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  1. BnS lagging

    i remember on 1709-1809 or some of this, have problems with protection, you need to go to exploit windows antivirus and turn off first 2 options and sehop, but think ya just update to last windows update and if problem persist replay
  2. Update System Requirements maybe ?

    put object display visibility to 1, shadow to 1 and sfx quality to 1, other can be 4-5, and about hardware gtx1050+ , cpu old 7700k/8700k or 9600k/9700k all OC and you are guchi, ryzen is bad for this game because of single core performance, but need to see tests of 3k ryzen, 1-2k series is bad
  3. is no announce because is delayed by 1 week, will be not on 8 but on 15 (toi and daily dash until 15May)
  4. Russian Patch comparison

    what will be great news for players is considering ru have Patch at 14 may, we need to have at 8 but because May 1 is server 3 in 1, think this 1 week delay will be for Patch to, so think patch will be at 15 May to Eu/Na, i see daily dash is extended to 15 May so yep, =( p.s. - so fanny then Na/Eu are released with ~4month before Ru, and have patch all time before Ru (1 week) now will have after Ru server xD
  5. Great skill update but after patch i see on TT fps drop from 35-55 to 22-26 in battle, ok TT more people but some time i see 25fps on simple dungeon, and sfx quality for other is off, so is any solution or future patch what can fix this ? (non battle 75-120) my system 7700k/gtx1060/16gb ram/ssd
  6. Unreal Engine 4?

    ue 4 will be on KR august plus, so in na/eu will be more close to December or same time
  7. lets speak about talisman (Brain item) we need a normal price before patch, or we need pet pods to be farmable on new map
  8. so maybe some real material cost for New item 370 pet pod 850 elysian crystal 850 moonstones crystal 119 onyx scale even 100 ped pod is hight but 370 why not some 20 oils or 50 and 50 onyx scales but this is visa2win, we can farm oils but how to farm pet pod (only f10)
  9. F2 Fix

    UE 4 will not be until minimum September or next year
  10. Game not launching after windows 10 1809 update

    you need to go to windows antivirus> enter on exploit protection, and put off 3 protection, CFG DEP SeHop
  11. Nightfall Sanctuary: The Shield Bearer Compensation

    5x Grand Celestial Wings, 5x Blood Pearls and 50 Gold ???? you seriously ? is better to give us a free reset but will not be because we don't have it, just give add trove keys ~10-20, but in fact will not compensate what we lost
  12. better bns support to find fast fix, because - deactivation of security = ncsoft want we to have vulnerable , disable update of windows = violation of the terms of the license agreement win 10
  13. done add event Faulting application name: xcoronahost.xem, version:, time stamp: 0x5a6579d3 Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, version: 10.0.17134.1, time stamp: 0xc8733c73 Exception code: 0xc0000409 Fault offset: 0x00062324 Faulting process id: 0x2020 Faulting application start time: 0x01d3e14951e961da Faulting application path: C:\Games\BnS\bin64\XignCode\xcoronahost.xem Faulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll Report Id: c4671bee-9546-4a7c-8242-9cadb2f1f122 Faulting package full name: Faulting package-relative application ID:
  14. think support doesn't support build 1803 xD, i know some people who play in this build but he use not original client, i will stay some days at x32 if support team will not fix then will need to downgrade or to use other solution to play x64 but i don't want. best solution is support will tell us - Yes we can Just do IT and do fix on tomorrow maintenance , but will be only on 9 may or never
  15. 3 solution, 1) to put back 1709, 2) to play x32 and wait x64, 3) to report this problem to support and i think 3 need to do to all because if support don't read forum we will not get fix in time