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  1. Stonescale Passage Cutscene

    and also full playlist if there are any other cutscenes you wanna re-watch https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGWAuK6_6ib3PeXO5pOC7XpRyz2szmzGH
  2. Like Kili is saying, Don't asia have it's own servers that more fit your time zones?
  3. Grand Master's Cache (200)

    Imgur https://i.imgur.com/LHjyX3w.png
  4. This was a long time ago tho, But it was the first thing that i thought of when i read the thread title. Since i had the gear to pretty much solo the first mini-boss guy in Snowjade fortress, I jumped in and pulled him, But got instant kicked from doing that. The guy diden't respond when i asked why he kicked me tho, So i never found out why he reacted like that to me pulling that Mini-boss
  5. Kolossos Prime Cutscene added to the playlist.

    Full playlist with all dungeon and raid cutscenes https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGWAuK6_6ib3PeXO5pOC7XpRyz2szmzGH
  6. Why the hell can you not mail Lights Out?

    You can't send any thing that is "sellable" after you equipt it, Same with all wings and such.
  7. trove 350 open key is bad... is very bad.

    My 350 keys for this trove, The fewest crits i've had in any trove xD It was horrible <3
  8. Cutscene playlist update.

    The most horrible thing is that the kill cutscene for BT, TT and possibly even ET happens 1 time and 1 time only.. if you missed it the first time you have to go to youtube or kill it with a different character.
  9. Cutscene playlist update.

    Intro Cutscene for Scarlet Empress added Full playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGWAuK6_6ib3PeXO5pOC7XpRyz2szmzGH
  10. [Suggestion] Buying NCoin Gives Bonus+ NCoin

    I was very suprised the first time (back in like 2016) when i saw that this game did not give "Bonus" om higher purchase, this was the first game that i ever saw that did not give bonuses.
  11. Fall Trove 2019

    Those that will spend the most are still the big whales that wanna gear their new alts.