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  1. hi @Green Storm first thanks for ur reply. i see u dont understand to my comments as clear. people do not go to the website of a game they know nothing about and they do not follow them on the internet. What you say is not an advertising policy. You are far from even understanding what i want to say. This change seems to have solved all the problems in the game. thanks. In this way, it will be easier to farm gems in Poharan, to lower SS, to have acc. (This is my personal recommendation to you. Please open a character and try to
  2. guys. u are realy strange. i wrote somethings in here which my ideas for this game but u are interested to this is google translate or omg why there are not space between words. i play this game since 2014 and still i dont have a endgame char. The main thing that bothers me is not the item drop rates. i wrote a lot of thing about game not just rate. 1-the game does not have any advertising policy to attract new players to the game 2-There are no game officials who care about the interactive player community and really try to solve the problems.
  3. Hello. First of all, the reason I'm writing this ticket is to feel compelled. I have been playing this game with my friends for many years. Many of my friends have quit the game and still continue to quit. We enjoyed playing this game, but we resisted for a long time not to quit the game. I hope that a player who has been playing the game for a long time will consider what I wrote to save this game as positive comments. I'm sure many would agree on this. For a long time the game did nothing to encourage and draw the player into the game. First of all, there are no people who represent the
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