkreuz91" as the original message and "Creator" of the thread.. so the title and his Message really dosen't go together. :D
  6. Opening way too many boxes

    Tbh, the box content is not what's important. (Tho it does help since Physches are made with Oils and not vials) But with the moonrise orbs you can buy pretty much anything you'd want :D Just see everything from the box as "Extra"
  7. Remove Cerulean faction/remove factions completely

    It's only EU that's mostly Crimson, Both of the NA Servers are mostly Cerulean. I've never had any trouble joining Crimson on my characters tho, I just keep clicking crimson until i get in, Or just come back to that guy later. There is no reason to ever go Cerulean on The EU "Jinsoyun" server.
  8. Most companies and games also give you "extra" if you buy the bigger amount of the ingame currency, BnS has never done that, which i have also always found very weird
  9. Question about costume collection system

    Don't see why you would discard something.. just put it in the showroom.
  10. Customer service

    Amazing how people have said that ever since the game launched.. over 3 years ago, the game is not going any where, anytime soon. I mean, Just look at Vindicus as an example, It just celebrated it's 8 year aniversary. Skyforge is also still around, and that's at 4 years now. and BnS is much more popular than those 2. So please stop saying that the game is dying or getting closed, As it won't happen anytime soon.
  11. Level 60 Voucher

    Well, there would be no point to use voucher if you were gonna do story any way, The voucher is there to skip the story so you can start doing max level stuff instantly.
  12. The Farewell

    WoW can be fun as a new player, Since you get to see all the zones, Dungeons, Classes and content for the first time. But as someone who has played wow activly since sept 2006 and until mid-legion I rather focus on BnS. I've seen most of what WoW has to offer and the current expansion dosen't really appeal to me
  13. The Farewell

    Sad to see you go and good luck in anything you might find yourself in, in the future. You'll be missed. "Looks at todays date... I hope this is not an April fools joke. "
  14. Just don't bother with it tbh, Until they change it to make it better or bring out a event to make it easier. The current system is pointless to try and do something with, way too low chance.