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  1. Can anyone provide info on how to play Shifting Blades properly, pretty please? 🙂
  2. I wasn't judging the spec as a whole, just how much fun to play it currently is in that level range. That's why I wrote that I will wait for all skills to get unlocked until I eventually decide. (Maybe I'll even switch specs situationally if this game lets you - generally not a good idea in games that have you acquire different kinds of gear sets for the same class in different specs, but I can't tell here yet). I assume that at level 60 it won't make sense for me to try and decide on which spec to use if I only know rotation/situational combos for one of the possible specs, cause that one wil
  3. So at level 19 I actually switched to Lotus - and found it pretty boring to play in comparison to Shifting, I hate to admit. Shifting is pretty complicated, but also a lot of fun to play, since at that level it's a lot of different options when handling trash, which is what leveling pretty much consists of. Whereas Lotus is pretty much LMB/RMB and everything's dead, before you can do any of the other stuff (at least since I don't have petals yet). Since I also like bursty specs a lot, I will probably stay with Shifting for now, at least until I have unlocked Lotus' key abilities. Looks like I
  4. Ups ok, thanks for pointing that out. Kinda hard to know what crosses lines in different games, since there are so many different policies. I kinda like the no-3rd-party-stuff-whatsoever approach that e.g. BDO has. I was just trying to understand what people are talking about in some places other than this. I'm not interested in doing that kind of stuff anyway 🙂
  5. Thank you SO MUCH, this is extremely helpful! I had actually joined the Discord you mentioned, but couldn't find class guides there. From what I had found out about the specs, I planned on primarily playing Lotus, especially for the frequent loss of ones own HP in Shifting, which just doesn't sound like a class mechanic I would want to deal with in an MMO, especially on more difficult content later on... Being level 15 only, I haven't been able to try Lotus yet (I believe it unlocks at 20) and am eager to try what you wrote here then. Only thing is, I'm a lefty, so I use Arrow Keys for move
  6. I know I'm pretty late to this party, but I see there's experts on double blade talking here. Could you maybe point me to a guide on both specs, preferably a written one? That'd be much apreciated, since there is sadly no class subforum for double blade here. I have also opened a topic on this, if you want some more information why I'm asking: TY!
  7. Hey fellow players, new player here. First of all I'm awed by the sheer beauty of this game - as well as overwhelmed by its complexity. I've found several guides already: general guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SrThoDcswFk3s-12K-jdh7IZDU6EAxhSkxUl2Q5j8-4/edit gearing: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XCdTWE7K_g9H9LkVeaAOXTwBvUD7dReFN5JkAeB2Vf8/edit But I can't say I really understand the gearing/upgrading process yet. Which is not that much of a problem, being only level 15 on my double blade. My first goal would be getting to know the class and its rot
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