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  1. I'm on 150+ runs and still need to get EVERYTHING, so yeah, just imagine.
  2. Anyone else getting the error while trying to open the game? " System Message The game client encountered an error while running. Shutting down the game client.(4046) " @Hime?
  3. It’s not that we want an easy game, but it isn’t fun to farm something that have lower drop chance than 1%..
  4. You guys are so funny. I did more than 120 runs an got NOTHING. So…
  5. This game is slowly turning to "Shaiya", they were going more and more p2w, now the game is dead... now turn for BnS?
  6. The new anti-cheat system should be added together with UE4 what are you talking about lmfao
  7. This dungeon doesn't need an HP NERF, it needs a drop chance BUFF, i've done more than 100 runs already and got nothing. This is a joke.
  8. The LFP function in Dungeon Lobby should be fixed, we should be able to still leave an party while searching for players. It's so annoying when game keep looking for players for a long time and you cannot leave the party becuase your "leader" is afk, or just doesn't want to stop LFP, we're forced to turn off the game and then turn it on again. @Hime
  9. Yes you can check Your character stats under the P button, but you can't check other players characters which is annoying if you're recruiting from specific AP.
  10. Yeah that's annoying. I guess they wont fix it untill next maint, so for now just dont use portals and run the whole dungeon to the boss.
  11. Hello, After yesterdays update, the pet gems from Call to Arms event should be fixed, but they're still bugged. As you can see from the SS without the pet gems i've 2212 AP , with the pet gems still 2212 AP OR 2324 AP - it keeps jumping from 2212 to 2324 everytime i open F2 - other players see it the same way. https://i.postimg.cc/50hrTq5V/1.png https://i.postimg.cc/qBKSnS0M/2.png https://i.postimg.cc/mk7nszVF/Przechwytywanie.png
  12. Is it only me or the FPS are getting worse every maintenance? After the ue4 release, the FPS were amazing, you could even play without hidden characters and now... even with hidden characters im having 1-3 FPS on TT with ALL settings set to 1. This game is a joke... are the devs getting paid with celestial peaches? @Hime
  13. Pet Gems from CTA event Stage 11 chest still have no stats at all. @Hime
  14. You should have the free Outfit from newsletter at your Mail in-game.
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