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  1. @Green Stormany update about this? We do need higher stacks.
  2. @Green Stormcommunity feedback? which community? which forums? definitely not the this one. No you dont. It's IMPOSSIBLE to clear stage 19 of the new dungeon. You're kidding, right? Yay, we're gonna get 2 vials/pet packs once per week again... With all due respect, but you made fun of yourself with this post and just showed us how y'all doesn't care about your players, you doesn't even know how the game works... that's pathetic. Keep the "good" work up and you'll end up like Shaiya did - it's dead, full P2W game.
  3. You're right, the % of success is too low comparing to the upgrade costs. The new dungeon? i'm not even gonna comment it - it's a joke.
  4. they just made hearth a full P2W item, just like KR has.
  5. You're right, they're ouf of their minds. I just wasted 5k gold trying to get earrings from +5 to +6, ofc failed.
  6. This update doesn't have issues... this update is a joke which need a full rework.
  7. This patch just shows what they really care about... they doesn't care about players, all they care about is money. The new Demonsbane ranking reward is a joke.. keep giving more to the whale players and less to the low geared ones. You really want the game to be playable by whales only don't you? It's not that. Not everyone have high enough gear/ap to get to the top 100, especially when the RNG is bad to get the new accs.
  8. Invite link is expired.
  9. Hey. 2858ap , Silversteel Stage 6 and Silversteel soulshields here, every boss on Circle of Sundering take 10-15secs for me atm.
  10. Why is the Mao in daily challenges while players can't enter that dungeon? It's harder to do the "Complete () of 7 type Daily challenge" quest from Soul Boost when Mao is here because now you have to wait for Koldlag to complete it. @Green Storm?
  11. Welcome back, Panzii! Add me on discord: kottak#7867 i'll help you out. :)
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