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  1. Premium Membership Revamp - i think is time

    nice to know, but don't take long to improve daily login rewards this is really nice. i suggest you add to create a new forum post official from NCsoft with suggestion events, seriously, today patch maybe is good for raid ppl but problem not all raid are capable with this huge dps, many raids rip, and event is not so great now and after maintenance , many ppl slacking more of 4 month, you need to be interest to speak with players/community to ask, to think, and decide how to do to be interesting not only to give just a event to be, ppl don't play game because is not interesting/boring, need good event to attract. for me personally this patch is again slacking, and disappointed no discount for ET 6-9 weapon.
  2. Premium Membership Revamp - i think is time

    to be true this event with add rewards what is now and end tomorrow is really great, and to think add options for revamp i better select this rewards, so NCsoft just put for permanent this and premium membership will be great to buy, is good for new/ for alts/ and for whales who need some core or elder scales
  3. Hi all i think is time to talk about Premium Membership bonuses Revamp, to be true some bonuses need to be improve and maybe add to pe in the list, i play from CBT and until now i have premium and still have for more of 280+ days. in this premium bonuses i like market discount but think need to be better, and like Remote Stash and pvp bonuses, other is like to old what i want - for example is to remove afk animation for all and animation of running. what i want to see - maybe some buffs for stats So let's talk what you personally think need to be improve or to be as new in the list, maybe NcSoft will think and maybe we will see in future (better this year or will be great on next 1-2 month)
  4. Suggestion how to stable Sacred oil cost

    yes but money doing not ncsoft but ppl.
  5. Hi all, first of all, i play from CBT so is long time, Sacred oil cost is not so good now, only maybe for who do money from this, so i suggest NCSOFT to think about this, now we have main farm of Sacred oils from Soulstone Plains, after is Midnight skypetale plains, some time f10 , so if to monitor F5 cost we can see evolve is high price so = oils will be high price, but why evolve is cost to much ? because soulstone key cost 12-15gold, (for ssp box need 2 ssp key) so solution 1 - is to change defense and captain badge box from 2 key to 1 key to open, this will give us price drop 100-200 gold solution 2 (and is the best for market and players) - is to change to simple key or free open box no key, in that case Sacred oil will drop 50%, if is 700-800 gold now will cost 300-400 p.s. - attention only ppl who do business will not like this, but suggestion is very good, if ncsoft will see this and will think about this.
  6. SSD's 850 vs 970

    860 Evo 500gb cost 80$ some time you can get with better discount
  7. SSD's 850 vs 970

    you look only at cost and speed but 500gb 850 vs 500gb 860 is big difference 5 Years or 150TBW Limited Warranty 5 Years or 300 TBW Limited Warranty (300TBW so will be for more years before ssd die) 860 Evo WIN Memory Speed Samsung 32 layer 3D V-NAND Samsung 512 MB LPDDR3 SDRAM Memory Speed Samsung 64 layer 3D V-NAND Samsung 512 MB LPDDR4 860 Evo DDR4 and 64 layer - so again WIN i have friends with 850 and 860 , 860 is more responsive then 850
  8. SSD's 850 vs 970

    hi man, i recommend to take 860 not 850 but 860, and if you take for mmo/bns, will not be improve in speed/loading, some time can be not so fast like simple sata, i will tell you why, game have many small files and m2 and sata have same speed on small files, so bns is not stable all time dif loading screen, if you work/rander/ use big filess yes, but for game not, regular solo games is like 1-4s, mmo will have same 1-2 some time m2 can load slower i have 1 hyperx savage C: OS + 1 game, D samsung evo 860 500gb games, E samsung 860 500gb trash file/move/...
  9. BnS lagging

    i remember on 1709-1809 or some of this, have problems with protection, you need to go to exploit windows antivirus and turn off first 2 options and sehop, but think ya just update to last windows update and if problem persist replay
  10. Update System Requirements maybe ?

    put object display visibility to 1, shadow to 1 and sfx quality to 1, other can be 4-5, and about hardware gtx1050+ , cpu old 7700k/8700k or 9600k/9700k all OC and you are guchi, ryzen is bad for this game because of single core performance, but need to see tests of 3k ryzen, 1-2k series is bad
  11. is no announce because is delayed by 1 week, will be not on 8 but on 15 (toi and daily dash until 15May)
  12. Russian Patch comparison

    what will be great news for players is considering ru have Patch at 14 may, we need to have at 8 but because May 1 is server 3 in 1, think this 1 week delay will be for Patch to, so think patch will be at 15 May to Eu/Na, i see daily dash is extended to 15 May so yep, =( p.s. - so fanny then Na/Eu are released with ~4month before Ru, and have patch all time before Ru (1 week) now will have after Ru server xD
  13. Great skill update but after patch i see on TT fps drop from 35-55 to 22-26 in battle, ok TT more people but some time i see 25fps on simple dungeon, and sfx quality for other is off, so is any solution or future patch what can fix this ? (non battle 75-120) my system 7700k/gtx1060/16gb ram/ssd
  14. Unreal Engine 4?

    ue 4 will be on KR august plus, so in na/eu will be more close to December or same time
  15. lets speak about talisman (Brain item) we need a normal price before patch, or we need pet pods to be farmable on new map