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  1. Cutscene playlist update.

    The most horrible thing is that the kill cutscene for BT, TT and possibly even ET happens 1 time and 1 time only.. if you missed it the first time you have to go to youtube or kill it with a different character.
  2. Cutscene playlist update.

    Intro Cutscene for Scarlet Empress added Full playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGWAuK6_6ib3PeXO5pOC7XpRyz2szmzGH
  3. [Suggestion] Buying NCoin Gives Bonus+ NCoin

    I was very suprised the first time (back in like 2016) when i saw that this game did not give "Bonus" om higher purchase, this was the first game that i ever saw that did not give bonuses.
  4. Fall Trove 2019

    Those that will spend the most are still the big whales that wanna gear their new alts.
  5. Blade and Soul Beginner Guide

    If only they added links to this guide in the actual game tho.. not many players go to reddit or the forums in search of information like this.
  6. Fall Trove 2019

    I'm sure they will combine trove with archer release in september.
  7. we wish u very best Baskerville

    Best wishes to you with whatever the future might hold.
  8. Mao Gloves drop rate?

    Since you can buy Brood chamber gloves with RnG box currency, i've been doing that for all my alts. On my BM it took me 3 Hachi kills and 1 machi kills to get gloves (got them on the 3rd hachi kill) So yeah. the gloves have pretty decent drop rate as long as you're lucky ofc, it's all RnG in the end. can drop in 1 run or 1000 runs
  9. Blade and soul Simple Mode

    what are you skeptic about? Tbh, i dono what kind of dps the "Good clans" do. So i dono if my graft titan dps is lightweight to you guys.
  10. Blade and soul Simple Mode

    That's my dps on ET first boss with simple mode.. Like really.. why do you dislike simple mode so much?
  11. [B&S] Blade and Soul Performance Issues

    I noticed that Mushin's tower was a lot less laggy. So they did something.
  12. Are you deliberately trolling with these events?

    Tbh i dono why people are making a big deal out of this... again. The only thing you can get from stage 4 are the cosmetic wings and the 2hr weapon. The boss himself does not drop any event currency. Are you making this fuss because you want those wings? or what's this all about.
  13. [B&S] Blade and Soul Performance Issues

    It's almost like you diden't read the patch notes on what is coming today,
  14. Dreamsong Challenge Tokens antiqued

    Same as with ToI tickets, When season ends they go away. Just spend them fast so they don't get antiqued :)